Mid-Valley Division: San Dimas draws Arroyo, Schurr hosts BP and Azusa lands No. 1 seed …

Mid-Valley Division
Top Bracket
Village Christian (Olympic at-large) at No. 1 Azusa (Montview 1)
Temple City (Rio Hondo 2) at Rosemead (MVL 2)
Bell Gardens ( Almont 2) at Whittier Christian (Olympic 1)
La Canada (Rio Hondo at large) at No. 4 Covina (Valle Vista 1)
Bottom Bracket
San Dimas (Valle Vista at-large) at No. 3 Arroyo (Mission Valley 1)
La Puente (Montview 2) at Maranatha (Olympic 2)
Baldwin Park (Valle Vista 2) at Schurr (Almont 1)
Gladstone (Montview at large) at No. 2 Monrovia (Rio Hondo 1)

Best draws: Rosemead (gets to play TC team it already beat). San Dimas (not saying the Saints will beat Arroyo, but they’ll be favored. Not bad for an at-large).
Best first-round games: San Dimas at Arroyo. Baldwin Park at Schurr.
Best potential second-round matchup: Covina vs. Whittier Christian.
Aram’s early predictions (top): Azusa over Village, Rosemead over TC, Whitt. Chr. over BG, Covina over LC. Second round: Azusa over Rosemead, Covina over Whitt. Chr. Semis: Azusa over Covina.
Aram’s early predictions (bottom): San Dimas over Arroyo, Maranatha over La Puente, Baldwin Park over Schurr, Monrovia over Gladstone. Second round: San Dimas over Maranatha, Monrovia over Baldwin Park. Semis: Monrovia over San Dimas.
Predicted finals: Azusa vs. Monrovia

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  • Aaron

    I posted this puppy over on Fred’s space but it hasn’t gone through:

    Looking at the at large bids it’s pretty simple that the Almont disappointed this season. All of those coaches that said they were too large for the division. Cal preps pretty much hates the Almont league and deservedly so. They went 7-17 in the first four weeks of the season, it was worse though, first three weeks the league was 3-15.

    http://calpreps.com/2010/ratings/Southern_division.htm#Mid-Valley (XI)

    El Rancho as the at large bid, they basically set a precedent here, I think, even though the Del Rio only gets three teams, I see them also receiving the at-large bid next year as well. Looking at the two top rated Leagues by CIF were the Hacienda and the Pacific. The Hacienda’s top three in the final poll were: 1 West Covina, 4 Bonita, 6 Diamond Ranch Whereas all the teams in the Pacific are rated: 7 Arcadia,8 Burroughs, 9 Burbank, 10 Muir. CIF didn’t like the Del Rio or the Suburban Leagues with only two teams being in the top ten 2 La Serna and 3 La Mirada respectively.

    You also know and better if not you’re pretty ignorant that CIF does look at Calpreps and Maxpreps. Bonita took back the top place in the Calpreps poll: http://calpreps.com/2010/ratings/Southern_division.htm#Southeast (VII)

    Some not all surprising stuff there, the really like the Hacienda league, top 6 teams are in their top fifteen, top four teams are in their top seven.

    Maxpreps isn’t all that complicated in comparison to Calpreps:

    Take what you will from that, but the amalgamation of the San Antonio and Miramonte leagues seems to be the strongest and most favored of the two in the Southeast.

  • Observantcat

    Best first round games will be: Azusa vs. Villiage Christian – San Dimas vs. Arroyo
    Baldwin Park vs. Shurr
    these games could be a 50/50 toss up!

    TC will have a chance at revenge over Rosemead, That game should have been a TC victory. If TC is going to have a chance they must stop the Rosemead passing attack or grab a larger first half lead and play controlled football for the remaining of the game.

  • SaintsR4real


    AZUSA OVER COVINA????????>?>?

    Covina beat W. Covia, San Dimas, Baldwin Park.

    Your saying Azusa could beat at least one of these team?? Possible, but not likely!

    Finals: Covina vs Monrovia

  • Colt74

    I KNOW this is going to set off AZTECPRIDE but hey, this is the playoffs now. Now the fun begins! If everyone thought we were like ferrets on crack before….

    Azusa beating Covina?
    Azusa making it to the finals?

