Singiser says controversial penalty at end of San Dimas-Arroyo game was “correct call” after seeing the video …

Arroyo coach Jim Singiser has reviewed the tapes following his team’s controversial 21-14 loss to San Dimas in the first round of the CIF Mid-Valley Division playoffs and says the referee’s call of an illegal forward pass on the game’s final play was “fair”.

Trailing 21-14 with four seconds left and the ball at the Saints’ 26, Arroyo quarterback Steven Rivera took the final snap of the game and fired a pass to Andre Kerkhoff, who threw the ball back to Rivera, who took the ball about 15 yards for what might have been the game-tying score.

Soon after Rivera caught the ball and was making his way to the end zone, the referee threw a flag and called an illegal forward pass, which ended the game and the Knights’ season.

“It was the correct call,” Singiser said Saturday morning. “… by one foot. We had to watch the tape twice to see the second pass was thrown about a foot forward. I just don’t know if you make that call unless you’re 100-positive it was forward. It was a very close call.”

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  • oldschoolpanther

    I am a long time panther fan and I must say that I admire coach Jim Singiser for admitting that he is wrong. I would let my kid play for a man like that.

  • Admission?

    “I just don’t know if you make that call unless you’re 100-positive it was forward. It was a very close call.” Sounds to me like a backhanded admission to being wrong. In retrospect, Jim probably should have waited before calling Aram to comment on the call. It was a painful loss, but how would the San Dimas players and staff have felt had the official not made the “right call” because it was close. Great season Knights be proud of the effort.

  • Panther Pride

    Hats off to Coach Singiser and the Knights. Holding the defending champs for that long is quite an achievement. It would have been a sight to see both arroyo and rosemead advance to the second round. Singiser is a great coach, mad-respect to the man. I admire the fact that he did not complain, instead he took it like a man and made it official. As for the panthers They have a big week next week, anything is possible in the playoffs. This team can BRING THE WOOD, if they do, they will be in for a ride! Good luck to my Panthers and Good job to the neighbors down the street.

  • threat

    San Dimas fans always find something to complain about and no the coach should not be fired. The playoffs are intense just like 2008 when the Panthers spank the Saints and the fans from San Dimas acted like a bunch of sore losers.

  • Knight

    When he argued the spot it was during an Arroyo timeout. And he did not give the fans the finger. He threw his hand up and may have said the same thing, but there was 5 fingers given not one. And the dumbest comment was that he “grabbed an official by the throat”. Are you retarded? He would have been arrested & CIF would ban him for life. The official said if Singiser didn’t go back to the sideline he’d get flagged. So what, the game was over! SD fans the officials DID NOT cost Arroyo the game. You guys won it. Congratulations and good luck as you move on. Our coach, may have been emotional at the end of a tough game, but please get your facts straight before you post.

  • WTF

    God people are sick! Fan of the game you are exactly why it is getting harder and harder to coach football. I have no ties to Arroyo or the MVL. You, however are a sad bum.

    Your IP address should be looked up and you should be held accountable for those defamatory statements. Shame on You!

  • Knightfan

    I have watched Coach Singiser since he came to Arroyo. He is not the type of person to give an inappropriate “one finger” salute to anyone.His teams are always well prepared. He is candid with fans and the media.He is respectful of all opponents.I would love for my grandsons to play for him.

  • let ’em play

    So one can assume that since Coach Singiser is such a man of character and leader of young men that he will make a public apology since he made such a public scene after the play??

  • Wow! You did a great job. You should write regularly!

  • I dont normally post comments but I would like to add that if you google the subject you will get many different opinions.