Chew on this …

CORRECTION: Charter Oak has the last two South Hills freshman team MVPs on its roster in quarterback Travis Santiago (’08) and running back Aaren Vaughns (’09).

In my original, I incorrectly had it as receiver Chris Gilchrist in 2008. The overall point remains the same, though, CO does have SH’s last two frosh MVPs.

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  • SH Football fan

    Not sure where you got this info from but Aaren Vaughns was the offensive MVP, NOT the team MVP. That went to Benny Garcia who is starting at linebacker for South Hills this season.

  • just play

    Aram is a South Hills Hater!!!

  • D-Mo

    Aram, I just realized that Gilcrist will be returning next year! Both of these guys have played pretty good. Too bad the season has not been as successful as us fans are used to. I think we’ll finish strong next week against SH.
    Here’s who we have coming back next year, along with their current grade. Lots of talented youth on this team. Sorry if I missed any. I shredded my program during our loss to C Hills last week.
    Travis Santiago QB 11th
    Herman Atkins DB 11th
    Jonathan Thropay DB 11th
    Chris Gilchrist WR 11th
    Kurt Scoby RB 9th
    Eric Ortiz LB 10th
    Matt Ciseneros DB 10th
    Aaren Vaughns RB 10th
    Jack Schneider K 10th
    Khari Garcia DB 10th
    Daniel Johnson LB 10th
    Alex Hernandez DL 10th
    Brandon Arrietta OL 11th
    Louis Olivas OL 11th

  • JFR


    CO and SH freshman are playing for the league championship this week, I know CO dropped 49 on Damien who was suppose to be pretty good.

  • Royal Oak Roadrunner

    a bunch of names I don’t recognize from Royal Oak Middle School. Where are all these guys coming from?

  • SH Fan


    Gilchrist, didnt get MVP for anything in 08. Lets see, Jamel Hart, Vincent Hernandez, Travis Santiago, Gilchrist didnt event start, the starting WR was a kid named Boswell. Yes, Santiago was the SH freshman QB.

  • SH Huskie fan

    You still have it wrong Vaughns was not the MVP. You need to confirm your sources before you send this stuff out.

  • I don’t know what to tell you. I called around and confirmed it. Vaughns was co-MVP last year.

  • SH Huskie fan

    I was at the awards ceremony my nephew played on the team but I guess it makes no difference.

    Imagine how good of a team South Hills would of had been if Montes starting corner at Amat, Varela starting D end at Amat, Booth tight end would have been starting quarterback at South Hills, Gilchrist starting receiver or possible quarterback as well and Vaughns back up to Hart and corner would have all stayed. That is 4 or 5 starters that South Hills lost and they beat Claremont?!? They would have been fighting for a league title if they all stood but the team is young and will be much improved next year.

  • Bob

    Can someone tell me why so much talent left South Hills???

  • SH Huskie Fan,

    What if Canada woulda been healthy?

  • Huskies

    SH just needs to concentrate on what they have ahead! And that’s CO. No doubt those guys that left would’ve helped out and made a difference, especially on defense. Our best offensive weapons are still on the team, but they play defense and one does everything for us. We lost Deen who had turned himself into one hell of a receiver, so that’s tough. Not having Canada is also tough, but the main thing is our line, which are all seniors. Except maybe one or two, if that. Going both ways drains you quickly and for a lineman it’s way worse than a WR, DB, LB, or RB to play both ways. Even a QB, those are the athletes on the team and athletes are supposed to be in good condition. Don’t get me wrong a lineman is supposed to be also, but it’s harder for them.

    Hope the Huskies come out firing on all cylinders, because the Claremont game was a very good win, but I heard many of the kids were as if they didn’t care anymore before the game. Maybe Claremont played bad, but it’s rare you get two bad teams in a row and I don’t think Santiago will throw 2 interceptions either. Let’s hope for the best though!

    Go Huskies!!!

