This could have been the year …

Here’s my column from Friday, in case you missed it.

It’s almost November and tonight the eyes of the Valley will be on … wait for it … not Charter Oak, not South Hills but West Covina High School.

That’s where the Bulldogs will take on Bonita in what will be the biggest regular-season game of the year between two Valley teams.

It sounds kind of funny to say it. Bonita. West Covina. But that’s the shape of things.

Seems like it was just last year that Charter Oak and South Hills were two of the most relevant teams around.

That’s because it was just last year at this time that the Chargers were a one-loss team speeding toward another perfect season in the now-defunct Miramonte League.

The Huskies were 5-2 and had just followed their rout of West Covina with a rout of Nogales. Another San Antonio League title was theirs. All the optimism of a banner postseason danced in their heads.

My, how times change. Now it’s Bonita and West Covina’s Valley. Charter Oak is 4-3 and simply trying to make the playoffs where most of us know what type of fate awaits them.

Meanwhile, South Hills is 2-5 and bracing for games against Chino Hills, Claremont and the Chargers.

That’s how most of you wanted it, right? The two powerhouse programs of recent memory rocketed up several divisions and put in a new league so strong that the playoffs no longer are a given.

Well, you got your way. And the rest of us got Bonita-West Covina for all the marbles.

Believe me, I’m not complaining. You put any two Valley teams with a combined record of 13-1 on the same football field in late October, and I’m there with all the excitement my overweight frame can handle.

But I have to be honest. I’m feeling a little gypped right now and you should, too. This could have been the year that power shift happened on the field.

This should have been the year I stuck a recorder in Bonita coach Eric Podley’s face after his team beat Charter Oak for the league title and asked, “How good does it feel?”

This should have been the year West Covina waxed South Hills with first place on the line, not bragging rights in mid-September. And also the year in which West Covina returned the favor in the postseason and sent Charter Oak packing for a change.

This was the year, people! The evidence is out there right in front of your faces. The Valley didn’t need CIF to displace Charter Oak and South Hills to knock them from their perch. Bonita and West Covina could have done it on the field.

Don’t believe me?

Bonita 42, Claremont 20. Claremont 35, Charter Oak 32.

West Covina 33, Glendora 28. Glendora 28, Charter Oak 21.

And finally, West Covina 42, South Hills 27.

I know, I know, comparative scoring is dangerous. But if the glove does fit then you must submit.

Charter Oak is no Inland Division team. Anybody in this area with half a brain can see that. The Chargers have had three step-up games this season against Glendora, Rancho Cucamonga and Claremont. They’ve lost all three.

South Hills is no Sierra League team. The Huskies don’t have the depth to withstand injuries and it’s showing. But they shouldn’t have to.

Charter Oak and South Hills fit better in the Southeast Division than they do the Inland. Charter Oak and South Hills are temporary victims of their own success. CIF gave them a timeout for the bad behavior of winning.

They won too much for too long and the other schools in the area just couldn’t handle it. You know who you are, and so do I. And to you, I say enjoy it. Enjoy watching the Huskies struggle. Enjoy watching Charter Oak fight just to make the postseason where it likely will be waxed two hours away from home.

And while you’re enjoying it, just know two things: 1) In two years, the Chargers and Huskies may be back in a division near you, and 2) It would’ve been much sweeter if it was Bonita and West Covina delivering the death blow.

  • JFR


    You could be pumping up one of if not the biggest game in the SGV this year but nooooooooooooooo, let’s play fictional HS football. CO graduated 38 seniors last year one middle linebacker who has STARTED against the likes of ALABAMA and WISCONSIN and SH is down from years past. I’m sure you could have been great in HS if that idiot coach who knew nothing only put you in the game, that’s why you keep that championship ring in the drawer, stupid coach. I wish I could see the great game happening tonight between WC and BOHI not yesteryear games old man time. Go cats make LV proud, even though I grew up in WC.

  • Really feeling Gypped right now!


