What if South Hills was still in the San Antonio League?

… would the Huskies be a playoff team?

We already know they wouldn’t beat West Covina, but what about Walnut or Rowland?

Would this just look like a down year rather than a disaster year? Would the Huskies make the playoffs if they were in the old San Antonio and still in the Southeast?

Would their line actually be living up to the hype?

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  • So. Hills Line = Overated

    I have seen So. Hills play twice. Their linemen are huge, but they are waaaaayyyyyy outta shape. They are gassed by the 2nd quarter. On defense they just stand around and make no push and have 0 pass rush. I think losing those kids that transferred really hurt them. Their Back #4 Hart runs hard but is inconsistent and their passing game is below average. I think they would struggle to make the playoffs. They give up way to many points.

  • Transfers are one thing, and the injury to Canada is another, but seriously, this line was supposed to be special and it’s been anything but. Even with the transfers and injuries, you’d have thought SH could still line up behind that line and run Jamel Hart and let Vince Hernandez do his thing in play action with good success. I just don’t get it. I’ve heard the two-way thing, and it’s a legit excuse, especially in the Sierra. But this was a problem way before league play started.

  • fb fan

    I believe south hills’ best oline that was athletic, physical and dominate was 06&07… players like slover,ortega,martinez,earnest,veal,olsen,vargas,umodu,brown all flew under the radar for the most part but really had the bigger push most friday nights.

  • Dan

    Maybe as a fourth place team, but I think Walnut or Rowland would edge them out for that spot this year.

  • ?

    That all depends Aram, because we all know there’s a huge difference in depth with the San Antonio league teams and those teams that SH has played, except for maybe Monrovia. The line would conserve a lot more energy playing weaker opponents and one never knows the outcome. Using our little green leprechaun way more often would change things also, it’s really hard to say though. I would like to think a top 3 finish, but who knows. Bonita and WC are doing really well.

  • FredJ

    There is now way South Hills would have done worse than second in the San Antonio. They would have a completely different mentality and outlook. Being in the Sierra and knowing you don’t have a realistic shot at CIF title wears on your mentally. I think Charter Oak and South Hills are feeling what Glendora has felt for years in that they know they’re good, there’s just too many good teams to go up against week in and week out. That’s why I mentioned, if Glendora had been in the Southeast the past two years they would could have potentially won or at least faced Charter Oak in the Southeat finals, and we would have had a different perception of the Tartans. Who you play means everything.

  • The Truth

    To Aram:

    You are a “What if”… guy. South Hills has the same basic talent they did in the last few years. CIF just slowed them from getting all thr tranfers they need to be successful in the program. How putting the blame on the coaching staff. Same talent, same staff, different results. Now South Hills is in a tougher league and division. Welcome to real football Husky fans. South Hills is not playing in a small backyard anymore, now they have competition everyweek. So Aram,quit saying “what if..”. That is not reality.

  • sgvscouting AKA GURU

    If South Hills was in the San Antonio they would win CIF!!!!

    Where the hell has the “Guru” been anyway??? What a fraud that guy is!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Fred and Aram,
    So what you are saying is that SH was a pretty good team for where they were and really not as good of a team to be considered a threat when facing teams with talent and depth . How can you say if they were still in the SA they would have a different outlook and mentality. Is that because the talent they had was head and shoulders above the competition .Maybe moving them up was a mistake but keeping them where they were would also be a mistake .Let me say there would be no way they would finish in second , they would be looking at 3rd if lucky but more like 4th with the team they have this year and the talent on the teams they face. When you stay in one place and become content you find the ones below you one day rise up and pass you by which is what is happening to SH. You go on to say that knowing you don’t have a shot at a title wears on you mentally. Why play the games if that is your outlook . That is a reflection of very poor coaching , we can’t win so let’s just chuck it in . It is what it is and a lot of preseason hype on SH that really had no basis to begin with . They are stuck in the crying about the transfers they lost mode instead of rising to challenge at hand.

  • Fred’s a little lost Amat 73

    You should always approach every game as if it is your last and always believe you’re better than the other team. CONFIDENCE Fred! Usually those that have little confidence end up getting beat.

    Fred, “They would have a completely different mentality and outlook.”

    This is not the sign of a true competitive athlete. That’s what SH lacks, because right now it looks like maybe only 2 or 3 players can go both ways and put out 100% or at least do good enough to do their job and not get beat. When you have 6 or 7 guys going both ways, then half of those guys are not doing enough. It’s always hard for someone to admit defeat! With Jamel Hart and Vincent Hernandez only playing offense for the most part, the superstars (which Fred claimed them to be) should be carrying the team. It’s a team effort and without a TEAM one or two players are nothing! I just feel bad for those lineman….. it must be extremely difficult to go 100% both ways!

    BTW, SH has awesome coaching! Right Fred? LOL

  • just askin’

    FredJ- ” Who you play means everything.”
    isn’t that what the Amat fans have been telling you guys for years?

  • Big Dog

    Its time for South Hills to move on just like everyone else.South Hills is “done” no more transfers for them

  • Maybe…

    If they had a better QB, RB, and defense then yes!

  • Dan

    I was thinking of the Hacienda league when I gave my opinion, not the San Antonio, thats why I said South Hills would have battled for fourth with Rowland and Walnut assuming that 1st to 3rd would have been a battle between WC,Bonita,and DR.
    I could see SH having a shot at second if it were the old San Antonio but it would not have been a sure thing
    like your suggesting, having seen all three teams I think Walnut and Rowland would have a pretty good chance against SH this year.


    South Hills has no heart that is why they are cryin up a storm about being moved and losing transfers. Nothing being said when the transfers came in only when they left – now they know how the majority of the schools around here feel every year. They always played an easy preseason and played in an average league and beat the crap out of people and started to believe this is how life should always be. Then along comes Diamond Ranch from the bad side of town with it’s 500 record and they think this is going to be easy then DR lays the smack down on them twice and there world is rocked. Roddy plays big schools early and gets smacked around but the kids toughen up perhaps instead of crying about it Bogan should learn from it.