SoCal football sucks right now, and Mother Nature sends CIF another sign that it’s time to quit the State Championship Bowl Games …

In case you didn’t know, Saturday was Act II of the rain-soaked CIF State Championship Bowl Games at zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … sorry, Home Depot Center.

Two more Southern Section teams went down, and went down hard. Servite was never close against De La Salle, and Serrra was routed by Folsom.

Yes, I know, Southern Section football sucks. It really does right now. No two ways about it. Do I love it? Yes. But as a whole, the Southland is going through a rut in terms of talent and it showed over the weekend. Our all-everything offensive juggernaut Corona Centennial got held to 13 points, for crying out loud.

Anyway, that’s not my problem. My problem is these games are beyond pointless. They diminish what it means to win a Southern Section championship. Couldn’t we just stop there? No, because CIF wants to make some more cash.

The attendance for Saturday’s Servite-De La Salle game was supposedly over 10,000. I’m gonna need a recount of actual ticket stubs to believe it, however.

It seems to be raining on this weekend every year. Maybe that’s a sign for CIF to call it a day when it comes to these forced showcases of flat football teams, who are a week removed from the titles they care about most.

Would I feel this way if an SGV team actually made one of the games? I couldn’t tell you until I saw whether we won or not.

  • C’ MON MAN

    I hope you are not serious. The game was meant to be played with the elements. I do agree that the wet balls and bad field conditions certainly played a factor to a POINT. Nor Cal teams play with more weather conditions such as this, throughout their season…. however the rain and bad weather doesn’t play a factor on how EVERY SINGLE DOWN THE DE LA SALLE O LINE SPRINTED TO THE LINE OF SCRIMMNAGE AND PROCEEDED TO BLOW THE FRIARS OFF THE BALL ALL NIGHT LONG THEY WERE RELENTLESS. AS FOR C CENTENNIAL JUST DID NOT KNOW HOW TO SCHEME WITH A SLOW TRACK AND THEY DID NOT LOOK LIKE THEY COULD PLAY FROM BEHIND….IT’S cyclical thing talent is up talent is down, it is what it is….And I am a So cal homer!

  • Aram

    The game is meant to be played in the elements, but

    — the majority of bowl games are played in Florida or on the West Coast

    — the Super Bowl is typically hosted in non-cold weather cities, unless it can be played inside.

    The reason isn’t the players, it’s the attendance.

    Anyway, if anybody wants to come on here and tell me that SoCal talent is what it was, say, eight years ago, I would love to listen. I just don’t see it. Like I said, we’re in a rut now. It will come back, it always does. But there are just no super talents like there were at the beginning/middle of the 2000s.

    Just my two …

  • C’ MON MAN

    I am sure you would agree that De la Salle is not as talented as they were years ago as well. with what they have had! As for section Championships being more relevant than a State Championship IMO it is not a hard argument. When you ask most of those who play, the ultimate response is to be able to say that they are CALIF STATE CHAMPS. People through out the country Recognize CALIF as a whole and for the talent it has up and down the state. I agree that it is down this year a bit, but as it is said in Friday night Lights “GIT YOU ONE OF THESE” ….AND THAT WAS’NT A SECTIONAL RING. IT’S ABOUT STATE! I say keep it going. 2012 Superbowl in NY by the way.

  • Aaron

    The reason why attendance isn’t that great for these games is that section titles mean more to us down here. Would I have gone last night if I didn’t get home at 02:30…yeah why not apparently the Open Division game had just ended or so it seemed when I flipped on Fox.

    I’m a football junkie and I would have love to see De La Salle, which is the program that all are compared to in this country. Ladoceur said one thing, they play for state titles. Northern teams can’t compete with De La Salle, that’s why they are the open division team. Grant may think it was going to get it but the commissioners in the North know it’s a forgone conclusion that they’d take a 1 loss De La Salle over an undefeated Grant…and De La Salle was undefeated. For the second year in a row Grant has been upset for the section title.

    Now one of the reasons why attendance by a teams fans is that one it’s travel, and two, we need a regional playoff game after section title games. Yes it is one more week…so start the season earlier. As far as the elements are concerned…I loved watching the high lights…you can still pass in the rain it’s just a tad harder so you better have a strong arm and sure hands.

