FINAL All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 for 2010 …

Here’s is your final all-encompassing Top 25 for 2010.

1. West Covina (13-1) — Season for the ages ends with thrilling Southeast title. Scary in ’11, too?
2. La Habra (11-3) — Won 9 straight to close year with 4th straight CIF title.
3. Chino Hills (10-3) — Strong close to season ended with giving Centennial a scare.
4. Bishop Amat (9-2) — Took a step back this year, but lots to look forward to in ’11
5. Bonita (12-2) — Bearcats were just under two minutes from being CIF champs
6. Monrovia (12-2) — Resounding win in Mid-Valley final quiets all doubters for good
7. La Serna (11-2) — Old-school tactics led Lancers to best finish in years
8. Whittier Christian (12-2) — Not bad for a school with 650 kids. Sad to see Worthy go.
9. Cantwell (10-2) — Still a great season despite attrition at entirely the wrong time
10. Covina (10-2) — One of the teams we’re looking forward to most in ’11.
11. San Dimas (8-5) — Saints came up huge in postseason to numb so-so regular season
12. Claremont (7-4) — Bad late-season collapse, but still beat Chino Hills and Charter Oak
13. St. Francis (6-5) — Replaced a lot and still had so-so year in rough Mission League
14. Azusa (10-1) — Perfect regular season, but mistake-laded loss to VC stings
15. Arcadia (7-4) — Apaches going in the right direction after ’10 turnaround
16. Muir (7-5) — Finished strong, but got yellow-carded against Bonita
17. Arroyo (9-2) — If Knights get by San Dimas, who knows? But still a solid year
18. Charter Oak (6-5) — Beat who they should, but fell short against the rest
19. St. Paul (6-4) — Record was better than most would’ve imagined back in Aug.
20. Schurr (7-5) — Won the Almont, then gave M-Town its best game in the playoffs
21. La Mirada (7-4) — Disappointing year considering the preseason hype
22. Diamond Ranch (5-6) — Question is, will Panthers be better or worse in ’11?
23. Maranatha (8-4) — Hung tough in great league, will be even better in ’11
24. Walnut (6-5) — Mustangs banged hard in Hacienda, then almost stunned seeded La Serna
25. Rosmead (8-4) — Second in league, but won playoff game

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  • Dan

    Thanks for the honor, the boys worked hard all season, Soon after last season ended these boys were putting their work in and never let up. This group of boys were close knit, and the team attitude was the best in a while that I’ve seen at West Covina. Many times, teams lighten up during end of the season practices. Last week the Bulldogs were still practicing with intensity into the night with the lights on, still running full conditioning drills and having full practices during week 14.
    Just want to say that West Covina was represented well this year with Championships on both sides of the 605 freeway. Former WC coach Ryan Maddox who was Maggiore’s defensive coordinator on the 2004 CIF Championship team helped Monrovia win their first CIF
    Title in school history on Saturday night, what a year.

  • Aaron

    My final top 25, with some observations and pre ’11 thoughts.

