Somebody needs to rock the Mid-Valley vote …

Here’s my column from Tuesday, in case you missed it.

There’s still one last shot for voters in the CIF Mid-Valley Division high school football poll to prove they get it, but I’m growing skeptical that they will.

The second-to-last poll of the season was released Monday, and the numbers don’t match reality.

Azusa is ranked No. 1 in the Mid-Valley Division. As you know from previous writings, I’m a huge fan of what Azusa’s accomplished but I’m an even bigger fan of reality.

And reality is Covina deserves to be No. 1 when the playoff seedings are released Sunday morning.

Covina’s regular season ended last week with its win over San Dimas. The Colts finished 9-1 and upended the division’s defending-champion Saints to put an exclamation point on a regular season that also included a win over West Covina, which just so happens to have not lost since and is the No. 1 team in the upper-echelon Southeast Division.

That body of work should be more than enough to earn Covina the No. 1 ranking. Azusa (9-0) instead occupies the top spot, with Monrovia (7-2) at No. 2 and Arroyo (8-1) at No. 3. Covina checks in at No. 4.

Azusa, Monrovia and Arroyo are heavily favored to win this week. As is Whittier Christian, which Covina leapfrogged this past week despite the fact the Heralds won their game and improved to 8-1. Covina has a bye and is done helping its cause on the field.

You might be asking yourself, “Why is this so important?” After all, seedings are just seedings and the division ultimately is going to be decided on the field.

That’s true, but history tells us one of the subtle rewards of having a season so strong is it earns you a top seed and you get an easier road to the championship. It’s like that in every major sport.

In the case of this particular division in this particular year, however, being the nos. 3 and 4 seeds make a team worse off than not being seeded at all.

Therefore, getting it right when it comes to the voting is paramount, and it’s just not happening so far.

If the rankings don’t change on the final vote, which takes place Friday night after the last regular-season games are played, Covina will be playing a very difficult at-large team in the first round.

Current No. 3 Arroyo would be as well.

Specifically, if form holds this week, Covina likely would draw Maranatha (7-3) in the first round and Arroyo likely would draw San Dimas. Meanwhile, Azusa and Monrovia would draw the other two at-large teams, which would be significantly less difficult than playing Maranatha or San Dimas.

For Covina, it’s an unnecessary risk that’s brought on by most voters’ shortsightedness, says Tribune preps sports editor Fred J. Robledo, who voted in Monday’s poll and had Covina ranked No. 1, followed by Monrovia, Azusa and Arroyo.

“At some point, who beat who has to matter,” Robledo said. “You can’t just go by wins and losses. Covina’s victories were so much better than anybody in the division. Nobody has a win like Covina’s over West Covina.”

At Arroyo, the Knights are used to tough draws in the first round. Last season, Arroyo was the No. 4 seed and drew third-place Whittier Christian.

The Knights lost a close game, then watched Whittier Christian come within two minutes of making the finals.

This season, there’s a chance Arroyo could draw defending division champion San Dimas. If that happens, Arroyo would be viewed by many as an underdog against the Saints. San Dimas is ranked No. 7 in the latest poll, far ahead of where a typical at-large team would be.

Sorry, but that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

“My only knock on the system would be is if the CIF polls are supposed to mean anything, then how can you have a (team ranked) three and a (team ranked) seven play each other?” Arroyo coach Jim Singiser said. “It ought to be a three and a 12. That’s the way I look at it. I’d much rather see everybody get reseeded and now you’ve got a true 16-team poll.”

Stunningly, it may serve Arroyo better to lose to Mountain View this week so it could drop out of the top four and face a second-place team from one of the other leagues, as opposed to playing Maranatha or San Dimas.

The Knights still would be Mission Valley League champs but Singiser, as you might expect, won’t even entertain the thought of intentionally losing a game.

“In all honesty, you don’t need a quote from me,” Singiser said. “Anybody who knows football can look at it and see that something needs to be tweaked. It ought to be the No. 1 team vs. the 16th-best team. Then No. 2 vs. the next-worst team and so on.”