    De La Salle is talented and a great team. Coach Thomas now knows what it takes to be the best with having faced Coach Ladoceur’s team.

  • ChrisZ

    Servite was content with playing the game, De Le Salle has been playing to win this game since the beginning of the season and it showed. To all those that watched the game, you saw who are the true SKILL players, the offensive line.

  • diogenes

    HMMM. Very interesting. And, humbling? Our high flying, high scoring, nationally recognized so cal prep high school football teams took solid beatings in the state playoffs. Are our northern cousins that much better? Or, did the rain and cold favor them? Something sure did. The field conditions worsened as the night went on for all the teams, not just ours. So, what is it? De La Salle ran and ran. Folsom ran and passed, very well, incidentally. Maybe these big budget teams that dominate so cal football need to re-examine their priorities and their operations. Aram should know. Servite wants to mirror De La Salle. It has to be more than the players. It is the way they play. No real answers for Folsom, Palo Alto, or Escolon. They were just better those nights. One thing is certain, and I’m sure Aram will agree, our top programs cycle to the top every year. Most are private schools with budgets and facilities that contribute to their successes. Doubt any of that will change. The public schools will always be trying to keep up. Well some years and not others. All in all, though, I find most teams and most games entertaining most of the time and that is what it ought to be about. Isn’t it?

  • Don

    Welcome to the bigger fishbowl. Some swim in deeper water than others, but until you are in the Sunday payday league, it’s still a fishbowl.

    The IE and OC honks like to woof but when you get down to the bone, the level of play is all shades of gray until you reach the money round.

  • Huskies

    So Cal Football sucks? What about all that hype about Bonita and WC being able to step it up? You’re saying Servite, CC and Serra suck right now compared to the North. What do you think about BA, CO, SH, WC, CH and the rest of the SGV! So Cal powers suck, then SGV powers are horrible….. C’mon Aram! Everyone has a bad day, I can tell you this though CC would’ve given DLS a much better game. FACT! Servite just got over powered. Best team in CA goes to DLS without question! Second best team CA is CC without question as well! In the rain anything can happen, and the North had a good 2 days.

  • amat honk

    aram, you don’t know enough about football to be a “judge” of socal talent! and making an asinine comment about the talent being greater 8 years ago, lol the games are not really money makers, never were intended to be that, the dollars are divided up to all the sections in the state not just the southern section, these games are showcases if you will, after all the whining and complaining about the weather at the muir/bonita game, I know you chickened out going to the state games this weekend, I enjoyed my time last night mingling with the DLS fans, a very nice group btw…..

  • Aaron

    The second best team in the State of California is definitely not Centennial. It is either Folsom or Palo Alto…you chose!

  • Reality

    Aram, last week your headline was and I quote, “West Covina win over Bonita may be the best game I’ve EVER seen.” This weeks headline is ” SoCal football sucks “. If you judge all of socal football based on the results of this weekend you suck.

  • high school sports fan

    hold on huskie fan- dont be so quick to say that Centennial is the best team in SOCAL- they looked terrible on friday-they were cocky- got outcoached and outplayed and their QB tried to win the game by himself-0 and whats with Centennial going for it twice inside the 10 instead of kicking a field goal?? try winning a game you should have won insteadt of talking about how greaqt you are- they didnt know how to handle pressure when the fell behind.

  • Aram


    West Covina-Bonita great game. Two excellent teams for the SGV. I’m sorry if you can’t throw the SGV into the context of the Southland, like I can.

    SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S TOP THREE TEAMS JUST WENT 0-3!!!!!! Serra wasn’t close. Servite wasn’t close. Centennial’s record-setting offense scored 13 POINTS!

    SoCal football, as a whole, talent-wise, SUCKS.

    I’m a huge SoCal football fan, but I can call them like I see it.

    Sorry you can’t understand that.

  • football jones

    I can tell you this though CC would’ve given DLS a much better game. FACT!

    Oh really?

    Does CC another team?

    Friday nights sloppy, undisciplined, out-coached, cheap shot taking, excuse making CC team would have lost by 50 points to DLS!

    The DLS O-line was incredible. They blew Servite off the line on every play. Textbook blocking combined with year round conditioning.

    CC please do us all a favor and stop the lame excuses!

    Take your well deserved loss and move on.