    This is the worst article I have read this season! Son, you need to focus on the current event, educate your readers and do some research. Maybe the deadline came a bit early and the need to actually write an article got away from you. You are telling me you can do no better than recite previous scores to illustrate the match up here? This game is a good one. It deserves coverage and hype. You will have other chances – DR & WC, B & DR. I hope you do a better job. Grade – F (failure through laziness).

  • Aaron

    Aram they would have done perfectly fine where the Sierra was in the Central…but for some reason CIF decided to punish all offenders that were in the Central semi-finals which sent the Baseline to the Inland…ok fine RC, LO, Upland, were all in the Semis. But Chino Hills goes to the semifinals and they decide to bump the entire league up from Division V to Division II and two of the teams in the Sierra had just been in Division VII.

    JFR is right you could be pumping this game up but you have some sour grapes about stuff that happen last year. GO BEARCATS!

  • Aram

    You guys are completely missing the point of the column and focusing on a few things.

    Let me help you: This probably is the year Bonita and West Covina would have beaten CO and South Hills, had things been allowed to run their course. And wouldn’t it have been sweeter if that happened? But it didn’t.

    I’m not here to work PR for the game or the schools involved. I’m here to come up with angles you may not have thought of. This column, like quite a few people have already told me, is SPOT ON.

    Aaron: Don’t give me that crap. This week, I have written a Garrett Pendleton feature and a story about Maggiore’s opinion of Bonita. Not to mention, all the stuff that’s coming tonight. You’re brainwashed, bro. Sad to see, but you’re brainwashed.

  • Aaron

    Not brainwashed just kicking you a little because you didn’t respond to my email. You wrote two articles featuring this game…but think about JFR said. There was a lot of good material in this piece but it turned into looking back rather than refocusing for tonight

  • Aram

    D-Mo: Great points. Both teams did beat Santa Fe, though. Both teams did not beat Claremont.

    Aaron: Never got an email from you.

  • D-Mo

    I can’t wait to hear what you have to say when CO beats Damien and Chino Hills by more points than BA and Claremont did. Bonita vs Santa Fe, CO vs Santa Fe? Like you say, Aram, comparing scores is dangerous.
    CO is the best 4-3 team out there. The next 3 games will prove it.

  • Still feeling GYPPED!


    Head line: “The eyes have it for West Covina, Bonita”

    This was not an article about West Covina and Bonita. The subject is actually about re-alignment. I for one did not miss the point you mention, CO and SH experiencing down years. Sure its overly obvious to understand that this year a 7-0 Bonita or 6-1 West Covina team could compete with them. Tell us more, something we don’t already know.

    You have a great game here in Bonita @ West Covina. Possibly a pre-CIF match-up. And the teams compliment each other very well. There was a nice opportunity to write a story offering a much deeper perspective.

    Who’s strengths will prevail and why? Bonita’s stingy defense against a strong WC running game? West Covina’s secondary speed against a spread offense.

    What about special teams? How will field position factor? What is at stake here?

    Where do the teams go from here? Where have they come from?

    When have these teams turned their games around this season? The first quarter? How strong are they in the second half?

    Aram, why not work on developing your ideas, improve your research and turn in some work that makes us wanting more? Wanting more because we appreciate what we read.

    Tell me where to go for the exciting article discussing this match up in detail. Maybe I’ll subscribe to the efforts of those writers instead.

    That may be the point I have actually missed.



    OK – OK I get the main point that this is the year that Bonita could have beaten CO on the field. But please keep in mind that CO had won two CIF championships in a row and went thru the Miramonte league where they did not even give up a point! With all the transfers going in there the playing field was no where even close to being level for the rest of that league and they needed to be moved. With DR beating South Hills twice in the playoffs then perhaps they could have been moved to CO’s spot in the old Miramonte League because in baseball it would have been an even switch as well.



