Sources: Koffler likely out as Rosemead coach after playoffs …

Rosemead High School football coach Matt Koffler is likely to resign after the Panthers season finishes in the Mid-Valley Division playoffs, according to sources.

Rosemead plays Temple City this Friday in the first round. Should the Panthers lose, Koffler is expected to tell his team that he’s coached his final game at the school, sources say.

Koffler had no comment when asked about the situation. Sources say the veteran coach would remain a teacher at the school, so it’s not a disciplinary problem.

Koffler was a standout quarterback at Rosemead before graduating in 1992 and playing in college at USC. As a coach, he led Rosemead to the semifinals in 2001 and the finals in 2008.

Aram’s take: I don’t have all the details yet, but what I’m hearing is there’s an issue with Koffler’s schedule and the school isn’t willing to budge. It sounds like yet another administration that doesn’t get it when it comes to football coaches and how much time and effort they put into their programs. Koffler leaving would be an absolute death blow to the Panthers’ program. We saw how well the Hatley era went before Koffler’s return. And we’ve also seen several examples recently of how quickly a football program can disintegrate when it’s not in the right hands. I truly believe that guys like Koffler and Arroyo’s Jim Singiser literally hold their programs together. There are a couple of other cases out there like that, too, like James Heggins and BP or Bill Zernickow at San Dimas.

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  • Bones

    Sad deal if it succumbs to that. Coach Koffler has done everything in his power at the helm of Rosemead football, except for a ring. It would be folly on RHS not to compromise with their head coach. Take it to the school board! Heads on a stick!

  • Captain William F Call

    Has the principal or any members of the administration ever played or coached high school athletics?

  • Harvey Levin

    Aram I think it’s pretty cool how a blog can affect a team going into the playoffs. I’m sure Koffler told his players all about this being his last go around but if he hadn’t you sure did. Talk about inspiring the players and keeping their minds on the game at hand. Great job Aram. Now instead of dealing with the game at hand the Rosemead players, parents, fans and Alumni have this to deal with. Welcome to the new age of Perez Hilton High School reporting. So now we have Aram on his private war against yet another school’s administration, you know how much school administrators hate their jobs and love to hurt the students they dedicate their whole lives to.

    Aram ever think that administators don’t have it in for anyone? Is that possible? Maybe it’s their deep seeded hate for BMOC back from their picked on school days …right?

    Maybe it’s time to get some facts, from both sides, instead of trying to be first with a quarter of the story. First is good only when it’s complete. They’d have taught you that in Journalism school. Maybe thats’ why Fred and Steve rarely come out with so much gossip that pretends to be Journalism.

    Bad form Aram.

    Best of luck to Rosemead aka TMZ Central.

  • Harvey Levin 2.0

    Captain William F Call..I think you’re making the point.

  • Aram Wannabe

    Hot off the press. Zernikow may quit to go to seminary. Farrar fired for being to old. Priest tells Gano to get lost because he can do better. Hags to leave to coach new Rio Hondo J.C. team. BREAKING NEWS!!! Koffler might coach Duarte. Podley refuses to sell hambugers at halftime and could be fired. Arrelanes and Zavala maybe will get long term contracts. BREAKING NEWS II. KH will take over for Podley on Friday night I think. Remember you heard it here first.

  • Aram Wannabe

    Hot off the press. Zernikow may quit to go to seminary. Farrar fired for being to old. Priest tells Gano to get lost because he can do better. Hags to leave to coach new Rio Hondo J.C. team. BREAKING NEWS!!! Koffler might coach Duarte. Podley refuses to sell hambugers at halftime and could be fired. Arrelanes and Zavala maybe will get long term contracts. BREAKING NEWS II. KH will take over for Podley on Friday night I think. Remember you heard it here first.

  • Dear Harvey Levin

    why are you always sucking on that straw??

  • Big Cat

    Well Zavala is done at Wilson. He will be out by Xmass. Aram, get on that story. Who else is gone?

  • Concerned Rosemead

    It appears to me that as a journalist your article is a bit skewed. Your take portion of this article is longer than the article itself. I think you said it best in your very first sentence I dont have all of the details yet. My question to you is, isnt the first part of journalism to get the full story BEFORE writing an article with guesses and innuendos? Why not make that one extra call and get the details before printing half of a story? What exactly is your goal of publishing this unsupported article but to place the school in a tailspin?
    I also have a few questions for you:
    1. Seems to me Rosemead has always supported this coach, once he was fired from Artesia High School they welcomed him back with open arms. The program has a new weight room, new state of the art scoreboard, and a new practice field. Seems to me that in the area of football this coach is getting more support then most in his position.
    2. Perhaps if it is a schedule issue it may be that the administration is putting more emphasis on academics and students success academically then the football program. After all I always thought the football was an extra curricular program not the focus of a students school experience and success. Maybe the administration is standing up and stating that academics are a priority at Rosemead. I hope that this is the case and I support the administration whole heartedly, if they are making decisions on what is best for their students.
    3. You constantly state sources say is there a reason why this person wants to remain anonymous?
    4. If the coach himself isnt commenting then that says something about the points you are making in the article doesnt it? Perhaps it isnt as much of an issue as your source is leading us to believe.

    The bottom line is the students of Rosemead, and them receiving the best education possible. All of this discussion on extra curricular activities is just that extra.
    Perhaps you need to go back to journalism school and figure out how to write a complete and unbiased newspaper article.

    Good luck to Rosemead on Friday and throughout the remainder of the school year.

    Just my opinion of course.

