Baldwin Park defensive coordinator Wardell Crutchfield Jr. resigns …

Baldwin Park defensive coordinator and former Duarte head coach Wardell Crutchfield Jr. resigned Friday following the Braves’ 31-7 loss to Schurr in the first round of the Mid-Valley Division playoffs.

“That was always the plan,” Crutchfield said. “Even if I was still at Duarte, it would have been my last year. I was just coaching until all my boys were done.”

Cructchfield’s son, Wardell III was a senior linebacker at Baldwin Park. He will play at UTEP next season along with Baldwin Park teammate Demetrius Jackson.

Crutchfield was fired at Duarte following the 2008 season and quickly landed on his feet at Baldwin Park, calling the defense under head coach James Heggins. Baldwin Park allowed 24 points per game this season and 14.8 ppg. in 2009.

“It was a little bit different because I wasn’t the head guy,” Crutchfield said of his time at Baldwin Park. “Coach Heggins is a good dude and we had some former Duarte coaches over there, so that made it good for me, too.”

“It was fun. I think we made some kids better and some programs better. I was able to get some kids out and help them become better young men, so it was good.”

Crutchfield didn’t rule out a return to coaching, but said it would only be as an assistant to his cousin Tony Crutchfield if he got a head job and wanted help.

Crutchfield was head coach at Duarte between 2004-08. In that time, he brought the Falcons program back to prominence with several high-profile D-1 signees, two Montview League titles and a trip to the semifinals.

Aram’s take: Crutchfield has an 11-year-old daughter who runs track and plays volleyball (look for her to be at Diamond Ranch in a few years), so he wants to spend time getting her athletic career off the ground. And with WC3 headed to UTEP, he’ll have more time to go to his games over the next few years. I for one am sad to see him go. You can’t argue with his record and his ability to get kids on to D-1 schools. Plus, Coach Crutch always told like it is.

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  • NotBuyingIt

    He’ll have more time to spend with his daughter (1) and be able to go to his son’s games (2)..BUT…he COULD come back to be an assistant for his cousin (3). So in actuality the first 2 CAN take a back seat to number 3. His daughter won’t be in High School for a while and College plays on Saturdays.

    Translation: I cleaned out Duarte and got what I can get. No one else to steal and I saw what we have here at Baldwin Park after this year so SEE YA!!!!!

  • Hummmmm

    That’s the problem with High School level coaches that are there to coach their sons. By nature other parents sons are relegated of less importance. No Way B.P. should have lost to Schur like that.

  • Can you say LVL ?

    wow…so it that why soooooooooooo many guys get into coaches…to coach their kids?

    WHO KNEW! ! !! !!

    Pretty disgusting.

  • so what!! he’s leaving?


    “Coach Heggins is a good dude” really that’s all you have to say after he let you take over his program with leftovers from Duarte.Hey Crutch “c’est la vie” dude!!!!!! Its spanish for GO AWAY!!!!!!

  • braves

    I am glad the he is gone he just wanted his son to shine and never gave the homegrown Baldwin park kids a chance #33 is a way better running back than his son will ever be and shame on higgens for letting cruch take over the team he ran the show and higgens just stood back and watch him take over

  • patrick

    @ Braves

    Your about as ignorant as they come! Cruthfield had “nothing” to do with who played and who didnt, you DID get the part about him being an assistant right?? If he didnt care about the kids, he sure couldve went to ALOT bigger profile schools , thats for sure!! Quit baiting!

  • zombies are eating my brains

    “c’est la vie”

    It is a French word which means ” That’s Life / This is Life”.

    also someone wants to mention homegrown talent. #33 lives in the el monte/temple city area..

    and it’s James Heggins not – higgens get that name right already!

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  • BOB

    James Heggins or Wardell Crutchfield Jr. someone is doing a good job at Baldwin Park HS. The last few years they have had teams near the top of their league and have made the playoff’s. Times have changed, everywhere you look players leave their home school and go to a school where they will get more playing time. All you have to do is read the local blogs and you will hear of players doing this, BPHS is no different.Coach Crutchfield coached his son and left,no big deal. BP was lucky to have him. Too bad he can’t go back to Duarte HS…..


    To Zombies have NO brains;

    “No scherzo stupido asino”

    Its Italian for: No kidding dumb a$$.
    You guys are pretty quick with French over there, lol.
    I Rest My Case !!!!!

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