There’s no denying it, everybody loves the blogs …

Here’s my column from Friday, in case you missed it.

Like certain other things people do on the Internet, it seems everybody is in denial when it comes to this newspaper’s prep sports blogs.

Let me guess. You don’t read them either.

Funny, but I can’t make it through covering a game without at least three or four people mentioning something they read or watched on the blogs. But nobody’s reading it.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me about something that was on the blog, but they didn’t personally read it. They just “heard about it.”

Coaches are even worse. There isn’t a prep sports writer in this office who hasn’t gotten a call from a coach who told them verbatim about something he didn’t like on the blog … but it wasn’t something the coach actually read. It was something somebody told him about. Supposedly.

Each morning I receive a report that tells me exactly how many page views each blog got the previous day. I was stunned one day this past week when Fred Robledo’s blog got more than 18,000 views, because everybody I talk to said they don’t read it.

Well, today I’m here to tell you it’s time for everybody to come clean and admit they read the blog.

And if you’re really feeling it, it’s time you admit you actually like it. How could you not? Live scores, breaking news, opinion, quick-hitting tidbits of information … you really can’t have your finger on the pulse of this area’s preps scene unless you’re doing the unthinkable and reading the blogs.

What’s not to like? Oh wait, I know. The personal attacks. The bashing of kids. The anonymous comments. It’s terrible. Believe me, I know. After all, you’re talking to the Valley’s fat, uneducated terrorist, according to some commenters.

When it comes to the bashing of kids, we try very hard to eliminate comments that do so as quickly as possible.

And what we often view as the scrutiny that comes with being a high-profile prep athlete other people view as bashing.

But in case you haven’t noticed, social media has taken over. From Facebook to Twitter to blogs, society is doing things differently than even five years ago. Because of this, there are going to be haters everywhere.

These blogs are no exception. Trust me, kids are more aware of this dynamic than you think.

I’m not one to tell any parent how to do their job, but I would suggest using the blogs as an educational tool to show how you often have to take the good with the bad.

The good is the blog was an excellent tool in getting fans to a charity baseball game between Covina schools to raise money for the family of victims after the Christmas Day massacre in 2008.

The good is the blog gave us the proper outlet earlier this week to share how amazing it was to cover the college signings of 34 local athletes.

The good is an e-mail the Tribune recently received about the blog and how it was used following the recent deaths of Northview softball coach Fred Fraijo and former Vikings wrestler Jesse Cruz.

To quote some of it: I would like to commend the SGV Tribune, and specifically, Mr. Fred Robledo, for affording us, members of this community, a networking vehicle to reach out and connect during our times of need.

As a subscriber to the Tribune that has received a hard copy newspaper on my driveway every morning for the past 10 years, I feel your online sports blog have served a greater purpose.

The good is the blog is read by very influential people. Major media members, college coaches, recruiters, professional and college athletes all have told me at one time or another they read the blog. And almost all of them say they love it.

What this means is Valley athletes and their teams are getting the kind of exposure they otherwise would not get if they were unfortunate enough to live elsewhere.

The good also is the blog puts butts in seats. It then allows those people to come back and say what they thought of what they just saw.

The bad is everybody’s business is in the streets. Sorry if you don’t like it, but that’s the way it is now.

I guess you’ll be deleting your Facebook any minute.

Back when former Tribune sports editor Doug Spoon first offered our staff the opportunity to blog, I was one of two people who raised their hands to do it. My first blog post was back in 2006 and it was titled “This blog is my blog, this blog is your blog …” I won’t lie, I knew it would be wildly popular. Not because I’m a genius but because I saw where society was headed on the Internet and knew blogs fit in perfectly to our little corner of the world.

What I started, Robledo has perfected. We know we’ll never be able to eliminate the stigma of negativity that surrounds the blogs. We know the little bit of bad can ruin the abundance of good for a great many people.

But just know this. Should you ever need the blogs because you’ve moved out of town and want to stay current on the alma mater, want to be entertained, need a score, want a place to vent, need to get an important message out for a good cause, it always will be there for you just how it was intended to be.

