Roddy gives his takes on the unstoppable West Covina machine … “We traditionally have good speed and you don’t see a lot of our players getting caught from behind either.” …

First off, if there’s ever a media relations course for coaches, I hope D-Ranch coach Roddy Layton teaches it (and I know who I’ll sign up for it first).

I got a hold of Layton on Monday to get his takes on West Covina, who his Panthers play this Friday for sole control of first place in the Hacienda League. Needless to say, Coach Layton is just as impressed as the rest of us by the Bulldogs.

Aram: What’s your take?

Layton: Speed kills, so they’re good. We’ve watched them on film and seen them live. They do a lot good of things, so pick your poison on offense — 1, 5, 20, 21, 84 — there are several (jersey) numbers.

Aram: Will your speed offset some of their speed?

Layton: I’m a math teacher, so it comes down to geometry. It comes down to angles. If take the wrong angle, they’re gone. This week, we have to work on our angles. I don’t know if in a week’s time we’re gonna get faster than we already are. But traditionally we have good speed and you don’t see a lot of our players getting caught from behind either.

Aram: What about B.J. Lee?

Layton: I know B.J. Lee from track meets. He put a smoking on a lot our players. We’ve know since last season how fast that kid can run. You can tell West Covina is fast, but has it been fast team vs. slow team, or fast team vs. fast team? You don’t know.

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  • Edgewood

    West Covina’s Best Football Player is Offensive Lineman: Josh Gibson.

  • WCFan


    its joseph gibson. #60! 🙂

  • Question

    Can someone please tell me what Roddy has won? Does he have any league or CIF Championships on his resume, or business card for that matter??? Just not sure why Aram and Fred act like this guy is some great coach. So he got torched in to finals games! Is that what we base good coaches on?? I’d say he’s very average, just like his overall record!!! I can name a dozen or more coaches better than him within a 5 mile radius of D Ranch.

  • DRanchhhh

    What has WC DONE? What has maggiore done? I can name several coaches in a five mile radius that have consistently out performed WC OVER the years. Is it possible to include Layton in that equation? Has WC seen the finals ONCE in the last 5 years? What has WC REALLY accomplshed to deserve number 2 spot in preseason over the likes of CH, SD,DR JUST TO NAME A FEW. I’m jus sayin’. All of these so called number 1 teams haven’t seen the finals in a bit….jus sayn’ …but I guess that is SGV football for ya.

    Truth be told….please keep pounding your chests. Like how WC FOLKs wanna come on the blog bc your team is doing OK. The community saw hardly any WC BLOGGERS here last year. I like what u guys r doing but don’t go gettin cocky and arrogant.

  • AMAT 73

    This is a case of it’s not all about the wins and losses. Roddy is much more that just a coach . Takes care of his players and does everything he can to see they move on to the next level . Also very involved with all aspects of the school and community. Solid individual . Not too sure of who you are thinking about in that 5 mile radius but as for Roddy if we hadn’t gotten Hags he would have been an excellent choice for AMAT .

  • Recruiter!!!!

    Why doesn’t say something about him being suspend by cif for illegal recruiting!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Not to play devil’s advocate here but DRanchhh what have your Panthers done to deserve the same. In the last decade West Covina won a title. They’ve been to the semi’s multiple times in the last decade both times a sophomore was at the helm.

    Don’t worry I’m not hating I’m just saying. It’s going to be a great game between us this year…I only wish it was at Ganesha since the home team tends to lose in our series.

  • D-Ranchhhhh,

    Maggiore won a CIF title in 2004. He was Tribune Coach of the Year that year. He has built West Covina into one of the area’s top team every year.

    Layton has done a great job, too. He wins when it counts. End of story … think back to what D-Ranch was before Layton. A new coach every year … no consistency.

  • JG

    Dranch See you at the game, make sure you take your PEPSID , THE crow is going to upset your stomach, Lets See???? about 4 minutes left in the first half.that is when you will contemplate leaving the game.

  • just askin’

    is it just me or is having your picture on your business card seem a little full of yourself?