That won’t happen anytime soon, though, so fans and teams are left at the mercy of the polls. The voting is done by coaches and media. Collectively, they’ve gotten it very wrong so far.

Right now the entire Valley wants to see Azusa get tested. What better way to do that than to see the Aztecs face Maranatha or San Dimas in the first round?

The Aztecs have a decent argument to be the No. 1 overall seed, but it’s not a better argument than Covina’s.

Nor do Monrovia and Arroyo have a good case to be ahead of the Colts.

But if the voters don’t get a clue and fast, Azusa and Monrovia likely will enjoy the spoils that come with their high rankings, meaning easy first-round games. That’s something neither of those teams deserves over Covina.

Let’s hope they get it right Friday night.

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  • Aram,
    You hit the nail on the head after Covinas win over Baldwin Park; No Respect.
    It’s nice to see you and Fred going to bat for the Colts but it’s like we’re down already in the game 10-0 and even with both of you guys hitting homers for us it’s just not enough to overcome the hole we’re in.
    I remember back in the Doc Sooter days of basketball at Covina. Covina was tearing up the league and going to CIF and no matter who you talked to it was always the same response…..” Covina who? ” It’s the same in all sports at Covina. We are not a common household name in the valley. I’m almost ready to concede the fact that when the Colts do anything good it’s gaffe off by everyone as being a fluke and not worthy. Covina is not going to blow their own horn because they know it doesn’t do any good. Me on the other hand …
    The other leagues coaches and sportswriters are going to stick up for their teams. Nothing will ever change. Monrovia could be 5-5 in their league and have the best record for that league and they would get every vote from their area for number 1. It is what it is.
    Every week in the Football Top 25 someone votes for Florida to be number 1. Covina is the Boise State of of the mid-valley. But every now and then it’s nice to see the Colts take a bite out of a top team and smile at them and say “Hi! Remember us?”

  • booster

    Please let Schurr Get Azusa in the 1st round, just to show who should be #1… Schurr wins 42-7

  • Before you go getting all crazy …

    Schurr 17, Bell Gardens 10

    Azusa 48, Bell Gardens 0


    I know all of the logic you are trying to pull to get Covina the #1 spot, but do you remember that Covina barely beat Northview 12 – 10? Is this the sign of a #1 team? La Puente beat Northview by a few touchdowns & Azusa crushed La Puente 28 – 0! At least Azusa is crushing the teams they are supposed to!!!!! Covina barely beat Pomona & Northview both of which have losing records. By the way, maybe BP & SD are not as good as everyone is touting them to be. If you follow the chain rule to determine your #1 spot then follow it all of the way across.

    By the way Fred by voting for Covina to be #1 you just may have given them a tougher 1st round playoff game. You should have just left well enough alone and they would have been in a better position. You are not helping Covina out at all!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I don’t really care who wins the Mid-Valley, just thought I would give my 2 cents.

  • FredJ

    I’m not trying to help out anyone, I voted No. 1 based on who deserves it. If strength of schedule is a criteria, which it is, you have to reward teams that take on a more difficult schedule than others and win, which in this case, happened big time. Covina took on West Covina and beat them, which Glendora, Venice, South Hills, Diamond Ranch and Bonita could not. Not to mention beating a San Dimas team that beat Monrovia. Even Covina’s only loss was an overtime marathon to Walnut, whose proven to be a competitive Southeast team. What’s troublesome is what’s the use of scheduling up if you’re not rewarded when you do so and win? If you’re not rewarded, they you might as well play the easiest schedule possible in hopes on going 10-0. Is that what you want?


    Congratulations AZUSA on your #1 RANKING!!!! YOU’VE EARN IT 9-0 and not one lost and have completely dominated. COACH SCHERF and to the rest of the COACHING STAFF, Bettle, Muncie,Bubba, Beltran and I apologize if i’ve left somebody out,OUTSTANDING JOB.. I will definitely be wearing my MONTVIEW LEAGUE CHAMPION SHIRT AND HAT, this FRIDAY night at Citrus College!