  • Reality Check

    Is it too much to ask from a professional publication to make an ATTEMPT at providing actual facts? Unfortunately “sources say” doesn’t cut it for me. Koffler didn’t comment, there didn’t seem to be an attempt at give the RHS administration an opportunity to comment, yet you’ve made Koffler the victim and the administration the villain. What is this based on? Oh that’s right “sources.” What ever happened to responsible journalism?

    Get the facts Aram before you publish “breaking news” and leave your personal bias against school administrations out of it.

    Oh and by the way….. the purpose of high school is not Friday night football. However fun and exciting it might be, it is over in three months and everyone moves on to the next over-hyped issue you decide to “report” on.

    Good luck to Rosemead on Friday against Temple City.

  • FC

    Aram here’s a rumor one of your journalists told me over the phone once.
    a while back (he’ll remain nameless to prove my point)

    “Travis Santiago is signed , sealed and elivered to Damien, what do you think?”

    In two years I’ve never mentioned that “hot tip”. Do you know why? Out of respect for the parties involved…the “sportswriter included”

    Last time I checked Travis Santiago was still the QB at Charter Oak, after winning a ring last year, and Damein is doing okay with their QBs.

    Rumors are all well and good but the truth is rumors hurt every one involved. That’s tHE point that will be made to you here time and again. ThIS isn’t MLB, the NFL or any other NCAA level nonsense…they’re kid.

    As far as the “woe is me” coaches…Truman said it best,


    I know “going in a different direction” or “spend time with my family” responses upset you but in an adult world where no one wants to burn bridges it’s best to say things that are standard company/professional “try and true” statements.

    I know for a fact your reporting “hurt” Ryan Longoria as his leaving LA became an excuse for trashing the kid. He played for my brother at Cathedtral and did his best under tough circumstances.

    Sometimes Aram being “first” isn’t teh end all you think it is. Most bloggers couldn’t care less when it says BREAKING NEWS anymore because of past trashings.

    Not calling you fat, uneducated or a blog terrorists just saying you suffer from premature…umm…ummm..exultation???

    See…all in good fun.

    No need to highlight differences at certain schools and not differences at others. You think Crutchfield got screwed in spite of mounting evidence he’d over stayed his welcome. NOw you’re running with this Rosemead story when , if quietly discussed inetrnally, mayeb both parties would have come to an understanding…if what you imply ius true.

    What “Service” to teh community do your serve by putting a spot light on a work related “internal” matter which hasn’t run it’s full course.

    Besides as Azusa, San Dimas and Damien have shown…sometimes the replacements are better than the coaches they replace, no matter how successful they were before. Wasn’t that the case with St. Lucy’s and Los Altos and in fact Boinita’s Volleyball coaches?

  • Coaching Circles

    Do you seriously think good high school coaches grow on trees? Why is it that more and more schools have 20 year old former players prowling the sidelines? Because fewer and fewer teachers want to get into coaching. Why? .25 cents an hour and increased demands placed on coaches. I know of coaches that spend $100 per week on meals for their players. Do the math. For a 10 week season that adds up to nearly 40% of a coaches stipend. Add to that the 10 hour work days, 7 day work weeks, having to buy or repair players’ equipment by yourself, cleaning the locker room and weight room area, etc. And doing all this with a program of 125 kids and little, or no, on- campus help. So when little frosh player Johnny gets into trouble the counselor calls the head varsity coach. When your JV place kicker’s mom wants to have a parent conference they call the varsity head coach. This is in conjunction with also being a fulltime teacher! Oh, and don’t forget the fundraising you HAVE to do because your football budget has been slashed to make room for a new flute section for the band! You also have to pay for fingerprinting, CPR/1st Aid and the CIF coaches certification test out of pocket. You get all these perks, and an ever shrinking athletic budget. Wow… it sounds like paradise too me.
    I have coached against Koffler and respect the man. BTW- The new weight room was built for PE classes. The new practice field grass is awesome if you can get the band and soccer off of it long enough to practice. I have an idea for the new scoreboard… Save the $50,000 spent on the scoreboard and divide it up between every on-campus coach!
    Sorry but a coach has a far greater impact on the lives of students than you could possibly ever understand. And for most of us all we want is just a hint of appreciation. We spend 4x as long with our kids than their classroom teachers, etc. And in most cases more time than their own fathers. On a daily basis we are teachers, mentors, parole officers, loan officers, grief counselors, substance abuse counselors, academic advisors, motivational speakers, maintenance workers and if we are lucky… we get to coach.

  • Koffler Supports School

    Koffler supports the school. Didn’t we recently hear how some football players and one runner went to the city council and got a lot of money to work with school district to build a new track, viedo scoreboard and built in timing for the track? Some football players may use the track for running, but where was the running team and coaches?
    Some football players and one runner are the ones that were said to have gotten the money for the track, no one else. Obviously, Koffler supports the school when his kids show up to support other sports. Only a few know the details, why couldn’t this story have waited? For the ego of the writer? Obviously, didn’t care what effect it might have on the players, school and the community without all the facts known.
    Why don’t you spend your time doing a story about “little San Gabriel Academy volleyball team’s journey to the championship game?

  • Colt74

    Coaching Circles,
    You sir are absolutely correct. I can’t remember 3/4 of my high school teachers but I remember every coach I have ever had. Every one of them had an impact on me and I THANKED EVERY ONE OF THEM. Just like I am you. Thanks for caring about your kids.

  • Goldenarm

    Coaching circles

    great post.

    Finding and hiring the right guy for your football program is near impossible nowadays. Koffler was(is) the right guy at Rosemead, the way Tip Sanders was the right guy at Blair and Mooney was the right guy at Temple City.
    When conflict arises with a player or parent, it activates the Tijuana Justice System, where the accused is guilty until proven innocent. This means your past history better be smellin like a rose and some ass-kissin must be considered immediately, because you are already in the fryin pan, and the oil has been pre-heated.
    The timing of the announcement is not good and neither is the circumstance for the Panther football program. The Rosemead job is not for the meek and like Coaching circles suggests, the quality within the hiring pool is declining every year.

