Season in review: Bishop Amat … Season grade: B

The Colonel and Nine will have a lot to talk about this offseason

And now it’s time for a little something we’ll be doing to wrap up the seasons for most local teams. Will I get around to everybody? No. But I will certainly do all teams in the top 25. We’ll start with Amat, because nothing says “hey, look at this!” like Amat.

Record: 9-2
Biggest win: 31-28 over Crespi
Worst loss: 31-21 to Tesoro
The Good: The emergence of Jalen Moore at running back and Nine at quarterback as two of the top performers in the Serra League was nice, considering the Lancers were replacing their top QB, RB and WRs from last season. Amat averaged 35 points per game this season. Those numbers helped Colonel Hagerty’s boys march to a 9-0 record and had Robledo and the Amat nation mapping out trip routes to Mission Viejo. It was an exciting first nine weeks (10 actually).
The Bad: The defense, which actually carried the show early, turned out to be not-ready-for-primetime later in the season. Amat was hurting in its back seven due to lack of experience and, quite simply, lack of the needed talent to make consistent stops at the level. Turnovers also hurt the team late in the season, and you couldn’t chalk them up to inexperience because by that time, everybody had nine weeks of what they call “big-boy ball”.
The Ugly: Losing to Tesoro in the first round was a horrific step back for a program that was on the rise. In 2009, the Lancers actually won in the first round. In fact, during the 2000s, Amat’s biggest problem has been the second round. But this year it was the first round and it was a seeded team … and the loss was to a Tesoro team that lost to Chino Hills and was banged up going into the game. As I’ve said all along, the excitement about Amat football is definitely back, but the tangible results are not. When the two actually meet, it should be epic.
Sad to see you go: Julian Gener OL/DE, by far one of the top defensive players in the Valley. Wallace Gonzalez WR, you don’t find frames like his, well, ever. Christian Orduno OL/DL, Amat’s one D-1-looking talent in the trenches.
What to look forward to: Whereas Amat was inexperienced in the skill spots entering this season, it will be oozing with experience next year. QB Rio Ruiz, RBs Jalen Moore and Zach Shay, WR Adam Sanchez, TE Sal Velasquez, all return.

  • Bob

    After watching the teams from Northern Cal, that bar has been raised. Can Amat hang with those teams next year??

  • Aram

    It’s gonna come down to line play and defense. Those are two big IFs right now. Amat probably has the skill guys to get it done, but what I’ll be watching closest is what they look like on the lines and on defense.

    I am one of those who believes the talent pool is getting better and better at Amat each year.

  • K

    I love that you are doing this Aram, nice work. I look forward to reading the rest

  • Coach

    Give me a break. Every year BA gets graded. Every year they (F)ail. Try focusing on other schools.

  • jsut sayin’

    and every year they’d kick your teams @$$!

  • ChrisZ

    Aram you said “Amat probably has the skill guys to get it done” ? Are you saying the O and D line have no Skills?? I guess you didn’t see De La Salle on saturday night. Please get a copy and watch and you’ll see who are the true “skill” players that allow those other players to show their skills.

  • Coach (Orginal)

    Amat doesn’t have the talent, and really doesn’t have the skilled talent to compete with these teams. Aram the more you hang around with Fred the more you are starting to sound like him. The only thing Amat has is coaching, and the coaching can compete with SCal not NCal.

    Just about every matchup of SCal vs. NCal our teams had superior talent but they were out coached. This Bishop Amat team doesn’t have and won’t have the talent or coaching to compete with these NCal teams.

  • Amat Fan # 1

    I believe Bishop Amat will be in the mix next year. They have the Defensive talent coming back next year and they have the Offensive talent returning also. Their Defensive Secondary will be Tip Top next year. The Safties, one corner and the nickel back are all returners and Zach Shay will also be in the mix allowing Coach D and Coach Daylon to mix and match where needed. Amat will really need a “Lock-down” corner to transfer in though. That or one of those returning underclassmen will really have to improve at the corner and nickel spots to alleviate the “Big Play” that haunted us all season last year. Linebacker play is also an area of concern and I haven’t even got to the D-line yet!! Amat will need to develop some of these returning players if they do not get a transfer or two for the Defense. Offensively, Lots of weapons returning next year. Big question is the O-line???? Talk about a need for stepping up. They have some guys with potential and they will need them to realize it so they can contribute next year. If I was a QB, I would definately also think about transferring in to Amat this year. Learn the system, get some P.T. and back-up experience. Maybe even free up R.R. to spot play at another position??? Either way Amat is going to be an exciting team to watch next year too!!! Go Amat!
    If your an Amat hater please just move to another thread, I want to get some feed back from AMAT fans, I’m not trying to start an SGV pissing contest. Thank you in advance.