    Good column, yes Bonita and West Co have good teams this year but If CO was still in the Southeast this year it would look like another three peat! We really dont awant anything to do with the Southeast, the teams voted us out for a reason! Lets just hope that the Southeast champion comes from a local SGV team. I really do hope we play someone like Centennial or Norco first round so we can hopefully shock the world with a W. If we dont get the W at least we lost to Centennial or Norco instead of Upland or Roosevelt…

    My pick goes to West Covina over Bonita by at least two touchdowns!

  • Valley Booster

    What a crap piece! To suggest that Bonita’s and West Covina’s season are somewhat tainted because they did’nt beat C.O.and S.H. is stupid. And to try and couch your bias by comparing scores and saying you feel gypped is even more revealing about you. If you don’t want to cover this game fine don’t cover it, there are plenty others out there doing a fine job. This is a really good matchup and that’s all there is to it. These teams don’t play just for your enjoyment but represent their communities. The only ones that are gypped are the readers of your paper by having such a weak short-sighted poster as I can’t really call you a writer. For my part I hope you go watch Amat and write about them.

  • Aram

    Pendleton feature By Aram Tolegian:

    Maggiore on Bonita By Aram Tolegian:

    Video prediction By Aram Tolegian and Fred Robledo:

    Plus, I’m sure Fred did some sort of preview that ran in today’s paper.

    I have no clue what “Still feeling Gypped” is talking about.

  • Don

    Here’s a little drill down for those considering where they came from like Still feeling GYPPED!

    I’m not convinced last year’s Bonita team was all that rotten, yeah they had dozens of injuries, some to kids like Horine and Brungard that ended seasons and others, to guys likes Lemmons, Huth, Mikity, Cortez, and Highley that only limited play, but was the team all that bad? Along the way to last season’s 3-8 record, BoHi lost to:

    10-3 San Antonio League champ and Southeast Division semifinalist South Hills by one touchdown.
    7-3 Walnut by 15 points. Walnut finished behind SHHS, WesCo,and Rowland in the old San Antone.
    7-7 Miramonte League and Southeast Division runner up Diamond Ranch by one touchdown.
    13-1 Miramonte League and Southeast Division champ Charter Oak by 31 points.
    13-1 V V L and Mid Valley champ San Dimas by 8 points.
    7-4 Del Rio League runner up Santa Fe by three touchdowns.
    5-5 Baseline League entry Claremont by three points.
    3-8 Westview by a TD. Coming off a 9-3 in one of the toughest leagues in SD County, (runner up to Oceanside), Westview was never the same after playing Bonita.

    That’s a cumulative 65-32 or an average of a little better than 8-4 per team. Add to that only three of the games were decided by more than 8 points and one of BoHi’s wins was against V V L runner up Baldwin Park who finished 9-3.

    Last season’s Bonita record was rotten, the team? Not so bad.

    You of course can tell because this season’s version is so good.

    The injuries that kicked Bearcat ass last year did do one really swell thing because it forced kids slotted for JV play and garbage time into starting roles a year early. Guys who probably wouldn’t have started a game until their senior year have become three year lettermen and done very well, thank you. At a school like Bonita, with maybe 50 guys on the roster, everyone has two or three jobs. Some guys have a half dozen.

    Teams like Charter Oak, who may have a roster of over 70 kids, or Norco or Centennial, who may suit up more than 80 or 90 kids for home games, have two way players too, just not everyone. The difference in depth this season is enormous as injuries to key players like Pendleton, Horine, and others seemed to have been taken in stride. Also, the ability to shuttle in fresh, experienced players is not only huge when you talk about keeping kids healthy all year, but is vital to the success of Coach Podley’s spread and no huddle offenses.

  • W.C. Fan

    Aaron? What happened? You lose your wuevos? Aram takes a big swipe at your team and you apologise because he does not return your love letters? You wimped out!! I expected better, I guess I’ll have to wait for kh.

  • Aram

    I didn’t take a swipe at Aaron’s team.