  • DRanchhhh


    I don’t believe that is the language I wrote in. I believe the question was within the last 5 years, aram. How long has he (magg) been there @ WC? LOOK …either way I’m tired of these jerk offs beating up on layton. As much as you slap the guy in his face aram/fjr you should consider his resume. You guys address his team as “roddy’s rancher’s” for god sake.. you guys have no label of such on any other team you guys cover. Its a flat out lack respect.. its funny how lowly people grade him but I’m sure your favorite school was trying to hire hiim when they needed a new HC.




    WHEN are you going to get over your lustful infactuation with DR? I RECENTLY read that you serve our country so ill back bc american to american, I thank you for that. My problem w u aaron is that you never met roddy. You don’t know the man. Forget the team. Don’t go questioning the man if you don’t know him. You would absolutely respect the dude if you just had a 10 min conversation with him.



    Btw Aram…is tribune coach of the year based on cif rings?? If so why hasn’t THE SD coach gotten it? Where they represented well enough n the blog community? Tribune coy is nothing more than a popularity contest. A true coach is a more than just a coach in front oof a camera and behind the scenes…that is what roddy is to DR and “others”.

  • D-Ranchhhh,

    Freddie calls them “Roddy’s Ranchers”. I do not. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. We have lots of nicknames — Big Lou, Pasqy, Dangerous Podley, Koffmead, Hags — I think you’re being WAY TOO SENSITIVE.

    About Tribune Coach of the Year. That’s an annual award based on that year’s season. Coach Zernickow (San Dimas) has won it. He won it last year. Maggiore won it the year he won CIF. Guess what, it goes to the coach who had the best season that year. The award is handed out every year. No other season beside that one is considered.

    Like I said, way too sensitive.

  • Parent

    Amat 73 I totally agree with you. Roddy spends countless hours at the school working for our boys and girls (yes for the second year in a row we have a female on the team). He is the only coach on campus and tutors all of our boys in the morning. More impressive, he finds a way to get to the Championship or playoffs with new coaches each year. He also takes the academic side of sports seriously. All his players must go to study hall, turn in progress reports and take the SAT/ACT in order to play football. I know we have players on the team are appplying to Yale, MIT and other prestigious institutions. If you look at the number of players that to college from his program it is amazing. This is happening at a public school (which you don’t see very often). I also like the fact that the coach make players dress up for school. All players must wear a tie to school. Most coaches its just about winning but Roddy goes above and beyond. Drrraanncch I agree that if you talk to him for 10 minutes you will be hooked. He is a talker that is for sure. He is a powerful speaker and knows how to connect with people. What I don’t agree with is how you portray the school or the program. I have talked to coach many times and I think you are sending a different message about Roddy and his program. I am sure I am a minority on here but I don’t think the criteria for a good coach is his record. It should be about what he does for his team and community. Dozens within in a 5 miles radius? I don’t think there are a dozen schools.

  • …..

    and yet no mention of his illegal recruting…….. no wonder they win. was he only suspended the one game? it seams to me like if diamond ranch has players on the team illegally shouldnt they have to forfit?

  • DRanchhhh


    TRY AGAIN Loser…

    My apologies Aram. Its like referring to the president as “Mr. Obama” or you as the “guy” from the tribune when in fact I know you by name and title. I think Roddy deserves that. I am just simply defending our coach!! Dont take it personal!! Friends?? 🙂


    Thanks, although I havent been to the school in a few months, I know exactly what your talking about. Ill be content with whatever happens with this team because layton will find a way to get some kids into college–FOR FREE.

  • Aaron

    What infatuation…I doubt I’d care about DR if Bonita wasn’t in the same league. All I did was respond to you, you wanted to know what West Covina has done. I told you.

  • just askin’

    when was Roddy suspended for recruiting?

  • AMAT 73

    Since you are letting these post on a subposed suspending of Roddy is there any truth to it ? Maybe Dranchhhh can elaborate also since he posted something about getting the facts straight to the person who posted it to begin with.

  • JG

    DRanchhh Take a chill pill dude,come on over to the WC side. Hot Dog and coke are on me.I will school you, on a couple of things, OH YEAH DON’T FORGET YOUR PEPSID.

  • suspension

    Thats why he didn’t coach at the los altos game. Suspension for getting caught recruiting. Thats why fred or aram don’t want to talk about it. Its the truth!!!!!!!!!!

  • People want to know!!!!!!

    Why was he suspended last week!!!!!!!!

