All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 going into Week 10 …

Even when Bogs isn’t ranked, he still impacts the rankings

1. Bishop Amat (9-0) — Yes, even I’m excited.
2. West Covina (8-1) — If La Mirada weren’t playing so well, I’d hand Southeast to WestCo
3. La Habra (6-3) — When do the playoffs start?
4. Chino Hills (7-2) — Claremont loss had Huskies celebrating even more on Friday
5. Covina (9-1) — Wins over WestCo and San Dimas stamp Colts as CLEAR Mid-Valley’s No. 1
6. Cantwell (8-1) — Northwest postseason challenge awaits
7. Whittier Christian (8-1) — If you want to argue Heralds’ case for top seed, I’ll listen
8. Azusa (9-0) — Here comes rival Gladstone looking for a share of the Montview
9. La Serna (8-1) — The Southeast’s forgotten contender did beat La Mirada this year
10. Bonita (9-1) — Difference between being a 2nd- or 3rd-place team in playoffs is huge
11. Claremont (7-2) — As I warned in Aug., nobody in Sierra would go unbeaten
12. Monrovia (7-2) — Seem to be enjoying all the attention others are getting in Mid-Valley
13. St. Francis (5-4) — Remember, this was supposed to be a rebuilding year
14. La Mirada (6-3) — Don’t discount huge league wins over Mayfair and Norwalk
15. St. Paul (6-3) — Loss to St. Francis really hurts Swordsmen’s playoff hopes
16. Arroyo (8-1) — It’s hard to deny Knights a top-four seed if they go 9-1
17. Schurr (6-3) — Sparty stuffed a lifetime of emotions into 1 minute vs. Oilers
18. Arcadia (6-3) — Do you think Apaches could hang with, say, Diamond Ranch?
19. Diamond Ranch (5-4) — Stood in front of WestCo train and … splat
20. Glendora (5-4) — Biggest disaster of a second half belongs to Tarty
21. Charter Oak (5-4) — Chargers and Huskies for a trip to the dance. Love it!
22. Maranatha (7-3) — Minutemen have done enough to get an at-large invite
23. San Dimas (5-4) — Saints seem only capable of playing one good half
24. Muir (5-4) — Can’t trust the ‘Stangs either way, but I wouldn’t want to play them
25. Diamond Bar (6-3) — Hey man, I’m just as stunned as you are

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  • valley guy

    Mam no love for Muir at all smh….well i understand why but come on Muir should at least be 22nd lol….i dont trust Muir either but like you said i wouldn’t want to play them. On any giving night Muir can beat the best team if Muir shows up and the OC decides to run plays to where he can get all them play makers in a position to make plays. But i think Muir’s OC just needs to play a madden game and take some of those plays and run them i bet Muir would be much more successful, instead of running those pop warner plays.

  • WC Top Seed in Mid-Valley

    I’ll play. Here’s a very compelling argument for Whittier Christian being the top seed of the Mid-Valley. The combined records of opponents for Covina is 43-47. For WC, at this point is 50-32, likely to be 52-40 after next week. Out of conference games included small schools power St. Margaret’s (victory), Salesian (victory), Cantwell (loss by 7). For Covina, out of conference included West Covina (victory), then who of consequence? A loss to Walnut? Lastly, WC is likely to go undefeated in arguably the toughest league in the division, with only L.A. Baptist as a possible cream puff. For Covina, the league is not as strong top to bottom. Baldwin Park (this year), Nogales, Wilson, Northview? Case closed.

  • WC Top Seed,

    Good points. The Calpreps power rankings, though, which are basically a strength of schedule ranking have Covina (22.3) slightly ahead of Whittier Christian (21).

    Personally, I think the Valle Vista is the better league, but admittedly, I have not seen the Olympic. When you consider that San Dimas beat Monrovia, which is likely to be a top-four seed, I think that win really looks good for Covina. Also, I think that the West Covina is by far the best piece of work anybody in the league has done.

    In the end, this is just posturing to get a very easy first-round game. Four of the six league champs will get very tough first-round games.

    After the first round, though, this is gonna be a wild and crazy division.

  • Correction or Retraction?