  • CO Recruiter

    WOW…..Looks like I missed a couple of kids to recruit for Charter Oak….let’s see, I have Gilchrist…check, Santiago…check…Vaughns….Check….Scoby…check………..who am I missing? Gee, I wish we could win with “homegrown” talent and didn’t have to rape other programs to get it. I know, good luck proving it right…lol. CIF is a joke when it comes to transfers. Let’s play a game….. Who can name any players on Charter Oak’s team (besides the ones listed above) that are not originally Charter Oak kids….let’s see how big this list is.

  • wow

    So South Hills gets a LUCKY win and all the supporters come back out and start bloging thats cute. South Hills every year allways had transfers coming in and it was ok now they leave and kids dont want to play there anymore anyways I hear Bogan is leaving. these kids that left South Hills didnt even belong there to begin with. all the kids that dont play on charter oaks team are the kids that should be there. looks like Covina is keeping the true talent from covina no transfers just covina kids. South Hills will be done this Friday and Charter Oak will be done next friday.

  • just sayin’

    wow – I don;t think Livingston and Ainsworth live in Covina – but I might be wrong. Any others?
    CO Recruiter – Thropay … check

  • WOW!!!

    Y’all listen up!

    Chino Hills is easily the best team in the Sierra.

    The Claremont loss was just as big a fluke as Covina beating West Covina.

    Claremont is not that good, the comment from the WC supporter means something.

    SH beating Claremont is not a surprise. Claremont lost to Bonita and played nobody before league. Their biggest game was against CHINO HILLS, which was a fluke! And added help šŸ˜‰

    Chino Hills does need to step it up in the second half of games, against both CO and Claremont they put up 21 in the first and things got bad in the second! Boys/Coaching need to fix that!

    Bottom line… and I know Aram and Fred believed this at one point. Chino Hills is the best team in the Sierra and they need to quit jerkin around.

    SH, CO, Damien and Claremont are all about the same. That’s just being honest. Ayala is the only team that has a slight gap and that’s at the bottom of the list!

    Centennial will win the Inland no doubt!

  • jerry maguire

    the payton brothers, phil guerero, dorian wells, the 2 o linemen u have from los altos…2 canada brothers…and im sure many more…this list works both ways

  • charter oak nation

    the biggest mistake the CO coaching staff made aginst chino hills was comparing auston johnson to sean cody

    after watching that game it is not even close and i also have chino hills losing in the first round based on karma

  • sgv

    choke nation: karma???? wtf…from what I saw CHills should of been up atleast 3 TDs on you, Karma?? take away the muffed punt and the deflected interception and add the 2 dropped TDs? just face it your glory days in the cupcake dig are over your playing with the big dogs now! tell your coach to.go get some more transfers for next year….karma? for kicking your a$$??? just admit you got beat!!otherwise your just a sore loser…Cry me a river……it looks that south hills still has a few more players you can strip from them…

  • CH Husky Fan

    Charter Oak Nation,
    Why so bitter….Karma…for winning the game….wow. I agree, Auston Johnson is no Sean Cody….but you guys still had to double and triple team him all game long. He still had 2 sacks, intercepted a screen pass and made a few tackles. You should be rooting for all Sierra league teams to do well in CIF to bring some respect to our league. We hope you guys do well…..if you guys make it (oops sorry to throw that negative in there….lol). We won the game fair & square and even let you guys back in it with the muffed punt and deflected interception….we could have scored another one at the end also, but our coaches have more class than that.

  • South Hills

    South Hills frosh team on Wednesday literally kicked Charter Oak out to compete a 9-1 year and an undefeated Sierra League title. Kicker “Blue” booted 17 of the biggest yards of his frosh year with less than a minute left to make it 31-29 (proved to be final) and the Dawgs withstood. Play came at end of grueling 8 or 9 minute drive. That series took forever but the hard work was evident on our team and it paid off.


  • C Dawg The Dawg

    Shut up and eat crow after Friday night. That’s all I got to say in response! Must be a CO bandwagoner yourself! Pthmph! Bogan is not going anywhere, neither am I. Well maybe if an announcing job is open somewhere but that’s another story for another day n time. Adios