All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 going into Week 8 …

Claremont, Claremont, Claremont

1. Bishop Amat (8-0) — Lancers figure out how to win on the road in the Serra
2. Bonita (7-0) — Bearcats have been continually flattered by Claremont
3. West Covina (6-1) — Bulldogs host biggest game in Valley vs. Bearcats
4. Claremont (6-1) — You try beating Chino Hills and Charter Oak in back-to-back weeks
5. La Habra (4-3) — Played bad-guy role and brought Buena Park back to earth
6. Chino Hills (5-2) — Got some mojo back by waxing Damien
7. St. Paul (5-2) — Can’t fault Swordsmen too much after Serra rout
8. Azusa (7-0) — Aztecs continue to grind out style points while the rest of us wait
9. Cantwell (6-1) — Nice bounce-back win over Mary Star
10. Whittier Christian (6-1) — Rested Heralds set for showdown with weary Valley Chr.
11. La Serna (6-1) — Have to savor it when you blank Santa Fe
12. Covina (7-1) — OK, we get it. Vinny Venegas
13. Monrovia (5-2) — Wildcats caught San Marino at the right time … not that it matters
14. Diamond Ranch (4-3) — Can’t wait to see Panthers against WestCo and Bo-Hi
15. Arroyo (6-1) — What seeds would Knights get if they finished 9-1?
16. Glendora (4-3) — Defense has allowed 39 and 38 points in two Baseline games
17. Charter Oak (4-3) — Could be staring at road playoff game vs. Centennial
18. Damien (4-3) — You could’ve picked every Sparty game in Aug. and been right
19. El Rancho (5-2) — Got key Del Rio win over upstart Pioneer
20. La Mirada (4-3) — For all the nonleague damage, Mats could wind up OK
21. San Dimas (5-3) — Saints got what they wanted from Covina-BP game
22. Schurr (4-3) — Don’t forget about Spartans in the Mid-Valley
23. Arcadia (4-3) — Huge win over Burbank has Apaches thinking league title
24. Maranatha (5-3) — 0-2 in Olympic despite two excellent efforts … at-large?
25. Muir (3-4) — Remember this guys? ‘Stangs on the creep tip in the Pacific

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  • Vikingfan

    What is the first coaching job to open??? Who steps down?

    1. San Marino???
    2. Wilson??? heard Zavala is in trouble
    3. Diamond Bar??? wins against whimps don’t count
    What Montview job opens??? Sanchez always tries to get out.
    4. Northview?? those coaches are clueless, seriously
    – my kid goes there, those guys are not bright
    5. LA: how much patience do they have with Arellanes?
    6. Walnut: Always gets beat in league
    7. South El Monte, El Monte, Mountain View: All STINK!
    8. Baldwin Park: Chaos over there. UNDERACHIEVERS

    Props to:

    La Puente: Great Coaching
    Glendora: Played up
    Covina: All Juniors
    San Dimas: All new guys
    Diamond Rancho: Always gets it done
    Bonita: Worst to 1st????
    West Covina: Just GO TO THE WELL

  • Colt74

    Coach Heggins at Baldwin Park isn’t going anywhere. He is a BP legend, was an outstanding player, is an outstanding coach and they are lucky to have him.


    Props to Coach Bogan this year, with all the players transferring out and the best player in the valley gone for the season he’s really kept the program together. Tied for second in the Sierra, great job coach!

  • Covina Alum

    Wow covina at 12 still??? really?? With there offense Billy Livingston Great QB Vinny beast Gevontrey Stud common its like to much and the defense is good to! like really how you gonna rank AZUSA up there? who did they play! O NO watch out for Ganesha!!!! haha Joke
    COvina needs to be in TOP 10

  • Colt74

    I can see us being under La Serna. They have 3 GOOD wins. I can’t see us and La Serna being under Whittier Christian. They have had one test against C-SH and they lost. Plus my top 35 would have La Habra below Chino Hills and St. Paul. La Habra has played no one. So they beat Buena Park…who has not until they played La Habra played anyone with a positive rating. My 4 cents.

