Celebrity/sports look-alikes: LSU’s Les Miles and San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow …



Tell me you’re not feeling it!

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    Zernickow doesnt look like this guy. Monrovia is going to win! Dirty Dozens will be cleanse Saturday night!

  • Here’s one..

    Vince Vaughn and Dom Farrar

  • New York

    Coach Z could probably do wonders with the talent Les Miles gets. In this pic, though, I think Z look more like John Belushi in Blues Brothers.

  • Larry

    In that picture it looks like Coach Z should be wearing a Git-R-Done hat.

  • SaintsR4real

    Really, really??

    Hate to say it, typical Monrovia fans hating!!

  • WTF?

    Not sure if they even look alike at all. however, Coach Z has him beat in the gut department. Aram, you trolling for man love? Some of these amorous unnecessary posts make me wonder.

    Are you feeling it? LOL more like do you wish you could feel it?

  • LSU Alum

    Please don’t insult Les Miles…he ain’t that ugly!

  • How about???

    I got one….Joe Pa and John Strickland from San Dimas/Covina/Charter Oak. Btw, Strick threw his name name in for the soon to be vacant job at CO. With Strick at the helm, CO will compete in the Pac-5. Maybe even the Pac-10!!!

  • Wow WTF took it there!

    Aram, are you going to take that lol! Get em

  • Wow WTF took it there!

    Aram, are you going to take that lol! Get em