Covina wields its biggest weapon: the West Covina game!

Here’s my column from Saturday, in case you missed it.

You’ll often hear coaches say one game doesn’t make a season. Mathematically, they’re correct. Philosophically, they’re wrong.

Case in point: the Covina High School football team, and it’s not the one game you’re thinking.

Silly football fan, the Colts’ stirring fourth-quarter rally to beat San Dimas 27-23 on Friday and finish the regular season at 9-1 with an outright Valle Vista League championship wasn’t the one game I’m referring to. That merely was the culmination of something that started way back on Sept. 3 against West Covina.

Now that was the game. On that night, Covina started its regular season with an improbable fourth-quarter comeback that put in the Colts’ back pocket the notion that no deficit is too much against any opponent. West Covina hasn’t lost a game since.

On Friday, Covina ended its regular season the same way it started it, with another rally to blind-side a quality opponent that appeared well on its way to victory.

When Covina was trailing 23-6 at halftime Friday, the Colts unveiled their biggest weapon: the West Covina game.

“The whole halftime, we were saying we can come back … just remember the West Covina game,” said quarterback Billy Livingston, who orchestrated the game- winning drive.

“Nobody started to lose hope. We all knew this had happened before. It isn’t over until it’s over.”

Covina trailed 23-13 in the fourth quarter, and it was almost as if it had defending Mid-Valley Division champion San Dimas right where it wanted it.

Livingston hooked up with Vinny Venegas on a 52-yard touchdown pass to make it 23-20. After that, a myriad of events that bordered on sheer luck went Covina’s way.

But hey, that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?

Covina started its final drive at its own 25 with just more than two minutes to play. The Colts ended it with a Livingston-to-Andrew Carrillo 17-yard touchdown with 28 seconds left for a 27-23 win. It was just the way destiny had written it back on Sept. 3.

There are certain things that can’t be taught or created on the practice field. Karma is one of them. The Colts found it against West Covina and wielded it again Friday against San Dimas.

With a bye next week, Covina can watch the rest of the Mid-Valley Division gear up for the four-week dance that awaits. The Colts, despite their record, would not be a top-four seed if the playoffs started today. The CIF polls may change that next week.

But even if they don’t, what team wouldn’t gladly give up its top seeding for some of that C-Town karma?

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  • Hasn’t lost a game since

    I havent been following Covina’s season too closely, so I don’t know who they lost to. But in your article you state that they haven’t loss to anyone after beating West Co, and I’m pretty sure that was their first game. Your logic would say they are 10-0. Am I missing something here? Perhaps I misread or you mistyped.

    “Now that was the game. On that night, Covina started its regular season with an improbable fourth-quarter comeback that put in the Colts’ back pocket the notion that no deficit is too much against any opponent. Covina hasn’t lost a game since.”

  • That was an editing mistake made by our desk. I went back and read my original and it said West Covina.

    “West Covina hasn’t lost a game since.” That’s what I originally had … somebody on the desk goofed. It happens.

    I actually didn’t even notice until you pointed it out.

  • Colt74

    1.Covina has done better than ANYONE outside of themselves and their coaches thought they would do this year.
    2.Calpreps predicted they would get 3rd in league with a 5-5 record. They also predicted West Covina over them 40-10.
    3.Coach Thomas sets 1 goal at the start of each season. Win league. Check.
    4.If Covina goes 1 and done in the playoffs it will not affect me one bit. Or even if they win their division. I could not be prouder than I was on Friday night to say I was a COLT. When that clock read 00:00 my 22 year old daughter, standing next to me, saw her dad with tears running down his face. The same kind of tears I also had the moment she was born. Who would have thought that seeing a group of young men celebrating, coaches high-fiving, and a stand full of parents and fans going nuts could cause
    an old fart to lose it like he did. Embarrassed?
    Not in the least. I wish everyone could experience what I got to be part of Friday night.
    I thank each and every Covina player and coach for their incredible dedication, heart, and sacrifices and for letting an old colt watch you reap your rewards….Oh..and my daughter the consummate smart a$$( Where she gets that from? ) asked me if she needed to bring a pair of dark sunglasses for me to the next game….
    4. 95% of this years players are going to be back next year. Wow!

  • colt insider

    colt 74…i feel your emotion but you cant believe the history these boys have. the following boys have been playing football since 9 yearsold.
    venega#5,carrillo#6,de la cruz#1
    padilla#30,zapata#32,murillo#54,sifuentes#13,simons#24 and guiterrez#22..first year in tackle we lost in the jr all american finals to balwin park then went on to win 2 ships in a row beating glendale and duarte. our last year we lost in the fnals to glendora. freshman year we went 10-0 really with no comp besides a game vrs cantwell. these boys have pulled off many games like you witnesed this year versus west covina,bp and sd.2010 we will see very soon and yes we will have all the weapons back in 2011.

  • SaintsR4real


    And when/if you guys WIN the championship chances are you’ll be bawling all night long (I’d like to see that). Don’t settle for less than the whole enchilada, so when the dust settles it’ll be that much sweeter.

    It seems like yesterday we here at SD were on cloud 9, and yes, it’s a great feeling.

    God Luck down the road and maybe we could hook when your Colts meet the Saints at the final.

  • COLT82

    Whats really scary is the fact that the VVL freshman champs have been the colts for the last 3 years. yes that is a 3peat, and this years frosh team has blown out every team in the league. Looks like D.T. and his staff are reloading year after year. scary for the rest of the league. And seeing this years frosh team was pretty impressive, big, physical line, QB who can run and throw and good receivers. And a defense that flies to the football and enjoys hitting people.