You guys are putting me to sleep, Fred’s hijacking my content, I’m still stuck in bowl pool mode, so now it’s time for the offseason buzz …

Disclaimer: For those of you who get offended about speculative reporting, then please go somewhere else and save the journalism ethics stuff for somebody who cares. If you don’t like a town called Rumorville, then please keep driving until you reach Boringville.

What I’m about to give you is a combo of what I’ve heard and what I know. The “what I know” part is from very reliable sources. You can check back later to see if anything I wrote came true, which most of it will. This isn’t something I heard from the guy standing outside the fence watching practice with his sunglasses on … and everybody’s wondering who’s dad is that, but then they realize he’s just a guy, probably associated with the Aram Mob. OK, there may be some of that.

Here we go …

At Damien, coach Greg Gano is going back to play-calling duties on offense. Last year’s offensive coordinator Ryan Merrill, who still teaches at Covina, may either join Darryl Thomas’ staff if something can be worked out, or focus on coaching his children in Little League, AYSO and basketball. As you might expect, Gano didn’t last long not calling the plays. It was something I joked with him about even before the season, because if you know him, there’s no way he’d be content even letting Norm Chow call his offense. Just how he is … So what about Dave Merrill, who was also an asst. at Damien last year? Well, he’s going back to Wilson to “oversee” the football program. What does that specifically mean and why is it needed, I’ll let you guys draw your own conclusions. I asked Merrill if he’s going to be head coach Brian Zavala’s boss and his answer was “I won’t say I’m his boss. I’m his advisor. The principal and athletic director are his bosses. I’m more somebody he can talk to. There’s nobody really on that campus he can talk football with. There are no other football coaches on campus.” … Who will replace the Merrills on Gano’s staff? The plan is for former Los Altos/New Mexico receiver Travis Brown to join the staff. Brown was at Diamond Bar last year under now-resigned coach John Martin. Gano also wanted former Los Altos/Colorado defensive back Chappelle Brown, but he has accepted at a graduate assistant gig at Colorado. But there’s nothing stopping former Los Altos standout running back Keith Brown from joining Gano’s staff, which he’s expected to do as running backs coach … Speaking of Diamond Bar, Martin’s recent resignation makes no sense to me. They brought the guy in to turn around the program and it looked like he was well on his way to doing that. Now, he resigns when it looks like they’ve got great momentum? … Over at Amat, the word is that coach Steve Hagerty has covered up the mirrors in the team’s weight room in some sort of exercise to … well, I don’t know. I’m sure it’s to get the players to focus on the football aspect of lifting and not the cosmetic side of it. … What’s up with Rosemead’s Matt Koffler? As you know, I reported that sources told me he would resign following the Panthers’ last game of the season. Since then, there have been rumors that Koffler would join Jim Singiser’s staff at Arroyo, which could create a powerhouse program in the Mid-Valley Division. Well, Koffler is still at Rosemead and word is he’s hopeful the administration will accommodate his needs. Don’t rule out anything just yet. … “Is Pasqy leaving Glendora?” How many times have I heard that? I really don’t know. My last contact with Coach Pasquarella was before Christmas and he told me “everything’s fine”. But he and I always speak in code, so he could have been talking about the weather. The natural progression is for La Puente coach and Glendora alum Brandon Rohrer to take over for Pasqy should he decide to bolt. … I’ll leave you on this last juicy tidbit: A local football standout tells me that Covina’s Vinny Venegas will transfer to West Covina where he will play his senior season. The player is convinced this will happen, but I’m not buying it at all. Not sure the Bulldogs will even be the better team next year.

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  • SGVRiver

    Very interesting Aram. Good job. Don’t know if the Venegas kid would play at West Covina. Might be more suited for the Mid Valley. West Covina and the Division have plenty of quick kids who weigh 150 lbs.

    I am disappointed you didn’t get anything on South El Monte. Dig man, dig.

  • intheknow

    Fred’s either taking it from you or Sonheimer..