    1. West Covina (13-1) — A minute and half from not being the champs…means…myths to tell for the rest of your lives. Solomon only a junior…still are losing a few pieces.
    2. La Habra (11-3) — 4th Straight title and champing at the bit for number 5.
    3. Bonita (12-2) — A minute and a half is what stopped them from being the champs. The talent pool is deep on D Street as well. (Is this a homer pick, a tad but there is a foundation for it.)
    4. Chino Hills (10-3) — Beat Tesoro, and got to the semifinals in the Inland giving Centennial a real game. Lose some guys but have an excellent staff.
    5. Bishop Amat (9-2) — Didn’t meet the hype. Good coaching, expect another solid season.
    6. Monrovia (12-2) — Curb stomped the finals monkey, Whittier Christian being the victim of a 38-8 Monrovia win. Lots of Talent in Monrovia.
    7. La Serna (11-2) — Best record in awhile and first outright league title since 1979. Lose a lot.
    8. Whittier Christian (12-2) — Enrollment 674. Solid season, but I wasn’t expecting them to get curb stomped by the Wildcats.
    9. Cantwell (10-2) — Great Season, see how they do next year.
    10. Covina (10-2) — Solid pick for Valle Vista Champs?
    11. San Dimas (8-5) — Solid turn around by Z, but what about next season with all the big guys they lose up front. Lose 1000yd receiver in Kolbeck
    12. Claremont (7-4) — First winning season since
    13. St. Francis (6-5) — Replaced a lot and still had so-so year in rough Mission League
    14. Azusa (10-1) — Storybook regular season, time to get back at it.
    15. Arcadia (7-4) — Pacific ’11 Champs.
    16. Muir (7-5) — Pre-season hype, late season roll, solid season but will Ken Howard be back next season?
    17. Arroyo (9-2) — Knights look like the Mission Valley Champs in ’11 behind Rivera…but what about winning in the playoffs?
    18. Charter Oak (6-5) — Did alright, should be better in ’11, need to see it before I think about what they do in the playoffs though.
    19. St. Paul (6-4) — Did well thought it was going to be a bad year.
    20. Schurr (7-5) — Safe to say the wheels fell off? Don’t know how they’ll do in ’11 but expect a drop off with the graduation of heralded QB Aaron Cantu.
    21. La Mirada (7-4) — Too much hype!
    22. Diamond Ranch (5-6) — Layton is a great coach, but some players didn’t buy in this season. How does that affect them next season?
    23. Maranatha (8-4) –Thought they were a year away…but they were ready to play from day one in the Olympic and Mid Valley
    24. Walnut (6-5) –Went to the playoffs after sitting out the year before at 7-3, punched a semifinal team in the mouth.
    25. Rosmead (8-4) — Good season, a little drama late in the season.

  • Anonymous

    Like the people say, stay out of Vegas. This list is so off the beaten path its pathetic.
    Hope your Basketball picks are better.

  • True Alum

    After reading your and even Aarons list and not seeing Glendora on it, I dont blame you. It was a shame Jeffries went down with 3 1/2 games left in the season and to have a coaching staff that made no sense at all. It’s a little comforting to know we still beat Charter Oak and Monrovia.

  • Guess Who

    La Puente ?
    With three loses Azusa, Wilson,and a loss to Maranatha by only 13.

  • Anonymous

    True Alum,
    Everyone knows given another chance, Charter Oak and Monrovia would rout Glendora.

  • True Alum

    I Don’t think so ! And that post was meant for Aram, and by the way are you “everyone” or just still bitter over your loss to Glendora?

  • Chino Hills


    Congratulations to all these great programs. Chino Hills is new to your coverage area, we appreciate the press you afforded us. Chino Hills football had it’s most successful campaign in it’s short history. The Huskies ended up ranked 12th in the southern section, 21st in the state and 168th nationally. All of these programs should be proud of their seasons, because they compete against some of the toughest high school football programs in nation, right here in Socal.

    Merry Christmas

    Go Huskies!

  • jcaz

    First of all, let me say that I for one am extramly proud of what so many of our local teams were able to do this season. It’s been a long time since we have had so many local teams with winning recods such as the ones we had this year.

    We had Azuza, West Covina, Covina and of course Amat all competing at an amazing level this year. Their records this season spoke volumes about the quality in both coaching and talent that we are beginning to see here, in our little valley, but unfortunately, this is where I have a problem with these kinds of rankings.

    Years ago,when Fred first started putting this together, his only bench mark was wins and losses.

    That was it !

    Never mind the fact that a local team could have lost a game to a natinoal power and that another local team was able to run the table against what was at best, mediocre competion.

    Again, it was all about the wins and losses….

    So now we have three teams that are ranked ahead of Amat in these so called final “standings” and I am left to wonder if there is the very same mentality at work here, as was so apparent with Fred rankings so long ago.

    I guess that you can never discount a championship, nor what significance it can mean to a prgram, but really, how in the world do you make out a ranking such as this, and at the same time keep a straigt face at the poker table ?

    Really Aram ?

    If all of these three teams rated ahead of Amat were to play Amat this season, who would win the game ?

    Honestly ?

    Anyway, as I once asked Fred, if your so sure your top teams could beat Amat, would you bet your mortgage on it ?

    Hum ???

    Funny how these sort of thoughts seem to change with the wind once you got your money riding on em eh ?

  • What?

    Where the hell is Damien?