    I have no problem with people not liking my column, but it’s obvious some of you simply didn’t even read it. And if you did, it’s time for a reading comprehension course at the local city college.

  • WTF?

    Yes, JFR! Go after this guy. I am sick of all the pining for the good old days when South Hills and CO beat up on vastly inferior opponents almost every week. Now they are just another team and this guy is sad. That is comedy of the highest order.

  • Aaron

    Just re-sent you the email I sent Tuesday.

  • To the point of being gypped!


    What do you want to talk about on game day? The big game? or re-alignment? Make-up vs. Match-up? How far in the past do you want to revisit?

    Can you imagine if San Dimas closes down their school and rejoins Bonita (similar to Royal Oak and Charter Oak combining), wow what a team that would be. Might be reminiscent of the mighty 40s with the John Price/Don Bell Bearcats winning it all consistently.

    Did West Covina (est. 1956) split off of Covina (est. 1984)? Imagine that team and how dominant they might be!
    To the “SPOT ON” point, Lets talk about today’s games. Although I am in favor of putting the old schools back together. No new scholl after 1950! Then we’d have the old Tri-county league back! Talk about dominance in Southern California Athletics!

    @ Don,

    Thank you for adding the right material to a game day blog. I appreciate it. What is the perspective like from the West Covina transformation from last years team?

  • WHAT

    I don’t know what you people are complaining about, Arams story favors W covina and Bonita. Why don’t you read it twice.

    ARams’ JUST TELLING THE TRUTH! What YOU want is a story full of glitter & gold about YOUR teams, but they got the truth.

    Great story Aram, and the only thing that really matters is the SCOREBOARD at the end.

  • Unreal…


    This is a good column but I think the only people feeling gypped are Charter Oak and South Hills. They have no chance at winning CIF this year and it shows.

    West Covina is having a fantastic year, as is Bonita. Kudos to both of those programs. I don’t think it would have made much of a difference if either of those schools beat up on each other in league or playoffs. BTW, I think Charter Oak beats Bonita but loses to WesCO.

    Charter Oak had this coming, the Pasadena Pipeline has made that program vastly better than most others in the Southeast and now its time to prove their mettle against schools that are at the level of Charter Oak. Charter Oak can still make the playoffs and once they get there anything can happen. This is the story every year in the more competitive divisions of CIF.

    Don’t feel gypped. Football has gotten better because of this. Charter Oak, when you finally get the Inland CIF Championship Ring it will be much sweeter than anything you ever one in the Southeast.

  • Aaron


  • CIF championship game appearances

    School (ChampionshipsRunner up)
    Covina (24)
    Bonita (43)
    Monrovia (08)
    Claremont (43)
    Bishop Amat (55)
    West Covina (21)
    Rowland (01)
    Temple City (53)
    Los Altos (112)
    South Hills (52)
    Diamond Bar (42)
    Diamond Ranch (02)
    Royal Oak (11)
    Charter Oak (53)
    Baldwin Park (22)
    San Dimas (10)

    Since 1914


    Did anybody see what happen in the DEL RIO league
    Last week La Serna Beat santa fe 38 to 0
    This week La Serna beat pioneer high 70 to 0

  • Commissioner Of Sacred Tribune SGV Football Beliefs

    Football Dad

    Thank you so much for noticing our football down here in Southern SGV but I must inform you that you have violated one of ARAM’s cardinal rules and mentioned a Whittier area team (of obviously inferior caliber) as an obviously unwanted adjunct to a Charter Oak/South Hills/WestCo/BoHi article. Mr. ARAM simply does not believe that we play civilized football here in Whittier and any mention of success at La Serna might rupture that belief and cause Mr ARAM to have to taste the unclean tailgate of the LOWER SGV… Please keep your observations of LA Serna football relegated to the Andrew Campa blog as that blog is already infected/ignored and will not spill over to dilute talk of BIG BOY FOOTBALL).

