Walnut over La Serna: Could be this year’s first-round stunner! …

I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, but here’s five reasons why it might:

1. Del Rio League — I’ve got my questions about the Del Rio. My feeling is that it was the weakest its been in years. Del Rio teams went a combined 13-17 in the nonleague. Did La Serna catch Cal and Santa Fe in completely down years? That’s my vibe. And as for the rest of the league, I think La Serna putting up 60 and 70 points in two league games is more a reflection of the league’s weakness than La Serna’s strength.

2. Hacienda League
— I have no questions about the Hacienda. It is the best league in the division this year. Walnut went to OT with D-Ranch. It hung for three quarters with WestCo. It beat pretty good Diamond Bar and Rowland teams. Walnut is the only team to beat Covina this year.

3. Speed — Ask yourself who has the edge in speed in this game.

4. Aubrey Coleman
— Is Friday night that Aubrey Coleman is not only the best specimen on the field, but also the best player? Very possible. Not sure that La Serna can guard him without using two guys … then that opens things for Jason Tsukada.

5. Style — I’ve heard from several coaches in the division that the Del Rio was a real, basic league this year. No outlandish offenses. No wild and crazy defensive schemes. Pretty straight forward football. That’s great if you can run over everybody, but can the Del Rio teams do that this year? I guess in lay terms this means that Del Rio teams may get a jolt from seeing spread offenses run with legit talent by Hacienda teams, or power run games from teams with more than two home-run threats on offense.

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Farrar compares first-round opponent Vista Murrieta to Auburn; Broncos’ QB seems to be a lot like Cam Newton

Why fly to the South to play Auburn when you go two hours east and play Vista Murrieta?

Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar compared his team’s first-round opponent in the Inland Division playoffs to college football’s No. 1-ranked Auburn.

“Their team kinda looks a little bit like Auburn. They have a big quarterback who runs well and throws well. He’s an excellent athlete and they surround him with 98 other kids handpicked out of the 400 they have in the program.

“It gets better, they have 25 coaches, 23 of them on campus and nine of them are former head coaches. The principal is a former Pac-10 offensive lineman. But the band won’t be there because they’re away for the week competing for the national championship.”

So do Farrar’s Chargers have any shot at upsetting the division No. 2 seed?

“Hell yeah,” Farrar said. “Put the ball down and let’s go play.”

NOTE: The quarterback Farrar is referring to is Vista Murrieta senior Derrick Brown, who is 6-foot-3, 240 pounds. Obviously, the Cam Newton comparisons are warranted.

Brown has thrown for 1,087 yards and 12 TDs. He’s rushed for 495 yards and nine TDs. Those are his stats for nine games. I don’t know if the team hasn’t yet put in stats for their game last week.

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