  • Coach

    Amat Fan #1,

    Please read what you wrote, you start off stating Amat will be in the hunt next year. Then you continue on to tear apart next years team. The only positions that you didn’t state you need transfers (help) at is the wide receiver (which you do need) and the running back position. Your talent level is weak at best, your coaching carries this Amat team. Expect the same results next year. On top of all that Rio’s has proven nothing at the quarterback spot, leaving a major issue in the leadership of this team. Your coaching staff and this tribune can talk him up as much as they want but the results on the field are what I look at.

  • Amat 76

    After watching De La Salle against Servite, it all comes down to the line of scrimmage. The spartans OL was driving the Friars back all night. The spartans’ OL isn’t that big per Max Preps. Not like MV or Servites. It comes down to execution and technique. OL and the DL is where is where games are won. Turnovers were Amat’s worst enemy the last two games. Third down conversions by the other team was the other area of concern. I went to the last two games especially against Alemany. They gave that game away and they were stil in it with a min to go. For next year. Have our OL line learn how to block/push from the De La salle ol line coach. Mike Defiori asst coach at amat should line it up as he is a grad of De La Salle.

  • Amat Fan # 1

    Coach(?) How did I “tear apart” next years team? To Say we need a transfer or two doesn’t mean I don’t like the players we have, Hell, tell me a coach or program that wouldn’t like to benefit from a ready to play transfer? Are you telling me that you Coach? would not welcome a transfer to add to a team that you think already has a chance next year? As far as Rio goes you need to relax on the “Kid”. He could have done loads more in terms of stats “IF” he was allowed to play “Full” games. But really, the oly people that seem to care about all the stats and records are you outsiders or Rio Ruiz Haters who like to put down ad belittle high school kids on field efforts. I personally DO NOT CARE about Rios Stats or Records. I want to win games and next year Rio gets another crack at it. He will be another year experienced just like all the other players I mentioned. Now to address that….I don’t care about transfers either. I think it breeds competition and from competition you get enhanced performance. If you can play, then you will earn the spot. Nothing is given at AMAT, but that’s a whole different topic for someone else. The only spot that you referenced where you may have a point, because your opinion of next years team I do not agree with, is Leadership. They definately need a few players to step up and take over leadership roles. On both sides of the ball. Oh and to say that our coaching carries this team? Do they take the field? Do they make tackles? do they make reads as they go through the line or check down to an uncovered reciever? NO. THEY DON’T! They do help prepare the kids for what they will see but they do not EXECUTE ON THE FIELD. I will fight you on this one Coach(?). PLAYERS PLAY COACHES COACH. No matter what happens, those boys on the field are the ones who make it happen. You say you look at what takes place on the field, AMAT posted a 9-2 record on that field this year. Therew ere alot of teams who didn’t come close to that record. Was it what we (I) wanted? No. Do I expect better? YES. Do I want a CIF Championship? Name one player or coach who plays High School Football that doesn’t. GO AMAT LANCERS!

  • Amats D must get better

    Bishop will be good again, but they still will not go past the Second Rd. Their Defense is good, but not great. The Secondary will have to improve. They will have a experienced QB and Offense next year. Championships are still won on the Defensive side of the ball. The Amat defense is going to have to get quicker and More athletic. Losing lacy really hurt them. If they can have some LBs step up and secondary guys play on a higher level. You may see bishop in the semis. I am not sure what they have coming through the pipelines next year. I hope its defensive players.

  • Amat Fan # 1

    Amat D – Time will tell. I’m holding out for the rise to glory. Go Amat Lancers!