    This is HISTORY for AZUSA being ranked by the C.I.F. This is something special for the City of AZUSA, and were all proud to be AZTECS!

    There’s one more game though, and that’s our rivial so accomplish the GOAL SCHERF!

    There’s a lot more I would like to say, believe that! But AZTEC PRIDE will reframe himself fromm what’s really on his mind. LOL..


    P.S. AZTEC PRIDE wants to invite all the skeptics and haters to come out this Friday night at Citrus College to watch the AZTECS, AND YES THE AZTECS STILL HAVE THAT PROBILTILITY of losing, so you can ALL get what we have, #1 RANKINGS. But do me a favor though, sit on Gladstones side.






  • waiting to hear..

    Maranatha would be honored to play any of the top seeds in the Mid Valley this post season. We are well aware that any opponent we face will be our greatest Goliath to date. Obviously for that to take place, we need to be invited to the show first. Our biggest fear is not who we would face, it is placing our fate in a coin flip should Village beat Valley. To think that your season could be over after a coin hits the floor is unimaginable. I truly believe that the Olympic has 4 outstanding teams all capable of being a part of this years playoffs. Do you think the voting bodies would even consider that as an option? Nobody expected us to be in a position to make any waves in the Mid Valley this season but here we are and hoping to get a shot at seeing just how well we would match up against the best the Mid Valley has to offer.

  • billyb

    You beat montebello by how much? You beat Bell Gardens by how much? And now you’re spouting your nonsense trash about holding Azusa to 7? Let the kids play, the coaches coach, and let the wins fall where they may.

  • Hefe

    AZTEC PRIDE has to be the most annoying poster I’ve ever read across four or five different HS football sites.



    You know what though,your probably right since it seems i’m the only AZTEC FAN on here for 4 years. So i’ll end with this and SAY!!!

    ALL YOU AZUSA FANS, TURN ON YOUR COMPUTERS AND MAKE A SHOUT OUT TO THE AZUSA AZTECS and let them know they’re doing an outstanding job!



  • FredJ

    No, Aztec Pride is what we need more of, he supports his school during the good and bad and has every right to believe his team is No. 1 in the Mid-Valley.

  • im baayak

    I think that if they let the top 4 teams in from the Olympic, it would reek havok. Val. C., so fast they will be there reguardless, MHS. very good as well, could be very dangerous exspecially if La Canada makes it. Then look at Vil. C. Tenacious, and the most dangerous team out there in the Olympic. I think all 3 of these teams are capable of knocking off a top seed in the first round. I would like to see the play-offs the most competative as possible, and that may be to let a no.4 seed in the play-offs. Think about this put Village in Rio Hondo League. They possibly win the league, and if not they definately take 2cnd. Then Take MHS put them in the league Vallae Vista League, what do you think happens. EXACTLY. As well as this, I dont think anyone wants to see either of those 2 teams in the first round cause it will exspose how tough and competative the Olympic is. Lets shake up things and get the best teams in.

  • Colt74

    im baayak said:

    “Then Take MHS put them in the league Vallae Vista League, what do you think happens. EXACTLY. As well as this, I dont think anyone wants to see either of those 2 teams in the first round cause it will exspose how tough and competative the Olympic is.”

    Excuse me…but do you have short term memory loss? Or just selective memory? MHS did visit the VVL and was sent packing in the FINALS last year by San Dimas. You remember them right? In case you forgot…the VVL’s 3RD PLACE team this year…you know…the one that beat you AGAIN this year. I can see why you would place that out of your memory.

    But yawl come back now, ya hear !…and we’ll keep the light on for you….

  • im baayak

    If I told you that if you combine the record of all the teams that Azusa played it comes to 37 wins – 57 losses. And if I told you that another team from the Olympics is 46 wins – 45 losses. What would you think. Do your homework people. If they let the top 4 teams from the olymic in, that would shake up the play-offs. And while Azusa is the league defending champs over the last 3 seasons, you can move any 1 team from the Olypic to MontVeiw and Azusas reign is over. Excluding LA Baptist. and they would come in 3rd.