  • Interesting

    Venegas to WC? That is interesting. I don’t see the benefit to that. He has just as good a shot, if not better to win it next year with the Colts in a system that he is familiar with and better suited to his abilities than a foreign Wing-T, running system that is breaking in a new QB. Vinny excelled in the Covina offense as both a WR (over 1,000yds receiving) and RB. It is hard to imagine him in West Co’s system. Most of WC’s offense has one WR on the field at a time, so its not like a lot of balls are going to get thrown to him especially with a QB that will not be as good as Johnson next year. Hard to imagine him getting a lot of touches in the backfield with Solomon returning as well. He is not a true RB, better with the ball in space. I like you Aram am not believing the rumor!

  • Oh, I don’t know about that. I think Venegas is good enough to play well anywhere in this Valley.

  • Living Legend

    I know one thing Aram whoever gave you the Venegas info has no idea what they are talking about.

  • Wilson

    Re Zavala:

    “There are no other football coaches on campus.”

    Well, except for Fair and Oviedo, anyway…

  • Wilson

    OK, now the David Merrill comment has been validated. Next is the Ryan Merrill rumor about him coming over to Wilson to coach? Noticed he is gone from Damien, something that is now also validated. Now the tuff one is left, will Zavala survive the P.I.? My comments about the principal, Ms. Paul wanting Zavala out are now more than a rumor also. In these days with the budget cuts for the school district to hire a P.I., you know they want him out. The issue is the district policy is three years unless you can prove something. You would have thought that just the chewing tobacco incident would have been enough, maybe it will be. My last prediction Dave Merrill (HC), Ryan Merrill (OC), and Lee Fair (DC), with these guys this program will be the best in the school district, I know not saying much.

  • Wilson Parent

    “Fair and Oviedo”, won’t get near anything that Zavala is involved in.

  • I should also say that Coach Merrill said there is NO TRUTH to the rumor that he and his son Ryan will be coaching at Wilson.

  • Wilson


    Well we see.

    The activity going on within the school administration and Ryan Merrill’s name keeps popping into the conversations. Fair no longer coaching at Damien, already teaching and coaching other sports at Wilson.

  • Dan

    Very doubtfull on the Venegas to WC rumor, nobody has mentioned anything like that. Not that I wouldn’t love to have a kid as talented as him, but I wouldn’t want the kid to risk losing his senior year eligibility transfering over here. I agree that he would probably get more action in Covina’s spread than WC’s wing T, I know for a fact that the WC staff would not put a risk like that on the Bulldog season no matter how talented a player is. There are at least three SGV stud players that I know of who’s names would be recognized if I put them on here that tried to transfer in to WC but are now playing or played at other schools because WC told the parents they would verify the address that was given.

  • question

    Did Lee Fair really leave the Damien coaching staff?
    hard to belive if true, i mean that is/was Gano’s right hand man for many years, correct?
    Someone in the know…please fill me in, very interested…
    I know Fair’s son frequents this blog, if your out there…let us know

  • Billy’s Dad

    Why would Vinny go to WC? He’s got it made in Covina. . .

    I hear Coach Merrill might coach at Covina. Logical choice since he teaches there and he would be welcome. . .

  • Fair’s Son

    Fair is still coaching at Damien. Where do these rumors come from?

  • SGVRiver

    Wilson, If they want him out, just let him go, he is still not permanent. Merrill and Merrill won’t be coaching. Dave does have some connections and does have a few ideas if Zavala leaves. But guys get real, If they were going to let him go, they would have done it. They can just not bring him back he isn’t permanent status.

    I feel Zavala is making ammends and is going to be on campus and coaching at Wilson for years to come. Sorry folks. Mrs. Paul must not dislike him that much if she doesn’t just let him go.

  • Wilson Parent


    I can tell you I am 100% sure that Ms. Paul wants Zavala out, she personally told me. You don’t understand this district, you need proof to fire a teacher within the first three years per district policy. That is why the district hired a PI, to get the proof so they can fire him this year.

    Is Zavala aware of this, yes. Zavala is so concerned that he has been looking for a job. He has been in contact with other head coaches inquiring of any open teaching/coaching positions.