And don’t worry. Just about everybody in town will see it whether they admit it or not.

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  • Don

    And the trib said, let there be a prep sports blog, and there was, and it was good.

    The people came and spoke the truth, and the truth speakers begat the ones with opinions, and those with opinions begat those with the trash, and the truth languished.

    In the mighty empire of Amat, a prophet arose, and he came forward and his name was Joe. The prophet spake of things Blue Book and he brought truth and he spoke of names, of Bieniemy, Lamb, Haden, and Sciarra and those names were true.

    In the east more mighty empires arose, and fell and rose again. The Huskies, the Chargers, the Bulldogs, the lands of whom found victory common and all of them brought many great armies to the fields and bloggers to the blogs and those bloggers came and went like the tides with the fortunes of their armies.

    And there came new armies from smaller nations where victory was not common and with those armies came their bloggers, Aztec Pride, and kh, and Colt74, which was NOT a malt beverage, and Aaron who said in a loud voice, we have won, and we shall shout. And they did.

    That brought a noise from the south, from the land of the 91 where people had gone to feel close to the house of the mouse and be nearer the sea, and the people from the south said, you are weak and we are strong, you compete in the bowl of fish and we, do not. We will come and give you a great smiting but they could not, because traffic on the Riverside Freeway was bad, again.

    So they went to the Indian Casino instead where they drank rough spirits and watched Trini Lopez in the showroom. And Centennial and Mission Viejo won again, and Johnson was happy.

  • Bob

    I admit, I read your Blogs and I like it! My computer at work is up all day and when I can I look for sports updates and new commits. Thank You for the outlet of commits and all new sports info. as it comes in..

  • The Stang Fan


    Funniest. Sh**. Ever. Lol.

  • Don,

    You’re very talented. You are one of the people who make this blog go.

  • I snap for kicks

    Too bad we can’t post pictures!

  • Willie Ellison

    Yeah I guess the blog is cool. Okay. But I like football. Got anything on Burbank-Burroughs last night?

  • Conq’76

    Good insight. From time to time I check in to see the number of posts and responses on some other newspapers high school blogging sights, including the LA Times. Each time, the response is underwhelming and dwarfed by the number of responses this Tribune sight recieves.

    It is obvious, be it a good thing os a bad thing, there are many who take a real interest in SGV High School football.

  • NiceTry

    Way to pat yourself on the back and side step the issue. It seems you and FredJ really do operate from the same playbook.

    No one would have any issues with the blog if you required accountability of your posters. Instead you sacrifice integrity and accountability in the name of ‘page hits’. A business decision to be sure, but a morally questionable one at best.

    You’re doing a great job. . .of being a hypocrite.

  • The Stang Fan


    Still LMFAO!!!!

    “you are weak and we are strong, you compete in the bowl of fish and we, do not.”

    “And the trib said, let there be a prep sports blog, and there was, and it was good.”

    “a prophet arose, and he came forward and his name was Joe. The prophet spake of things Blue Book…”

    “and Colt74, which was NOT a malt beverage.”

    “We will come and give you a great smiting but they could not, because traffic on the Riverside Freeway was bad, again.”

    “they went to the Indian Casino instead where they drank rough spirits and watched Trini Lopez in the showroom.”

    “Aaron who said in a loud voice, we have won, and we shall shout. And they did.”

    Aram, I don’t see how this is NOT the best post ever.

  • Joe Amat


    THAT was awesome.

    Forever to be labeled as Don 1:1. The history of the Blog. It’s “Genesis” if you will. Definitely worthy of space in the daily Fish Wrap.

    Appreciate your posts always.(… and honored to have a personal mention)

  • Aaron

    That took talent. As Always Don you have a great point of view.

  • Mike the Clone


    I am Mike the Clone

    And YOU are NOT!

    Now do you honestly think I was going to keep my ego in check here on this one. URRRGGGHH NOT!