    If you are a Football Dad of a La Serna High player, my congratulations, knowing of course that you have no chance in competing with newly crowned Princes and recently recognized Trib darlings, the West Covina Bulldogs. Why ARAM is contacting the CIF now to see if we can dispense with all of the nasty playoff business and go right to rings and banners.

  • JFR

    Football Dad,

    La Serna is CO’s lap dog in the playoffs. Oh crap, did I just bring up the past on Aram’s blog.


    Your getting sensitive in your old age, I understood where you were coming from especially since you just sat down with the brain children of “CIF”. I enjoy stirring the pot and it worked again, you owe me lunch. P.S. went to a private University.

  • ray ray in tampa

    hey aram were you skinny in that dream you had of podley shaking farrars hand after beating charter oak?

    you brought up that wes co beat glendora and co did not…and bonita beat claremont but co did not..BUT wes co lost to covina who lost to walnut..and bonita beat santa fe by 1 point on a lucky play

    and the last 2 years co has beat bonita 79-10…and wes co has had about 5 cracks at us and hasnt come jussss sayin

  • Take one step into reality


    Is it true in the interest of efficiency, the Charter Oak School District is renaming the school ChOak Hi? In what parallel dimension did ChOak play La Serna in the playoffs? Or are you saying that all teams that were in the playoffs when you won were lap dogs. As the song goes “That was yesterday” and today is a new reality. Keep beating you chest and telling yourself that you are great because you were great (once). You should find plenty of friends over at Shills. Perhaps Mr Lou needs to start recruiting a better group of Pasadena athletes. Oh, for the record people who delight in “stirring the pot” just because, are referred to as a$$h*leS, clinically speaking of course. Just sayin

    Choak 17-SF 0, LS 38-SF 0 this year…

  • JFR

    Take one step back A$$

    1997 CO 21-14, 1999 CO 42-14. Grow a pair and know your history before you try to stir my pot little girl.


    Now that’s how you play big boy football.

  • Name Game

    Still feeling GYPPED! – now I know what your name means. I went to the game last night to see this Bonita powerhouse that fans have been spouting off about all week and I’m – Still feeling GYPPED!


    Lesson learned!

    Very impressed with West Covina. They DOMINATED this game, especially in the pit. The speed this team has is fantastic. The Hacienda League will be well represented come playoff time.

    Subscription to the Tribune renewed!

    Nice coverage Aram – Looking forward to reading about the match-up between Diamond Ranch and West Covina!

  • Take one step into reality


    You have to step back into LAST Century to feel good about yourself. 11 years ago, really? Desperate much A$$? Has your season gone so bad over there at ChOak Hi that you have to pull back to the Clinton administration. I don’t need to stir your (TINY) pot cuz your goose is cooked. Say hello to Chino Hills and see who is a lap dog in this year…

    THAT’S IT, Why don’t you see if you can gently pull your nose out cuz JFR may turn and we will see both of your injured…

  • JFR

    Take one step,

    All I hear is crickets, chirp chirp chirp tough chick. Go home and put on the gown your wife picked out for you for the party.

  • just sayin’

    Take one step into reality – appears to me CO only needs to go to their Back-to-Back CIF Championships the last two seasons to feel good about themselves. I think La Serna must go back to the Lyndon Johnson Administration for one of those.

  • WOW

    aram, your blog should be shut down. How could you critisize high school teams soo much(especially south hills)?You have know idea what goes on in these programs therefore you have no right to make such harsh judgements.Every program has down years and south hills has gone thu a tremendous amount of adversity this year and your doing nothing but putting them down. Its high school and youre making comments like “enjoy the huskies struggle”? No, enjoy your sorry ass job/life following/critisizing high school kids and teams…i really hope you read this!

  • Take one step into reality


    You, Just sayin and THAT’S IT can go home together and play the back to back CIF game, no gowns needed, no clothes worn. You still have not addressed Choak 17-SF 0, LS 38-SF 0 this year… That is where the real crickets are coming from…

  • Take one step into reality


    While you are at it why don’t you address who you have BEAT THIS year.