  • im baayak

    Colt 47

    MHS lost last year in the play-offs to Ontario C.. And this year MHS has 3 losses, Big Bear: 7-2, WC 9-1, and Val. C.. Big Bear is not in the VV. and the other 2 losses came in league. So what are you talking about. Look at it i think it would be very game. And one other thing if San Demas were to play MHS this year what would happen. You cant base this years teams on last years performance. Last year WC was 3rd in the Olympic, but lost to Monrovia in the semi. This year they are winning the league and are favorites to win the whole thing

  • Colt74

    OOOOOPPPPSSSSSS….Brain fart on my end….Was thinking Rio Hondo and Monrovia…..

    No more coffee for me today…..

  • Colt74

    in baayak…sorry about that. Seems I was the one with anal-cranial inversion. Time to get the q-tips to clean it out of my ears now……

  • Question???

    If Wilson beats San Dimas on Thursday and finishes 5-5 do they have any chance to make the playoffs? They would have wins over SD & LP…Just wondering because it looks like all of the choices will be 5-5 teams except a 7-3 Sierra Vista

  • Answer???


    Wilson? On paper maybe, but CIF is likely going to hand down some penalties, in the form of forfeits, so Wilson is done for the year.

  • New York

    I agree in thinking that Covina has earned the MidValley’s #1 or #2 ranking and should be *ranked* ahead of Monrovia based on wins. Why don’t you rank Covina #2 in the SGV, ahead of West Covina? Covina will finish the regular season with at least as good of a record as WestCo, plus Covina beat them head to head. The victory over WestCo is a main factor for considering Covina to be the top team. Why don’t you consider that same victory in establishing your top 35?

  • Anonymous

    Hey NY, good post. It’s called HOW COULD COVINA DARES BEAT A TEAM LIKE WEST COVINA AND MAKE THE ENTIRE VALLEY LOOK WEAK? But the reality of if all is that Maybe the MidValley is a lot tougher than everyone wants to admitt. I still say Monrovia is going to be the team to beat in the Mid-Valley. They are playing just awesome.

  • NY,

    It’s all about timing. After Covina beat WestCo, they were in fact ranked ahead of them in my rankings. WestCo gradually moved up and went ahead when Covina lost to Walnut. WestCo since that Covina loss has posted wins over Bonita, Valencia, Walnut, and D-Ranch. All of them rather easy.

    It’s all about the timing when it comes to polls. But when it comes to seedings, I think it should be about the body of work. Remember, Monrovia lost to San Dimas, which Covina beat.

    As good as Covina is, they do not lay over the division. They could have very easily lost to SD just like Monrovia could’ve very easily beaten SD.

  • Bell Gardens

    I would love to get Azuza again and this time BG wont beat its self ( 7 turnovers ) I do think Schurr would beat them besides BG who did they play? they haven’t been tested I see them out in the 2nd round they are not nothing special. Agian BG beat themself I dont see that happening again if the two meet agian in the playoffs.

  • Colt74

    My guess is that in the final poll based on what I am seeing from Calpreps and Maxpreps it will be:

    1. Monrovia
    2. Arroyo
    3. Covina
    4. Azusa

    3 and 4 could swap but I really believe 1 and 2 will hold true.

  • There is no Crying in Football ! CIF only Did what you ask them to do!