    The blog has always been fun for me. I remember when it first started with guys like Don, Joe Amat, Randy, Joe Colt, Amat 73 and a few other whose names escape me but to whom if I had the chance to meet in person would probably be friends with and yes that includes you Randy. Dude Im serious too.

    Those who say they dont read this baby are nothing but a bunch of Bill Clintons lying about Monica. Get over it people suck it up and DEAL WITH IT!!! The blog is the living breathing Godzilla of prep sports in the SGV hanging off the side of some building swatting away at planes carrying it critics.

    Dudes this is childs play compared to the high school blogs of Texas and Florida. But it sure comes close to those heavyweights. Its come along way from day one, and although some of the takes dont hold water its still a blast to come read all the smack about how Amat, Covina, and Los Altos all suck and why. Throw in some Big Lou, Bogan, and Roddy talk and it’s smooth sailing.

    On a lighter note, hell it always hasnt been about smack I remember one day in the early days Aram got an assignment to put on his MLB scribe hat. While hitting the blog from the Chavez Ravine press box one of ATs editors was telling him to stay away from the free Dodger Dogs. That turned into the Aram Tolegian Dodger Dog count on the blog with guys running smack about how many D-Dogs the big man could slam on a Sunday afternoon. Funny Stuff. Wait on second thought maybe we were talking smack that day.

    Freddy you carry the torch and although Im not as active in the blog as I once was its still is great stuff at times despite some of the crap that some of the little ones post. How you deal with is beyond me.

    To those who say they dont read the blog. We know better!!! Why would you all be going Chernobyl over nothing? Besides we all know about your blue dress anyways don’t we. Wink Wink

    I AM OUT!!!


    Mike the Clone

    P.S. Don that was sweet!


    Good stuff Don. Reminds me of that Mel Brooks Movie. LOL..

    GOING TO THE AZUSA VS Gladstone game tonight!!! LETS GO AZUSA…



    ARAM!!! By the way what a great story! Honestly Aram, i’ve promised my wife I would no longer BLOG, when she comes home from work!

    She stating it’s ruining our Marraige!LOL… TRUE STORY.HAHAHH.

    I don’t facebook, myspace, twitter,etc… I just Blog on Fred& Aram’s web page and find it very amusing. LOL…

    Ohhh SH*T here comes the wife…. lol…

    Good stuff SGVTRIBUNE, and keep up the GREAT ARTICLES!!!


  • AMAT 73

    That was one great post and as of now the classic post of all time. Loved the one about the prophet and his name was Joe. It was so good you even brought out the great MTC , nice of you to drop in Mike . Hope you caught a few of the letters of apology to you . And who said you did not know from where you spoke.

    Nice Try,
    You speak of accountability and intergrity and call the Trib staff hypocrites because of the lack of both, well my friend I have racked my brain and I surely do not recall seeing ” Nice Try ” as a familiar blog name . Could it be that you are one of those no accountability and integrity hypocrites that you accuse the Trib staff of being. 10 out of the 13 comments are well known bloggers and we all are accountable for our posts so how about joining our group which I will call “The Accountables” and register a screen name or at least post under the same name everytime because I doubt you always post under Nice Try .

  • Colt74, which was NOT a malt beverage

    If this was my blog your History Of The Blog: Part 1
    would be printed out, in a frame, and on my wall. It’s that good.

  • The Meaniest Machine

    Mike the Name dropping Clone, as in not having an original thought in his head. Talk about imitation being the best form of flattery! Jim Rome wannabe to the bitter end.

    As far as the blog goes, from a business stand point, something is lacking. 18,000 hits and 7 bloggers…something is clearly amiss.

    Amat 73, Joe Amat, COCF, Colt 74, Dan, Aztec Pride, whitey (in all his in carnations) Jacka** (and all his incarnations) KH, and the annual AMAt “comic stalker.

    Add in a few well wishers and Drrranch and the blog is just like a High School Football Game. A few know it alls, a few drunk Dads and a couple of wait why can’t they get anything right Fans that every one “hears” but no oner listens to.