  • Colt74

    Correction: Should be La Habra has beaten no one. They played against some great teams but were sent packing with a snack and a juice…

  • Dan

    I know I’m tootn my horn a little but I wrote on these blogs a few times back in the summer that Claremont and Bonita both looked like they would be very good this year, when I first saw Claremont I said they looked like your typical Upland team because of all the good sized athletes they had. Also had a similar view of Bonita when I saw them at their summer passing tournament.
    I like reading all your trash talk KH, makes for good lockeroom material for our Bulldogs, keep it coming, maybe WC will soak it all up and come out on fire Friday night, I think they wiould anyways. Actually it adds to the build up of the game, it adds more hype to what will already be an epic battle, two teams rolling with a fierce momentum towards a huge trainwreck. Thats whats gonna happen Friday at WC’s Thyberge Field, be there or be square.
    Aaron, by the way WC had most of their regulars out around 5/6 minutes into the third qtr.[I saw your post on cover it live Friday]they did indeed pull the dogs against Los Altos. On another note, La Serna just blew out Sante Fe 38 to 0 on Friday, they also beat La Mirada early in the season, looks like they could be a legitimate threat in our division, Burroughs, Mayfair,
    La Mirada, Norwalk, Arcadia, Muir, Burbank, all could make for an exciting post season, but for now I can’t get my mind off of Bonita.

  • umm the Rankings

    The Rankings are good for now…Especially the midvalley teams…Fred and Aram have to do what they have to do… But I still think Azusa is ranked too high in the valley. You have to factor in head to head and schedule…They should be #1 Midvalley, but not # 8.

    1.Azusa(psuedo #1 Ranking)
    4.Whittier Christian
    6.San Dimas
    7.Cerritos Valley Christian
    8.Villiage Christian
    10.Baldwin Park\Rosemead


    COVINA ALUMNI, Okay you win several games and now your on here pounding your chest and shaking branches. I’ll speak for myself and mention this. You don’t see to much of AZUSA bloggers on here makiing to much noise. By the way, do a little research before you bang the war drums because according to MAX PREPS, CAL PREPS, Uuuhhh, AZUSA is rank higher then Covina ANNNNNNND on Cal Preps we’re also predicted to win by one POINT!

    I see you’re an ALUMNI!!!! Okay then you should have been at those last two playoff games when Covina played AZUSA. BECAUSE I WAS THEIR!

    YOUR DOING JUST FINE AZUSA! Keep doing what your doing, WINNING!

    AZUSA FOOTBALL, get familiar with the name.

  • Aram AKA the “Maverick”

    Aram I love your post.Style points lol…Ok Fred if Azusa loses in the playoffs what are you going to write? Because you are really setting them up something awful…You know they are unproven and untested. YOur rolling the dice. I hope you are right…you have people in the holding back the nasty cheese. For your sake I hope Azusa goes to the semis at least.



    Remember this, just last year AZUSA went to the SEMI’S! and won Covina and San Marino. Played San Dimas real good and yes eventually lost, but so did Monrovia.

    Don’t need ARAM’S blessing, or Fred’s. AZUSA will be just fine. I mean it’s not only ARAM, FRED, placing AZUSA high, it’s also Max PREPS, Cal Preps with all their WINNING PROJECTIONS.

    So I’ll say this, I believe they know what their talking about, and it’s not just by COINCIDENCE!


  • Nope

    covina alum.

    ok first of all did you forget that azusa smashed on covina for the last two years in the 1st round?? and your QB is good! but after that you and i both know if he goes down again, they will not go very far in the playoffs. you are lucky to have that RB back because if you were down againts BP you would have lost that game if you had to throw the ball…..

  • Colt74

    Calpreps projections have to be taken with a grain of salt. They are at 77% and they predicted West Covina 44 Covina 7. In the immortal words of Maxwell Smart….”Only missed it by that… much ”

    I would L-O-V-E to see Azusa and Covina go at it this year, but it ain’t a gonna happen. At least not in the first round. We were 3rd in league last year. This year we can do no worse than tie for first. I see the first round possibly being Azusa and Baldwin Park.

  • Living Legend

    Granted Azusa beat the Colts the last two seasons but it is a little funny you guys keep on bringing that up cause do you remember when Covina put up 50 in the first half aginst you guys a few years back and your A.D. was begging to get out of the contract? The point of it is that history is history, Azusa has won the last two meetings but before that Azusa had never beat Covina.

    Nope the dope: you tell me a school whom if they lost there starting QB would go far in the playoffs? So let’s not play this if game, because if my aunt had balls she would be my uncle! The fact is Covina was not down and they gutted it out,even when momentum had tilited the other way, against a good team to earn a victory.

