Worst high school game I’ve ever attended, thank God I only stayed a half …

I’m very happy for Bonita for making the semis. Coach Podley is one of the best around and deserves a long run like this. And I’m disappointed for Muir. The Stangs could’ve packed up at several points this season, but they never did.

Having said all that, last night’s game was the worst high school football game I’ve ever attended … and I’ve been to many … and yes, it was worse than any 50-0 blowout I’ve seen.

Here’s why:

1. The biggest problem is you couldn’t even call it a game. When the refs are throwing flags on every other play, it cannot be considered a game. No tempo by either side was allowed to be established. I don’t think the refs were bad guys by any stretch, I just think the game got away from them. Kinda like an NCAA tourney game where the refs are blowing whistles early on and it just becomes a vicious cycle.

2. Weather. Arguably the coldest night of the year made it very uncomfortable for everybody there. Not a huge problem, but a problem nonetheless.

3. 7:30 p.m. start time. This one is unforgivable. There’s just no reason why any school would start at 7:30. I may be coming from the angle of somebody who is working on multiple deadlines, but that’s the shape of things. Tell me what the positives are of it and I’ll listen.

  • Jose

    I wasn’t there so I cant say anything about the game itself, but I think a 7:30 is perfectly fine. Its not very easy driving from Pasadena to La Verne on a Friday night and every extra minute count. As far as the cold weather is concerned, Its part of football and people in the east coast would laugh at your comment.


    Game times should be convenient for the fans, not reporters. Fans, actually, pay to get in. Really Aram, when was the last time you paid to get in.

  • Bohi fan

    Do us a favor and cover the West Covina- Mayfair game next week. The press box is heated and they even have donuts and rolls for you to stuff your face with. Deadlines? Don’t they have telephones over there at the SVN?, and do you run the presses to. La Verne is not any warmer at 7:00 than 7:30 so see ya.

  • Basic

    From all of us who are unemployed and stuggling this holiday season, I find it very hard to feel sorry for you not to mention that your complaing has taken away from the efforts of the players and coaches. Bonita should be proud of how hard they have worked and how far they have come from last year, these are the points that you should be making. Please stay in the office next week and we fans will brave the cold and support our beloved bearcats.

  • just sayin’

    7:30 is better. Gives fans time to get off work at 5, make a commute home, get dinner, make a commute to a game… many can’t do all that in 2 hrs. Amat had it right with their 7:30 starts for years. too bad Serra League changed it this year. Actually the ONLY reason NOT to start is because of your deadline!

  • Dan a BoCat fan

    This was not the worst refereed game I seen this year.Last week’s was hideous for Bonita. This I have to admit was far from a well refereed game though. As far as the 7:30 start get real dude. The weather is the weather,and it is part of the game. On your side I wish those refs would let the kids decide a game. Sometimes less is more. Please go and cover Mayfair/west covina next week. Go Bearcats!

  • Whittier here

    Take it easy on ARAM. At least the guy makes the effort to report info. The Whittier Daily News writer rarely gives any information in his reports .
    Can you tell me where Bonita plays their homes games?

    Good luck to you guys

  • videoman

    “Can you tell me where Bonita plays their homes games?”

    At Bonita high school in La Verne.

  • pba bowler

    I was at that game friday night. Not only were flgas thrown constantly, but…the officials seemed like they had no clue on what to do. Yards of the penalty…where the ball should be placed…what the penalty was…the “chain gang” half the time seemed asleep. And others. That game lasted OVER 3 hours!!! Ridiculous!!

  • whittier here

    Interesting that the La Serna Lancers are the only “Lancers” left in the playoffs.

    Lakewood Lancers = Lost

    Norwalk Lancers = Lost

    and Oh yeah……

    Bishop Amat Lancers = Lost

  • sports fan

    7:30 starts ARE FINE- It helps with travel- especially on a friday night- most people couldnt care less regarding your deadline-they just want to get to the game on time and not have to rush.

  • WTF?

    Once again, Aram writes from his own mind rather than common sense.

    There would be more people in the stands if the games started at 7:30. Some states go at 8:00.

    7:00 should be for a Thursday game only. I would even like to see 7:30 starts with the JV or Freshman game played immediately before.

  • Game starts determined by CIF

    Hi Aram,

    In response to your questioning the game starting times. I did a little research and found this in the CIF (link: http://www.cifss.org/news.php) Press Release No. 17 on 11/14/2010.

    In the second paragraph it states “Weekly preliminary-round games leading to the divisional championship contests Dec. 10-11 will
    get underway with first-round contests on Friday, Nov. 19. Game times are 7:30 p.m., however contests
    may start at another time if mutually agreed upon by both competing schools and approved by the CIFSS

    Perhaps we should petition CIF to add another condition so that approval is necessary from sports writers as well. – j/k lol

    Eric Davis
    BHS ’80

  • oldtimedon

    The start time of all CIF preliminaries in most sports allow the schools to set the playing times.

    The CIF sets the times in stone for the finals. This is usually to allow the fans,officials, and school personnel to arrive with plenty of time. As teams progress through the playoffs, the officials assigned are usually not the same group of officials who worked their season games.

    The only time the CIF has a problem with the times is when the officials assigned can’t make it.

    Yes, it can screw up deadlines but the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

    Otherwise, most of the coverage of the Trib, as well as all the sister newspapers of the Trib, was usually pretty good, Congrats to all of you especially the stringers.

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