  • AAron who

    Who the hell gives “Aaron any respect, he is a nobody, wanna be scardy cat of KH,played No sports at Bonita…but loves to act like he knows everything…How stupid
    4 teams ahead of Bishop Amat…that are D6 teams…so stupid, you guys would crap your pants playing a Pac 5 team, only team with any balls ever has been WC to schedule all the way up and they got Waxed…Chino Hills caught Tesoro on a horrible night (they had just beaten Santa Margarita) and were looking ahead…I’ll be like that drunken cry baby fool KH and Say Bishop Amat would beat all your asses, even if you all combined your players and made a Super Team… Hey if KH can consistantly come on here and rant about how great his kid is and how great the Pussycats are…then I can say Bishop Amat is the best, because they play the best, and played the best very well…You cant talk the talk if you dont play with the Best in So Cal…Bottom Line
    KH…stay thirsty my friend

  • to aaron who!

    to aaron who…… the fact of the matter is CHINO HILLS BEAT TESORO……TESORO KNOCKED YOU OUT EARLY! denial …not the river in egypt either…deal with it and yes Chino hills lost but played beyond anyone else.that got smashed by CC…..nothing to be proud of but it was actually a game….get ready for next season and stop crying!

  • Call me crazy, but the game I wonder about isn’t WestCo-Amat, but WestCo-Chino Hills. That would be interesting! So would Amat-WestCo, but I’m just saying.

  • Huskies

    Crazy Aram!!! lol… Chino Hills is twice as good as Bonita. I do believe they would’ve beaten Amat also! That CH v Claremont game was just like the WC v Covina game. 2 big flukes! WC v Amat, a big maybe, but I’d still have to go with Amat. This last game was close, because Bonita ran the ball and passed the ball well. CH and BA both do it twice as good!

  • Husky-Fan

    Chino Hills #3 ???? They would easily handle both La Habra and West Covina. The level of talent that CH had is far ahead of both those schools. Not even close. Chino Hills is bar far the best team in the area.

  • koolaid drinkers

    Good choices and appropriate.

    I would rate Amat (9-2) lower since they LOST in the first round and put Monrovia (12-2)above them since they convincingly WON their championship game.

    I am sure that the koolaid drinkers will be out in force when the POY comes up for debate again.

    Will there be a Top 35 up tomorrow?

  • west covina??

    One Hit wonder! Just like Milli Vanilli your here today and gone tomarrow… can you put yourself in the same catagory as Amat and CHills?? You played nobody!! you lost to Covina?? One and Done!! See you in 20 years….

  • west covina??

    One Hit wonder! Just like Milli Vanilli your here today and gone tomarrow… can you put yourself in the same catagory as Amat and CHills?? You played nobody!! you lost to Covina?? One and Done!! See you in 20 years….

  • Bulldogs have bite

    West covina???,
    Try twice in the last 6 years! 04 &10 cif champs! The schools you mentioned are closer to no titles in 20 years. Amat, as a poster around here is named “not since 95”. And I have no idea if CH has won a title ever!

    West Covina is a program on the rise, they have been for the last 5-6 years! Not bad considering they use kids in their district.

    Take your sour grapes elswhere! Amat will rise again, but this year a public school reigns supreme!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    First my congrats goes out to West Covina. CIF Championships are tough to win no matter what division you are in. I don’t understand why there are so many people talking about what they would have done in whatever division. The bottom line is that WC got it done. It’s always good to see the good guys win. Coach Maggorie is one of the good guys and he runs a classy program. Someone called them a “One Hit Wonder”. That person hasn’t been following WC over the past 10 years. They have been one of the most consistant winners in the SGV. Coach Maggorie has even won over some of the most harddened former Spartans. All this to say, Why shouldn’t WC be the top dog in this ranking? They played a tough schedule and they won a CIF Championship. What else can they do. The only way to settle this thing is to put together a group to rank these teams all season. Then we can have a championship series of games. We can call it something like the Bowl Championship Series…………..oh wait, that doesn’t work all the time either.

    SGV430 Ouutttt!!!!!!!!


    WELL PUT SGV FOR 30 YEARS! Now go have a glass of KOOLAID on me!


    What ?
    Damien is located in La Verne. I believe that’s what you’re asking about because they sure as hell don’t belong on this list.

  • Fred, Miguel, Aram, you all should push for this. Get to work!