  • Joe

    2 teams overconfident and mailing in a victory,thats all it is.All the Northern teams were ready and the Southern teams were not.Servite was shell shock Corona didn’t want to be there HMMMM.
    Servite should have been more ready then they were as De La Salle just mowed thru them,so did Palo Alto too.Coaches faults period,can’t blame the players but coaches have to get them ready.I figure Corona would get the win and Servite get beat by 10 but I was wrong on both counts.
    Give the North their due They came to play.
    Thats why they play’em!

  • Joejo

    obviously norcal is good in the rain, did you see how many times cc slipped and how many times they couldve caught the ball but fell? and the snap into the endzone that was a first blown snap by the center all year. barrington collins cuts were so slow on the field cause he couldnt get a grip, all year it hasnt rained in socal during football season and now it obviously affected 4 of the 5 teams in socal. one of the norcal coaches stated that they practiced in the rain for 4 weeks now and that he didnt want to lie but the rain helped his team, you can look it up. so yeah anything can happen when you have bad field conditions cause you cant perform at your best and anyone who says you can, thats a damn lie, i wanna see you run full speed and change directions without slipping, or catch a wet ball that is coming full speed at you, or try to tackle someone who is soaked, or being a lineman and you can’t push someone cause your cleats dont work, so yeah dissapointing to see socal teams fight in conditions there not use to,

  • Joejo

    one of the coaches”It seemed like I was dialing the weatherman direct. When they had the ball, I’d push the button to make it rain a little harder and when we had the ball I dialed it down a bit. Of course the rain is a factor. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t, but we’ve been playing in the rain for four weeks, and it still comes down to blocking and tackling and holding onto the ball.” yup enough said

  • New York

    Dont use a SoCal loss to DLS as your premise for saying SoCal is down in talent. DLS beat up some overly talented LBP teams in 2002 and 2003. DLS probably has the best high school coaches (ever). Great coaching makes a huge difference in big games. Interestingly, Harry Welch’s Canyon Country beat DLS in a state bowl. Then he won a small school state bowl.


    Wow Aram, those are some headlines. I don’t believe So Cal TEAMS suck, those teams up North take football very serious and it seems when they come down south,they want show us SOCAL folks a thing or two. By the way it looks they did just that!

    ARAM but… You forgot one team that doesn’t SUCK who plays for the South and won a s STATE title against a Northern team! Mt Sac!!! took that title very serious! Yes I know that’s JC level, and not HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL but yes these are PLAYERS who MOSTLY come out from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!

    Also not all Northern Schools WON THIS WEEKEND! FRESNO STATE LOST the whatever BOWL!



  • Aram

    Aztec Pride,

    I’m not the first to say it. The Southland has had a few down years in a row in terms of talent. There haven’t been too many super talents. It’s cyclical.

    Anyway, SoCal prep football is still my favorite. I would like it even if we became the equivalent of Montana high school football. But, I call it like I see it.

  • Huskies

    I don’t understand how or why you say half the things u say, but I don’t throw it out there to try and make you sound stupid! Simple fact is the RAIN played a huge factor and if you don’t seem to understand that, then how do you expect me to understand the other half of what you say?

    C’mon Aram! Just cuz someone does something for years and years doesn’t necessarily mean they know it all! 😉

  • Sman

    You know, for forever in this state, we had imaginary championships, while any number of other regions like Texas, the South and Southeast regiions, Ohio, Pennsylvania, et. al., have all had their State championships We’re only 5 years into this and, frankly, I’m impressed with the CIF Is it perfect? No but, it’s, relatively new yet and still transforming…

    If it weren’t for the fact that NorCal laid wood to SoCal this year, you wouldn’t be cryin’ in your beer I mean C’mon The Rain???? All the teams had to deal with the elements and, frankly, I don’t think the rain inhibited the entertainment value this past weekend Unlike the Servite vs. Edison game from a week ago, which was unbelievably sloppy.

    Listen, 2/3 of the State’s population is in SoCal so, it stands to reason that quite a bit of the time you guys are the one’s setting the bar for all of California I’ve got news for ya, though We’re not nothing up here.