  • VikingCoach


    If we are clueless coaches, then why don’t you be a man, and come to a practice and show us how to coach. Maybe with all your wisdom you can teach us something. Our perhaps you like to hide hear on the blog because your afraid. Like your Kid perhaps….

  • Cougar Pride

    You know little about football!! I bet you never played the game of football not (Futbol)
    Tell me which team that Azusa can beat from 9-25? That’s right (0) Azusa might go on to the playoffs as the #1 Team and loss in the first round. The only person that is pounding their chest is you! You always mention last year. I would try to forget when a team puts up 50+ in the semi’s on my team, that’s nothing to be proud of. Max Prep, Cal Prep means zero. It’s what you do on the field that counts. So when playoffs come around and you play with the Big Boys, don’t be sad when it’s one and done. 10-1 is not a bad season!!

  • Big Dog

    Great talk all of you high school football fans but, I like the fact that talk is cheap! we all can say that this one should be number one and that’s fine with me. The answer to that question will come when your teen has the trophy that states you’re the CIF champion! so let’s enjoy all the hard work and great memories and let the kids play the game! P.S. I love the pride you have for your teams, keep believing!!!!!!

  • Colt74


    2004 COVINA 58 AZUSA 8

    2008 COVINA 6 AZUSA 27

    2009 COVINA 13 AZUSA 41

    This is just for fun….Cal preps predicted Azusa would win by 1 point this year. Since we’re talking 1 point…add the scored points together for last 3 games…

    Covina 77

    Azusa 76

    There is that 1 point again!


    LIVING LEGEND, Okay the only reason why I posted something, is why would COVINA ALUMI, come on here and try to snub on AZUSA. I mean if you want the ranking to be changed, let him know to win AZUSA first and then the rankings might change!!! 50 points, well we put up 44 ,in the playoffs and moved froward. By the way I’ll take the playoff points, rather then a regular season game(ANY DAY)!

    People just can’t get use to seeing AZUSA on here, a team from the Montvie League. Well remeber fellow bloggers, we have a new coach who has these players believing in themselves and has them believeing in this BIG GOAL!

    AZUSA’S team is better this year , then the last two previous teams so I heard from the coaches, but will just have to wait and see. I had this feeling were this little feud my surface one day. Okay it came up , but according to COLT74 it might not happen. But you know seeing Baldwin Park will be just as good!!!

    Four years ago Baldwin Park played AZUSA,and a game AZUSA should have won. But that was with the old coach, if you know what I mean. The QB from BP was ACEVEDO for that game and he eventually won the game for BP, 12-6.

    “History is History”, I THINK NOT! And ohhhhhh yes I would (LOVE) TO SEE COVINA AND AZUSA play again also!


  • SGV For 30 Years

    Who in the heck are you. If the coaches at Northview do step down, you should apply. You sound like you know quite a bit about running afootball program. Plus you would get to coach your son. Not to many coaches get to work with their own kid. I would also like to know how you know so much about what’s going on at other schools. You must get around since you seem to have all the inside dirt.

    SGV430 Ouuttt!!!


    OOOOOHHHH WOW, COLT74, I mean the only points that MATTER are PLAYOFF POINTS MY FRIEND! And to COUGAR, that term is used on old ladies, going after young guys! hahahahahahah…. By the way when you make some sense, I might reply to your??? lol…




  • Colt74

    I really like AZUSA PRIDES enthusiasm. Azusa is 8-0, they are posting shut outs, they are rated by the Trib and CIF as being the Mid Valley number 1 and until they get knocked off the thrown that’s where they will stay.
    If I was an AZUSA fan or alumni I’d be loving life too.
    AZUSA deserves their moment in the sun. Let them enjoy it. If going undefeated is so easy…how come we’re all not undefeated? My 4 cents.


    Colt74, I must admit and say this, you have more common sense then I! Thanks for your words of wisdom, and I say no more on the subject!


  • The Midvalley…By Mr. Football

    The Midvalley is exciting this year…
    There are several good teams out there.

    San Dimas
    Whittier Christian

    These are the six teams who have a shot.

