Chew on this …

South Hills held Claremont to 146 total yards. Wolfpack QB Daniel Kessler was limited to 13 of 30 for 105 yards.

Aram’s take:
If the Huskies do that against CO, then they’ll be dancing the following week.

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  • JFR

    Who’s your pick Aram? CO or SH

  • CH Husky Fan

    WOW…JUST…WOW! How did South Hills stop Claremont? Even Ayala Scored 33 against them. It must have been a case of Claremont being complacent. Now the heat is on for Claremont and Charter Oak. If they lose, they could miss the playoffs. Chino Hills is the only team with a guaranteed berth. How things have changed. We Damien fans this week. If Damien wins and we win, we will be the first place team from the Sierra league. The only team without a playoff chance is Ayala. This week will be real interesting.

  • Slipped off of a mountain for not wearing their humble shoes

    I am a Claremont fan to say the very least! Here’s why we lost, with no discredit to South Hills’ great execution.


    -A collective group of individuals within the team were far too self centered and distracted by their own short term success’s throughout the week and consequently Friday night.

    -The thought of a 5-0 Sierra League Record brought on a dark cloud because they had already made it a fact in their own minds. FACT- 5-0 was just a thought and is now just a fantasy.

    -A one dimensional offense can only take you so far.

    -A string of injuries to offensive and defensive starters on an already paper thin roster is more like a hay-maker than a pesky jab.

    -And most of all NEVER EVER count out the underdog. The minute the fourth quarter was brought to a close on October 1st against Ayala, Claremont decided that respect was not to be given to the threat of South Hills.

    Now, we dine on humble pie.


    here’s why SH really won…dbs Levi OSborn, jamel hart, jacob farias, and manny alvarez locked s**t downn!!!nd the d-line did a great job as well