• OldMan in Chino

    Hey Aram:

    Just wondering if Claremont stumbles in one of their remaining three games (Ayala, South Hills and Damien) and Chino Hills runs the table and the top two teams in league wind-up 4-1 is the number 1 seed decided by head to head or a coin flip? Also given that the results of each game in the Sierra League could decide who goes to the playoffs, is the playing of OT mandated to decide a winner in the games?


    Hey ARAM, tell Steve whatever happened to the Citrus College articles he was going to do this season for Citrus? I rarley see any articles from him and what’s he doing now, THE CLASSIFIED?

  • CH Husky Fan

    Old Man,
    There is no way any of Claremont’s last 3 opponents beat them unless something totally bizzar happens. Damien would have the best bet but they are not athletic enough to match up. If it did happen, and Claremont & Chino Hills ended up 4-1 in league, they would be co – champs but Claremont would get the #1 seed for the playoffs due to their head to head win. The sierra league does have overtime in their by laws I cannot recall the last time their was an overtime game in the sierra league though. For the first time in 3 years there will be no tri champs in the sierra league. That is unless there is something totally screwy that happens. The way I see it is that Claremont wins their next 3 games as does Chino Hills. Charter oaks only other loss will be to Chino Hills (gotta root for my kids team…lol) so here is how I see it ending up in the Sierra League:
    1) Claremont 5-0
    2) Chino Hills 4-1
    3) Charter Oak 3-2
    4) Damien 2-3
    5) So. Hills 1-4
    6) Ayala 0-5

  • BoHi:

    Please also remember that Bonita is also a different team now. Bonita beat Claremont badly with out Pendleton at the helm. So today Bonita is much better then when they smashed Claremont

  • AMAT 73

    The question should be more like what if the 2 played this Friday who would you pick . I for one would think the nod would go to Claremont in them having beaten CH and CO who I don’t think Bonita would get past and have not faced anyone as tough as them this season. But Bonita is playing good ball they just really haven’t been tested against the caliber of teams Claremont has beaten. That is one reason I don’t put that much stock in preseason games for the simple fact teams are still in the work in process mode.

  • Dan

    I would think they are a much different and much better team now than in the begining. West Covina had a scrimmage with Claremont the week before our first game, it was a game like scrimmage with refs, kickoffs and all. After seen them in passing league and looking at the size of their line on that scrimmage night, I thought we would be in trouble, but when the first teams went at it, WC was pretty dominant, based on that night and on their blowout loss to Bonita, I certainly did not picture Claremont beating Chino Hills and Charter Oak. Maybe they started clicking as a team after the Rowland game, just in time for their big games in league. I think Claremont, Chino Hills, Bonita, CO, and WC would all be great games at this time.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Claremont didn’t have top lineman Shaq Davis for the Bonita game.

    Bonita didn’t have Pendleton.

    The Pack did have Kuramata vs. Bonita, but didn’t have him vs. Charter Oak.

    It’s all very interesting. Helluva win by Bonita.

  • Coach Pasadena


    Is this the same team that almost lost to Santa Fe? 13-12

  • JJ

    For Dan

    If you were at the Claremont and West Covina scrimmage, then you would have seen Claremont as the dominate one. It wasn’t until Claremont went to their bench that West Co started to run and pass the ball on Claremont.

    Bonita has a fast Defense and their blitz scemes were on the money. West Co will have to identify the scemes and make adjustments during the game. Claremont failed to pick up on the blitzing and it showed.

  • Dan

    JJ, you couldn’t be serious!
    With the post you wrote, I’m assuming you were not at the scrimmage and were told wrong info, cause to anyone who was there, it was obvious who the dominant first string was.
    I was in the stands, West Covina scored three touchdowns and a fiel goal on their first four possessions, just to clarify for you, that would be against your starters.
    After it was 24 to 7 [Claremonts 7 was a Kuramata kickoff return for TD] WC went with there second string QB and slowly started bringing in their reserves, which is when Claremont started scoring to make it a closer scrimmage. So unless that was the Claremont reserves wearing the starters jersey’s in the first two quarters I would say that WC starters were pretty dominant over the Claremont starters. I Just wanted to untwist the twisted story someone gave you.

  • JJ


    You must have been watching the JV or Freshman side of the field

  • Hefe

    Hey Aram, not to change the subject or anything, but is someone from the WDN preps staff going to blog on what’s going on over at Cantwell with Espinoza?

    Lots of rumors swirling around & heated debates on both sides.

    Just wondering becuase it seems like there is a huge story there.

  • Dan

    Ok JJ, whatever you say.

  • Bonita vs. Claremont and Santa Fe

    Pre-season hype for Bonita consistently mentioned three players: Pendleton, C. Horine & Lemmons. Pendleton and Lemmons did not play one down of the Claremont game. I believe Casey was injured early in the second half. He had a tremendous career game! What a TEAM Bonita is. Nice work by all.

    People wonder why the Santa Fe score was so close. One reason may be that the Bearcats were without the big three (previously mentioned) plus McKenzie was injured somewhere in the early part of the second half. Once again the team pulled together. BTW – Santa Fe was ranked #1 in CIF southeast at the time! Anyone at the game will remember what a HARD hitting battle that was. A GREAT victory, but also a very TOUGH defeat!

    It would be interesting to see both of these games played at full strength. I don’t see the unproven transfer running back from Pomona making much difference in the game. Football IS and always will be a TEAM game!