    Gardena (0-8)
    Esperanza (3-6)
    Santa Fe (4-4)
    Ayala (4-4)
    Damien (4-4)

    The truth is that you have not beat ANYONE this year with a winning record. I think the Gown is yours. You need it to hide your a$$… The Emperor has no clothes

  • that one hurt

    Take one step into reality – OUCH!!!


    O by the way LA SERNA beat a d-1 school LA SERNA 48 LONG BEACH WILSON 21 cant wait to play a SVG school. LOOK OUT SGV LA SERNA IS COMING SOON AND with power.

  • JFR

    Take a step back football dad “same person”

    Keep winning your JAA games and prepare to get your A$$ kicked by a SGV team in the playoffs. CO is 0-2 against Amat just like La Serna is 0-2 to CO, reality sucks some times. Do you losers still spike the spear in the middle of the field like FSU before every loss?

  • Take one step into reality


    Your a$$ is still showing… No quality wins THIS YEAR… Same teams worse results… Punks like you always go to history when you have no game today. Following your logic, Los Altos is the best team in the Hacienda because they have the most CIF titles… Finally, no we do not throw the spike. We carry one to honor a hero who died defending his teammate’s back from some shank carrying low life. I know that is a foreign concept to a coward like you who hides behind a keyboard and takes cheap shots based on prior years glory to feel better about your own failure. Face it, you got POWNED and everyone can see it… You are just being stupid and I am now done with your sorry a$$…

  • JFR

    Two steps back,

    Come to a CO game and ask for me on the sidelines punk. As for throwing a death of a kid from a punk is weak ass crap, like I had any knowledge of that. You jumped my back about LS being world beaters and I gave you a history lesson and you cry. On the chick scale you don’t even qualify as B!t@h!

  • Take one step into reality


    Your memory is obviously no better than your IQ. You were the one crying for attention like an insecure whiney chick when someone else 1st pumped LS… (whannaaa but I am the badest whannaaa…) You were the one who poped your chops about the spike and stepped into it cuz you were ignorant and too lazy to find out… Thanks for the invitation, but I doubt you could make it to the CO sidelines. I don’t think anyone of the CO administration would officially want anything to do with a whiney old lady like you. I’ll extend the same for a LS game. I’ll be the one wearing the Gold Hardware. You should make it this week so you have an excuse for not showing up to the a$$ whoppin’ your new friends from Chino are going to give you… As for the “no quality wins this year and same team worse year” we both know you are beat and dodging it… Face it, you are just not King Shyt of Turd Island anymore Princess. Your time has come and gone no matter how desperately you try to grab for it…

  • JFR

    uno step,

    When did I ever say we were top dogs IDIOT, I simply mentioned how you have nothing on us with your dumb A$$ spear because you have NOTHING on us and you can’t calculate that. I can”t stand it when young people lose their life over stupidity because I’ve seen to much of that crap in my life. CHHS would kick the crap out of LB Wilson so if you call that a quality win well………………keep thinking that way. Like Amat fans have told me in the past, step up to our division and then you can talk your crap! We could have played you the last couple of years in the playoffs if you would have, give me a second….WON!

  • AMAT 73

    One step beyond,
    Wow La Serna has won a few and now you think you’re world beaters. How can you say because in a like opponent you beat by 21 more points then CO that makes you think you could beat CO . Also your ally in FOOTBALL DAD is hanging a win against LB Wilson as a warning to the SGV that LS can’t wait to play the SGV and is coming with power. Well if that’s the case why mess around . Just schedule AMAT and let’s see what you are really made of . If the want the SGV so bad nut up and schedule AMAT and settle it once and for all . Now go pump your chest somewhere else where you can get away with being a pretender , because that bull won’t fly in the SGV.