  • DRanchhhh

    When you guys tell me WHO Roddy recruited, then I’ll find out what happened. Last time I checked, we havent gotten a transfer or anything at DR since Sermons, and that turned a 7-3 football team around for the worst, NOT TO MENTION the ball being dropped by our then Athletic Director. That was not even Roddy’s fault but once again people like to twist the facts up!! Until these WALNUT “down-low” posters who are trying to get into the play-offs point out WHO he was recruiting, I know nothing. BTW, WALNUT folks, you confirmed my belief that you are trying to get into the playoffs. Why would “……..said” even inquire about forfeits?? You people are SUPER pathetic. Check the roster…NO transfers!! Sorry try with South Hills you pathetic, bored-with your life losers. Cant believe you guys are looking to take WINS away from a team that went out there and EARNED it WITHOUT you are anyone elses help. FcUK, let the kids play and put your hidden agendas to the side!!

  • Then Why!!!!!!

    DWanabee Ranch,

    Then why wasn’t he allowed to coach last week or allowed to attend the los altos game. Give me your best excuse for that.

  • AMAT 73

    Not being a hater on DR but is it true Roddy missed the LA game or are these people just blowing smoke.

  • Colt74

    Looks like someone here has a hidden agenda. I submit :

    seriously though said:

    Seriously though-what kind of ego does a guy have to have to put his photo on his business card?
    January 8, 2009 9:36 PM

    Same nonsense from almost 2 years ago. Why? Seems like someones personal crusade against Mr. Layton…

  • why

    Why doesn’t he put rosters on maxpreps or have rosters in programs. Maybe doesn’t want people to know who he recruited.

  • DRanchhhh

    Colt 74,

    Same ol METHANE Bro…It’s clearly someones HIDDEN Agenda…They even went as far to post as if they are AMAT73…WTF?? That is too funny!!

    For all of you gossip WHORES, contact CIF. Better yet, contact Roddy, His business card is up ^ there…See what he says!! be careful though haters, you might fall in love with him!! LOL

  • AMAT 73

    Believe it or not it was me and not some faker . I just want to get to the truth of this because as you saw earlier I do think highly of Roddy and his methods. It is a simple question , was he on the sidelines at the LA game . As I wrote no hate involved just looking for some answers for something being thrown around. Maybe if you answered in a civil manner you could put this rumor / truth ???? to rest. My thing is if it is true why no coverage from our Trib staffers or if not why aren’t they trying to squash it . Maybe Aram will address it in his weekly column or maybe not.

  • BigDog

    Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl but i consider him one of the top three QB in the NFL in the last 40 years.Roddy has his own style,he doesn’t care about league titles he just cares about making it to the play-offs and then its a crapshoot. Oh yeah also Brandon Sermons wasn’t a transfer he was just coming home to roost.Local boy from Diamond Bar who never should have gone to Amat.Hell if you look at Amat there all transfers,just like all the private schools.Its tough for local High Schools to compete with that year in and year out.Good luck to DR this week against WC.

  • Colt74

    I really don’t think that it has anything to do with transfers that Amat is so good. I have come to accept the fact that it’s a God thing….. You know…Catholic school…Gods football team… 🙂
    I think God just lets them lose every now and then because he knows what this blog would be like if he let his team win every game……

    You heard it here first…..

    Amat 35 Alemany 21

  • still waiting for excuse?


    still waiting on excuse on why he couldn’t coach last week or go to los altos game. Even robledo reported without chase and roddy at game dranch gets easy victory.
    Now what!

  • AMAT 73

    Great concept on transfers. Only one problem , you’re full of shiat. 8th grade student doesn’t like his local high school applies to AMAT passes test is admitted , you are considering that scenario a transfer. So by the same token a student chooses a public school out of his area under the open enrollment rule , do you consider that student a transfer also. Sermons started at AMAT and left for DR now that’s a transfer. WG and Booth both started at different schools wound up at AMAT , now those are transfers. Is it clear to you now what is a transfer. I don’t mind the haters but when they twist the truth to favor their outlook towards AMAT that’s a different story.

  • AMAT 73

    I guess you haven’t heard. God is a Lancer . That is an old joke that’s been around for years and your post reminded of it . Thanks for the nod on the game and I think you are about right on the prediction.