  • Captain William F Call

    Show me the evidence that academic growth is gained by diminishing a school’s sports program. Your average administrator sees football as more work on their plate; three rounds in CIF equals an three extra nights of supervision.

  • Truth

    Koffler is getting out as soon as he can. Next years team is going to be horrible!!! The demographics are changing rapidly. Just ask T.C and Gabrielino. Koffler wants to go out on his own terms.

  • Joe Amat

    Coaching Circles,

    THAT was great! Fwd to all administrators. Coaching Matters. When you know you have a good one – do all you can to keep him/her. The impact is forever.

  • Just Saying

    Great post Coaching Circles:

    Everything and then some. Most coaches don’t coach for money but the love for the game. Administratrors fail to understand the importance of a good coach. They do more than just coach, in fact in some districts, the coaches have so many other obstacles that there is little or no time for coaching. From “nitpicking” district and school administrators, to faculty members who really don’t give a damn. I’ll do you one better… There is one local district that has never and still doesn’t offer CIF pay for its coaches and they have had quite a few teams make it to CIF in various sports. I just think that the powers that be don’t appreciate what sports and good coaches can do for the climate of a school. If you look at coaching turnover in the past 10 years its ridiculous. Many of these coaches are also excellent teachers as well so it is a double loss when it comes to losing a person like this. Sure these are extracurricular activities but take them away and watch what happens. Coaches like Flemming over at Ganesha goes through the unthinkable. Declining enrollment, gang and family issues, and “fickle and front running” administrators who don’t see what these types of coaches do behind the scenes. Todays coach has to be a parent, social worker, tutor etc. just to try and keep their program together. When you see coaches talking before a game, don’t be inclined to think they are discussing their season. I guarantee that 99% of these conversations have to do with the issues dicussed here.

  • pantherman

    How do you figure next years team is going to be horrible, when the roster is made up of Juniors and seniors. Regardless of who is coaching, there will be talent, the only thing they will have to do is find a quarterback; and I’m sure they won’t be the only school trying to do that!

  • Back Off

    Instead of bashing Aram you should be praising him for having the balls to expose the many weak administrators running our neighborhood schools.

  • Back off,

    Don’t sweat it. It’s the same guy posting under his many different names. He likes to try and stir things up in hopes of getting the whole entire Valley to lynch me.

    So, he’ll post something in protest over something I wrote, then using another name he will respond to his post in hopes of getting some momentum.

    You can read his work under the names Mean Machine, FC, among others. And there’s usually a reference to Damien or Salesian. It’s getting comical, really.

  • Colt74

    I am at a serious loss as to why the outburst against Aram for posting this.
    1. Because the coach had no comment this should not be reported? So if I rob a bank, get caught, but say “no comment” when asked for one it should not be reported?
    2. Does anyone here think that waiting to break the news to the players is going to make a difference? Maybe it works out the other way and the kids play their hearts out for what the coach has done for them. Just a thought.
    Does anyone here think that during their game they are going to be worried about who is going to be the coach next year????? The only thing they will be thinking of is what is on their plate today. Have any of the kids quit and turned in their gear? I didn’t think so…..
    3. What do you do when you watch something on the news or hear something on the radio that you don’t agree with ? Do you call the station or send off an angry letter or email? Again..I didn’t think so. But it’s easy to log into a blog and blast away. Instant self gratification.
    4. If you don’t like what is being reported you could always start your own newspaper. That way YOU can report what YOU think is important. But then again, you would have to answer to someone else that didn’t like what YOU reported. Or… you could start your own blog and just delete what you didn’t agree with. That’s what you are trying to do here.
    5. I’ve met Aram. I’ve shook his hand. There is not one molecule in my body that doubts Arams integrity, his commitment to his job, or his qualifications. Just because you don’t like the message you don’t shoot the messenger.

    I wonder how many resumes the Tribune is going to get this week from people thinking they can do it better?


    To the propeller head a.k.a. Concerned Rosemead.Spoken like someone who has never taken a snap,sank a winning free-throw or scored the winning run in the bottom of the seventh!Caution, your chip is showing!

    #1. First,a little history lesson.The present administration did not rehire Mr. Koffler.The new track,weight room,scoreboard and practice field are not for the exclusive use of the football program and Mr.Koffler.These enhancements are for the use and enjoyment for all of the Rosemead H.S. students.Mr. Koffler would be the first to acknowledge this.

    #2.As for schedule changes.Classes and schedule changes are made all the time during the school year.Classes get combined,dropped and added all the time during each semester.However, the will to make the changes has to be there.

    #3.As for your shots at Aram and this blog,it is a BLOG!!! Jeeze nancy, who did you think you were writing to,The National Review?It is a BLOG in the San Gabriel Tribune for Christ sake .

    #4. Finally. you make the same false assumptions most propeller heads make,that strong athletic programs and a superior academic program cannot co-exist.Last time I checked Glendora,Upland,Charter-Oak,Bonita,And Bishop Amat all enjoyed favorable reputations as strong, academically challenging schools.However,when someone mentions Glendora H.S. I do not think of their award winning Horticulture Club.I think of Coach LeDuc,a nationally recognized coach and his well disciplined and hard playing kids.I also think of a baseball program led by Dan Henley that is second to none.When I hear Charter Oak H.S. mentioned,I do not think of their highly acclaimed Re-Cycling club,I think of a superior athletic program for both young men and women which is anchored by strong football and baseball programs year after year.Show me an academically challenging high school and will show you a school with an exceptional athletic program!