    Didn’t you write an article on October 29th giving West Covina the Southeast Division Championship? Change of heart, or a a case of sensational journalism?

  • I truly believe the only thing that can beat West Covina is West Covina. BUT, I firmly reserve the right to be a sportswriter and waiver … and the way La Mirada is playing is allowing a little bit of doubt to creep in.

    I already know that Bonita and D-Ranch won’t stop WestCo. So who does that leave? La Mirada, I’d say.

  • Aaron

    I know who I don’t want to face and that is the Mustangs. Big game this week and senior night for the Bonita Bearcats.



  • Olympic Fan

    Could you see 4 teams from the Olympic go. (1) WC (9-1) (2) Val C. (5-5) Village will win, cause they think if they beat the #2 team in the league the will get an at-large bid, which is highly likely. Plus a win would tie them with (3) MHS (7-3) And then (4)Val. C (6-4).. This league is so close in talent look at how those teams played WC. MHS 24 WC 31. And that game could easily have gone into overtime, cause that was a catch and score at the end of the game by #17. Vil 24 WC 31. Hm sounds familiar. The Vil. C. 26 WC 29. It’ very concievable that looking at the talent in this league that you would have 3 no. 1 seeds and a 2 seed coming out of this league. For whoever has to Play MHS. they are gonna have a dog fight. And if Vil. C. makes it they will be DANGEROUS.

  • Baldwin Park Student

    I would have thought Baldwin Park would be ranked in here instead of San Dimas…

  • Walnut Fan

    So why is Diamond Bar on the list and Walnut isn’t? Need I remind you Walnut crushed DB 34-7

  • the critic

    This is the week we all been waiting for well at least i know us warriors been waiting for this week for a whole year now and we cant wait to whoop on the Amat Lancers………………………MY PREDITION 38-17 ALEMANY…..I WILL POST THIS ON EVERY BLOG SO EVERYONE WILL SEE……..

  • Mr Football

    When it comes to the top 6 teams In the Midvalley being #1 does not carry much weight. What matters is how your team playing coming into the playoffs. Whats going to matter most is how has your team played in “tough close games, against good teams”. So Far Covina along with Whittier Christian have played the best in “tough close games, against good teams”. Monrovia and San Dimas have not been able to finish “tough close games, against good teams”. Azusa and Arroyo Have not played much of anyone this year. So who’s the Favorites to go deep or win it all.We all know the great things about teams…but here some potential weaknesses.

    #1 Covina…maybe, they have been battle tested all year. They have not been able to pull away from teams early, and they continue to find themselves behind late in games having to come back with miracle drives…In the playoffs you may come up on the losing side. I still expect them in the Finals.

    #2. Monrovia…maybe,They are battle tested During preseason..not in league.Very Athletic They have been able to pull away early, but they will also let you back in the game with turnovers. They may find Themselves fumbling over another title if they don’t take care of the ball better. I expect them in Finals.

    #3 Azusa…maybe, They are not battle tested. They will finish with the best record. Azusa Does have some players. However, experience is the best teacher. Azusa has not been challenged all year. It may be tough to win a dog fight, if they have never been in one. You can’t pass the test, unless you study. Hopefully the Aztecs will be able to pass the test when its gut check time! I expect them to make the semis.

    #4 Whittier Christian…Maybe, They have been battle tested in league. Their problems is going to be slowing down a speedy team like Monrovia or Covina. Do they have the athletes to keep up in a shootout? So Far they have given up 24.6ppg and scored 30ppg. If they are going to get the finals, they may find themselves in game where they need to score 40 pts and or hold a very explosive team to under 30pts.That may be tough to do. I expect them to make it to the semis.

    5. Arroyo…maybe. The knights have only played one serious game vs Hart and nearly got shut out. No Rosemead was not a serious game. Rosemead barely beat a TC whom monrovia blew out and shut out. The Knights can score, but thier problem will come on defense. I think the other top teams have a better chance of stoping them before Arroyo could stop someone. They are in Danger of Drawing San Dimas in the first round, and well if they do…That could be upset city.