    It just so happened that this year, one hard fought game went to SoCal (in magnificent fashion, I might add)Congrats Bishop School! We’re proud of The Brookside Christian Boys, though They don’t even have a field to play on so, every game is a road game I think there are only around 50 boys in the school, with 27 going out for football And, they still won their section At any rate Four out of Five championships were hard fought and well deserved wins by the NorCal boys None more than by my alma mater, Paly Vikes, that took on the most prolific offense in the history of California, that of Centennial Corona, and shut ’em down.

    You’re time will come again But, this is our time Why not take a page out of Michael Eubank’s book What a stand-up great kid and leader of his team, he is The first one out to congratulate the Paly Boys…

    Anyways, the CIF Championships are fantastic! I love seeing the display of talent that our State puts on the field It’s about time the rest of the nation knew that California can play with anyone Don’t you think that’s great?…

  • Aram What are talking about?

    Aram, i think you are going to far to Say that Socal Football sucks. There are not Many teams in the country that can beat De La Salle. In the last 20 years, no one has more wins than them. A state championship bowl game does not determine who has more talent. Socal has proven over and over again, that we have the most talent in the US. Name one high school player of year to come out of De la Salle in the last 10 years? Serra has over 10-12 D1 kids right now, Folsom has 2-3. High school Football games can be lost in Many ways. One way is coaching and another way is talent and another way is to get outplayed. Your Analysis is way off. Here is what happened. I went to all the games.

    -Serra did not lose because of Talent. They lost because they got outplayed. They had More turnovers. They had Fumbles, Int in the red zone, Int for a pick six. They loss a onside kick. They had Penalties.

    -Corona Centennial, did not lose because of talent. Barrington Collins fumble twice. The coach decided not to go for it instead of Kicking field goals. On the final Drive, they had got the yardage they needed for winning field goal, but had penalties which backed them up to a 42 yard attempt in the rain on a drenched field. They scored 40 all year, but i would not expect to score like that in the title game. They just lost.

    -Madison should not have been in this game. I feel that West Covina should have been in this game. CiF totally ignores the SGV. If you look at how west covina dominated, they would have been a great team to play. Fred should be pulling some strings !

    -De La Salle Is the best team in the country. They Beat teams with more talent than them every year. They have a program , a formula, and the best coach in the country. Servite has nothing to be ashamed of. De la salle is not known for signing D-1 players. Most of their guys go on to small schools. They sign maybe 2 guys. Servite fumbled the ball, they threw ints, Their punting game was terrible, and they field position was terrible. The fact that they could not stop the dive didn’t help. But then again Servite is not known for signing tons of d-1 talent all the time either.

    lets not get in over our heads. Grant in Sacramento, which has 7-8 D1 guys lost to Folsom this year by 21. They key to high school football is getting kids to play their best game on that night.

    So Cal produces More d-1 talent than Norcal. That has nothing to do with who is going to win game 15 in the state bowl. If you want to go to stats, Socal Still leads the high school Bowl series. Southern section has the Most talent in Nation. Southern Section is the size of everyone else high school state Athletic Assoc. Winning Pac 5 is like playing for a state title. Imagine playing 2 state title type games in one year. De la salle is the best, but there Open division title is not as difficult as the Pac 5. Just for the record to prove my point. Here is the rankings of players in Cal

    Ratings of Player in California
    1.George Farmer Serra
    2.De’Anthony Thomas Crenshaw
    3.Marquise Lee Serra
    4.Greg Townsend Jr Beverly hills
    5. Devon Blackmon Summit
    6.Cody Kesler Bakersfield (non Souther Section)
    7. Tre Madden Mission Viejo
    8. Amir Carlisle Sunnyvale King’s Academy

    Since no one from De la Salle has not one person on this list, how does talent factor in?

  • Big Dogs

    All of you HOMERS including Aram talk crap about these teams that went down? We’ll at least they were there and you fat @ss”” sitting home.

    Hey Aram, CC great offense is still that and so is the 2010 record. I hate to tell you but defense wins in football just like pitching wins in BB.

    Pretty simple to figure out..

    Great job to our CC men.

    All talkers, just get on our schedule if you have the nuts.

