Championship week-style celebrity/sports lookalikes: Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema and West Covina’s Mike Maggiore … YOU GOTTA BE FEELIN’ ME NOW!!!!!



I can’t help you if you guys aren’t feeling this. By the way, I’m writing my feature on Bielema now for our Rose Bowl magazine.

  • SpartanAlum86

    Slow news day?

  • Aram

    I wouldn’t know. I’m doing Rose Bowl stuff, i.e. a Bret Bielema feature and this is what occurred to me.

  • For Dan

    Food Network TV Show Dinner Impossible.

    The Star: Chef Robert Irvine is the spitting image of Mike

    google it

  • dan bocat fan

    Aram, This is what we get. So,you are you working on Rose Bowl? Trying getting out of that place after the game is the pits. I walk the arroyo and it is a mess Jan 1. I walk at Hahmonga when UCLA plays a home game. Is this an angle you could use. Tailgating is the pits the day of game. A bunch of drunks throwing their crap all over the place. Let’s keep them out this year.

  • JFR

    You left Sondheimer and the guru.