Monrovia-San Dimas IV … Zernickow denies SD’s mental ownership of M-Town …

You have to wonder … last year’s title game … blowing a 21-point lead this year ….

“If we beat them three more times in a row, we might own them mentally. We would sure hope to try and foster that, but we don’t own them mentally one bit right now. We’ve been fortunate enough to have circumstances fall in our laps and have taken advantage.”

Aram’s take: Here we go again. You can’t tell me that San Dimas isn’t in Monrovia’s head. But, this couldn’t set up any more perfectly for the ‘Cats. Winning a CIF title without beating San Dimas along the way would be bittersweet. And for QB Nick Bueno’s personal sanity, here’s to hoping they do it. Bueno has had an outstanding career and has laid it all out there each time the team’s have met. But this type of win has been what’s missing. There’s so much on the line for Monrovia these next two weeks. If the ‘Cats can beat San Dimas then win the division, they will be legends for breaking the San Dimas and CIF title game jinx in a two-week period. Amazing the stakes!