  • SoCalFootballFan

    Aram you are off track here, unfortunately you want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is not an issue of talent or even weather for that matter. Southern Cal has lots of talent. The issue is the match ups. You have a bunch of Commissioners selecting who plays who, and in what divisions. If you want to do some real reporting, instead of complaining, look into the way these teams are selected. It is done by people who don’t know football or football programs. Explain to me how the San Diego Section Commissioner makes an intelligent vote on any Southern Section team? Heck, my bet is he couldn’t find West Covina on a map. There were some excellent CIF championship teams that would have done a wonderful job and they were not even given a sniff. You can’t convince me that a 13-1 West Covina team shouldn’t get a look or a 13-1 Garden Grove team, and what about the 4-pete champion La Habra? Why not let coaches make the decision as to who represents So Cal Football. And why is the selections done behind closed doors and not in an open forum? The odor you smell is not the talent but something else.

  • Just asking


    Did you ever play sports? What Sport? Were you any good?

    Get a grip, this is HS sports…

  • Aram

    If any of you are gonna sit here and tell me the SoCal talent level doesn’t fluctuate and is as good as it was at the start of the 2000s, then I’ve got news for you — YOU’RE DREAMING.

    Think what you want, but I talk to recruiting experts who work for services like Rivals and Scout and they agree, it’s in a rut right now.

  • Cross Checker

    Recruiting experts that work for Rivals and Scout?

    Interesting where you get your info. These guys leverage the athlete in accordance to dollars and kick-backs.

    Know the system before you speak about recruiting athletes..

    We don’t use them and reply on our own information complied by real experts in the FIELD…

  • Face Reallity

    So Cal football does not suck just coaching. The Coaching in this area is weak. No Cal teams proves to all you people who think you need talent to win are wrong. And to all you pass ungry offensive coordinators you can not beat a team with a strong running game. To all you people that heep bring up Covina you guys do not play anyone strong outside your comfort zone you have Azusidice.

  • Hefe

    They might have sold nearly 10k tix, but there was NOWHERE NEAR 10k butts in the seats.

    It was like a morgue in that place.

    There is absolutely no reason to hold these games at the HDC. NONE. They can easily put host these games at Cerritos College & probably save themselves quite a bit of money.

  • SGV coach

    Southern California football does not suck, but it does need some fixing. The talent is rich and there are many great coaches, but we are always looking for the next great thing. Whether it is the next great star or the next great offensive scheme or whatever! We need to focus on what is right in front of us!
    Football is the ultimate team game and Coach Ladouceur showed us that last night and every year his teams show up. One of the analysts stated that every coach wants to simulate Coach Ladouceur, but I find that not to be true!
    The best football teams have the best defensive and offensive lines, and a quarterback that is a leader that can run the offense. There are not too many teams that follow that pattern down here in So. Cal. We like fast players and quick scores, so when we get in a tough match, we lose our composure because we don’t know how to sustain the intensity to maintain a long drive. Football is about struggle and courage, not flash and pizzaz.
    A great book to read is called, One great game. It talks about the Poly – De La Salle game back in 2001. Coach Ladouceur was asked to speak in 1998, and the big question was about the streak. He tried to explain it in his speech called, “What Is a Spartan?” The speech touched on his expectations and what it means to him. It is a great speech, and as you saw on Saturday night, his philosophy works.
    Vince Lombardi stated that as a leader you need to ask yourself the tough questions and be honest, and then you can find your weaknesses and your faults but from their you can move forward. Coach Carroll mentioned that the reason for his success is that he learned from John Wooden how to write down his philosophies and follow that path toward success daily. That’s where “win forever” came from.
    Coach Ladouceur teaches the most basic fundamentals in football and his teams master them. They get off the ball, they stay low, they explode with their hips, and use forearm shivers to deliver the blow, and block until the whistle blows. On defense, it is pretty much the same. Once they master the basics, they add wrinkles to their offense. Those kids know football because they have been taught so many things about it, but they probably learned more life lessons than football lessons.
    Coach doesn’t make excuses, he just produces. Some may dissect this but all I’m going to do is say is, “Scoreboard.” It was 48 – 8.
    However, I am going to say that Servite is a great team and does follow a great philosophy. I have much respect for that program. They just happened to run into one of the greatest high school football teams in California history.

  • football jones

    Wow, lots of pure, uncut stupidity on these blogs!

    De la salle is not known for signing D-1 players. Most of their guys go on to small schools.


    Lets set the record straight DLS has been a power house for past 15 years and sends more players to NFL than any other HS on west coast, with LB Poly second.