    Azusa and Whittier Christian …are riding high. They really have not played anyone. They will be tough outs, but I think their results will be the same as last year. a loss in in the Semis or earlier… They may not be able to handle the pressure of being in a close game or playing from Behind. A football team at some point needs to be challenged, playing 1 or no possible lose games, really sets your team up to choke in the moment. We will see if these two teams are really tough…They are good, but not quite proven yet.

    Covina and Arroyo, are dark horses. BOth of these teams have high flying offenses, but their defenses are suspect. Covina is the better of the two teams, and my very well get to the semis. They have proven they are tough, combined with preseason and league, they have had a good schedule, but against a good defense in Baldwin park they did not put up points. They will see similar defenses or better in the playoffs…and 17 points wont beat a team like Monrovia or Azusa. They will need to score big to go deep. They also will have a problem if they run up against a team with a WR core. Their pass defense looks suspect Db’s are small and have not been challenge yet. Arroyo, can be dangerous and score with the great passing attack..but with out a true running game and great defense, they will have a hard time getting to the semis. I just don’t see them stopping anyone when it counts or getting that 4th and 2yrds. Arroyo will be out by the second rd.

    Monrovia and San Dimas…Dispite Monrovia lossing to San Dimas, and San Dimas losing to Baldwin Park…these teams are still the favorites.. Their problems have been inconsistency. When they are on their “A” game, They are hard to beat. They should end up in the Semis for sure and possible a finals appearence. Both teams have played strong presason’s. I expect them to do well in the playoffs. But they are not invincible, they do have problems closing games, and team like Covina will knock them off, if they don’t play four quarters. Also San Dimas Loses to Covina in the title game, Covina will become favorites to go to semis or better!

    Baldwin Park, Schurr and Maranatha, Will be good first round oppenents, but I don’t think they can win on the road against a top ranked Midvalley opponent. BP’s offense is not good enough… Schurr’s defense is not good enough, and Maranatha is new to the division, they just won’t have enough guns if they face a league champ.

    This is just opinion…I d like to know what others think.

  • The Midvalley…By Mr. Football

    Good assessment. I still think the Mid-Valley could be won by any number of eight teams. Who will play the most consistent football?

    Monrovia? I mean, I can’t answer yes because of the San Dimas collapse.

    Covina? Solid choice. Colts aren’t dominant and probably the most consistent of any team in the division.

    Azusa? Good team. Total wildcard due to competition.

    Arroyo? Good team. Can you see them putting four huge weeks together?

    Baldwin Park? Good team capable of beating anyone, but hard to see them getting the bounce for four straight weeks.

    San Dimas? Good team, but BP loss and M-Town win show Saints aren’t consistent yet.

    Schurr? Good team. Not enough to say they’ll be consistent.


  • Colt74

    I think of all the horses heading to the starting gate San Dimas has the best odds today. I truly believe that their loss to BP was more of a self implode and I don’t expect we’ll see that again. Our series with them this century we lead the series 5-4. That goes right out the window come Nov. 5th. It’s all going to come down to who wants it more.

  • Colt 74,

    San Dimas didn’t implode vs. Baldwin Park. They simply got beat. They were up at halftime, took the opening kick of the second half deep inside BP territory, then missed a short FG. After that, there next four or five drives went nowhere. The intercepted pitch by Rodriguez was just good defense more than an implosion.

  • VikingDad

    Viking Coach: Typical response…Be a man. Hey, learn to coach and call a game. Play defense and learn how to run an offense. Get the Freshman coaches to teach you guys a thing or two.

    SGV430: The job will never open, they love alumni there, regardless of qualifications. Northview is in the toilet for a while. Send your kids elsewhere because the guys may know how to condition kids and yell and holler, but sure don’t know an X from an O.

  • Colt74

    Looks like we agree to disagree. Baldwin Park got the W and that’s all that counts. Take that bad pitchout to jackson away. Make the field goal and get out of bounds at the end and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. 3 plays. Actually the first two would negate the need for the third. But it went down how it went down.
    Why is it if a qb throws an interception right into a defenders hands its a bad play by the quarterback..but if the QB does a bad pitchout right into the defenders hands its good defense? I guess it’s all in how you look at it. It just goes to reinforce that 2 people don’t always see the same thing. If they did I guess we wouldn’t need refs.

  • Colt74

    Not Jackson…….Rodriguez. We need an edit feature!


