• Prep fan

    If we are talking about scores, look at the NFL, Bills fall one catch short of beating a top team in the AFC. The Patriots, best team in the NFL loses to the Browns, this should be proof you can’t compare scores. La Serna isn’t flashy, and what they do they do well. Also you must factor in the rain, how does this effect the throwing game of Bonita. La Serna on the other hand can turn to their high balanced running game.

    La Serna wins in a close game.

  • Bohibooster

    Fred , Iheard you are not impressed with Pendleton by what you saw last Friday. Bonita coaches made a huge mistake that might have cost them the game by not providing extra warmth for the players. The team stayed under the goalposts at the half while Muir was inside warming up. The icy temp. had to figure in on all of Pendletons throws and dropped passes. This was a most impressive performance because he made the throws when he had to and ate the ball when he had to as well, rather than try for a miracle and get it picked like last year. After all, winning is what its about and that is what he is doing against very tough competition.

  • FredJ

    I agree the cold weather was brutal, real brutal. I’m not down on Pendleton at all, his team is winning when it counts, I just haven’t seen him have a great game yet. He’s had great games, I just haven’t covered them. This is what makes high school tough, it’s not like the NFL or college where we watch as many teams as we want and listen to analysts break games down before making our opinions. If we’re lucky we watch the top teams two to three times a season and have to base our opinions on that.

  • LS Dad

    Bonita’s not going to have as easy a time as some people think. Offensively, both match up pretty close. Defensively, La Serna is much more physical than Bonita and have stopped just about everyone they’ve faced. I think that’s going to be the difference. They’
    re very difficult to run against and put a lot of presure on the QB on passing downs, forcing him to make mistakes or getting sacked. La ZSerna 34 – Bonita 28.

  • Football in the SGV

    Hey Fred:
    I don’t think you are giving Pendleton enough credit. He is the best QB left in the playoffs and how can you not be impressed with how he played at muir? He just makes good decisions and good throws and is very mentally tough while playing with a bad wing.

  • amatisathomecrying

    Where is Amat Fred? Same place Bonita will be after This week. Del Rio League lot tougher. Campa lay off the tortas, you are getting bigger by the minute.

  • Aaron

    DRL was nowhere near as tough as the Hacienda. Other than Santa Fe who was the other team that was going to do anything in the playoffs not named La Serna?

  • Whittier here

    I read this somewhere on another blog…

    La Serna Lancers are the only “Lancers” still alive in the playoffs.

    Lakewood Lancers = Lost

    Norwalk Lancers = Lost

    and um…

    Bishop Amat Lancers = Lost

  • High school football fan

    Got a chance to talk to some Santa Fe coaches before West Co game; They all said La Serna is a very good team. La Serna will be physical and make good adjustments. Good luck to both teams.

  • Come on…

    Now, it is not about how tuff your league is. It is playing mistake free football. La Serna limits its turnovers and stays balance they are tough to defend. If you put 8 in the box to stop the run then that allows the LS 2 receivers to be covered man to man. LS plays the run well. Walnut, who throws all the time scored 10 points and the lone td LS’s db fell down. Both teams are good, it will come down to big plays,mistakes, and who can capitalize….

  • Will Routt

    Aram, Fred and Andrew, great stuff guys! Great debate over who is the runner up in this division. Way to stick to your guns, Fred! BUT Aram is right. Bonita wins this.

  • Don

    Dear Fred,

    First, I want to thank you for selecting La Serna in their game against Bonita. As you know, there are many fans who view your touch as being vital to their success and actually count on you favoring their opponent. For them, I thank you too. From strictly a BoHi standpoint, I know there are some who felt your blowing off of the division finalist baseball team last year was critical to their winning week after week after week after week. Personally, I think that might have been a tiny bit excessive, but, as you writer types like to say, it is what it is.

    Now as to this point about you never having seen young Mr. Pendleton have a great game may I suggest this is due to a couple of factors. First, you just don’t see much Bonita football; this in-itself is limiting insofar as your knowledge of things Bearcat go, as I am sure you will agree. Secondly, Eric Podley’s offensive schemes do not lend themselves to star turns or as you say, great games.

    This season’s group, for instance, includes several first line ball carriers, and another dozen, better known for other football feats, defense, receiving, etc who also have positive yardage. They have a receiving core of 13, eight of whom have yardage in three figures. This is not the Spread which you guys enjoy talking about, this is spreading it around. These are two different things. Coach Podley feels this gives his play calling a tactical advantage, I think he just likes to see a lot of kids do well every season.

    Either way, this type scheme doesn’t pile up much in the way of numbers for anyone, even the starting QB, because if done properly, he spends a good part of the second half cheering teammates and doing his Gary Cooper thing on the sidelines. Sadly, for sportswriters, this use of so many players every week does not lend itself to the type of punchy prose so many seem to favor these days. This also is too bad, because when it works, it is a thing of beauty.

    For those of us who have seen it.

  • FredJ

    Don, Don, Don, I don’t see why so many BoHi fans have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to coverage. Do you know in terms of games stories covered in our paper last year, Bonita baseball was third on our list behind Glendora and Bishop Amat? I personally may not have been to as many Bearcats baseball games because we use our resources at the Daily Bulletin for cross coverage whenever possible. If the Bulletin covers a Bonita, San Dimas, Chino Hills, Claremont or whatever school that is cross-coverage, it allows me to cover another game, giving us an extra game to have in our paper and on the blogs. I’ve seen Bonita twice in a 13 week season, which is pretty good considering they never play on Thursday’s or Saturday’s, where we get a chance to see other teams play. In any case, coverage of Bonita football this year has been excellent.

  • Don


    Bitter? Moi? Fred, I’m about as bitter as a bowl of Captain Crunch. As far as the coverage goes, I’ll let it stand on it’s own. Listen, I think Honell does a fine job and the guy from the Sun? Only misspelled one name from the BB semi’s last year. MUCH better than the guru. And the mis-id’ed pics from the blog? All forgotten. And I’m the first to admit La Verne is kinda boring. I think they actually like to be boring as it somehow relates positively to property values and low crime rates and stuff, (I’m not sure, but Peter Bennett could probably tell you). Not many coaches with jet skis or vettes either, more of a pick up truck and SUV crowd.

    On another note, I will promise you a good time at the tennis court tailgate party over at San Dimas. They do it up right. Bonita doesn’t have much of a tailgate scene, being boring and all, but I tell you what. Get there early enough to get a piece of Pizza, (Mama Petrillo’s finest), and I’ll have ’em throw it on the grill for you, a local culinary treat, so to speak. (This, frankly, is about as close to excitement as it gets in La Verne. Well, that and when the Target circular comes out in the Mail. They both cause a little local stir.)


    La Serna was GOD AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you guys that run this blog r absolute idiots.
    FRED, you’re trying to judge bonita and you’ve only seen them play 2 games this year?!?!?!
    you are an idiot. who the hell has La Serna beat… NO ONE!!!!!!!!!! the Hacienda league is filled with clown ass teams that produce nobody!!!! bonita has been favored to win the whole thing under the table since week 4. BONITA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!
    And the reason the “tribune guy” is always hated on is because you’re absolutely clueless!!!!!! do a little more research and actually show your face at a game next time because bonita is about to shove it straight up ur……….

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