  • DRanchhhh


    Look….it’s over now. I wasnt at the LA/DR game but I heard he didnt come. FJR reported it as well. ARAM and FJR both know what happened and that is why it’s not being harped on, bc it was pure bullshyt. Layton did something that all, and I MEAN ALL of these local HS coaches do and WALNUT HS Coaches decided to film. Just ironically it was after that loss they received. Like I said in another blog post, a BA coach was in the house, and WALNUT never filmed him. WHY?? They dont play them. this is why WALNUT folks including “….said” are pleading for a forfeit. Capiche!! End of Story…He and Price will be back this week.

  • Freddie has it on his blog that Coach Layton was suspended for one game by the D-Ranch administration for a self-reported bluebook violation.

  • Joe Amat


    Were you at the “Salute to Athletic Excellence” Dinner? There was a great joke told that night about God being a Lancer. Do you remember? I’m trying – race you…

  • Joe Amat

    Wow – Freddie snuck that one in there. I never saw it and it has NO comments. DRanchhhh – is this what we were talking about a while back regarding youth football?

    Here’s the post:

    Layton returns after suspension
    By Fred Robledo on November 3, 2010 4:45 AM

    Diamond Ranch football coach Roddy Layton confirmed that he served a one-game suspension during the Panthers’ 48-14 victory over Los Altos on Friday for an undisclosed blue-book violation that falls under undue influence. School officials made the decision after consulting with the CIF-Southern Section. Layton chose not to explain, but he will return to the sidelines when Diamond Ranch hosts West Covina for sole possession of first in the Hacienda League.

  • DRanchhhh


    Yessir. Thats all it was!! Like I said someone or some BODY must have it out for Layton. I dont know whom he has pissed off but hey…”it” was that simple!! They have twisted it around like the man was paying parents to come to DR or somethin’. Joe, how long on this blog have I been whining about getting a XFR or 2?? I PERSONALLY advertised for a QB.

  • Colt74

    I really did not know that much about your coach before a couple of days ago. I researched the Trib archives and read a piece they did on him almost 2 years ago. Then have been following Arams recent piece and this thread. I don’t care what he did for the suspension. Payed for it and it’s over with. He sounds like a hell of a good guy to care about his players the way he does. Any team would be lucky to have a coach/teacher/mentor of his caliber.

  • Big Dog

    Amat 73
    Do you think Amat would be successful if they got all they’re athletes from La Puente? Thank You end of story.Maybe soccer athletes….You can call it what ever you want if a kid comes from out of an area to go to another school public or private ” THATS A TRANSFER “.

  • Joe Amat

    Earth to Big Dog – come in Big Dog,

    Doggie this is not your daddy’s CIF anymore. There are some new rules this decade. ANY 8th grader from ANY city can go to ANY school and be eligible right away according to CIF – as long as there was no prior contact with a coach. I see 73 tried to educate you on transfers – but you were having none of it. Maybe we’ll try this route.

    Some kid from Ontario has the same right to go to Diamond Ranch as he does to go to Bishop Amat. Or even those kids from La Puente. And all those kids from West of the 605 had every right to go to Charter Oak and beat up on you twice a year for the past couple years as they did stay at Monrovia, Pasadena, or Muir. You see we all play by the same rules now under open enrollment. Except that at Amat they have to take an entrance exam and then pay tuition. So who has the advantage?

  • players recruted

    its not transfers that are being recruited it is pop warner and junior all american players. you cant go to games and talk to players and there families about them coming to your school.

  • BigDog

    Joe Amat
    You seem to be a pretty smart guy but you hate hearing the truth as well.Cif still runs the show from behind the iron curtain down in the OC.When you play athletics at a catholic school or private school however you want to put a spin on it that’s recruiting.When a parent passes 12 public schools on the way to get his kid to that private school and play football that’s called recruiting.I have a great idea,lets say that if a kid wants to play football at BA then he should have to live within 5 miles of BA to play athletics there.You can live as far as you want and not play athletics at BA. Why would a parent drive there kid 30-45 miles to Ba and play football.THATS CALLED RECRUITING no matter how you spin it.

