• Text twist legend

    He is the master of text twist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Jason Heilman

    Taken from West Covina football web page

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Well, he’s a crack up. And calls a good game, too.

  • westco

    coach “HELLMAN” hell yeah your the best man.

    lololololo. see you monday…. 🙂

  • sarge

    He gets my vote for CIF Coach of the Year!!!!!!!!

  • No Way Jose!

    Do you mean the Texas Twist? WEST CO has no chance against La Serna or La Mirada in the Southeast!

  • Dan

    No way Jose,
    Bring on the smack talk, feed the beast just like the last team, WC will do their talking on the field if and when the time comes, for now La Serna and La Mirada are not even a speck on the horizon, furthest thing from their minds, if the time comes WC will deal with them, for now it’s full focus on Diamond Ranch, and another Hacienda League showdown, D Ranch put the sting on us a couple of years ago, Bulldogs remember well, should be a motivating factor, should be a great game, D Ranch has some good skill players, Fischer, Price and Carter to name a few, they are big and physical on both lines, could match up well with WC, Bulldogs need total focus just like on Friday, if they
    do that I think they will be OK.


    WEST COVINA WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it look like west covina make it too the first round and choke. LA SERNA GO DEEPER IN THE PLAYOFFS. SO WHO SUCKS

  • Dan

    Like I said WC only has Diamond Ranch on their mind, not concerned with La Serna or playoffs, that time will come in a few weeks, then we’ll see who is one and done.


    I hope Diamond Ranch SPANK WC. But if west covina win DIAMOND RANCH They will choke in the first round OF THE PLAYOFFS ANYWAYS So LA SERNA WILL NEVER SEE WEST COVINA ANYWAYS.

  • WCFan

    I like how so many people talk crap on here. and how everyone has said since the beginning how wc sucks so much and their gonna loose. look at the south hills game. now the bonita game. all you people do is talk crap on the blogs about how your sons (not even you, your sons) are gonna kick their ass. why don’t we leave it all on the field people? by the way, the guys at wc love it when everyone goes against them. it just fuels the fire people….



    I cannot seem to take you seriously since you sound like the kh version of the Whittier area. Another thing, when you come in here saying that West Covina is going to be out in the first round all I can do is chuckle LOL! All I can say is that beware of that little pansy schedule you played because there are 5 or 6 teams that are ranked below you and have a better overall SOS, those 5 or 6 teams will be battle tested and you will not be so be careful what you wish for because the team that might be out in the first round might be La Serna and I would take a 2nd or 3rd place Diamond Ranch beating the #1 LA Serna anyday in November…

  • http://www.owt-for-nowt.co.uk freebie jeebies

    Im patiently waiting to play BBS final mix but it’s just a loss that they only release the final mix release in Japan. Oh well i will have to make do with that one. Release date January 20th 2011 woot cannot wait.

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