  • Not a Coach

    Can Amat hang with Northern Cal. teams!,what about the other So. Cal teams that were suppose to roll over teams who got in their way? What happened to big, bad Mission Viejo aganist Servite? ‘On any given Sunday.’Did you read who was crowned National Champ?

    Come on fellas, let’s get serious, Football ratings are like The Academy Awards, subjective, bias ratings.

    What if we were to have a national contest to determine who really is number one. The games would be played year in and year out until only two teams are left. By then everyone would be tired of watching so much football, no body in stands would show up!

  • AMAT!!!

    Amat has lots of talented players that can and do compete with the best, the problem is putting the right kid in the right spot.

  • Amat Curious

    AMAT!!! Whats your plan then?

  • Frank

    With Amats returning players and a jv team that was pretty good. Amat will have a really strong team next year. Several players may have to learn new positions, but I’m confident with the skills they have that will not be a problem. End of season was a let down this year, Amat had a better team then how they finished. I’m excited for next year as I think this will be an even stronger team.

  • 12th man

    Amat for the most part should have a productive season in 2011… I just dont see them reaching the finals perhaps the semis or the quarter seems more reasonable..BA will have to work on there secondary & if possible put Ruiz somewhere in the equation..All of these top teams in the pac5 find a way to put there talented QB to go both ways..Alemani did it & Mission Viejo had the QB starting as a linebacker on defense..I dont know if the center is returning but he needs work..every game i attended the center would snap the ball high atleast 5 to 6 times a game when they were in the shotgun formation..Any time the QB needs to jump to get the snap its a recipe for disaster not to mention the defense just gained a three step advantage..but what i really want to cover is the Athleticism of the D & O line will they be able to match up physically & at the same talent level as some of these OC teams who can dominate you in the trenches..There are two things that coaches cant teach & thats “Size & Speed” so to try to figure out how to stop some of these high powered offenses should be a task in itself for Amat..

  • Ro

    everyone always putting down Rio.he will be great next year and the offense will be great. defensive backfield will improve alot with age. They should really think of playing Rios both ways like most athletic players from top schools. coaches need to go convince my cousins kid to go out for football. he is 6 foot 230 pounds and wrestles on the J.V team. he is growing alot and needs to put on muscle. corey barham is his name,a junior .

  • Coach is an a$$

    So you call yourself a coach, Why! who and what have you coached, what do you know…Your a straight Amat hater, that’s all you ever do…Every Pac 5 team lost their last game…do the all suck? according to you, yes everybody sucks…nobody had great moments or winning seasons or nice records, because they all lost the last game..Mission Viejo, Servite, Alemany, Mater Dei….All, and of course to you Especially Bishop Amat…When was the last time Amat had a record breaking QB throw for 2000 yards and probably could have been closer to 3000 yards if he stays in 4 or 5 more games, how about a Running back who had over 1600 yards and a gillion TD’s…Dude you are a bitter freck’n loser, your son probably was on the team and didn’t play, tell me I’m wrong, your little Juanito was better than, Rio, Jalen or Gener right, he just didn’t get a chance to shine…Well let me break it to you YOUR kid Sucked, just like his loser Coach Dad, who tried to “coach” him up”, nice work bro, you just ruined a human being, how does that feel…Jerk

  • AMAT 73

    12th man,
    I recall you making such a big fuss about all these cornfed 6-4 or better 275 lb or better O and D linemen being what is needed to compete at the top level . Well De LA Salle looked pretty small and their average weight of the both lines is 210 lbs or so and they have more kids under 6 ft then they do over , as a matter of fact 13 out of 21 .They pushed your big OC cornfed boys up and down the field all night. Also you are wrong on the fact that a coach can’t teach speed because what can be developed ( like sprinters spending so much time working on coming out of the blocks in track ) is quickness which equates to speed off the ball which is a great weapon especially on offense in football as was used all night long by a very quick De La Salle team.Also some of those jumps on snaps by Rio were planned believe it or not. One point I do agree is Rio certainly should be able to play some DB in various situations (especially when Alemany was going 3 wide to one side ) for us next season but not full time.

  • Amat Honk

    When does the first passing scrimmage take place? Let’s get it on! I’m already pumped for football 2011!!!! Lets Go Big Blue!!!!

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