    Dude, adjust your meds… Take two less of the little green ones or you may never be able to sleep… This is only High School Football, and though we all love it (or we wouldn’t be here), it is simply our past time not our identities. It is great to support the kids and even to feel great about your community but what makes them really great when they win will also be there when they lose… As Kipling says “If you can meet with triumph and disaster, And treat those two imposters just the same… Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son”

    For the record, there is a distinct difference between positively pounding your chest celebrating your teams triumphs and calling out an entire fan base for celebrating their own. You can disagree with them without despising them. I think most would agree you have gone at least one step over the line. I

    believe that it is likely, given the performance of the Aztecs and the Colts, you will get your desire and then the truth will be discovered on the field. Afterward, rings will be handed out, banners will be hung, and then win or lose, the kids will go back to being a group of anxious and exuberant kids trying to make the very most out of the rest of their brilliant futures on the road to becoming men of character… and THAT is what will make everyone of them Champions…

  • Mr Football

    Yeah Aram, we do see eye to eye. There are a few things I would like to bring up that I don’t think most midvalley or even SGV blogger have brought up…Depth and Health!

    There are 3 games left. Teams Like Monrovia and Arroyo will win their games, but they have to figure out how to get their starters some reps and get ready for a deep playoff field, and prevent their players from getting hurt. You know players like Bueno and Rivera are going to be padding stats, going for that first team all valley honors and all Cif. Even though Livingston/ will end up with over 2000 yards passing and Bueno/ who will end up with 1200 passing and 1200 rushing are the clear cut QB choices. Cheap shots and the cut back for that 89 yarder could spell “injury”. BOth teams could win their remaining league games with the backup, but i would not want to find out. But best believe that the teams of the rio hondo and Montview leagues will be playing for respect! They will be trying to knock off the top dog…and they will play hard try to knock someone out. If I was monrovia I would advise Bueno not to run as much and get the game over early and get him out. If I was arroyo, I would get up early and get Rivera out.

    Alot teams depend on their stars to go both ways… Nunez from Azusa along with alot of the Aztecs go both ways., Vinny V from Covina….WC3,Rodriguez and jackson from Bp got tired, fumble away the covina game. Several players from San D go both ways. Will these guys be able to do it in the playoffs when everything is cranked up a notch? Monrovia’s Bueno and Monrovia starters don’t go both ways. and Covina’s Livingston and majority of starters don’t, and San Dimas Codee does not go both ways… This could be an advantage for those teams. Covina vs San Dimas is going to be a physical championship atmosphere game. Those two teams are in a tough spot bc they are going to have to sell out for the title. Covina does not want to split the title and San Dimas does not want to finish 3rd in league and play #1 in the playoffs. Whittier Christian also has Valley and Villiage Christian coming up…Two ranked opponents, so those are not gimme’s and a injury to a key player could turn that league upside down.

    As Far as injuries, Livingston took a hard shot, will he be confident in the pocket..will he risk scrambling for that crucial first down? One more big hit like that, and he could be out for two weeks or more with a concussion! You know San Dimas is going to try to pound him every chance they get. How will Rivera’s ankle hold up…after a bad ankle sprain…no matter how much tape you put on that thing, its just not right. One wrong twist and he is out!

    I am not wishing any thing to happen to these star players. I want everyone healty, so we can see a super Midvalley playoffs. My advice is play hard, and play smart …coaches I don’t care what stat you or player is trying to reach. If you got the game won…get your players out! The playoffs will require you to be healthy with all your guns. I also hope in your blow out games you have attempted to develop your second and third team guys, and put them im sparingly in tight close games, because you will need to give your horse some breathers, and those few plays, could be tds for the opponent. This goes for Azusa! They need to make sure that they get all the backups in and rest the stars. The coach mention that they did that…but they should continue on that path. Some teams will get wore down…Just watch.

    Good luck,



    Okay ZEIGFRED, Do you know what a blog is? Especially a Football blog?? Here’s how it works, somebody places a comment and if you don’t like it, well you reply back! The term is called Debate and Rebuttal if you know what I mean. Okay the pounding of the chest and shaking the branches was hypothetical speaking.

    Okay what part do you see on this article were i’m completely overboard? I made my amends with Colt74, and stopped the subject.

    Let me ask you a question, do you see (ANYBODY) FROM AZUSA getting deep in here, or making any type of, and here’s that term again DEBATE & REBUTTAL??? You know what it is I believe, AZTEC PRIDES name is usually speaking on the behalf of AZUSA. I can place several bloggers that are constantly on here standing for what THEY BELIEVE!