    Maurice Jones-Drew, Derek Landri, T.J. Ward, D.J. Williams, and Jackie Bates all went to De La Salle in Concord.

  • Coach

    SGV Coach,

    I agree with you 100%, if you guys haven’t figured it out yet, De La Salle is the best football TEAM in California. Check out how many D1 scholarships they get and compare to CC you will be shocked. As Aram stated CC is loaded with talent but the coaching staff is clueless just like Long Beach Poly. Take Bishop Amat’s coaching staff with CC or LB Poly players and we would have the complete package.


    The problem, from my perspective, with many of the schools/teams in the Southern California, is a lack of true athletes. Don’t get me wrong, we have the talent; hands down, we have more talent than any other state but are lacking in the “athlete development” – and I’m not talking about summer camps, and three a day work outs. I’m speaking from a mental perspective.

    Not sure what the blame is…not at all inclined to blame the coaches, but after this last season and having the opportunity to watch, from the sidelines, some of these schools/teams in S. Cal. don’t come to games mentality prepared, and, in most cases, seem to break down over trivial plays. Being fired up to play is one thing, not knowing how to adapt, mentally, against your opponent is another story.

    S.Cal football is exciting but again, we have a ways to go in athlete development.

    Laurence Todd

  • Aram what are you talking about

    Football Jones, I did not say that they did not have any players in the pros. historically De La Salle is not known for Putting out tons of D-1 talent. I had a hour long conversation with a parent at the State bowl game. Everyone is aware that De La Salle does have a few players who go on to play in College, but not many. The 5 active players who are in the NFL now from de la Salle all came in a short period time, in the last ten years. If you know so much, how many D1 players does De la Salle have this year? I know..its. You think I did not seen that De la Salle has 5 active players. That does not make them a factory. Dorsey High School has more players to make it to NFL then De La Salle. I just put that up there to show you something. long Beach poly is the all time NFL football factory everyone knows that. Do your Homework please!

    De La Salle D1 prospects for 2010-2011
    Blake Renaud 6’2 234 TE/LB
    Lucas Shapiro

    Long Beach Poly Has 27
    Marques Anderson
    Terrance Austin[6]
    Darnell Bing[8]
    Willie Brown
    Mark Carrier[6]
    Antoine Cason (attended)
    Hershel Dennis[8]
    Eddie Goss
    Tony Hill
    DeSean Jackson[6]
    Winston Justice[6]
    Marcedes Lewis[6]
    Earl R. McCullouch
    Willie McGinest[6]
    Stephone Paige
    Samie Parker[6]
    Marquez Pope[6]
    Ken-Yon Rambo
    Don Sams
    Jeff Smith
    Omar Stoutmire[6]
    Pago Togafau[9]
    Gene Washington
    Antavius Weems[6]
    Manuel Wright[9]

    De la Salle has 9
    T.J. Ward Safety Cleveland Browns
    Maurice Jones-Drew Jaguars.
    Amani Toomer New York Giants
    Kevin Simon Washington Redskins
    Matt Gutierrez Kansas City Chiefs
    D. J. Williams Denver Broncos
    Doug Brien San Francisco 49ers
    David Loverne New York Jets
    Derek Landri Carolina Panthers

    Dorsey has Ten
    Dennis Northcutt, NFL
    Keyshawn Johnson, NFL
    Nail Diggs, NFL
    Edell Shepheard, NFL
    Antonio Chatman, NFL
    Lamont Warren, NFL Running Back
    Chris Mims, NFL
    Chris Peanut Owens NFL
    Beno Bryant NFL
    Michael “Butch” McColly Johnson NFL

  • Ripple

    If So Cal football sucks then why is every coach from every major college tripping all over themselves to talk to these young men from So Cal. It is STILL the hotbed for recruiters.
    When the North got our head handed to us by the South we did not say “stop the games”.
    Watching and playing De La Salle forced all of our schools to get better and no one from up North has beaten them for something like 230 straight games. We are not going to stop trying. In short I do not believe So Cal has run out of talent and I also do NOT believe the coaching is poor. It just so happened that we had schools as good as the South for once. By the way one of our best schools wasn’t down there, Grant

  • Los Angeles City Section Has the Most Talent in California!