    Just my opinion of course

    El LOBO

  • People know nothing about journalism

    People, Police officers, The FBI and reporters rely on their sources, and a part of the deal is that they remain unidentified. If reporters, were giving up their sources , then you would never have any breaking news! I am sure Aram wishes he was a psychic, but his not. I am sure that he was not sitting in the office and “wham” he just got this idea that something was going on in Rosemead. Something happened, something was said. Someone brought this to his attention. No doubt about it. The Blog title says”Likely”. It does not mean that he is out or in. Not one person has recieved news with all the facts! The purpose of this article was to let people know there is something going on in Rosemead. News is always changing. Koffler could change his mind about staying or leaving. Obviously the fact that Koffler has not commented or came out and said this is false. If there was no truth to this article, do you think that editor would allow this? Do you think that tribune news group would just let thier writers go around reporting on falsehoods? I have been reading them for years. They have been credible. Look at the Mooney situaton. They did not Have every detail, but he did not coach the rest of the year. It’s not the reporters job to keep things secret or not break stories until Fans, parents admins and coaches feel comfortable. Koffler knows he is the playoffs. It’s his responsibility not to talk about next year until next year. Even if he knows he is leaving, know one else would know until he said something. Even if the administration, ask him about next year, or ask him to do something different, there is no benifit in him saying anything. For this kind of talk to be springing up during the playoffs is Rosemeads fault and the coach, not the paper reporting on it. He easily could have kept this to himself, and waited until the week after they are out the playoffs to have any dialogue regarding anything other than playoff talk. The chances are slim to none that he did not tell anyone anything. People should be upset with that someone told in confidence. It’s your job to keep your mess inhouse! I love hearing whats going on. Now that the news is out Rosemead may need a new coach, there is pressure on them to get it resolved quickly and do a good job. Some people got it dead wrong. High school sports is essential for some students and the high school experience. Not every kid wakes up in the morning worried about going to school, or getting good grades or even graduating. Sports may be the tool that gets these kids to come to school, get passing grades, graduate and go to college. It may be the tool that keeps a kid from going to jail or getting into drugs, or having a kid. If you kill your sports programs now you have 150 boys hanging out instead of being at practice. Now you have ahtletes who were turning it around turning back to their old ways. There is no way you can say that these admins are looking at the big picture. They are on a power trip. Good teachers, good coaches and good administration are hard to find or replace. Never underestimate the importance of so called “extra ciricular” activities. Sport and clubs play a big role on campus life. If they were not important, then why does Harvard and Yale, have teams? There are many things you need to develop in life. Sports teaches you how to deal with people. When ever a pillar of a community, may be leaving, people need to know. For every person on here complaining about this story, there is a person on here who wants a heads up. If you think the parent of a young 8th grade football player, who is thinking about sending their kid to Rosemead is not interested in this story, think again! If you think some young great coach looking for a head coaching job is not interested in this story think again. The Same people complaining today, will be the same people pissed if going into the summer we finally find out koffler is out, look at Basset, Look at Duarte. I say Find out all you can Aram…and keep the heat on these administrations who let good guys go because they won’t kiss thier asses. To me its dum because, schools get money based upon # of students and test scores…If you are good in athletics, you will atract extra students from just beeing good. Those students that come for sports are goin to pass their classes and get good scores. What’s the down side to being good in sports. I have not seen any school that is not Power house in sports also not a great academic school. They get it…thats why thier put alot of pride into thier athletics. They want to be excellent in all they do. Thats education. This is a sports blog, of course everyone here support education first, but some also feel sports is encompassed in the education experience for their teen. When a school makes a bad choice on the hiring o firing of a coaches it effects hunderds or thousands of people. Aram has been on the hunt for athletic program killers and I am with him on that. When Education and sports were important to educators, communities were better and safer. People were more active, kids walk around with their letterman jacket even if they were not on the team. Friday night, the game was the place to be. Now you go to a game and no one is there. I wonder what are those kids doing? I wonder where they are at…Possibly in front of a cpu screen locked in the room, or getting into trouble somewhere etc…. Now that everyone is pushing this only Education matters crap…we are far worse. Test scores are lower, its just a mess. Its about being a well rounded person. Lets give our kids the best teachers coaches and get bad administrators out. We want or kids to be educated, active, and fit! Great story Aram.

  • Doug

    If Koffler leaves Rosemead I wouldn’t be surprised to See RHS football players and future RHS football players transferring over to Arroyo or Temple City. That would be benefical for those schools but a bad idea for Rosemead

  • why?

    Why don’t other local newspaper journalists send out as much gossip as SGV does? Because just as Aram noted gossip whether true or false stirs the pot or put another way gets hits. This football blog is like a small town and in a small town gossip hurts innocent people. Its like finding out your neighbors may be getting a divorce and then spreading it around town. Who does it hurt? Their kids for one and maybe it interferes with plans of a reconciliation. The tone of this article and the one about Duarte smacks of cyber-bullying. The parties that are being made to look at best incompetent and at worst vindictive don’t comment on the gossip so as to not give such gossip any more traction. If our not that small community of bloggers keep up this type of gossip someone, usually an innocent party is going to get unnecessarily hurt for the only purpose of stirring the pot. I like this blog and do get tittalated by Breaking News too, but after reading this piece I thought there is a possibility of real live people getting hurt. No I don’t think kids from Rosemead will turn in their pads because of this story but your kidding yourself if you think it won’t hamper the teams focus and enjoyment of their game. To me this is not an op-ed piece but just not very well thought out gossip column written to generate hits. If so congratulations it worked and like you said Aram, “no sweat”.

