West Covina to play Loyola in Week 1 next season …

West Covina will play Loyola in Week 1 next season. That’s after the Bulldogs face Covina in Week 0. As many of you know, Bulldogs coach Mike Maggiore likes to step up and play the big boys because he feels his program is one of the big boys.

With two CIF titles in seven years, he just might be right.

Aram’s take: I’ve always said that WestCo has an amazing talent base, especially if the kids stay home and don’t go to Amat, South Hills or Los Altos, as they’ve done in the past and somewhat continue to still do. Well, you can scratch LA off that list and I’m getting the feeling that WestCo may even start to become the beneficiary of kids from outside its area wanting to come in and play for the Bulldogs. There’s no reason why the Bulldogs aren’t a SoCal power and that’s obviously what Maggiore has them on the verge of becoming. Now, can they beat Loyola? Heck, I’m not even sure they can beat Covina, given that Covina will have one of its best teams in years next season. Should be awesome.

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  • Colt74

    On the verge of becoming? I disagree respectfully. West Covina has arrived. Two championships in 7 years. One of the best area backs in Solomon. A well liked and respected coach. Why would not any area young man want to play for the Bulldogs?

  • Colt 74,

    You and I may think so, but I’m not sure there are two dudes like us in the OC, IE, SFV or westside who feel the same. But if the ‘Dogs beat Loyola that may change … or rattle off a few more titles. Remember, the Southeast Division is mostly a local division.

  • common sense

    “there’s no reason the bulldogs aren’t a CIF power” c’mon now, they just might be a D7 power, sure…..but tell me about their attempts to beat a less than stellar Amat team? or Mater Dei, do you think they’d have gone 9-1 in the regular season against Amats schedule? Dominguez,Crespi,Alemany,Loyola, never happen! I’m an Amat honk and they certainly arent in the top 15 teams in Socal, where does that leave WC……..Aram you’re a bigger front-runner/homer than Robledo

  • Colt74

    West Covina has their fist game against us. The last 2 years WC has come out of the gate a little sluggish. I’ll put money that Maggiore WILL NOT let that happen come game time at Covina District Field. They have those nice shiny rings and the voodoo doll of us filled with pins. Now imagine Solomon with another 10-15 pounds. I agree even if they beat Loyola soundly all it will probably do is get Eric S. and and Steve F. to turn on their RADAR. I think WC would have to beat an OC team of substance PLUS a Pac5 team to get the buzz going. IE would never stoop to recognize a fishbowl team no matter what they did so I wouldn’t care what the IE thinks. Me personally, I have WesCo penciled in for another title on ’11. Fred probably thinks so too since he copied my ” scary ” line about them for next year.

  • Common Sense For Comon Sense

    Bishop Amat
    Win/loss record of teams they beat : 56-45
    Win/loss record of teams they lost to : 20-5
    Avg Strength of teams they beat : 31.7
    AVG margin of victory : 23.3
    CIF Record 0-1

    West Covina
    Win/loss record of teams they beat : 81-68
    Win/loss record of teams they lost to : 10-2
    Avg Strength of teams they beat : 21.53
    AVG margin of victory : 24.7

    Last time I checked CIF Football was not just the Pac5 and or Bishop Amat. Given “MY” choice I’d rather be playing on a D-7 CIF Champion team over a Pac5 CIF 1-and-done team. Someone else may feel differently. Contrary to some personal beliefs, there IS football outside of La Puente.

  • JFR


    CO and Amat have week two open next year, are you the man to broker that deal or should I hit up FJR. Who is going to stir the pot to make this happen. I will buy dinner for the winner.

  • SGV Guy

    WesCo is not one of the “Big Boys”. Sorry, but true. They play in a lower division for a reason. They are a good little team but they would never come close to a CIF Title in the PAC-5 or Inland division. They would have a tough time making the playoffs in the upper divisions.

  • SGV Guy,

    So, are you saying West Covina wouldn’t have made the playoffs if it was in the Sierra League?