    Don is a great example of what the blog could be…funny, insightful and occassionally flat out educational. Amat 73 is another great blogger who keeps things in check and usually has the goods and the experience to deal with the previously mentioned special cases. Joe Amat on the other hand is in a class all his own.

    Most of the time when blogegrs do meet it’s all good and everyone realizes how much of an a888 they’ve made of themselves. Me included.

    The sad part of the blog is it high lights the disconnect between coaches and parents, between parenst and administartors. And as we have seen “this ain’t no place to get that resolved”. That was a hard lesson I learned the hard way.

    Airing dirty laundry isn’t what blogs are for if for only one reason…it puts a bull’s eye on your kid’s head. For years I struggled with the ethics of that but I’ve recognized coacheas are human, sometimes too human.

    Last year a few selct Bonita parenst dissed/questioned a great high school coach, and I mean that in the best sens eof the word. Podley is a great guy, deals with parenst and players openly and gets the most out of teh least. Thsi year..guess what…HE’S GENIUS AGAIN!!!

    Same goes for many coaches who work hard and understand that coahcing kids is more than wins and loses. Hey DR is probaly .500 and they love Roddy while other coache sare coming off back to back to back league titles and get NO LOVE AT ALL> (read MTC).

    The criteria for being a great coach starts with being a great individual. Teh Great Le Duc is tops on my list. On and off the court he’s fisrt rate and exceptional as a human being.

    Now I wonder, always have actually, why 18,000 “readers” would read “20” bloggers day in and day out. Maybe Joey has a few thoughts or at least Don can make that into a new made for Cable series.

    Here’s a riddle…what has 36,000 eyes and 2000 fingers…a blog of course!!!

    Finally I’d be remise if I didn’t take Aram to task for being an uneducated fat terrorist. Really Aram who called you a terrorsit? That’s slander…the other two…that’s research. Now do you need a degree in Journalism to write about Prep Sports?…well no but it helps on Career Day. Although Don or Joey would do your job just as well..but probably be more insightful and mature. Just my opinion….again based on research. That’s what you learn to do in Journalism classes.

    The other day Fred went to Damien and asked how many players read teh blog…all hands went up. Then he asked how many blog…”sometimes” was the answer.

    here’s a tip for players. Take a tape recorder and mic the stands…it’ll make the blog look like church readings. trust me on that. Better yet…mic the locker room. Thsi goes for ANY school so don’t think I’m picking on Damien…who should run teh table thsi year now that derek Brown is gone.

    Years ago parents BSed in the stands and parking lot. ( actually they still do) Now it’s all open for everyone to read. Like seeing or reading about high school kids lives on MySpace or Facebook. Funny how many kids take opictures with beers and joints in tehir mouths but worry about what old farts have to say on a blog.

    Last point…to coaches every whwre. DON’T READ THE BLOGS. Nothing good will come of it and ultimately you’ll hate yourself for following thru on what you read. Yes coaches are human but reading a blog is like reading bath room stall graffiti to see if your daughetr is a hoochie.

    Any way as I said originally..a Bloggers Pizza Party would ahve gone a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng way to ending so much embarssing back and forth. But what do I know?

    BTW Aram when you finally do have the “get together” make sure and punch Whitey in the mouth for me and kick randy in the rear…both deserved as much. Just kidding “gentle” men.

    BTW with so many great football minds and personalities why not have a Round Table discussion “forum” for Charity. Would eb fascinating to get all those coache stogether for a Q&A.

    Hey Aram what’s teh over and under to Bloggers wearing “I BLOG” T-Shirts to high school events.

    The over/under would be ridiculous.

    Enjoy the misspellings, careless punctuations and the TEH’s….all in good fun guys, all in good fun.

  • Monica the Office Manager

    Nobody drops names like The Meaniest Machine.
    Mike the Name dropping Clone, Jim Rome, Amat 73, Joe Amat, COCF, Colt 74, Dan, Aztec Pride, whitey KH, AMAt, comic stalker, Don, Podley, Roddy, MTC, Le Duc, Joey, Don, Aram, Aram, Don, Joey, Fred. derek Brown, Aram, Whitey, randy, Aram.
    All in good fun mean one!!