  • SGV For 30 Years


    As far as most of us are concerned the whole thing with Coach Layton is over and done with. Coach served his one game suspension. But I think you need to know the facts. First Walnut wasn’t asking for DR to forfiet anything, and had nothing to do with the decision to suspend Coach Layton. That was the DR admin. Walnut didn’t even report it to CIF,go to the newspapers or post the film on YouTube (they could have done one or all of those things). In the big picture this was just a slap on the wrist. What would have happened had they sat on this story until say this week. Do you think having Coach Layton suspended this week would be a big story? I think both schools admins. did a good job of handling this situation. If they are both happy and satisfied, that should be good enough for all of us.
    I’m glad this won’t be a distraction this week. This is going to be a great game. I wish I could be there. Never thought I would see the day where Bonita will be pulling for DR.

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!!!!

  • SGV For 30 Years


    You left out the part about that kids home district has to release him and the other district has to accept him. The second part is the easier of the to. Rowland just won a law suit about that very thing from the Walnut District. So you can’t just up and go to a school outside your district.

  • rewind

    Joe Amat, different school districts have different open enrollment policies. You can’t just show up to any ol’ school if you don’t live in the district. In many districts, open enrollment just means you can go to another school in that particular district, not some school 5 cities over. Privates still have the advantage there.

  • DRanchhhh


    Dude…I didnt know all of that. Are you admin OR a coach from Walnut? That’s true insider INFO!! Either way now that the campaign is not working to yalls advantage it is now OVER. The truth rinses and purifies. I’ll leave it at that.

    Time for DR to do work Friday….

  • AMAT 73

    Ok I guess you understood the concept of transfers. Now I see your doing the COCF twist. Now your calling it recruiting. Which is it transfering or recruiting that is your beef with AMAT. What do you consider recruiting before I try and explain that to you .

  • Joe Amat

    Mel Gibson… I mean BigDog,

    Enough with the “conspiracy theories” that CIF rules behind the iron curtain in OC. As far as CIF is concerned we all play by The. Same. Rules. Period. There is NO distinction.

    Open Enrollment is WAY different than recruiting. One involves a family making a school choice. The other involves a school offering an undue inducement to attend.

    That Undue inuence is any act, gesture or communication (including accepting material or nancial inducement to attend a CIF member school for the purpose of engaging in CIF competition regardless of the source) which is performed personally, or through another, which may be objectively seen as an inducement, or part of a process of inducing a student, or his or her parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver, by or on behalf of, a member school, to enroll in, transfer to, or remain in, a particular school for athletic purposes.

    THAT is recruiting. Anything else is just offering a better product that encourages families to make a CHOICE.

  • AMAT 73

    Joe AMAT ,
    You think that might help the BigDog out . Unfortunately I could not attend the dinner. Heard it was great . I remember that joke being told to me by Stan the Man years ago. I can’t remember exactly how it goes but I think it involves something about the gates of Heaven or St Peter .

  • Joe Amat


    Yes, the 50 years of Athletic Excellence dinner was a great night

    Funny that you heard the joke from Stan. The joke was told by the boys basketball coach that led the Lancers to their only CIF Championship, Ray Lokar an during his acceptance speech I think he acknowledged Stan, as well as Bob Woods, and Joe Rodgers. (how ’bout that… an Amat basketball coach acknowledging football legends – imagine). I looked up the joke online and found a version here I’ll try to change it , at least close, to how it was told.

    If you remember, that dinner was right after Hagerty was announced as the new Head Football Coach. So Lokar, who came to us from Glendora HS, congratulated Hagerty (to a round of applause) and said he knows how it felt, as he is an alum too.

    Lokar said when he was hired he dreamt he died he went to heaven, St Peter was showing him and Mike LeDuc around. They came to a little cottage with a “G” on the door. St Peter said, “This is very special; not everyone gets a house up here.This house is yours for eternity, Mike,” Just then he looked up a walkway and at the top of the hill was a three-story mansion with a blue and gold sidewalk, 50-foot tall flagpole with an enormous gold flag with a royal blue “A”.

    LeDuc looked at St Peter and said “I’ve won 100s of games, CIF titles, and I get this house – Lokar get’s hired and he gets this mansion?”
    St Peter replied, “That’s not Lokar’s house, it’s God’s house!”

    …to another massive round of applause

  • Norco


  • opps

    DRanch what happen fool you were talking alot of crap and your dranch got spanked.

  • joseph gibson

    Its joseph gibson not josh and I came out of giano middle school not edgewood guys ;D thank you though