    So if all of sudden you want to be the POLICE BLOG, and check people. Here’s a suggestion and why don’t ask FRED for a blog patrol job.

    By the way maybe I should start drinking 1 CUP OF COFFEE, INSTEAD OF THE USUAL 4 CUPS. LOL…



    Brevity is the soul of wit and subtle rational (not weak snide comments) is the soul of debate. Rude comments are generally neither and are just considered to be rude. A Blog, on the other hand, is whatever the owner(s) of the blog wants it to be as laid out in the terms and conditions of use. I will let ARAM do his own policing (moderating) as he has done a pretty good job so far in my opinion. I also don’t think it would be quite proper to ask Fred for a job moderating ARAM’s blog (but perhaps you overlooked your error there).

    Since you asked for my opinion, however, I will list a few of the places that you were over the line. Your statement referencing “war drums” is a thinly veiled cultural, if not ethnic, slur but perhaps you were unaware of this. The Cougar reference is inappropriate for a “family newspaper” blog and is not funny. Excessive use of all caps is generally akin to shouting and is considered by standard blogging practices to be rude and overbearing. One blogger’s opinion about the relative position of Azusa and Covina does not constitute the opinion of all Covina readers and would not normally justify a challenge response to all unless you have a really large chip on your shoulder. You do seem to have a problem understanding that, just because someone disagrees with your opinion, it does not automatically mean they are not informed about the point at question. If you were an expert on formal debate and rebuttal, you would know that drawing such a conclusion would likely result in an embarrassing loss.

    In any case, you are a fellow blogger and an adult (I assume) and you can conduct yourself as you see fit as long as it passes the ARAM test. I think that you may be wrong about that coffee thing, as 3+ cups a day has been found to reduce the risk of colon and liver cancer… even if it can cause diarrhea… of the mouth… Forgive me ARAM if that was inappropriate for a family newspaper blog.


    SCOHLAR, this will be my last reply to you, and what happened to the GENTLEMAN part. You come in here and try to critique my blogging methods and you feel i’m out of control. Then you have this Holier then Thou way of talking, and mentioned this is a family paper? What did you just wake up, have you ever read the comments of the front pages of the TRIBUNE and read were people leave comments. You have the nerve to write all this gibberish nonsense and you sound like an over intellectual fool.

    Nobody on here says crap like what your saying, with your five cents words and high end philosphy! Bottomline this is a FOOTBALL BLOG, and yes I know it’s a High School Blog and we should watch what we say.

    Do you see any vulgarity on my previous post here???( other then this one directed to you), No you don’t! Let me tell you a little something about myself, i’m an avid football fan, who supports the team of AZUSA. and in no way your going to tell me that I was over the line. Then you refernce WAR DRUMS and try to break it down to me, HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH…. I’ve heard it all now. WOW that’s some corny stuff thier Scohlar. I’m trying to understand and analyze the Cougar response you try to say it was over the top, you mean to tell me you never heard the term anywhere, come on your kidding right.

    Actually I was a little nice to Mr. Cougar, because I didn’t care for the FUTBOL comment and it was borderline racists. Wow, I better stop now because i’m sounding more like you!LOL… Can you bring something to the table, like what team you support? Or your just here for CORRECTIVE ACTION ON (ARAMS BLOG).

    So Mr. Gentleman, watch what we say to eah other with your overtones of DIARRHEA OF THE TONGUE!


    Why would you ask me to point out where I felt you were “completely overboard” and then become offended when I do point it out? This does not seem particularly rational to me. Perhaps it is this irrationality that causes you to champion debate and rebuttal and then claim gibberish nonsense when someone else does it better than you. Generally the person who cannot understand the intellectual speech is considered the fool not the one speaking it. The term is Holier than thou not Holier then thou. I also dont understand why you would get upset about someone critique your blogging methods then go on to critique theirs. I think the term for that is hypocrite but in your case it could just be confused.