    Aram, I will agree with you that Covina is top two, but if we are going to roll with them at #1 we should look at this. we can use the same logic to say that Monrovia could be the #1 team in the midvalley. If you look at the two teams 10 game schedules, you could make a case for both teams. The Valle Vista is a tougher league, but Monrovia had a tougher preseason. Only 1 win seperates them record wise. Lets look at 5 of thier toughest games(Win or loss) follow the pattern… Each Individual game is different. You can’t say just becuase Covina beat West Covina, they are better than all the teams West Covina plays. YOu don’t even have Covina ranked higher so… You can’t Say that since Monrovia Beat South hills and they beat Claremont who beat Chino Hill, that Monrovia is better than Chino Hills. Rankings just don’t work like you are trying to make them work for your opinion. So you could argue, that that Monrovia has had a tougher scedule overall, or they Have eqaully difficult schedules. There are plenty of teams in all mid valley leagues losing 56-0 not just Blair or Montview or Duarte or La Baptist or whoever… CIF Has the right to Factor in their “Head to Head” Matchup predictions. There are alot of people who feel like monrovia can beat covina head up. Or Azusa can beat Monrovia Head up or Arroyo can beat Whittier Christian or vice versa. You have the right to believe what you want…so does the CIF seeding group.


    1. Covina beat > West Covina > Bonita > Walnut
    2. Covina beat > BP > San Dimas > Monrovia
    3. Covina beat > San Dimas > Monrovia > South Hills
    4. Covina beat > Northview > Wilson > La Puente( Which looks bad for Azusa’s case)

    5. Walnut Beat > Daimod Bar > Rowland Heights > california

    1. Monrovia beat > South Hills > Claremont > Chino Hills
    2. Monrovia beat > Arcadia > Burbank > Muir
    3. Monrovia beat > Paramount > Downey > La Serna >La Mirada
    4. Glendora beat> Charter Oak> Damien > South Hills
    5. San Dimas > Monrovia

    These Schedules are so close, it could go either way…Stop Crying for Covina, its your fault Tribune for pumping up Azusa and Arroyo all year long, now you look like your starting to Change your Minds…Come On!

    1. Covina or Monrovia
    2. Monrovia or Covina
    3. Whittier Christian
    4. Azusa
    5. Arroyo
    6. San Dimas
    7. Schurr
    8. Valley christian
    9. Baldwin Park

    This is how it should be. Lets put away tissue, and get on with this!!!

  • CerebruM

    Barring any major upsets this week Azusa, Monrovia, Arroyo, and Covina will remain the four seeds respectively in the Mid-Valley. The two remaining league champsWhittier Chr and Schurrare placed to meet the 3 and 4 seeds in the 2nd round, with the better record (Whittier Chr) facing the 4, Covina.

    Because CIF places the 2nd place teams on opposite sides of the bracket LP, BP, and Valley Chr go to the bottom, and TC, Mead, and BG go to the top. By record, the best 2s play each other in the empty bracket, with the worst record of the 2s playing the unseeded league champ.

    That leaves the four remaining slots to be filled with At-Large teams. There are four 3rd place teams that qualify with .500+ records: MHS 7-3, SD 6-4, and Glad & LC at 5-5. No 4th place team can bump a 3rd place qualifierregardless of record (sorry, Sierra Vista). The four slots are filled in beneath the seeded teams so that there are no potential intra-league matchups in the first two rounds.

    With that lengthy preface, I give you the Mid-Valley Division Playoff Bracket

    1 Azusa (M1, 10-0) vs. La Canada (RH3, 5-5)
    Bell Gardens (A2, 7-3) vs. Rosemead (MV2, 7-3)
    Whittier Chr (O1, 9-1) vs. Temple City (RH2, 5-5)
    4 Covina (VV1, 9-1) vs. Gladstone (M3, 5-5)
    3 Arroyo (MV1, 9-1) vs. Maranatha (O3, 7-3)
    Schurr (A1, 7-3) vs. Baldwin Park (VV2, 5-5)
    La Puente (M2, 8-2) vs. Valley Chr (O2, 7-3)
    2 Monrovia (RH1, 8-2) vs. San Dimas (VV3, 6-4)

    Talk amongst yourselvesIm verklempt!