    6. San Dimas…I am sure people are wondering why I am still talking about this team. They have lost to BP and Covina. However, They will still be one of the toughest outs in the playoffs. They are the defending champs…and they are a few plays from being valle vista champs. Best believe no one wants to see them coming in…Teams are hoping that someone else puts them out. I am sure covina does want to play them again. The only team that wants to play them is Monrovia.

    **Bonus team**
    Baldwin Park has the worst record of the good teams, But they have played by far the most challenging schedule. However they have a golden ticket to the dance…They do have a team that can upset any of the top teams. They are physical, and even if they lose…they may put one of your guys out. Baldwin Park Lacks depth. WC3,Jackson and Rodriguez never come out the game. After a brutal season they may just run out of gas.

  • just sayin’

    “the critic” – funny that Amat is so deep in your head that the” warriors been waiting for this week for a whole year now”. Why is that? because of last years result? I’m sure you remember : it was Amat 36 Alemany 14

  • Amat Honk

    Hey Critic, Thanks BUT….we don’t need locker room poster board material to get up for this game. We have been prepping for over a week now! As of 10-29-10 at approx. 10PM to be exact. We will be there and we are brininging along a few “Family” members as well. The Bishop Amat 12th MAN will be out in force for this one! Here’s a chance for you guys to make some money so you may want to bring in some extra bleachers because your stadium looks worse than ours over the internet!!! Believe me when I say The Lancers are eager, hungry and ready for this game! We have been waiting for this game for NINE DAYS NOW! On the 13th day WE BRING IT!!! See you there!!!

  • I smell a poser

    And I quote, “at least i know us warriors”. Now does ANYONE belive this is an Alemany Warrior.

    I mean who says, “us Lancers, us Chargers, us Bearcats” when all you’d would write is “WE” ????

    What an idiot!

    What’s the matter…not enough attention as a kid?

  • the critic

    I smell a poser:

    Hey you can use as many insults as you want but its not going to help the Amat Lancers me it seems, as a kid you grew up making bad decision, such as teams to go for and blogs to blog on. So grow up and write about sports this is a sports blog not an english essay. But i can understand your frustration, your upset that im a warrior fan and you fear that what im saying is true; deep down you really want to be a warrior fan and not turn your back on the Amat community so you begin to insult me to hide your fear that my prediction is likely to happen. Well i got some good news and some bad news, the good news is we welcome all band wagoners with a little class. The bad news is, its full and we dont take doubters and those who has little class, so sorry maybe next time.

    Again “WE” warriors fans will win this one easy Alemany 38 Bishop Amat 17….But i still wish Amat good luck in the playoffs.

  • the critic

    “i mean” we warriors fans predict Alemany to win 38-17….

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Walnut Fan:

    Didn’t you read my comment last week? Aram is a Walnut hater. Always has been. At one point this year he called them “Lowly Walnut”. Not only did they kick the crap out of Diamond Bar, I would think that they would get some respect for beating Covina(9-1 & #5 on the list) the way they did. They lost to Diamond Ranch in 2ot. Who has Diamond Bar beaten for their big wins? I guess league standings don’t mean anything in these rankings. OH WALNUT INSIDER WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?

    SGV430 Ouutt!

  • Walnut Insider

    I’m right here SGV430.

    Yeah I gotta agree with you and Walnut Fan here. Walnut absolutely destroyed Diamond Bar. And you put in DB? Hey and in case you forgot who gave Covina that one loss it was Walnut. Not to mention the DR loss in double OT, like SGV430 said.

    It’s a glaring omission like this that makes this list worthless. Give a top 10, but when you make a mistake like that, it usually means you are just looking at records…or you do in fact give no respect to Walnut.

    Walnut is a much improved football team. And over the course of the year have shown improvement. They were down at half time to Rowland and came from behind to win. Then they came out and dominated a team, that they should have, and didn’t play down to their level. All good signs of a program on the rebound.

  • Walnut Fan

    Not defending DBar or anything but they DID have that 29 point comeback in the 4th quarter against Rowland but that’s there only significant win


    You still have it wrong. It should be we Warrior fans not we warriors fans . Are you sure you’re not sgvsworst in disguise or maybe jcaz trying to russle some feathers again.

  • I’m a sucker for folks who actually who post often, it’s definitely really challenging to receive this particular information almost any way. Splendid work.