  • come on now

    @ why…

    newspapers whether it be for a large or small area do things the same way. The more local the paper is, the more personal it gets. Everyone has a job to do. I ask you this. How does aram get his stories? It’s obvious that someone from rosemead said something. Coaches are not going to be at schools forever. Coaches come and go. The news papers have the right to write about it. kids have to learn to deal with adversity. It’s a part of life…someone you love at work is going to quit or get fired. There is nothing you can do but move on. It’s sad that the kids have to deal with this, but it is what it is. It wont be the first time or last time something like this like this happens.

  • By the way, the Scoreboard at Rosemead is the best i have ever seen at a high school, dont worry, there are some talented players from the Rebels program comming up soon, they will be fine ,

  • I appreciate the kind words (and even the not-so-kind). I know everybody responds to things differently, and that’s OK.

    I never really thought of myself as like a renegade going after administrations who bury their athletic programs and coaches.

    One of my strengths is seeing the big picture really well, and I’m telling you right now that the way this all is heading is toward PRIVATE schools dominating the sports landscape because they’re fast becoming the only ones TRULY interested in strong athletic programs and treating coaches right.

    If the public schools don’t wake up soon, it will be all over by next decade.

  • Aaron

    That’s where you fail to see the big picture.

    Your job as a sportswriter isn’t to spread gossip, you know I have yet to see a story about Bassett this year and how coach Duncan was able to scrap and get his boys to win just a little?

    Where have the human interest pieces been. I’m talking a real story not a short profile…you could have gone down to La Serna, down the street to West Covina, to La Verne, to Claremont. A real story on Azusa. However, I get this gossip, your talent as a writer being squandered.

    Not only do I not care about reading that Matt Koffler is leaving Rosemead, I find it disrespectful to him as a person. It’s not just you, someone must have told you this. So they’re done as well.

    Did you know that the big picture today isn’t about athletics, and as it always will be is about the money. That big picture is about the laws that were passed during the Bush administration mandating higher test scores…you know what happens when you don’t meet the benchmark…instead of giving the school more money to solve the problem they exacerbate the issue by taking money away.

  • Aaron,

    This isn’t gossip. That’s why you don’t get it. This is sourced reporting. And it’s not about being first … because there is no second. You think I’m worried about scooping something before Fred gets it?

    You can go to ESPN, CNN, FOX, Yahoo, you name it, and they use sourced reporting ALL THE TIME. This is sourced reporting.

    My job is to report. My job isn’t to worry about the mental health of a team. I don’t work PR for the teams, but you know exactly where to go to find that type of coverage and it ain’t here.

    As I said before, you’re brainwashed and it’s OK. Go read about lollipops and ice cream cones, you know where to get it. You probably shouldn’t be here.

    Oh wait, that’s right, this is the place where the actual news gets reported, aka my job.

  • why

    Aaron, The big picture to Aram is actually a little picture. Private schools can recuit and give schlorships and financial help to get the best athletes in the SGV and other areas in socal. Just let these schools bump heads with each other in their own leagues, end of problem.The big picture is that public schools are being ravaged and raped by our own government. Administrators are trying to run many programs with less and less money and football is a very expensive sport even if many programs make money.With coaches making no money for public school coaching there has to be some reason for dismissing them or causing them to quit. I don’t need to know those private issues and if some body whispers some of these secrets to me I wonder what their agenda may be for telling me the dirt. Someone wrote”this is a blog nancy” , does,that mean anything goes, like a bunch of gossipy old women? If that is so then that guy is right, I know not a thing about journalism


    Aaron, your pretty rough on ARAM? LOL.. Yes being a sportswriter can be pretty tough and it’s like being a referee or umpire. They love one minute and the next minute they’re hating on you! Araron you’ve got to admit, ARAM can write some good articles that can stir up a hornets nest on the blog. What just a couple of weeks ago he had that article about Bonita and West Covina game, and I believe he had something about Charter Oak if i’m not mistaken.

    Wow he pissed off a lot Bonita faithful, but you know who he really pissed off, was all the Covina people. First he says and Fred, that Covina should be the number one seeded team and what not, but then this week he has AZUSA winning Covina. So go figure that one out, but i’m good with that,lol… I was enjoying that inside, but I didn’t come on here bragging about that. Aaron you and I know anything can happen in A football game on any given day or night.

    I just can’t get over how well AZUSA has done these last three years and especially this year! I been on hear trying to make a little noise on here for three long seasons and you know Aaron, I’ve take all kinds of SEAGULL CRAP, to put it lightly. I also can remember reading your post about Bonita and making your point accross, now look where Bonita’s at! Just like Fred predicted San Dimas to win over Monrovia, stating a team couldn’t be beat twice in a season and look how he called right!

    I’m sure there’s a lot of Seniors that are very happy about BONITA beating SD, and I believe that set the tone for Bonitas season. Aaron I hope if Bonita gets a chance to play WC again, they would probably beat them at THEIR HOUSE!

    You know what Aaron all these Christians schools got me a little nervous, it’s kind of like the X factor?? Do you know anything about Village Christian, way out there in Sun Valley, and any intell would be great!LOL.
    Aaron goodluck to Bonita and AZUSA in the first round, because if we were to lose, I can see it now!!! Or maybe I don’t want to see it, if you know what i mean!
    Good luck!




    Please excuse my last entry post, my grammar is horrible!I Was posting at work after doing a double shift. Can you say word perfect next time! LOL…

  • FC

    I have to agree with Aram.