  • Nice get me some Srabuck’s

    Mikey give that woman a raise!!!

    Monica might want to look up the term “name dropping”.

    You’re welcome.

  • Great takes, Mean Machine.

    Your man crush on me grows stronger by the day. And you know what, there’s no research needed since fat and uneducated were actually comments you made (repeatedly).

    You want to talk research? Now that would be somebody volunteering to take the 10 years needed to come up with all the names you’ve posted under on these blogs.

    I miss the good old days when you would have conversations with yourself.

    But don’t worry, the fat and uneducated columnist forgives you because he knows you’re addicted.

  • Don

    Nice to see so many old timers still keeping up, thanks much for the kind words guys.

    Shows what one of those 10 cup Krups machines can do to a fella’s day off.

  • jcaz

    Aram, great piece in the prep section of today’s paper.

    73, glad we’re all in your thoughts no matter what incarnations, ha ha ha

  • Aram’s Fan Club…(gee will “he” know it’s me?????

    Sorry Aram I never said you were FAT…I’m 260 so I would never go there. 7 knee surgeries have a way of keeping me less active than I should so beating the battle of the bulge it’s my battlefield for stone throwing. So once again you’re wrong.

    As far as uneduated I never said you were uneduucated only that you lacked a degree and asked you why you didn’t spend the time “earning” one seeing as you do set an example to kids who you cover. I’ve also on many occassions have said you’;re one hell of a writer in terms of pumping out work. I think you said ionce I was a flip flopper becaus eI could say both things…you’re a hell of a writer and you need to get your degree…if only because it reflects poorly on thos ethat have sacrificed to earn theirs. So again you’re wrong.

    As far as having conversations with myself, hardly. What indeed did happen was MTC was outed for doing so early on and I called him on it . That’s three strikers.

    As far as many names that’s an easy sell as you did nore to create/allow drive bys than any one ever has . Notice you did, rightly or wrongly, protect the Pucci’s from silimar comments that were beginning to get waaaaaaay too personal. Maybe having a Summer job with them bought them some leeway or maybe it’s when you actually know people that you step in. None of which I made BTW especially after Coach Pucci gave my son the JV Spartan Basketball Award years back and had nice things to say about my son. So there’s that.

    As far as addicted you were probably right but somehow that addictioned ended when Gano came on board, why’s that? Why haven’t I second guessed ANY of his decisions…EVER! Matter of fcat I know Roddy pretty well and several coaches around town and I never once give them any advice…EVER!

    Either way Aram, I never said you were Fat although you do the Howatrd Stern thing and mention “your” weight about as much as he mentions his “Private Parts”.

    Here’s teh last thing on drive bys…why is it every one of them has a random anonymous just made up name…is that not the same thing? I use multiple names but teh drive by artist aren’t any one WE ALL KNOW.

    Which brings me to a very important point. Teh best bloggers, (insert name dropping here) get along GREAT with me. Why is that? Same with coaches, I mean who doesn’t like Roddy?

    BTW I use the “NAME” line as a BY-LINE for what I’m writing about and to mometarily confuse the dimwits. By my calcualtions I’m good for ten posts before I TEH or PONTICICATE…LOL

    I’ll make a deal with you Aram, pass it along to Fred as well. Keep the rickface comments to a minimum and I’ll stop using the by line…wait…I like using the by line (gee I hope that’s what it’s called).

    Aram I’ll say this one last time, I think you’re a gifted writer who would do well to get his degree. I think you’re a big man who does the area a great service…and have for years. I also think you’re a child at times with your comments. Is that not teh way life is…multifaceted? On line I’m a prick to some but in person I’m a sweet hearted guy who tolerates fools about as easily as pasing a kidney stone.

    Never understood how you allow the comments on here but get butt hurt when you do. hey at least I didn’t call you unprofessional for dating an intern…ouch !

    Was that catty?