  • Wilson

    I am sorry to say that Zavala has made a joke out of this program. It got so bad that Schreiman was guaranteed the starting job next year and he still left the program. The talk around the school isn’t how good are we going to do, but is who else is leaving. Just about every top returning player has been rumored to be leaving. Many players were upset with the latest bone-head move by Zavala. When Zavala promised Schreiman the starting job he also told Morales he wasn’t going to be playing the position next season. So Morales was planning on going back to Sonora to be with his friends. When Schreiman left, Zavala had to do something to get Morales to stay. So he gave the team MVP to Morales, lets just say that pissed off just a few parents and players.

  • SGVRiver

    Wilson, very interesting if you are correct. Doubt he will find another job though because there aren’t many PE jobs (if any) out there. Also doublt the PI will find anyone.
    Too bad for the kids though. Will be tough for the kids whose parents can’t move.

  • WcHS

    Little Vinny couldnt play with the big dawgs anyways. He needs to stay in the VVL and hit the weights!

  • Living Legend

    @WCHS, oh you mean the little Vinny who caught a couple TD’s against you guys and had a pick to end the the game, that little Vinny?

  • hahahaha



  • DB

    Coach Martin stepped down to spend more time with his family. Coaching can take a strain on the family life with the number of hours that must be put in to run a program. Everyone wishes him the best.

  • Wilson

    Living Legand,

    I have to give you a thumbs up on that one:)

  • Wilson

    So i read this blog post today and with all this PI talk and Merrill transfering in. I had to get some info from a real source. From what I got. Zavala is’t going anywere. Cause that PI that is trying to find info and can’t find any. None of the key people he wants to talk to will speak with him . People forget that PI’s are not cops they have no legal powers. All they can do is ask you questions. And try and build cases but with no evidence or help from people he’s out of luck. As far as the qb schriemen leaving after being promised the starting job. That is plain wrong. I know the OC personally i played for him. He laughed when i asked him. He said that never came out his mouth and if schriemen said he did hes a liar. He said he told that kid what he could do to win the job. Lift weights and listen and run his offense the way he wants it ran. If he did that he could start. Never did he say that kid was the starter. That kid transfered cause he was getting heat from Ms. Paul the principle. She wanted the father away from the school cause she felt he is trouble. So she was not going to renew his outside contract to attend Wilson. He went to Pomona cause he has a address over there. As far as the MVP that was a unaimous coaches vote. Thats why that kid won. The transfer stuff is just a bunch of parents and kids talking when all things settle most kids will still be at Wilson. And there are kids i know that are considering coming in still. And as for Merrill he is their more to help the AD. The new AD is struggling with his new duties so Merrill is there to help him. But he is also a buffer between Zavala and the adminstration. To keep things smooth. The younger Merrill is not coming in. So those are the facts.

  • Real Wilson

    In reading your comments I believe that you did talk to Williams. I also have a contact very close to this situation. Your comment about the PI is true, None of the key people he wants to talk to will speak with him. Notice you didnt say he was incent of the charges, just that no one will talk to the PI. I know for a fact Schreiman is real close to talking based on the comments coming out of Zavalas mouth, I sure hope he does come clean.

    Now Williams, this guy has no business being an OC, on any team. I cant help but laugh when he talks about us running zone read. We dont run zone read, we run the option and that is it. I understand that Zavala was despite when he hired Williams. After all the conversations Zavala had with parents, staff, and Alum, he made it clear Williams was gone at the end of the season. Then who do we see on the field Monday, Williams you got to be kidding me.

    Williams lacks the knowledge to implement a passing game that is why he doesnt have Schreiman as his quarterback. Williams is a one dimensional OC, run the ball. I am not going to address what Williams or Schreiman said because it really doesnt matter. I have to bring up an amazing comment that Williams made at the banquet. This team will be practicing thanksgiving weekend with Morales at quarterback next season. I sure hope that was a peep talk and he really doesnt think that. Moe Vega was our offense with Morales at quarterback against the quality teams last season and we have no one to replace him next season. I doubt we are going to be getting any transfers, thanks to Zavala.