    People are always complaining about the rankings at the end of the year. I did see someone mention a high school Bowl type game. That’s a great Idea. One more game. One More plaque. There are several teams playing in the state bowl, so one more game would not hurt the kids. This game would not be for a ring, only state titles would produce another ring. These would be games hosted by a news paper group. The qualifications for a high school bowl game would

    1. CIF section Champion
    2. **teams would have to be in the same Newspaper Coverage group and/or be Selected by news paper group for this game!***
    3. Both Schools would have to agree to game and Site The Sunday after CIF Section championships.
    4. If the newspaper group does not have any CIF section champs, they will not host a game. Or maybe they can invite 2 CIF champs to play in thier game.

    Not every team would be selected every year, so it would be a honor to play in these games. There are only 13 CIF champs. 3-4 will be playing in state bowl so games would of could so they would not be in the games.

    Tribune News Group Bowl
    Monrovia vs West Covina @ Mt Sac
    -Both won CIF
    -Both are in the Same news group papers
    -This would be a killer Game

    Inland Daily Bulletin Bowl
    Colton vs Elsinore @ Riverside Community college
    -Both won CIF
    -Both are somewhat in Inland Empire
    -This would be killer game
    **Corona Cent is in the state bowls. They are not eligible.**

    OC Register Bowl
    La Habra(True OC team, not SGV) vs Garden Grove @ Orange Coast Community college
    -Both teams Won CIF
    -Both teams are in OC register
    -Another Killer Game

    Antelope Valley Press bowl

    Paraclete vs Lompoc @ Antelope Valley College
    -Both are CIF champs
    -Both teams are far away from here…
    -It would a great game!

    La Times Bowl
    Oaks Christian vs Crenshaw @ LA South West College
    -Both teams are section champs
    -Both teams are LA times ranked teams.
    -This would be a killer game

    Just Imagine the hype. Just imagine news papers hosting their own bowl games. Just Imagine the revenue split for both schools. Just Imagine the game! It would unbelievable. Who would not want to see these games. It would be so packed, so loud. I would go see one of them… What do you think?

  • Colt74

    Would the newspaper(s) cover all costs of insurance? Player and school insurance would be null and void for any and all non sanctioned games. Insurance companies would look at this as a sandlot game. Yes/No ?

  • high school bowls

    The News paper would not cover anything. The news papers along with CIF would create a bowl type atmosphere like the statebowl games. They could do it. Hey colt 74 is a bad idea because covina is not in this year. If Covina won a the title would you not want to see them play. The state bowl does not include divisions 5-13. If West Covina went 14-0 they still would not go to the state bowl. is that fair? Why not give all the divisional champs another game. They could do this in every section. Their would always be one more game to be play in every section. I am sure the bay area, Central California and other sections would love this. Come on your just being negative lol

  • high school bowls

    There are people in small towns who would love to see another game. We are lucky the state title game is in southern California. Not everyone can come to LA to see that. Its just like state high school basketball. We have to go norcal to see it, But Basketball has a regional title game. The Money would be there regardless. Its just one more game. I am sure it would not break the piggy bank. Besides the Parking, admissions and food would pay for the cost of the game.

  • umm

    5000 fans brings in 50,000 dollars at the gate alone. These games would bring in 100,000 to 150,000 cash easy. you could have 10,000 people at the game.

  • umm

    5000 fans brings in 50,000 dollars at the gate alone. These games would bring in 100,000 to 150,000 cash easy. you could have 10,000 people at the game.

  • Colt74

    “Come on your just being negative”

    You need to look up the words negative and realistic. It’s clear you have the definitions confused.
    Draft up the proposal and send it off to CIF. Ask them to give you credit for the name “Fantasy Bowl” too.
    When you are done with that come up with a fix for the BCS and see if you can convince Cam to admit to knowing what his father was doing. Any of those others are more doable than getting CIF to agree to this other bowl game(s) proposal. Hey…but it is nice to dream.

  • high school bowls

    Cam Newton, who’s talking about Cam Newton. It was just an Idea, and it is doable. CIF is Capable of setting up one more week of Football. I guess there is no one out there wanting to see that. If a structure was in place, it could happen. People would go to the game. You would go to the games. Like I said if servite and de la salle can play a extra game, so could some of the 14-0 and 13-1 CIF Champs could too.

