• Wildcatfan

    Is this working?

  • Colt74



  • hummmmm

    Queer how it broke just in time for the holidays then got fixed right after. Is that Breaking News??

  • Aaron

    Can we get your grades out faster…you had me champing at the bit but it’s not remaining relevant coming out with one grade every week.

  • FredJ

    Testing 123, testing

  • jcaz

    I tried to comment on Fred’s blog yesterday but wasn’t able to. Now this morning I see that he put out something where he’s asking about creating a new blog and getting rid of the old one.

    Sorry Aram, but because I can’t comment on his blog about this I do want to add a comment or two here.

    First of all there is something to be said about being the first prep blog in the SGV valley, and even though you created it Aram, it nevertheless has become somewhat (for lack of a better word) of an institution under Fred’s tenure.

    Sure, call me sentimental, but there is something to be said about things that have been around for awhile.

    Also, the way the other blogs (including yours Aram) “looks” kinda sucks in a way. Sorry, but I for one really don’t care for the way the comments are posted on here. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate the people who have posted their comments from one another with this format.

    Also, you other guy’s really don’t post new material as often as you should. Sure, it’s the off season, but why not get a little bit creative and so some new and interesting stuff in here.

    For example, this blog has for the most part created celebrities out of high school kids, so why not do something about what they’re up to during the off season, or maybe a follow up story on those that have already graduated.

    IE, what ever happened to, that running back at Charter Oak last year (Muma ?), or the quarterback at South Hills (Dean) or, well you get the idea right..

  • FredJ

    JCAZ, I know you heard this before, but we’re pretty close. The tech guys are working on my blog and only my blog only right now and they feel good about restoring it along with the captcha feature you see here below. I do not want to can the old blog and start a new one, but I will if I have to. Just so you know, a new blog would look exactly the same. We cloned it years ago in the event something like this happened. But cross your fingers, I’m hoping the comments are restored shortly. If you click on the comments now, you see it starting to show up then disappear. They almost have it worked out.


    Question, what bowl game has been the best game so far?

    1. ohio State vs Arkansas

    2. Iowa vs Missouri

    3. Wisconsin vs TCU.

    Colt74, I believe Jim Harbaugh will be coaching the 49ers.

    JCAZ, “KINDA OF SUCKS” wow I believe ARAMS blog is just as good as Fred’s if you ask me. By the way look who’s blog is up First. LOL…


  • jcaz

    Aztec Pride, maybe it didn’t come off just the way I meant it to, but “kinda sucks” was probably the best verbiage that I had, at that time, to describe what I was thinking.

    Anyway, yes, you are corrct, Arams blog is indeed a high quality blog, and it is one that I often visit on a daily basis, but truth be told, there just isnt enough “meat on the old bones” so to speak….

    Sure, Aram does a great job (he really does) and he shows his passion for prep spots all the time, in fact, just look at him and Fred duke it out on those two min videos and when you do, you’ll see what I mean.

    But maybe theses guys just don’t get paid as much as I would hope they do, to be on here much as possible to post new material.

    However, if you look at this specific blog (over the time that’s it’s been here), there has literally been days when nothing new is posted.

    Now, there might be something to be said about that, because if you look at Fred’s blog, the guy post’s way to much new stuff sometimes, but then again, maybe you just can’t have it both ways right ?

  • Colt74

    I meant to type San Francisco but for what ever reason typed Raiders…….dooooohhhhh. Think it had to do with me just reading an article about the punter and Al Davis that gave me the brain fart.

    I never thought there would come a day that Al Davis would make Georgia Frontiere look like Glenda the good witch…..

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