    Now as far as Morales unanimous coaches vote, that is a flat out lie. I could start to mention coachs names but Im not going there. I dont think a single coach can look Moe Vega in the eye and tell him that Morales desired this award over Moe, that is just crazy to even try and make that statement. Nelson was clearly in second place on MVP.

    Since you decided to address the reason why Schreiman left the program, I will give you the real reason why Schreiman transferred to Pomona. Ms. Paul basically threaten Mr. Schreiman if he didnt come clean about Zavalas involvement in the illegal transfer then she was going after lil Schreiman. Mr. Schreiman didnt want these threats to be held over his sons head, so he opted to transfer his son out.

  • Sargents Slaughter


    Wow. It’s hard to believe that Williams’ (the OC) story contradicts that of the QB’s, regarding this situation (sarcasm). What would you expect Williams to say?

    Truth is, that Schreiman was promised the starting job next season by Zavala. Also, Morales was going to be moved to DB, not making the Morales household very happy. The deal with the Schreimans, and Ms. Paul was that she wanted them to rat out Zavala about the illegal transfer from La Serna last season. That mess of paperwork is still on some desk over at CIF. The main reason the Schreimans left for Pomona was because Zavala is a pathological liar, and they knew his word about the starting position could not be trusted. It’s no wonder that most of the parents want Zavala gone. Apart from the fact that he can’t coach, he spews out soon to be broken promises to parents, and lie, after lie in an attempt to cover his tracks. If someone from the middle east acted like this, they would have their tongue cut out of their head.

    As far as the banquet team MVP? It clearly should have gone to Mo Vega, but with Schreiman leaving, Zavala had to do something to mend fences with the Morales’, so they wouldn’t pack up, and leave. That’s why Josh M. got the team MVP award, and Mo got thrown under the bus. Everybody at the banquet, including the players, could see the transparency of all the award’s meanings that night. It was all about trying to keep the parents happy, and keep the players from looking for greener pastures. A pat on the head from a coach goes a long way to a 16-17 year old kid.

    P.S. Williams is horrible at OC.
    Zavala is horrible at DC.

    Put them together, and what do you get?

  • Real Wilson

    Read through this comment that is supporting Zavala and Williams. He states he is getting some information from a real source; the real source is Williams as he states. This blogger then goes on to state as a fact that the PI has nothing. How does Williams know what this PI has or hasnt got. Next the comment about Schreiman He laughed when i asked him. He said that never came out his mouth. No one ever said Schreiman was Williams quarterback, what was said was Zavala told Williams that Schreiman will be the quarterback next season. Williams didnt have a choice in this matter, nice try Williams. Why Schreiman left, most of these bloggers are friends of Schreiman and have been told firsthand what went on in that meeting with Ms. Paul. Now maybe Williams talked with Ms. Paul, but I really dont think so. The comment As far as the MVP that was a unaimous coaches vote. Thats why that kid won. That is just crazy, to expect anyone that watched Wilson football to believe that. The comment The transfer stuff is just a bunch of parents and kids talking when all things settle most kids will still be at Wilson. And there are kids i know that are considering coming in still. Just validates that is the talk around Wilson is players leaving the program also validates that the coaching staff believes more players will be leaving the program most kids will still be at Wilson. In summary this blogger being coached by Williams and also knowing so much about are program is amazing. My guess this is coach Silvas comments, dont think Williams will hit the blogs. Either way this is a coach making a very weak attempt to cover up the mess that Zavala has created.

    What is even more interesting is any coach that can find a coaching job somewhere else is gone. Banzet and Estrada went back to Santa Fe and Weis is going back to Northview. The only two key coaches left are Williams and Silva both were let go from Workman last summer. Dont think Morrison wants them back.

  • SGVRiver

    Wilson… YOu know what I love to do in the mornings? Grab my cup of coffee and read teh entertaining nonsense on the blog about you guys. It is like reading US Magazine. I can’t believe that Mario Lopez hasn’t done his show over at Wilson yet. He needs to get out of the Grove and over to you guys.

    Thanks for the entertainment. Hope there is more juice tomorrow.

