Happy New Year’s … and you can follow me on Twitter …

Happy New Year’s, everybody! I salute all of you (just don’t flag me).

My suggestion: Get some Chinese food and watch bowl games for the next two days.

My next suggestion:
Follow me on Twitter.

Finally: If I see another values.com commercial, I’m gonna puke. Tell me some of you saw the one yesterday where the high school basketball player tells his coach the ball went out off of him (the ref called it the other way). So the coach commends the kid and they tell the ref … Pathetic. Almost as bad as the hippie who finds some woman’s purse at a bus stop … oh man, I can’t even keep going.

  • ;)

    Hey Freddie,
    If you expect people to sign in to comment, expect your hits to drop off the table.

  • Wildcats

    Honestly I think he is clueless what is going on. The main page isn’t updating, so I can only assume that the site still isn’t working properly. He is also using his admin account to test the blog. He needs to take a Computer 101 class over at Mt. Sac. It really goes to show how much attention is given to the site, it has been down for days and the Tribune is clueless.

  • FBFan

    Hey Wildcats, I’m sure Fred would love to apologize to you for that you’re torch is now dim and the pitchfork has to be put up on the shelf for a little while. Don’t worry, the blog will be back up and you will be able to keep throwing Zavala under the bus and talk about how horrible he is and how his OC doesn’t know football. O yeah and I forgot about all that D1 talent that is on that Wilson team. HAHA. I can list a ton of athletes that are way better than your wilson studs and are still NOT D1 talents. Guys like Kolbeck, Venegas, Ball, Lee, Johnson, and the list goes on and on, are all WAY better athletes than the boys in HH and these guys are not getting any D1 looks for scholarships. So please get that twisted argument out of your head.

    O no, but it’s all Zavala’s fault and now since Fred’s blog isn’t working, you’re trying to get him fired too.

  • Colt74

    I heard it from good sources that it’s Zavala’s fault that the blog is down……I would not be surprised if come Monday morning that some of the Trib staff transfer out to the Star….



    Did anybody catch Fred at the Rosebowl game yesterday WHEN THE GAME ENDED?




    ARAM, what is wrong with those VALUES.COM commercials. What are you a Tough Guy! HAHAHAHHA… What other commercials are out there right now that catch your attention, NOT ONE!


  • FBFan

    Hey Colt 74,

    That’s somewhat close to what I heard. But the truth is that the heads of the IT department of the Trib newspapers have the talent to manage web servers as big as google and they should only work for sports writers such as Jim Murray and Bill Plaschke, but Robledo, Aram, and Melendez just don’t know how to coach them up and use their talent. Therefore it’s all their fault that the blog is down. And I also heard that the reason the blog is down is because the top editors of the trib are Asian and don’t care about sports blogs… 🙂