    Only private schools will stand a chance againt the wave of adminsitrators of private schools who “get it”. However San Dimas won in Football and Baseball and did okay on SDoftball and Soccer while doing well academically, Glendora won in Baseball and had success in other sports on both sides of the gender line while providing a first rate education, Northview has dominated in Wrestling, done well in Baseball, Softball and other sports, Charter Oak just came off a great Football run of back to back Championships and recently won in Baseball with a far, far superior academic portfoilio, Bonita has an outstanding reputaion in delivering great academics, great community support and has doen so with outstanmding coaching staffs in Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball and Water Band and other sports,Azusa has delivered in their quest to “Stand and Deliver” with their fine HC (sorry don’t know much about teh academics but Aztec Pride’s son sure seemed like a fine young man when I met him), Diamond Ranch has excreptional Staff, Coaches, Administrators and SPorts Programs on par with the ebst around, Ayala gets it done in both arenas as does the outsanding school for all needs Chino Hills which facilitates great academics with outstanding Sports Programs thru out teh school on both sides of teh gender line. South Hills is every one’s darling so what schools exactly are you referring to Aram?

    Workman, Bassett, LOs Altos, Wilson, Duarte, Pasadena, Muir,…oh wait I forgot how about La Mirada, La Habra and La Serna, Schurr who do pretty well in delivering a great highh school experience….wait did I miss any one?

    How many Championships does Damein have since 1981 in Football, Amat since 1995? How about in Basketball? Damein has ZERO. Amat has one I be4live a few years back and LVL has two of late but blows in most otehr sports

    Where’s the “private ” school dominance in this Valley of ours Aram?

    How am I missing the BIg Picture?

  • Paparrazi

    Why is everyone surprised?? Here we go again on the rumors… Regardless if it’s true or not, coach Koffler will make the right decision of his career based around his family. So let’s stop giving him a hard time and wish him the best in whatever he chooses. My personal thought, it’s time for a change… He’s developed so much talent throughout the years, and his success has shown through MVL Championships and CIF Finals appearances. So, coach Koffler I hope the best for you, and hope to see you at a school that respects what you’ve done. It’s time for RHS to replace the coaching staff you currently have… If not than you need a change with new challenges ahead. Maybe you should’ve went to Los Altos or Buena Park this past season. Even though RHS is your alum, we would love to see you in different colors next season!

  • Goldenarm

    pantherman, paul

    Your assertion “Rosemead will be fine” is like cliff diving with a blindfold on.

    It is great to know you have talented juniors and good kids coming up the pipe. THIS ALONE does not guarantee you success in the least. It guarantees nothing in fact.

    The wrong coaching staff can bring upheaval, go the “wrong direction”, destroy unity and confidence, and set a program back 5 years as a result of a single season. Never expect a new head coach to retain the best qualities of what came before him…he may or may not. His expectations of the kids may be totally different and the assistants under him may be equally ineffective or disruptive in their own ways.

    In my opinion Rosemead plays good football and I like their style of football (with the exception of excessive penalties). Koffler fits at the Mead. When you are a parent with a kid in the program, a transition year like this apparently may be – is the worst. Stability is the friend of long term and year to year football success – when you have dedicated coaches with pride in their school.
    If it is your son’s upcoming senior year and an offseason of uncertainity awaits – don’t sit back and think everything will be fine. Get involved in the hiring process and be vocal about what you think is important. You never know what the administration and hiring board see as the “best ” candidate – it may very well be the person most likely to send your team spiraling toward the cellar. With a head coaching vacancy, being passive and simply hoping for the best
    is not a good idea.

    Good luck to the Mead and Coach K – (except for this Friday).

  • koff

    looks like you have had plenty of lollipops and ice cream cones in your day. call 24 hr fitness ASAP SLOB!

  • FC

    I see Ateh cat has got Aram’s tongue so maybe otehr bloggers can help Aram out.


    Don’t mean to shout but I just want to high light a point Aram is making.

    Worded differently:


    Let’s see how Aram addresses that issue.

    We’ve ranked players, coaches and other things why not rank ADs or Sportss Programs in the Fish Bowl.

    Maybe then I’ll see Big Picture huh Aram.

    IF you really knew ADs and COACHES as you pretend to say you do you’d understand what a lousy angle you’ve taken to try and generate hits.

    For reference points maybe bloggers could mention what they honestly think of their school’s programs rather than hear it from Aram who as trustworthy as randy or whitey, and that ain’t saying much.

    Heck all we do is talk about kids how about a littel adult conversation now that Atram want to play “chicken littel sht” with Professional Educators who apparently see right thru his BS.

    Consider the source…Here ADs and Principals hve advanced degrees and this GED level hack attacks them without foundation or substance.

    So tell me “former” Wonderboy (that passed at 32…what gives?

    Come up with some names and schools that support your contention.

    Game on.

  • sgvpride

    Crickets, Crickets, Crickets!

  • Colt74

    After reading MANY of your self righteous rants and name calling tirades it is clear to any one here with 3 firing brain cells,it would be impossible for one to have “a littel(sp) adult conversation” with you as you request.

    For anyone to try and hold an adult conversation with you it would be as frustrating as trying to discuss colors with someone who is blind or like discussing sexual positions with a nun…….
    Speaking of nun….. I bet if you took a survey that would also be the number of people that after reading your last Pulitzer post that think that you DON’T have deep seeded personal issues which cause you to act out in fits of rage.

    You are not here to discuss anything. You are here to try an shove your views down peoples throats and berate/belittle those that want no part of it. You must really have some deep seeded pain that causes you to be the way you are. I sincerely hope that somehow you can get your issues resolved and can rejoin the land of the living.

  • eagle20

    If Koffler leaves, please hire Ray Hernandez at Rosemead. šŸ˜‰

  • Mustang77

    Colt74 really?