  • Real Wilson


    I got one for you; the tobacco incident hasn’t been brought up on this thread. One of the players got caught using chewing tobacco at school. The player was sent up to Sweet’s office. When questioned he told Sweet that Zavala and a couple of his coaches chew tobacco at practice all the time. He also stated that multi players also use chewing tobacco while at practice. The school investigated and many of the players admitted to using chewing tobacco at practice. Interesting you would think that just this incident is enough to show Zavala the door. The word around the school is that Sweet will cover up Zavala mess from Ms. Paul.

  • Hefe

    LOL @ the Amat story.

    I believe that 100%.

    Typical Amat.

  • joke




    I mean who do you support? NOBODY…

  • Why?

    Why doesnt Zavala have support from his parents and players?

    Zavala continues to blame the team failures on the players here are some examples;

    The defensive is too stupid to understand my defense Zavala.

    The O-line is too dumb to understand how to pass block. Zavala & Williams

    The seniors are un-discipline and out of control. Zavala

    I dont care about the seniors they are out of here; I need to worry about the underclassmen. Zavala

    Here is the best one, week one Zavala got suspended by CIF for recruiting violation. He meets with all the players and told them what happen. He talks about the team is one big family, then tells the players if questioned by anyone including their parents to lie to them about why he isnt there. Personally I have a problem with that. Maybe that is some football thing, but told to lie to your parents, just isnt right.

    These are the comments that are made to the parents and players, can you image what is said behind closed doors in staff meetings. This staff Zavala doesnt want to take responsibility for anything. Always pointing the figure at someone else, what type of life long lessons are they really teaching our kids.

  • Be Thankful…

    To all Wilson parents and fans…be VERY thankful that you no longer have to deal with M. Schreimen! I have known him for over ten years and he has single handedly tried to distroy every single sports program in Hacienda Heights that doesn’t do what he wants them to do! Ask, HH little league, the cougars, HLP football, and so on!

    Next year your program will do much better with him gone!

  • GHS Dad

    Coach P has to go. His coaching style worked well enough for the Sierra league. But his soft practices (no hitting of any kind) No instruction once the kids were in pads, A huge number of kids standing around, Extremely small coaching staff, I could go on and on. Were exposed in the baseline league. As a result of the soft practices WE WERE SOFT. His defensive coordinator was atrocious. Most of the kids lost respect for him when he didn’t ride back to GHS with the team after the Los Osos Game. No strength coach really hurt.
    It;s just time! He is a good guy and a good coach. But the Baseline league ate him up. The kids need a step up in intensity and toughness.
    Like I said it’s just time.

  • Chris Knight

    Wilson said :”I got one for you; the tobacco incident hasn’t been brought up on this thread.”

    Hasn’t it been brought up on every other thread since November? The Amat threads…a basketball thread and I remember seeing it in a cross country thread.

    WE GET IT! There is hate and discontent at Wilson. Why for the love of all things pure do you guys CONSTANTLY keep flooding the blogs with YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY. Take care of it in house. Swap email addresses with the other 2 human beings on this planet that have not heard about the WILSON MELTDOWN and PLEASE MOVE ON.

    The CONSTANT flooding of each and every blog topic with the same old news has gotten sicking ( understatement ). Now before you come back with if you don’t like it..don’t read it…WE are all FORCED to read it…even if we skip over a post that starts with WILSON we find that somehow its been hidden in another post about another schools new turf or something totally unrelated to your coach.
    Contact MTV or FOX. Maybe they can do a reality show on you guys and your situation. The soap opera ” As The Stomach Turns ” has gotten old…real old.

    Readers Digest Condensed Version : There’s a Lot of Decaffeinated Brands on the Market That are Just as Tasty as the Real Thing….

