Podley recovering at home from infection …

Anybody who saw Bonita High School football coach Eric Podley in the weeks leading up to his team’s runner-up effort in the CIF Southern Section Southeast Division playoffs knows the veteran football coach just wasn’t right.

Podley, suffering from what he thought was a bad disc in his back that needed surgery, was forced to use a walker to get around and lose a good amount of weight due to the back pain and medication to help control it.

Turns out, Podley had something even more serious than a bad disc. Just prior to having surgery, Podley’s doctor had a hunch he might be suffering from an infection in his back. Subsequent tests proved the doctor and Podley was hospitalized for six days to receive treatment.

“Once they figured out it was a staph infection, they started loading me up on the antiotics,” Podley said. “I had the test done on a Monday and I was in the hospital on Tuesday for the next six days.”

Podley avoided surgery, but remains on antibiotics while he recuperates at home. The good news is he’s seen a significant reduction in pain and has even gained some weight back.

“I’m pretty much off all of the pain meds and muscle relaxants. Going from having to use morphine to nothing is a good day.”

All totaled, Podley will miss six weeks of work and is aiming to be back at Bonita in late January.

Bonita had its best season in years, going 12-2 and reaching the Southeast Division championship on Dec. 12. Despite the pain, Podley stuck it out until the end.

“There were days I was missing school so I could make practice,” Podley said. “There were a couple weekends where I had to go home because I was in pain. When you’re having a good year, I kind of felt an obligation to finish it out. I just needed to end about 30 seconds shorter than it did.”

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  • Aaron

    Good to know Coach is doing well. Everyone in the Bonita family has been concerned.

  • Cool Pic

    It’s ironic that Podley’s replacement Medrano is lurking in the background of the picture. Get well soon coach!

  • come on now!

    cool pic:
    coach medrano is not even in the backround in this picture! it’s one of the trainers that attended all of the games in case of injury. get a clue dude

  • Dan

    Great news for Podely, good luck coach.

  • cool pic

    come on now,

    Don’t be a fool, look how angry the little guy looks back there. That is Medrano!!!!

  • Uh yeah, that’s not even close to being Medrano.

  • BHS

    The Bonita family is very happy to hear that Coach Podley is doing well. What a man Coach is. He’s the type of guy that shows up to work everyday, has a great attitude. He and his staff worked hard all season and off season to salvage a 3-7 season. The best part is, Podley has more years to come. He didn’t let a bad back hold him back during the season and he did a phenomenal job. The players would have ran through a brick wall for him especially after seeing him in the pain he was in everyday.

    And in no way is that Medrano in the background.

  • LOL

    Well how many “angry little guys” do they have on staff at Bonita? It does look a little like Medrano in my opinion.

  • JerryWest

    WHen did Medrano become asian? šŸ™‚

  • Don

    Glad to hear Pods is feeling better, certainly one of the good guys who deserves recognition for the job he does at Bonita.

    The guy in the back? One of the tea docs, his name eludes me right now, but he’s an ortho guy from Casa Colina.

    Nice guy I guess, if you can’t afford Steve Bast.

  • Not a fan, but…

    I am not a fan of Bonita and have nothing against them just not an area guy, but admire the work they did and the success they had last year and wish Coach Podley all the best. Just goes to show that we all need to listen to our bodies and get to the doctors to let them figure things out! This could have been very bad and I am happy for him, his family and his team etc..