    So do you have an issue with Aram”s assertion that “private school’s are the only ones who get it”? I ‘ve seen Covina during the McD & Pill years and have friends and family at Covina “presently” who don’t think Private schools will dominate any time soon. BTW cheer for my nephew this Friday. I’ll be at the game cheering him on so maybe you can come up to me and give me a quick view of your deck of ‘Crazy Nun Tricks”.

    So does Covina have issues where the powers that be are undermining Covina sports and what private shcool EXACTLY is taking all teh atlent away? I mena isn’t Azusa a good example of a public school that turned itself around? How about Glendora’s Championship? San Dimas? and otehr public schools that continue to get things done with teh scraps that Webb, LVL, Damein and Bishop Amat and St. Lucy’s leave behind.

    Jsut a joke taht you would attack me for taking Aram to task for being, in my view, of being slightl;y irersponsible and randomly unprofessional.

    Now Aeram also knows I’ll give him credit for doing a good job but I’ve never been an Aram stalker so why say I am.

    That’s Aram’s position isn’t it?

    Colt74 this is a high school blo but we’re not in high school so leave the “hey he’s picking on my buddy…JUMP HIM!!!” mentality to the kids in high school.

    Stick to the points at hand.

    1) was it wis eto discuss Koffler leaving before a big game and layinmg teh blame at teh feet of the school’s administration.

    2) Is there an effort by Private local schools to undermine public schools disadvantage of poor support by local schools adminstrations.

    BTW Bonita, Chino Hills, Glendora, Upland, Northview, Azusa, Covina, San Dimas, Azusa, Charter Oak ect ect ect think differently.

    BTW the best nun position…”first in line into the Pearly Gates”…thought you knew.

  • Colt74

    “this all is heading is toward PRIVATE schools dominating the sports landscape because they’re fast becoming the only ones TRULY interested in strong athletic programs and treating coaches right.”

    I don’t care if Donald Duck said it. I agree with it. It is becoming harder and harder for public schools to fund and keep out of the red a sports program. Less money from the state means more money from the parents. Parents now have to pay for the insurance, the physicals, Booster Club fees, bake sales, car washes, BBQ’s and anything else they can do to raise money to help foot a teams bills. Budget cut time who loses out first? Historically Sports and Arts. If it comes down to new computers for the Spanish lab or new pads for the tackling sled who do you think wins?
    Being a coach now has to be infinitely harder than say back in the 70’s.
    last time I checked our economy is tanking. Private schools normally have a higher family income per student. They also usually have a huge alumni association to draw upon in times of needs for their sports programs. Private schools have to offer a better product to draw their students to them. A local school gets Johnny from across the street. Now, who has
    to do everything they can to keep their students and replenish the graduating class of this year?
    Lets say Covina is forced to do away with their football. Little Johnnys parents can not afford to move or put little johnny in private school. Little Johnny is forced to go to Covina. Now Bishop Amat can not afford to have a football program. Little Thurston Howell the third then goes to another private school with a good sports program. Which school is FORCED to offer a better sports program?
    Go to a school board meeting sometime and see some heated conversations about having to cut out a football program and pissing off 90 parents or cutting out shop classes and pissing off 400 parents. See who wins. Strength in numbers wins.
    Another aspect is parent involvement. Go to a normal Azusa high football game and count parents. Then go to a Bishop Amat game and count parents. I read that less than 32% of parents go to a public school football game compared to 85% for a private school. The private school parents go for Thurston and to check on their “investment”. The public school parents not at the game didn’t want to miss their HeHaw reruns. Parent involvement in all aspects of private school verses public school is at a 3 to 1 ratio in the last statistic chart I read. Private schools try to get their parents involved with anything that they can and most private schools REQUIRE parents to give so many hours a semester/year as part of the tuition package.
    Seriously who here would send their kids to Covina High if they had the same chance to send their kids to Bishop Amat? I’m a Covina alumni and proud of it but that is a no brainer in my opinion. Which school looks better on an entrance application to USC? Private schools HAVE to get the best and hold on to them if they are good. Public schools have a sign in the principles office that says don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. And yes..I believe that.

  • FC ….Trojan, Warror, Regnt and Spartan Dad

    See Colt now that’s an “adult” conversation. While I agree with your perception it’s not teh over whelming “truth” in our Fish Bowl, which was my point.

    AS far as Private schools go, again that’s not as clear cut as you’d think. My Dad made less than $20,000 in 1977 and still was able to put 8 kids thru 12 years of “private” school. When My kids were at St. Loise of France every month it was a balancing act to keep kids in school. Trsut me it was with a win and a great in=laws.

    In fact you’re right about tough choices as both Mc D and Ralph Diaz went to school with my son, Mc D at an elementary public and Diaz at a Private.

    I know it’s tough but to Aram’s point, as you clearly articulated, it’s about ECONOMICS and not about ADMINSTARTIVE neglect that makes tough choices a reality.

    That was always my point. In fact when I seen Ralph Diaz play football I can say honestyly I’ve never seen a more comfortable violent player out here. At teh All Satr practice I asked him where he was going to play, (in my mind he was next level materail at teh LB position, he said…”Mr. C….I gotta work…that’s it for me. I’d love to play but…it just isn’t gonna happen or me.” Broke my heart..he was “potentially” a pretty special soem where.

    So Colt 74..I may have made a few jokes at your expense, on other threads, but understand I mean no harm. It’s jsut I hate when Aram throws people under the bus, as far back as Mr. Norys from Rowland years ago, or rallies his “hangers on” to dump onn some one who calls him on something instea dof addressing teh central points of differences.