    Not this year or in any parallel universe! Not if the city of Azusa offered free Menudo for life to AZTECPRIDE if AZUSA made it past the second round! Not if Lindsay Lohan gave up partying and decide to be an Aztec cheerleader! Not if…….( You get the idea )….

    I’m happy that the Aztecs are enjoying an outstanding season…but all good things must come to an end. I would NOT be surprised if after friday night Azusa and Covina are both 10-1. The difference would be that Covina gets another game…

    I know… Calpreps predicts Azusa would beat Covina. Calpreps also predicted West Covina over us. They are at 77%. Flip a coin and you are at 50%.

    Covina may not make it to the finals. Azusa has the same chance as a snowball in hell.

    Just saying…….

  • Aztecs….

    The aztecs are OVER RATED!! Im jumping on the covina bandwagon right now. i think they have a real good shot at winning CIF. And they’re the real number 1 seed!

  • Sports follower

    Azusa has not been a in a game in a real game in a LONG time, their backs have never been up against the wall this season. Covina on the other hand has been in those situations and they have come out on top. It’s gonna take heart to advance in the playoffs and Covina has a lot of heart.

  • me

    I certainly hope we can come back to this at some point – just for some bragging rights:
    Let me be the first to call TWO upsets in the first round:
    Village will pull off a close upset against Azusa and
    San Dimas pulls off the upset at Arroyo.

  • Bones

    Lol. There is no parity. CIF knew exactly what it was doing. Azusa-Covina game will be in the semi-finals at Citrus College. That game will bring at least 6,000 fans.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Can someone please explain to me why Azusa did not draw the worst wild card team in La Canada? Seems that CIF really rewarded Covina!! If they believe that they were the #1 team then they should have just placed them there and given them La Canada. Azusa got screwed, but should still win the game.

    CIF Blows!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    AZUSA baby, don’t let these Covina fools tell you different. The road to the Championship comes through Azusa! period! Go Big Blue. Aztec Pride Forever!

  • Colt74

    Jamie said :
    “The road to the Championship comes through Azusa!”

    The “ONLY” thing that Azusa will have to do with THE ROAD TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP is that they will be buried by the side of that road with a nice little white cross marking their spot…..


    Just saying……

  • Is Colt 74 really NotSince????

    Colt 74 your writing style and references sound allot like NotSince. Hate to imply this but you both have very very similar styles and apparently are in the same Adult Education Class : How to Break into Comedy.


    ARAM HAS SPOKEN!!!! AZUSA in the Finals! WOW, and that’s all i’m going to say for now! I’m going to sleep real good tonight,as all you others will have nightmares about your dream season ending!LOL…

    AZUSA once again congratulations winning the Montview League for the third time in a row.AZUSA HAS A GREAT QB in Abramham Ochoa, and their running backs, Blount, Nieto, you’ve got the speed just like anybody in the Mid Valley!

    Also LOOK at all the hating on AZUSA.and it’s all for nothing. The C.I.F CROWNED YOU THE #1 SEED!!!!! AND NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT FROM YOU(AZUSA). GREAT JOB SCHERF and to all the rest of the coaching staff. It was real nice seeing everybody Friday night!





  • Colt74

    Sorry to burst your bubble but it wasn’t colonel mustard in the library with a candlestick there Jackie Chan….. 1.I don’t post as anyone else but myself. 2.I like Bishop Amat.

    And as for comedy..I have done stand-up. My first night was back in 1975 at the Blue Grotto club in Groton, Conn.
    I won $150. Don’t think I need classes. I’m a naturally born smart a$$ who loves to go back and forth with someone. So I take it on my next open mic night I should not invite you? Bummer…….

  • UMM???

    AZTEC PRIDE how you gonna call yourself a FAN and whatever and you dont even know the name of your QB!!!! YOUR QB IS NUNEZ!!! and hes not very good!!! so if your gonna post be correct!

  • I think its premature to be thinking Azusa-Covina. It’s no lock that Covina gets by Whittier Christian should they meet in the second round.

    Also, Azusa beat Covina easily last year in the first round. Granted, Covina is a better team, but Azusa might be also. I really don’t think we know how good (or overrated) Azusa is.