    Los Angeles alone has the third most players in NFL to date. That’s just the high schools in the city of los Angeles, not including City section as a whole. If you add LA City Section and If you Sothern Section, you will begin to see how much Talent Socal is producing. I don’t think there is another area that puts out more D1 and NFL players. Long Beach Poly is the all time Leading Factory for D1 and NFL players all time. That’s a Fact. If California has the most NFL Players, which side you think produces the most…So Cal duh. This Article’s topic is all screwed up. Talent and winning games are two different things. De La Salle Develops Great High school players. Very few go on to the next level. In the past De la Salle was able to give scholarships, so they could get Toomers and Williams and Jones Drew. Since they don’t do that anymore, and still are the best in California is a testimony to how good their coach and program is. Those type of guys were the NFL type guys. Research you will see that on average, they are not pumping out D1 players. Here are some states.

    HOME STATES: California tops the list of states with the most NFL players (211), followed by Texas (181) and Florida (177):


    State NFL Players State NFL Players
    California 211 New Jersey 55
    Texas 181 Michigan 53
    Florida 177 Alabama 50
    Ohio 85 Virginia 50
    Georgia 80 South Carolina 46
    Louisiana 68 Illinois 43
    Pennsylvania 56 North Carolina 42

    HOMETOWNS: Houston heads the list of hometowns with the most players (24), followed by Miami (22) and Los Angeles (20):


    Hometown NFL Players Hometown NFL Players
    Houston 24 Cincinnati 11
    Miami 22 Cleveland 11
    *Los Angeles 20* Tampa 10
    Detroit 15 Atlanta 9
    New Orleans 15 Chicago 9
    Dallas 12 Sacramento 9
    Jacksonville 12

  • Aram

    I’m talking about comparing the talent now to the talent of yesteryear. Of course we have players in several colleges.

    I’m talking about taking this year’s seniors, last year’s seniors and the year before’s seniors.

    Judge them. They are not as good as the classes in the early 2000s. They are not even close.

    Some of you are getting very confused by what I’m saying. I’m talking about this year and the past two. It’s been a down year for SoCal talent.

  • Goldenarm

    the weekend monrovia played was dynamite weather,
    proving the football Gods have sentiment for those 0-9
    in CIF finals
    could have been a tsunami in Arcadia and the outcome would have been the same

  • Aaron

    This thing about West Covina having a chance? Well they didn’t, and it had nothing to do with Madison getting a shot. Last year when they re-did the divisions for the State Bowls the Souther section got the shaft overall. It used to go strictly by enrollment and last year after the Bowl Gamnes the commissioners paired them by division.

    So for the Open Division and Division I…well we don’t have issues…except that the SS-Northern Division that was a Division II division for the most part became a Division I period. So that hurts the SS in Division II, III, IV, and Small School for the state bowls because the meeting eliminated two divisions from Division II consideration.

    The mission of these games is to create a pseudo state Champ by pitting the top team from the North and the top team in the South in all five state bowl games. Commissioners decided against a regional format for the next two years. Ergo we will not see a PAC-5 vs. Inland/ Pac-5 vs SD Division I/II for an open or Division I berth. At some point we will have a regional game in the state. And as far as commissioners not knowing where schools are…I never heard of the Bishop’s school so they must know something. West Covina has a higher enrollment than any school in the Marmonte league… So where is the Southeast Division in consideration for State Bowl Berths…in the same division as Serra and Folsom: Division II. Yes that means they had no shot, not even an undefeated West Covina had a shot over an undefeated Serra.

    Last time I checked individuals did not win football games.

  • football jones

    Aram what are you talking about said:

    re: DLS D1 players

    Sounds like you’ve done more homework than me.

    Point well taken.

  • Aram what are you talking about.

    it all good Football Jones, this article fires me up. I am hoping that Socal teams especially sgv players realize that Football is a team sport. Talent can be the determining factor, if you first play hard all game, second use perfect technique, and Three listen to your Coaches and execute. That is truly what makes De la Salle so great. In Socal, we are yelling” get the ball in your Athletes hands”. Thats hard to do if your line is not firing out, and everyone else is doing everything what they are supposed to do. When you play teams that are not better than you, you can get away with poor execution. Your star can bail you out. But if you are playing a team that is the same or better, you must play close to perfect. Socal players are just as good as they have ever been. However, the players in past, play harder, and executed a little better. Football was less complicated and more down hill. We use to see alot more pro style or option teams. Now everyone is running the Zone Read, and actually, if you are discipline, you stop it. Cam Newton, Vince young Etc… are once in a life time athletes. Eubanks is the closest thing to that, but once again. Others did not execute and it cost them the game. If you can get all your players to contribute, then you will be like De la Salle

  • sgv scouting

    Interesting topic, interesting opinions…

    First off, I had a very strong knee jerk reaction when all the action went down. I was as upset as anyone that the so cal teams (especially the southern section teams) went down and went down hard. But, two days afterward, following some careful thinking, I changed my tune just a little bit.