  • Amat D

    Come on Aram, why you trying to keep the talent away….

  • cov80

    they better not over look C TOWN i think willl be even better next year congrats WC on ur cif champs

  • Division 1 vs Division 7

    D1 vs D7

    Why the hell is this even a debate? Are you guys kidding me? They are apples and oranges. Vinegar and water. They are just not the same type of football.

    If you really want to be recognized as the best you must beat the best. No disrespect to Bonita, but they are no where near the caliber teams as in the PAC-5. Yeah, I won a CIF championship against a team that was decent for its water down division.

    De La Salle never got any real respect until they beat LB Poly. Corona Cent…got no real respect until they played Pac 5 teams and won consistently. O-Lu was never really heard of until they played Mater Dei. But it wasn’t until they joined the PAC-5 and won it were they widely recognized and renowned.

    West Covina is a great program. They are not a premiere program. I respect what they have done. But look at La Habra they won their respective division, played 3 pac 5 teams two of who did not make the play offs in the pac 5 and still lost.

    You can be respected in the SGV but by everybody you must play the best and beat them.

    Plain and simple.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I still believe West Covina is still building it’s way to being an elite program. It’s true about letting the talent slip away to other schools has hurt the program in the past. Shirley leaving for SHills was a blow to WC, but George Johnson was a nice recovery at QB.
    Success is the cure all, it attracts kids that may not be interested in joining the team and keeps the talent at home. And West Covina is a public school, so mom and pop don’t have to pay tuition fees. Sure WC is not a D1 program just yet, but it’s hard to say they are just a D7 team either judging by the way they dominated their divison. The only real difference is the size of D1 kids, they just have more of it. WC has the speed and talent at the skill positions, and the line this year was like a slightly smaller pac5 type line. That’s why the Bulldogs were so dominant in their divison.

    Maggiore was a lineman, and that’s what I believe is starting to attract bigger kids to the program. He is also the weight training teacher at WC. If anybody saw the Bulldogs this year, you saw a very physical and well coached line opening massive holes for the backs!

  • What struck me about WestCo’s line is they weren’t fat. Sometimes you see huge o-line’s in high school and a lot of it is fat. These guys weren’t fat. They weren’t overly huge either, beside Gibson. I saw Gibson yesterday. He’s just solid.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Those kids live in the weight room! And having your head coach as the weight training teacher probably adds extra motivation. Nobody wants to let coach down, or miss a chance to impress him for that matter! Gibson would make any Pac5 line, he is just a freak period.

  • Stinger

    I’ll tell you why someone would not want to be a bull

    dog! Because they are not a PITBULL! You claim, because

    WC won two CIF rings in two years, they are monsters

    to be delt with.Let me relate a short story that

    happened some time ago. Temple City kept winning one

    CIF Championship after another, Then they were placed

    into division, where they should have been in the

    first place.Guess what happened? You guess right!

  • jmcdonough

    D1 Vs D7
    Never say Never!!!!

    Tesoro was D7 and Went D1, and they are truely working there way up! If Tesoro can do it, WC can do it too!!
    Good Luck to there future Success!

  • just sayin’

    jody you know better than that – I think. Tesoro was D7 because they were a new school with low enrollment and no seniors. Same with Orange Lutheran who went up in divisions because of school expansion that led to a higher enrollment. Then those schools were able to join a league that was D1. A little different than a school that’s been around for decades and has grown in enrollment because of a closure if a different school. Where are they gonna go and how are they gonna grow?

  • Dan

    Bulldogs have bite,
    Those are some good points your making, if we can keep our athletes home WC may be able to turn that corner. This playoff r and Championship run should help out.

    D1 vs D7
    Realize that not all teams in divisions are at the same level, if looked at with an open mind I think most would come to the conclusion that WC was not your typical D7 team this year, I think Bonita was above D7 level also, they blew out every team they came across except for West Covina, who is to say that either one of these teams could not give a midlevel Pac five team a run for their money, you mentioned La Habra losing to Pac 5 teams but they beat a Pac 5 playoff team just last year, so did Santa Fe. Nobody here is saying that West Covina is a Pac 5 elite, but if we can keep our talent at home I think we are on the verge of becoming a program like La Habra, who every so often can beat a good team in the Pac 5.