  • randy

    I’m feeling alittle sick tonight so I didnt make it out to any of the games….Frank where did you go? MTC, what about you? This blog isnt quite the same anymore, maybe its cuz my son isnt at DB anymore….i still check it out, i still hate on DR, i luv that Glendora is struggling in the Baseline….i’m still me 🙂 But comments do get wayyyyyyy out of hand here, and Fred and Aram just have to love the hits….now,i’m as guilty as anybody else, its just been easier to read and laugh lately, instead of throw rocks….

  • Mike the Clone


    I just wanted clarify and say I’m a fat guy too and don’t want to have some hater talk about my three strikes and out me without you folks hearing it from me. So without further ado my three strikes and my fattness are due too my addiction of……..

    1)Dodger Dogs my record is three with a belly full of beer.(although I have become “fu fu” guy and like the sushi bar at the Big A nowadays)the lady in my life has shown me the way.

    2)A Grand Burger double cheese with Extra mayonaise

    3)And last but not least a extra large pizza at Round Table which includes pepperoni, sausage,red onions and of course extra cheese.

    OK throw that three strike convicted fat ass orange jump suit on me and consider me outed. Gezz!

    Mike the Clone

    P.S. Randy just I’m laying low nowadays. Hope you feel better soon. I remember the good ole days my friend.

  • We’re So Sorry

    @ Aram’s Fan Club…(gee will “he” know it’s me????? said:

    Hey it’s ok,so you got fired from answering the phones at the Newspaper Group. We understand really it’s OK. You could always go back to coaching.Oh wait you weren’t really good at that either

  • MTC,

    What’s a Grand Burger?

    And how the hell is Petrillos nowhere on that list?

  • jcaz

    Ops my bad,

    Sorry 73, should have realized who it was that posted those two, long long (did I say long ??) stories just now.

    So much for retirement and canceled newspaper subscriptions…

  • randy

    MTC, i slept all night and feel alittle better, although i was accused of snoring like caveman!! I woulda liked to have been at Bonita or Amat (if it had been a home game)……,as soon as i woke up i hit the computer to see how things turned out, and how things may pan out…i’ve been scouring through calpreps, looking for a statustical edge for DB to hang their hat on as the clincher for the at large playoff spot in the Southeast…its close….

    6-4 gives them the best overall record amongst Bellflower, Cres Valley and Pasadena. El Rancho also finished 6-4. DB had the best “quality win” amongst the 4, and no “bad losses” (against a lower rated opponent) which at least three of the other four did, notably ER–read further.

    El Rancho beat Los Altos 41-0 in the first week. DB beat LA 34-6 in the 9th week. Bellflower squeaked by Los AL 20-18 in the 3rd week. Pasaden beat Cres Valley head to head.

    I would say Cres Valley and Bellfower are out.

    Calpreps has DB beating both ER (26-22) and Pasadena (31-21) in the project a matchup make believe scenarios.

    DB did put up 20 on West Cov. I wasnt there obviously, but i wish they hadnt given up 58. The computer has West Cov 50 to 6 over Pasadena. It has WC 42-8 over ER.

    DB finished the season with a 10 rating. ER finihsed with a 4 rating.

    Hands down DB for the at large spot!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    ok maybe not hands down…
    We’ll just have to wait and see….it was a helluva year BRAHMAS….you took it to the wire….you did yourself proud!

  • Mike the Clone

    Forgot about Petrillo’s I must have had a momentary loss of my good judgement!
    You can get a Grand Burger at Grand Burger on Grand just south of Foothill.Personal favorite the Double Cheese Grand Burger with grilled onions.
    Stack’em high Big Fella then go run the stairs at Citrus to burn that sucker off!!!!

  • randy

    Well….looks like they selected El Rancho…..Being transplanted to the Whittier area these days….i am beginning to feel the itch in the Pico-Whittier rivalries….i will say good luck and congrats to the Dons….and to my Brahmas… had the best year since 2002….you left it all on the field,….thank you for bleeding purple and gold… doesnt matter who is wearing those uniforms, we’ll always have your back! You will keep that Brahma pride forever!!!!!!!