    Since you shared something about yourself I will also share something about me. I am also an avid football fan who attended a Big 8 (now Big 12) university in the early 80’s on both an academic and football scholarship. I blew out a knee (ACL/MCL) playing football my sophomore year and thus ended my Athletic future. I went on to finish an under-graduate degree while working in the Athletic Department. I consider myself to be reasonably well informed about high school football and have attended 12 high school football games this academic year. The teams I have watched include Charter Oak, Westco, Bonita, Santa Fe, La Serna, La Habra, La Mirada, St. Paul, Norwalk and Amat. Over the years, I have attended more La Serna games than any other. Since I have purchased an ad in the La Serna program for the last 5 years, I guess that qualifies me as a supporter. I do prefer to spend my time and effort understanding and appreciating the play on the field as opposed to establishing the superiority of one team or another. Those things tend to eventually work themselves out on the field, endorsement or not.

    As for being a gentleman, remember you ask for the critique and I have said nothing negative about your team or your community. I have even given the Aztecs props for excellent play. I also pointed out that you are a fellow blogger and an adult and you can conduct yourself as you see fit as long as it passes the ARAM test. In the event that you still feel my words are inappropriate then please allow me to apologize for any rudeness on my part, real or imagined, snide or presumptuous. Good luck to the Aztecs this year and may they be injury free for the remainder of the year.

  • moving on

    Hey Scholar, Athlete, Gentleman (Sybil) and Aztec Pride….”GET A ROOM”!

  • Colt Insider

    I read in an earlier post that the Covina D is not that good or that our DB’s haven’t been challenged. In looking at Max preps it looks like amongs the top teams they lead the Mid Valley in Team D- Tackles 719 next is BP with 503, Sacks 37.5 next is AZ 31, INT 15 next is AZ 13. All this with the majority Jr’s…the key is to teach Livingston how to slid…lol.

  • Whittier Area Fan

    Scholar, Gentleman, Athlete….

    Saw La Serna dismantle Santa Fe last week. Until then I did not think they were for real. I think they have a good chance to go far in the playoffs this year.

    I’m surprised that Aram has them below Whittier Christian and Cantwell. LS is a much better team than both of them.

    Have never been a big La Serna but this is one of their better teams in years.

    Your PA guy during home games is still annoying….LOL

  • Whittier Area Fan:

    Yes I saw the LS/SF game and it was quite an improvement from the El Rancho game the week before. La Serna has always had good athletes and good Coaching but Beltran has them working together well as a team with a sharp focus on the here and now and very little on other distractions. I have seen very few La Serna fans or players hit the blogs with Bravado which I believe is a reflection of a very serious, disciplined and understated coach.

    The “All Encompassing” SGV is a big area and I don’t think ARAM gets a lot of opportunity to taste the tailgate below Covina. I think he has to rely on a combination of Campa, Calpreps, fan buzz and past years dynasty performance although he has seem to overlook that the WDN has La Serna ranked 2nd above both Cantwell and WC. Ultimately, news and polls sell papers (and online ad clicks as well) and you can understand the bias toward the buzz of emerging teams on great runs. I think for all of these reasons, ARAM’s rankings should be taken for what they are, one guys semi-informed gauge of multiple team that he hasn’t really fully covered. After all, blogging is not journalism even when done by a journalist and rankings will generally work themselves out on the field in the playoffs or before.

    As for La Sernas chances in the Playoffs, there seems to be an abundance of talent in the Southeast Division this year. I saw a HUGE West Covina team take apart a small but quick Rowland team. I also think that Bonita is not the same team that I saw play Santa Fe and Diamond Ranch might be the biggest Giant Killer of all. I saw La Mirada take La Habra to the wire and Norwalk take it to a very good St Paul team. The Game of the week will definitely be BoHi at Westco Friday. It should be a very exciting game and should reveal much about Playoff ceding. In all, I am excited about the quality of competition in the 1st year of a major re-alignment. No matter who wins the Division, I expect to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the games and hope for an injury free conclusion to another great year of SGV Football.

  • Dan

    Whittier Fan,
    Agree with you 100% on La Serna, any team that dismantles a Santa Fe team 38 to 0 has my full attention, this Southeast division is going to be real exciting come playoff time, I see several teams that could be capable of making deep runs, it’s all for the better. Go Southeast division and go West covina

  • Dan,

    Congratulations on an awesome game at WestCo Friday. I went to the game and your guys are the class of the Southeast right now. Rarely have I see that much size up front and speed in the backfield and it is not just 2-3 guys but everyone that lines up. I hope to see Westco deep in the playoffs but as observed, there is alot of very talented teams to get through and whoever ends up with a ring in the Southeast will have earned it.

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