    First off, Southern California football is not bad. It doesn’t suck. But, and I think this got lost more than anything else, we just got arrogant about ourselves. We (as in the teams in Southern California) just felt that all we had to do was show up on the field and teams would lay down right away.

    Well, that was not the case this past weekend. Palo Alto was not intimidated by CC and CC played like a team that felt that they were entitled to a win rather than playing for it on the field.

    Serra played the second half that way and got humbled.

    And lets just say that Servite just had a bad day. It happens in high school football.

    And before we get on our soapboxes saying So Cal football is bad, during the season, named the Serra League and the Trinity League as two of the toughest leagues in the nation. So it’s not like quality football is not being played in Southern California.

    Then there is this theory that So Cal’s talent is taking a spike downhill. Disagree with that as well. The recruiting classes for 2008, 2009 and 2010 have been very, very strong (speaking for the East SGV and the IE). Bishop Amat’s Sheldon Price is starting at UCLA, Dorian Wells is starting at Villanova, Keith Smith was just named WAC Freshman player of the year.

    In the IE, Taylor Martinez is doing his thing at Nebraska (and all the scouting experts all said that he was going to be a longshot to start) Matt Scott is starting at Arizona and we can go down the line.

    Will it be that way in starting on 2011, well that will be a topic I will be writing about in Fred’s blog in February.

    For now, let’s calm down a little bit and hope for one thing, a clean sweep by the So Cal teams in the State Bowls next year.

  • Dan

    The post below nails it, it wasn’t a difference in talent it was which team showed up focused and ready to play. Coach Lad always has his teams ready, focused, and well disciplined. Nothing distracts the DLS teams from their task at hand, there could have been hand grenades exploding on the sidelines and they still would have executed the way they always do. The execution, the discipline, the determination, the team mentallity was superior for the Nor Cal schools. Not the talent. That Servite team was not the same Servite team that routed Mission Viejo the week before, When both are playing their best ball Servite and DLS are not 40 points apart. Winning a Pac 5 Title is probably the most distinguished accomplishment for highschool football in California. Once they won the Pac 5 I’m pretty sure Servite lost some drive and intensity.
    De La Salle and the teams from the North probably come down here with a chip on their shoulder because the common belief is the Northern schools have lighter schedules and the divisions up their are not as tough as the Southern Section. Their sense of accomplishment
    is not complete without coming down here and showing the Southern section that those beliefs are nothing but a myth. They may have proved it this weekend.














    1)Palo Alto and De La Salle had 2 WEEKS to prepare. The Southern teams had only one.

    2) The field was in HORRIBLE NEARLY UNPLAYABLE SHAPE AFTER GAME 1. The advantage of this for a running team is obvious. De La Salle’s and Palo Alto’s offenses were suited for this game. Additionally, with EVERY GAME ON THE FIELD THIS ADVANTAGE WAS COMPOUNDED. By the time Corona played, the field neutralized their entire offense through no fault of their own. It was the worst field I’ve ever seen. 4 games in 2 days? In the rain???

    3) Does it make more sense that THE MOST PROLIFIC OFFENSE IN CALIFORNIA HISTORY was miraculously held to 13 points? Or was it the case that the odds were stacked against them because of the field with their passing offense? Aram, you think that one year SOCAL football went in the toilet? GET REAL SON.

    4) Honestly, was servite that bad? De La Salle beat them worse than they beat some of their regular season opponents. Come on.

    IN SUMMARY: Extraordinary circumstances made for some strange games.

    Aram, I am very surprised with your naive critique. I am also surprise at how quickly you through SOCAL football under the bus. And you think that with guys like Eubanks and the Servite RB we have a shortage of talent.


    Over and out…

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