  • JFR

    One step,

    Your right about one thing, we left you on turd island only to move up to the eastside apartment in sky. We will take our lumps through success while your playing with that sand pail on Turd island or is it Whittier?

  • Take one step into reality

    AMAT 73

    73 Is that IQ or age… I don’t think anyone jerked your chain but for fun go back to December 07 blogs after SP won the CIF for all the AMAT whiners crying about how they needed to move down a few divisions to be able to compete. You may be world killers on your little sewer of an island this year but you haven’t begun to play Servite or Mission Viejo or say ALAMANY yet. So before you go trying to bust someone elses chops grandpa, you better make sure you have your own dentures squared away. Does it make you feel bad about yourself when someone else feels go about the way their season is going. You just got to come on with a “I’m bader than you” so that you get all the attention. Don’t worry my 3 year old does that and they say you always go back to your childhood as you age. The clinical term for that behavior is HATER and you should increase your intake of Bran and adjust your Tucks Pads. Really you are just a pathetic person and there is no help for what you got. As long as I want to post, I will be right here so deal with it Gramps. Now go gum your dinner.


    You call getting the crap kicked out of you in the Inland moving to a East side Apartment? It is more like you are moving to the low rent district to be a low paid bell boy getting paid by room and board in the basement. I predict after a few years of lap dog to Chino Hills, Centennial, and others you will be back to the Southeast. But then you will have a great deal harder time recruiting (stealing) talent from Pasadena with a perpetual sub-500 record and no new rings to show. For a model of how that works, look at Los Altos. Yeah, they can talk about their 11 banners but what kind of team do they have today. Now get runnin lackey. Your Gramps 73 needs his toenails clipped

  • JFR

    one d!CK,

    GO VOTE for j brown smart guy, I’m glad u just pulled BA into the mix because if u thought i was bad get ready.

  • Take one step into reality

    JFR No D!ck.

    No I didn’t think you are bad. In fact, you are nothing but a wannna-be Princess with a inferiority complex who derives your sense of self worth from whatever half wits agree with you and how your high school that you are 20 years removed from performs in Athletics. I am a 6th generation Republican and Jerry Brown is gayer than you are if that is possible. Yes I am a smart guy and I know in your uneducated under-achieving world that is something to be ashamed of. Get a life douche, you’re still beat and you can’t be that idiotic to see it.

  • just sayin’

    Take one step into reality

    Funny you bring up 2007 and St Paul. All those bloggers who were talking were from other schools saying we needed to drop in order to compete – we said we didn’t. how’s that working out so far since then? and the reason St Paul was in the conversation – in Amat’s worst year ever they them head to head in a year the Slime won a CIF title.

    If I’m not mistaken-aren’t you trying to pull the same “I’m badder than you” with your schtick vs CO that you blame Amat 73 for doing? Can’t you be happy they’ve won a couple CIF titles lately and you haven’t since the Vietnam War? You have to come in here with the “well, who have you beat this year? just to make yourself feel god? Did you get that from your 3 year old?

    Pot… this is the kettle!

  • Take one step into reality

    just sayin’

    Put down the pipe before you join the party. Please read (slowly) from the beginning then pop off. Does your ADHD allow you to get all the way back there? What you will observe is JFR slinging crap unprovoked and getting called on it. Do you have a issue with that? I thought this was an equal access blog without haters. Do you really have a dog in the fight?