  • it is what it is….in the midvalley

    Cal preps is strictly based on numbers. Now people are saying that Covina is not getting the respect they deserve. Thats horse crap…They went from a first round losing team to a top seed. I think they have earned alot of respect. I believe them to be the top two teams in the division Behind only Monrovia. Cal preps sees it the same way. Colt 74 is right, when he says Monrovia may be the #1 overall seed. If you factor in everything including a head to Head projection, Covina seems to be the right there. CIF believes so too. Thats why they are a top seed. Now if you going to keep complaining. Then we should have not held Azusa and Arroyo’s hands to such high rankings. We knew their schedules were soft and we fell into that “Style points” Crap! O look at where we are now…Umm we will never learn. Well here is something to look at..

    2010 Cal preps Projection
    Monrovia 24, Covina 21
    Monrovia 26, Azusa 19
    Monrovia 28, Arroyo 19
    Monrovia 31, Whittier Christian 26

    Covina 21, Azusa19
    Covina 26, Arroyo 19
    Covina 28 Whittier Christian 24
    Covina 21, Monrovia 24

    According to Cal preps.
    1. Monrovia
    power rating: 23.2
    Season Offense 37.1 Defense 11.3 Margin 25.8

    2. Covina
    Power rating: 22.3
    Season Offense: 28.9 Defense: 16.4 Margin: 12.5

    Power Rating: 21.8
    Season Offense: 38.8 Defense 3.3 Margin 35.5

    4.Whitter Christian
    Power Rating:21.0
    Season Offense:34.3 Defense 22.3 Margin 11.9

    Power rating: 14.2 Offense 31.5 Deffense 12.6 Margin 18.6

    Toughest schedules out of the top 5 seeds in midvalley(games vs Ranked teams and upper division
    1. Monrovia
    2. Covina
    3. Whittier Christian
    4. Arroyo
    5. Azusa

  • MR Football …if you were a CIF Mid Valley Bracket Setter…What would you do?

    @ Cerebrum

    Rivised Version(more action)

    1 Azusa (M1, 10-0) vs. La Canada (RH3, 5-5)
    Valley Christian(O2, 7-3)vs. Bell Gardens (A2, 7-3).
    Baldwin Park (VV2, 5-5)vs Temple City (RH2, 5-5)
    4 Covina (VV1, 9-1) vs. Maranatha (O3, 7-3)

    3 Arroyo (MV1, 9-1) vs. San Dimas (VV3, 6-4)
    Whittier Christian(O1 9-1) vs.Rosemead (MV2, 7-3)
    La Puente (M2, 8-2) vs. Schurr (A1, 7-3)
    2 Monrovia (RH1, 8-2) vs. Gladstone (M3, 5-5)

    First of all thank you, for the data. However, there seems to be some hidden motives behind the way you laid it out.Really its all about being #1…they are the only team the bracket should be set up to help! Nice try. You obviously think monrovia can’t beat San Dimas, so you paired them up. Do you think that Cif will have monrovia play San Dimas so soon? Do you think that Covina Fans and Aram have been saying they want the #1or 2 seed instead of #4? Its becuase they don’t want to play maranatha if they are #4!! So you pair them up with Gladstone( a lop sided preseason game we’ve already seen)? Then on flip side do you think we will see Azusa play bell gardens( a lop sided Preseason game we’ve already seen)? The 1 and 2 teams will get rewarded with a easy 1st round game, but will have a challenging 2nd round game. The 3 an 4 seeds, will feel the heat in the first, but will have a winnable 2nd round game. I think CIF has to set up th brackets this way, so that their is variety and they maximus the suspense in each round. I would say create games people haven’t seen, but keep the gutting rivlries from last season a possiblity in each Bracket. We still would have the Monrovia vs San Dimas blockbuster…and the Covina vs Azusa a possiblity… and you will would have the Monorovia vs Whittier Christian showdown… Or the Bell Gardens rematch in the 2nd. Come on live a little..This looks suspicious.
    1 Azusa (M1, 10-0) vs. La Canada (RH3, 5-5)
    Bell Gardens (A2, 7-3) vs. Rosemead (MV2, 7-3)
    Whittier Chr (O1, 9-1) vs. Temple City (RH2, 5-5)
    4 Covina (VV1, 9-1) vs. Gladstone (M3, 5-5)