    BTW my son garduates from USC come May after 4 years from Marshall’s School of Business…one of teh best in the country. How many All League and All Area kids can say the same?

    Put sports in perspective, how many Al Bundys don’t we all know?

    FIGHT ON!!!

    BTW can’t wait to see that Damein parent who told me four years ago @ USC’s Parent Orientation, “YOU PEOPLE GET ALL THE BREAKS”.

    Yeah…sure we do.

    FOUR YEARS..well done mijo!

    Como que no?

  • Colt74

    Stick to the points at hand.

    1) was it wis eto discuss Koffler leaving before a big game and layinmg teh blame at teh feet of the school’s administration.

    I commented on that earlier in this thread.

    2) Is there an effort by Private local schools to undermine public schools disadvantage of poor support by local schools administrations.

    I’ll let you answer that question yourself. But, consider this.

    In all aspects of life the strong pray on the weak.

    A private school is a business. If any business did not take full advantage of a competitors weakness or what ever opportunity that may be laid at their feet for their advantage they would be remiss. If My company made widgets and company B made Widgets and I could see that Company B was having a hard time whether thru cash flow problems, mismanagement, or whatever. And I knew that they had unhappy customers…my salesmen would be contacting each and every customer of theirs and presenting our portfolio and services to them in a heartbeat.

    Now substitute that business for a high school. If you are not taking care of the customer ( parents ) school B ( Private ) will.

    Our Public High schools have a serious cash flow problem. There is only so much money available to fund whatever that school may need. High schools in a more affluent community may be able to rely on parents and gifts from outside to help subsidize their sports and other extra curricular activities. Maybe indefinitely, but surely longer than a High school in an economically challenged community. If parents and educators, administrators, and our state elected do not plan ahead, and address the issues at hand High school sports will become cost prohibitive in the near future in economically challenged areas. Schools will be forced to cut out what it can not afford. And the private schools may be the only game in town for parents and kids that want to play.

    So I guess I did answer your question. Private schools will do whatever they can legally to get good players to attend their school. If you can’t take care of Johnny and his parents needs they will.

  • Colt74

    Bishop Amat tuition

    Tuition for 2010-2011 is $6,435 and registration fees are $700. There will be an increase for 2011-2012.

    Todays per year cost : $7135

  • Colt74

    I can’t believe I’m up at 3am but this subject IS perplexing me. I see what Aram is saying but I see what you have a problem with too.
    Do I think the majority of school administrators are throwing their sports programs under the bus just because they can? No. There may be instances where the administration has never been keen on sports and budget cut time they use their prejudices but I think that would be extremely rare. I think it all comes down to $. If it ain’t there the principle can not poop it out. Are principles going to raid their own checking accounts for the football program? Would you? Sports will be dying out in high schools for 3 reasons:
    1. Lack of state funds
    2. Lack of community support
    3. Lack of parent support
    There has to be a reason that most coaches are so under paid. My guess is the money is not there. Another thing I overlooked is football ( Or any sport ) is an extracurricular activity. It HAS to take a lower level of importance compared to the VITAL elements of the school ( the 3 R’s ).
    Do I think that high schools are just arbitrarily letting go of good coaches? No. There HAS to be some underlying reason that we are not privy too. Maybe it is a personality conflict. Who knows unless both parties state the reason(s). Now if a certain administrator has a history of losing good coaches then I would have to say that the problem lies with the administrator but, that would be a gut reaction and not fair to say without all the facts. So after 4 plus hours on this subject my gut feeling is that the administrators “get it” but their hands may be tied financially or otherwise of what they can do about “it”.

    Bed time.

  • FC ….Trojan, Warror, Regnt and Spartan Dad

    See Colt74 that wasn’t so hard, lol.

    NOw in terms of what you said I agree that’s a perception, short on cash …dump sports. However that’s not as easily said as done and the contributing factors to the academic process need to be examined.

    For example, in what areas are sports a hinderance and why? In what areas do administrators ahve to make these tough choices and why?

    What role if any does a HC play in the development of a school’s self image and community persona?

    But more to the point I don’t see too many local communities where sport’s are under attack in a whole sale fashion. Better yet wouldn’t it have been more productive to have an article about teh pressure of financial concerns faced by school districts and how those differences, be they monetary. social economic or cultural, starin teh realtionship between all the interested parties.

    Bassett for example pulled together this year, after a series of institutional msisteps. and actually beat a well satffed Workman team 28-6 and came away with a 3-7 record. Not bad considering teh musical chairs they endured at teh helm.

    I will concede I don’t know teh specifics of lower income school districts but that only high lights my query…in what universe are we having thsi discussion…Comptaon or Covina.

    With all teh Travel Ball teams, Pop Warner, Softball and baseball teams and teh countless Covian parenst, fans and local legendary coaches avalilable to Covina kids…wher’s the administratyive resolve tyo throw a wrench in anyone’s ability to have supportive high school experience?

    I just don’t see the chicken little scenario taht’s being painted by Aram.

    OC…not going to happen, The IE…not in our life time…the SGV…please WE BLOG LIKE NO OTEHR…the inner city…okay but some one has to tell Roosevelt and Garfield’s 20,000 fans there won’t be aa ELA Classic mas my fundio!!!

    The economy will slowly improve and this conversation will go away. Maybe things will chnage but as we’ve seen most Americans would rather give up their finger nails tahn give up Friday Nights.

    Anyway time for “these” kids to play a game to remember and time for old fartys and past “legends” to sprinkle their “knowledge” in the stands.

    Today both teams win..hey they made the playoffs…that’s worth remembering regardless of teh final score.

    Colt74…thanks for the chat. Enjoy the game.

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