    IT DOESNT MATTER WHO YOU DRAW ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO CRY!! no matter what you have to play the good teams!!!!!! this isnt the MONTVIEW there are actually good teams who are going to score points!!! no duarte and no Ganesha and workman!!! sorry!!!! and really LA CANADA the worst no im sorry the worst team is from your league and thats GLADSTONE!!!

  • Colt74

    If I’m not correct..YOU YOURSELF posted your layout of how you thought the playoffs would unfold…that pretty much opened the floodgates. Us Covina loyals are just stating the obvious in a polite/fun way. We don’t agree. Nope. Nada. Zip. Goose Egg. Negative Ghost Rider…the pattern is full.
    True, a Covina – Azusa matchup will still take some luck and solid playing to materialize for both teams… but from my end anyway it’s all in fun. But thought that this was playoffs..and a blog…and meant for fun spirited conversations between people not actually playing, but showing their unwavering support for their alma maters. IE.. Arm Chair Quarterbacks.
    Covina IS better this year and can’t wait to show it to those that still don’t believe even after all we’ve done so far this year… And next year too. Agree that it’s no lock that Covina gets by W. Christian just as it’s not a lock that Azusa gets by V. Christian this friday……Right?

  • I get the feeling Village Christian is about to get hit by a train. Just a feeling.


    Your right and I stand corrected.

    AZTEC PRIDE how you gonna call yourself a FAN and whatever and you dont even know the name of your QB!!!! YOUR QB IS NUNEZ!!! and hes not very good!!! so if your gonna post be correct!

    November 14, 2010 8:57 PM

    Got mixed up on the names,(OH HE’S GOOD ALRIGHT). but Abraham is some player! OHHH, i’ve been an AZUSA fan FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW,BELIEVE THAT.



  • Colt74

    You may be 100% correct. Allowing only 30 points all season is impressive as I have stated twice before. And last year they were only avg. giving up 11 a game.
    Some of the questions we all have will be answered friday night. That doesn’t mean the colts wouldn’t love to have another crack no matter what we find out.

  • Early Predictions

    Round 1
    Village Christian by 14
    Rosemead by 7
    Whittier Christian by 10
    Covina by 21
    San Dimas by 17
    Maranatha by 20
    Baldwin Park by 10
    Monrovia by 31

    Round 2
    Village Christian by 13
    Covina by 3
    San Dimas 10
    Monrovia by 7

    Round 3
    Covina by 20
    Monrovia by 13

    Covina by 7

    Mark it Down… Sure to be Right!

  • Colt74

    Aram said:

    “I get the feeling Village Christian is about to get hit by a train. Just a feeling”.

    1. If I recall did you not have the same feeling in the 2 minute drill when you picked Baldwin Park over Covina?

    2. Village Christian lost by 1 over Rio Hondo Prep ( league Champs ). They lost by a field goal to Whittier Christian. They could very easily have been 8-2 instead of 6-4.

    3. Average strength of league. Olympic 4.5 Montview -14.3.

    4. Got to go with the underdog on this one. Azusa is picked by 15. I think IMHO it will be the other way around.

    If Covina was not playing Friday I would be at Citrus College for this one. I vote for this game to be this weeks Coveritlive. Azusa at 10-0, Number 1 Mid-Valley seed, deserves it.

  • Hefe

    Village Christian is going to upset Azusa.

    Calling it right now.


    WHAT a turn of events! first C.I.F; now we have ARAM, CALLING IT AND NOW FRED ALSO!!!! OHHHH THE FOOTBALL GODS ARE SMILING ON US NOW!!! WHAT A GOOD COACH HAS DONE FOR AZUSA! I can not say enough about Coach Scherf and what he’s done for the City of AZUSA, and to the fans who truly love the game!

    Yes I could come on here and run my mouth, but i’m not because we AZUSA fans are nothinhg but class! So all you haters, that were hating on AZUSA all year long now what you going to say??? tHE ONLY PREDICTIONS THAT MATTER ARE FRED& ARAM!!! BOTTOMLINE, SO QUIT WITH YOUR USELESS PREDICTIONS. LOL…


    THANK YOU!!!



  • battle tested Olympic League coming to a stadium near you!!!!

    don’t be shocked to see three Olympic teams in the semis…it could happen if the top dogs look to far down the road….

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