    3 Arroyo (MV1, 9-1) vs. Maranatha (O3, 7-3)
    Schurr (A1, 7-3) vs. Baldwin Park (VV2, 5-5)
    La Puente (M2, 8-2) vs. Valley Chr (O2, 7-3)
    2 Monrovia (RH1, 8-2) vs. San Dimas (VV3, 6-4)

  • Calpreps projections

    Cerebrum and Mr Football, Here is how the Brackets will be…I also ran the bracket through cal preps and this is the results… Interesting.

    Azusa (Montview #1)31
    La Canada (Rio Hondo #3) 8 Winner Azusa

    Baldwin Park (Valley Vista #2) 31
    Rosemead (Mission Valley #2)14 Winner Baldwin Park

    Schurr (Almont #1)34
    Temple City (Rio Hondo #2)19 Winner Schurr

    Maranatha (Olympic #3)26
    Covina (Valle Vista #1)35 Winner Covina

    Arroyo (Mission Valley #1)21
    San Dimas (Valle Vista #3)28 Winner San Dimas

    Whittier Christian(Olympic#1)38
    La Puente (Montview #2)21 Winner Whittier Christian

    Valley Christian (Olympic #2)35
    Bell Gardens (Almont #2)24 Winner Valley Christian

    Monrovia (Rio Hondo #1)40
    Gladstone (Montview #3)3 Winner Monrovia

    2nd Round

    Azusa 21 vs
    Baldwin Park17 Winner Azusa

    Schurr 17 vs
    Covina 31 Winner Covina

    San Dimas 28 vs
    Whitier Christian 27 Winner San Dimas

    Monrovia 34 vs
    Valley Christian 20 Winner Monrovia

    3rd Round(Semis)

    Azusa 19 Vs Covina 21 @ Citrus College Winner Covina

    Monrovia 28 vs San Dimas 21 @ Monrovia High school Winner Monrovia


    Monrovia 24 vs Covina 21 @ Citrus College Winner Monrovia

    Mid Valley Champion 2010= Monrovia

  • john Wayne

    Just to let you guys know…
    Maranatha has nothing but respect for the “big” boys – (Azusa, San Dimas, Monrovia, Covina, B.P., etc….) and are thankful that we hopefully will get the opportunity to suit up next week to play one of you guys! As long as the cards fall correctly. I do agree that the Olympic could easily bring 4 to the playoffs and nobody could argue. Each of the 4 would be incredible competition for any other foes in the Mid-Valley!
    Thanks again and here is to a “correct” playoff coming to fruition for all!
    Till next week, may the cards fall correctly!
    By the way, on the piece Miguel or whoever wrote on Maranatha and them having their 1st D1 QB with the hopes of Elfers… I just finished watching Matt Schilz (red shirt Freshman) start ANOTHER game tonight on ESPN2! If memory serves me correctly he was at Maranatha all 4 yrs, and I do believe you might have even mentioned his name a few times as well, Miguel! (sarcasm…)
    Anyway, good luck to all Mid-Valley teams!

  • why bother showing up?

    Since Monrovia and Covina are already slated to be in the finals, we might as well all just stay home for the next three weeks. Better yet, why don’t we stop predicting results and let the only ones (the actual teams) involved decide who will be top dog. To those of you who are predicting a Monrovia-Covina final better make sure not to forget to buy those Lotto tickets……..

  • jaa


  • bigMamas

    56-27 Village.

  • Anonymous

    dayum so the Olympic looks like this

    Whittier 4-0
    MHS 2-2
    Val. C. 2-2
    Vil. C. 2-2
    Can anyone say coin toss and bye-bye to one of those teams. The coin toss has already been done. Its just a formality. Good luck guys. If they go on points scored, its MHS. Man this is crazy.

  • a little birdie told me….

    Maranatha won the coin toss they are the #2 seed…..