  • AMAT 73

    one step in the hole,
    As just sayin’ pointed out it was others not from AMAT that were crying about moving AMAT down. We are just fine where we are at thank you. Now why and the hell did you bring the slime into this . Can’t stand on your own two feet. Also it’s Alemany for your information but how would you know as you have no idea about teams of that caliber. You have a nice season going but you and fb dad chose to come on here and start knocking a fellow SGV brother so yes we do have a dog in this fight. You come on here baying about beating SF by 12 more points then CO and fb dad is resting it all on beating LB Wilson.What a joke that is if you knew antything about what you are talking about. No need to fling the insults but maybe because you have no game to come back to us on you must resort to old playground attitude of calling names. You talk about world beaters on our own island but believe me we have been to that slime pit in Santa Fe Springs many times and walked out winners and we have no problem heading to Friendly Hills for the same results whenever you feel your program is big enough. Maybe you should try the slime first seeing as you are standing under their skirt for protection. Man using the slime was a very weak comeback . But from your side of the hills I guess that is who you have to look up to over there. FYI the slime chose not to play us this year because they would not be competitve at this time , somewhat like La Serna against CO . Now let’s see you comeback without the insults if you can little lancer.

  • Joe Amat

    Misstep out of reality…,

    Actually, if YOU read from the bottom up you’ll notice that your fellow “football dad” fired the first shot over the bow by spouting off about point differential and being particularly proud of the 70-0 win over pioneer – as if that was an accomplishment to be proud of. The Lancers have actually been on pace at the half to drop 70 on a few teams that have actually won something this year… but have too much class to do so – something we obviously don’t see from you or the little lancers to the south. Then “Commissioner Of Sacred Tribune SGV Football Beliefs” followed with his sarcasm, so…

    JFR responded to that by reminding them of the FACTS regarding the CO/La Serna direct history with your little championship thirsty school. Sorry that it reopened that festering wound. ” And he was “stirring the pot” with Aram over the WC/BoHi vs CO/SH game coverage… actually lobbying against CO. Did you say…Gold Hardware”? Really? From that 1967 La Serna championship? Or are you gonna take credit for being somewhere else? Or another sport?

    Finally there has NEVER been any talk from a member of the Amat Family about moving down. In fact, the few times that CIF considered releaguing in a way that placed Amat with lower level teams – Amat lobbied and had THEM move up instead (Notre Dame & Crespi were among them) We’re fine at the top – that’s where we want to be – unlike St Paul, who you brought up, who would just as soon drop and “pretend” to win. Is that “really” winning? Hilarious that you mention Servite as if they’re some yearly juggernaut. Great team – but prior to last year they were on a TWENTY SEVEN year drought! And Mission Viejo still hasn’t won one at the highest level – so we’ll see how this year works out (they were favored a year ago – were they not? And Sewer of an island? Like your area of Whittier is in the Bahamas?

    BTW, since we’re talking about recent relevant wins – are Notre Dame, Crespi, Loyola, Cathedral, Dominguez, Mater Dei, Alemany, St Bonaventure, Chaminade, St Francis, Orange Lutheran relevant… and do they exist on our little “sewer of an island”?

  • CalPreps

    Looks like Aram isn;t the only one who has West Covina ranked over the little guys on the other side of the hill



    1. 9 BISHOP AMAT
    2. 24 CHINO HILLS
    3. 30 CLAREMONT
    4. 37 BONITA
    5. 38 WEST COVINA
    6. 47 LA HABRA
    7. 50 LA SERNA
    8. 58 ST. FRANCIS
    9. 70 ST. PAUL
    10. 72 CHARTER OAK
    11. 88 GLENDORA
    12. 89 AZUSA
    13. 92 DIAMOND RANCH
    14. 96 CANTWELL
    15. 97 MONROVIA
    17. 103 DAMIEN
    18. 104 LA MIRADA
    19. 109 COVINA
    20. 116 SAN DIMAS
    21. 123 ARCADIA
    22. 131 SOUTH HILLS
    23. 163 ARROYO
    24. 166 SCHURR
    25. 170 MUIR
    26. 184 MARANTHA163 ARROYO

  • JFR

    One step

    My wife hates it when I come on the blog because I’m laughing and talking out loud about what I’m posting in the office. I can only see you punching your keys in anger like myself three years ago. Don’t screw with Amat because they will kill u on the field and on this blog.


    What happened to the La Serna group . Mommie won’t let you come out and play with the big boys . Just what I thought . All talk and nothing to back you up on the field of play .

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