  • Huskies

    Considering the outcome of the championship game. You’re going to tell me that Bonita has a shot at becoming D1 also? WC and Bonita finished on about the same level. I highly doubt Bonita can move up anytime soon. WC was really good for D7, but even for D2 WC chances are very slim. Glendora vs WC game, remember that! Glendora got demolished by every single team in league. C’mon Aram!

  • Give me a break

    CIF POWER…Give me a break. You and Robledo love to stroke West Covina way tooo much. 1 good year, maybe 2 in the division they play, doesnt make them a power in CIF. Loyola will crush them next year. Your argument about kids leaving West Covina to play for Bishop Amat or South Hills, can be said about any team around. Kids go to who is winning and where parents want them to go. Dont get too excited for WC. But I’ll give Congrats on their CIF Championship this year, but no way you can compare them to the Servites or Mission Viejos, who are CIF Southern Powers. Wishful thinking ARAM

  • JJ

    I saw alot of teams this year. My personal opinion is West Covina could hang (THIS YEAR) with nearly every Pac-5 (minus Servite and Mission Viejo).

    The only thing preventing them from that level was a legit D-1 qb and wr–which is obviously a huge factor when playing big teams.

    It will be interesting to see WC next year since most of the skill players are returning and you know Coach Maggore come up with more stupid-sized linemen to anchor the o and d lines like he does every year. That has been reason for WC success over the past 10-years even when they didnt have major skill position talent.

  • Dan

    West Covina would have of hung just fine in D2, similar to Chino Hills, so could’ve Bonita, you guys are looking at a school name and on that alone are dismissing any chance that these schools could be somebody, little bit of arrogance. Bonita blew out Claremont when Claremont had their best player, without Kuramata Claremont was a different team, still good but up and down. Bonita beat them 42 to 20 when they had Kuramata, I saw Bonita during the summer and
    just by seeing the athletes they had I knew they would be an SGV frontrunner.
    I saw West Covina,s stats for this season, they had 5171 yards just rushing the ball, 6243 total yards on offense, if you count in kick returns and punt returns they had 7156 yards total offense. When your good enough to get those numbers you got a chance against just about any team you play.

  • Huskies

    I saw West Covina,s stats for this season, they had 5171 yards just rushing the ball, 6243 total yards on offense, if you count in kick returns and punt returns they had 7156 yards total offense. When your good enough to get those numbers you got a chance against just about any team you play.

    So you can play and dominate against weaker opponents and expect to HAVE A CHANCE AGAINST ANY TEAM YOU PLAY?

    I’m trying hard to understand that!

  • just sayin’

    Huskies – I agree with you for a change. These guys talking about stats probably think that the Sierra Vista running back is better and would be the starter at Bishop Amat because he had 3555 yards this season to Jalen Moore’s 1634 (even though Moore was 2nd in the Pac-5)

  • Big Mike

    Still waiting for someone to call our coach.

    Any takers want to try and deal with our milk?

    How about the bonita trash talkers like little KH BOY?

    Bring it worm..

  • Dan

    Read a little closer, you left out a couple of key words from my statement, it said “just about anybody”. I would exclude the Centennials and the Mission Viejo’s, or Servite’s from my list. Although if Servite showed up they way they did against DLS I like our chances, but that was not the same Servite that ripped through the Pac 5.
    I’ll be a little more specific this time, When “West Covina” puts up numbers like that they have a shot against just about anybody.

  • Hefe

    Loyola will smack WestCo in the mouth but it is nice to see the Bulldogs step up & take them on.

  • just askin’

    Hefer – so if Loyola is gonna smack West Covina and Amat routinely smacks Loyola that means…?

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