  • Huskie Dogg

    South Hills not in the top 35?!?!? Wow, thye lost to Tesoro who beat Bishop, lost to West Covina CIF champs, Monrovia CIF champs, Los Osos an IE strong team, Chino Hills who played Cenntenial better than anyone else, Charter Oak who they should have beat but Dennis Rufus was the difference in the game and lost to Damien which was not a good loss because South Hills is a better team than Damien but not that night.
    They beat your #12 team Claremont pretty convincingly and the Monrovia game could have been won by either team. They belong in the top 25 but that’s what happens when you don’t make the playoffs. Next year at the end of the season they will be in the top 10 at the end of 2011 season for sure. They are losing 3 lineman but they have some quality lineman behind them and besides them 3 the whole team is back next year, this years team was made up of all sophmores and juniors. So they will be surprising a few people for sure.
    GO HUSKIES!!!!!

  • Huskies

    I hope you’re right HuskieDog, because those three lineman and our all everything AP did quite a bit! U can’t replace them…

  • South hills

    @Huskie Dogg, South Hills was young. However if they play this same schedule next year, who do they surprise? Your QB and RB are coming back, but will they be able to do it with a new O line? All of these teams will be just as good as they were last year. Your winnable games are BP, Monrovia,Claremont and Ayala. But really BP and Ayala may be the only in the bag games. Don’t get me wrong, South hills will improve, but how much? Enough to make the playoffs? You will still be battling for third in the sierra Here is what your season may look like…

    Baldwin Park (Baldwin Park, CA) Win

    West Covina (West Covina, CA) Loss

    Tesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)Loss

    Monrovia (Monrovia, CA)Loss

    Los Osos(Rancho Cucamonga, CA) Loss

    Damien (La Verne, CA) * Loss

    Ayala (Chino Hills, CA) * Win

    Chino Hills (Chino Hills, CA) * Loss

    Claremont (Claremont, CA) * Win

    Charter Oak High(Covina, CA) Loss

    3-7 no playoffs

  • Monrovia should be in the top 5

    Monrovia should be #5. I know Bonita was really good. I think Monrovia’s title gives them the edge. The only reason why I say this is because West Covina lost to Covina. Thus proving that a mid valley team could compete and win. Also San Dimas has beaten Bonita over the years. Come on Aram.

  • husky fan

    say all you want but according to max preps theyre better than half the teams you have up on the list

  • Colt74

    Ok… Since we’re throwing things out there about team A playing team B and so forth and what is doable or not. Here’s my suggestion. And in the now, and for a good cause.
    How about an Amat vs West Covina flag football game for charity? The Trib gurus as Refs. Make it the Trib end of season bash BBQ and charity event all in one. Covina district field?

  • test


  • Colt you can count us OUT!!!

    There is Charity and then there is Charity… For Amat to step on a field with a disgusting member of the Fishbowl community and not before 10,000 fans and not charging $5 for parking and God forbid not enjoying redcup koolaid is just too charitable. Don’t you know Colt that we are a superior team because we say so and we just cannot lower ourselves like that (for no money)… What do you think we are, an organization that cares about good works in the community. If there is no glory and no gold, you can count us out…

  • AMAT 73

    Count us out,
    You my friend are an idiot of the highest caliber. Don’t you have anything better to do then bash AMAT . Also please remember and this is very important , we use blue cups ( like our colors blue and gold ) not red as you insinuate in your post. If you going to knock us at least have enough sense to get your facts right . Also if the game was for charity we would be the first to sign and with AMAT in the game it’s a lock to have at least 3-4000 fans right out the gate . Do the math idiot if you can count that high , that would make for a very successful charity event.

  • Duh!

    Actually News Papers Bowl games would be a great charity event. Since This game would be a week from Christmas, the money could be donated to less fortunate kids in the area, a local charity. It would be great pub, and it would help out some people who need it. I say do it CIF Open up and have Bowl games for Division Champs or the top 4 teams in the area.

    Star News #1 vs Tribune # 1

    Inland Daily News #1 vs Whittier Daily news #1

    The Tribune news group would be hero’s. They could Donate at least $50,000 – $100,000 Dollars to charity every year. Who could argue with that!

  • high school sports fan

    La Serna is not going to be as good next year- they lose a lot of top players- Santa Fe should win the league and there is no mention of California- they will be a lot better and should have been on this list.

  • glendorA?

    No Glendora? Who’d they beat?… Charter Oak and Monrovia… Who’d they have on the ropes? West Covina…
    Who was the top QB in the Valley? Jeffries…

    Without Jeffries, they were obviously not the same team.. But, the whole body of work? Gotta put them somewhere in there, all things considered…

    Come on A!!

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