Maybe you don’t want a top-four seed in the Mid-Valley Division …

Think about it, San Dimas and Maranatha are likely to be at-large teams. And the top-four seeds will likely all draw games vs. at-large teams.

So …

how does Maranatha at Arroyo or San Dimas at Whittier Christian sound to you?

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  • Question

    Aram, from your knowledge of CIF, do you think they will seed teams like MHS and SD below the 2nd place teams from the weaker leagues? Even though CIF has had MHS and SD in the top all season?

    Or could they seed a Temple City at 5-5 below MHS and SD?

  • Aaron

    At large teams take the last four seeds. That is why they are at-large bids.

    I’ll take Maranatha’s chances against Arroyo, great soph qb. The Rams have come around.

  • I can’t give you a concrete answer until tomorrow, but that’s a good question.

    I would think no. I would think the at-larges are seeded lower than the automatic qualifiers.

  • olympic fan

    wHAT aabout Vally Christian. I think they would blow San D. out of the water.

  • Better Yet!

    How about a rematch of the Semis last year! Hey Azusa, can you say 10-1!

  • the critic

    This is the week we all been waiting for well at least i know us warriors been waiting for this week for a whole year now and we cant wait to whoop on the Amat Lancers………………………MY PREDITION 38-17 ALEMANY…..I WILL POST THIS ON EVERY BLOG SO EVERYONE WILL SEE……..

  • SaintsR4real

    San Dimas @ Arroyo….. Pre-game at KING TACO..BBAAMM!!

  • Mid Valley

    Aram Great conversation Piece! I have said this right after BP beat San Dimas. Normally top teams love drawing at large teams…But not this year. Sometimes when one of two leagues are loaded, a top four seed gets a awful draw. There is no Doubt that San Dimas could be a league champion or Second place team in another league. Since the olympic and valle Vista leagues were so tough, Any of the top 3-4 Finishing teams could get to 2nd round or better. After this week, this is going be interesting. There will be sneaking by in the midvalley.

  • mtown alumnus

    as a monrovia fan, i’d really like to see us play the best teams in the division in every playoff round so we can see just how good the team can be. i think the ‘cats can undoubtedly beat every team in the division but can also lose to a select number of teams too. whoever wins the title should EARN it by playing the best at their best; not hoping for short cuts in playoff seedings.

  • SaintsR4real

    mtown alumnus, you have some cajones, bot I don’t think the rest of Monrovia feels that way.

    What are the chances Monrovia draws San Dimas at Monrovia in the first round??!! WOW!

  • SGV Athlete

    Aram, who do you think the four at-large teams will be?? Obviously you think San Dimas and Maranatha are two, but who are the other two??

    And is it true that ALL 3rd place teams must be considered for an at-large berth (with a .500+ record) before a 4th place team is considered??

  • Anonymous

    As the season has progressed, Mtown has made tremendous strides in regainging its composure as a team to compete for the title. Early on they were missing their offensive rhythem as the defense would lead the way for them to stay in the games and find a way to get some offensive production. That was then, this is now. Mtown has found several players that have stepped up on the offensive side of the ball and have becoome that team that most knew they would. Having a true balanced offense means that no team can focus strictly on the QB anymore or you will have a long night trying to figure out what happened when the other players have 3 to 4 TD’s. The Mtown Defense is the fastest in the Mid-Valley Div and will allow little if any points as the season continues to progress. Teams that are going to compete against this Mtown team are going to have the formula makeup of 1. Great QB play 2. Two breakaway running backs (and I do mean breakaway) know one has done all year on this team, and 3rd A more than steller defense, because Monrovia has all of what I just mentioned to fight against. At this point of the season all anyone can do is to predict who can or cannot beat who. This is untimately a team sport in which 11 guys at a time must play the best football that their team can play in order to stay in the hunt. Cannot make any personal comments on other teams at this time except to say that If you dont bring your A game to the playoffs then dont come because that’s what winning is ultimately all about.

  • SGV in The House

    Aram, I think you’re right. Maranatha @ Arroyo and San Dimas @ Whittier Christian is a real posibility. The top 2 seeds (Azusa,M-Town) should have it relatively easy. It’s going to be interesting how CIF sets up the brackets….

  • Mr Football

    I have spoken to a few Monrovia Coaches, and believe it or not…San Dimas is the team that Monrovia wants to play. They would love to play San Dimas again. The Saints have had Monrovia’s number for the past two seasons. They would love to have revenge against them. Outside of Bueno, Monrovia is a young team. There are alot of dynamic sophmores startig for the cats. They have made tremendous strides. I expect the cats to go far. I am sure is going to match up some games that we have not seen. We’ve already seen Monrovia vs San Dimas, and Covina vs San Dimas. We Have seen Whittier Christain vs Maranatha. We could very well see San Dimas and Maranatha play Azusa and Arroyo play these teams. To say that CIF isp going to give Azusa a easy run, may not be the case. They Have given the aztecs the benefit of the doubt ranking them #1. They may think its time for them to show the world the are #1. I expect Monrovia and Covina to get the best route to the playoffs, but in the Midvalley. YOu are going to play someone tough in the second round.

  • Colt74

    Mid-Valley CIF

    1. Azusa (Montview) 9-0 Won Workman 36-0
    2. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 7-2 Won South Pasadena 48-7
    3. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 8-1 Won El Monte 40-7
    4. Covina (Valle Vista) 9-1 Won San Dimas 27-23
    5. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 8-1 Won Village Christian 29-26
    6. Schurr (Almont) 6-3 Won Montebello 12-11
    7. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 5-4 Lost Covina 23-27
    8. Vallley Christian/Cerritos (Olympic) 5-4 Bye
    9. Maranatha (Olympic) 7-3 Won Los Angeles Baptist 58-14
    10. La Puente (Montview) 7-2 Won Bassett 41-6

  • So Now What?

    Does this mean that we are looking at #4 Covina vs. #13 Maranatha and #3 Arroyo vs. #14 SD?

    Or could those teams end up being higher seeds even though they will be at large bids? Both SD and Maranatha have been in the top 10 all season…is CIF really gonna seed them 13 & 14?

  • Joe Amat

    CIF doesn’t really seed beyond 1-4. In their estimation, and stated in their playoff handbook, it would be essentially impossible (and against their By-Laws) to fill the bracket, follow their rules, and seed any deeper than 1-4. The process is outlined on Page 12 here
    This is “Everything You Wanted to Know About the CIF Football Playoffs – but Were Afraid to Ask”

  • Joe Amat is correct. CIF does not seed past 1-4.

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