Charter Oak to play La Habra in 2012 …

… that’s Kurt Scoby’s junior year, to you and I. By the way, how much will Fred will be all over that kid by the time he’s a junior/senior?

Anyway, I guess the two schools were trying to play this coming season, but it didn’t work out. But the 2012 game is a done deal, and you can bet Big Lou and Co. are already game planning (OK, may not).

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  • haahahaha

    Kurt come back to you hometown Monrovia! We miss you !

  • no_step

    Won’t Scoby be 20 years old when he’s a senior?

  • JFR


    1-9 in Championship games and going to start talkin smack. Do not call out kids on this blog you %UNT.

  • MonroVian

    Hey JFR
    Chill out you Humungus D Bag, He only said that because Scoby should of been at Duarte or Monrovia due to where he grew up! Of course We would love to have him back he is a great player. So un-ravle your panties and shut the he’ll up…. We are 9-1 in ships, so what… There will only be more to come you’ll see…… By the way Im a C.O. Charger fan also, so Scoby being there isn’t such a bad thing for me either… LOL……

  • Dan

    I like this game, both teams remind me of each other, seems like I remember that CO has had a couple of stout freshmen classes coming up, maybe they could be back to the old CO that we had in 08 and 09, they will need that kind of team against La Habra.