  • Wilson

    After hearing all this it still sounds like a couple upset parents. I think its funny how many of you parents are trying to bring this team down no matter what. And to say that Zavala told Schriemen that maybe he did maybe he didnt. But all i can say is Williams told me what he said. But i do know some things for facts. Williams and Silva werent let go. They left Workman on their own. Williams was actually informally asked if he wanted to take the program at Workman and he turned it down. But thats not the point. I just dont get why so many people are against this staff. I mean if Zavala made some poor communications with parents or promises.That was him. But what did Williams do? Beside decided to be a run first coach? To me Williams knew what was up. A suspect D, had to run the ball to control clock. Any person that understand football fundamentally knows that. Instead you have parents that are mad cause their kids lacked stats? And to that one guy that cant tell the difference between a option and a zone read. Look it up or youtube it, the Zone read is a option play. Qb has OPTION to give the zone or keep. Key word in that Sentence OPTION! I see why he just laughs when ever i bring up Wilson! Im over this..Good luck parents hope you guys get what ever it is you guys want. Go Cats i Think?

  • Real Wilson


    Williams and Silva werent let go, where did you hear that from, Williams? Informally asked if he wanted to take the program at Workman, you got to be kidding me. You are coming on this blog and trying to sell to us that Workman was going to hire Williams or Morrison, we arent on drugs, so there is just no way anyone is going to believe that one.

    On the Zone Read comment you are correct to some point. Williams told parents to watch Oregons offense that is what he is running. Let me educate you a little bit, this isnt youtube (haha)
    In the normal zone read, the line zone blocks one way while the quarterback reads the backside defender
    But Oregon, along with several other spread teams, have also responded by moving inside, by reading the defensive tackle instead of the defensive end.
    I know this is a little complex for you so here is the link so you can look at the pictures.

    In summary Oregons version of the zone-read the line makes reads and makes adjustment based on the defense alignment.

    Our line zone blocks, they dont make the reads. So we dont run zone read like Oregon.

    Now on Williams option to run first, take a look at our run first stats against the quality teams. I checked the numbers and with Morales at QB against the quality teams we averaged less than 10 points a game. Yes Morales can run it up in the 30s with Moe Vega at running back and against the weak teams. Williams used those weak teams to pad Morales stats and then pulled him against the quality teams.

    You also mentioned early that the transfers out were only talk. Since Schreiman has left two more players have transferred out. I am told another two will be transferring out at semester break. Of these five players four are starters from last year and one was a projected starter for next year. Some jaws will drop when they see who is leaving the program. Just maybe that will send a very clear message to what is left of this staff. I will even give you a hint Zavala its not the two players that your staff has been hammering the last couple weeks.

  • Aaron

    Coaches use Tobacco…get over it. Please post a scan of where it says in the rule book that coaches can not use Tobacco.

  • WP


    Are you stating that you believe it is legally and morally exceptable for coaches to use chewing tobacco on school grounds. Are you also stating that it is acceptable for a coaching staff to allow high school players to use chewing tobacco while at practice.

  • Chris Williams

    Ok so this is the real Coach Williams. And I am here to address a couple issues. First the person speaking in reguards to situations in the program is a personal friend that I had no idea would be speaking on this in the blogs. I know he did it because he felt i was being critized unfairly. But he was a little misguided with his statments. I am here to just state that I have no problem with any of the parents at the school or kids on the team. I don’t really come on the blogs or even blog for that matter. I am here due to having my name slandered to a degree and to try and bridge a gap between some parents in the program.It seems that this is the route that many of you feel is the best way to get your point across,so as a coach im trying to meet and understand what it is you feel we should do to improve the program. I understand everyone is entitled to their opionions,and the way they feel the football program should be handled. I understand there are a lot of displeased parentes and alum. All i am asking is that you leave the personal attacks out of blog converstations. I coach because I love the game and am trying to give back. I understand that some of you dont agree with my coaching and that is fine. I have no problem with that. Even i second guess some peoples coaching. So i understand as a coach that comes with the territory. But the insults and bickering along with the slander I feel has gone to far. Many of you have critized and talked down of Coach Zavala and this entire staff all season. But many of you have missed the point. We coach cause we love the game and the kids that want to play it. We dont get paid huge dollars. It out of respect for the game and what it has done for us. I enjoy the kids at Wilson they are some great kids and i plan to continue coaching as long as Coach Zavala has me as part of his staff. Coach Zavala does not know i am posting this, but i feel this has reached a point were it is hurting the growth of the program and those within it. If you parents want to talk the please lets do it in person and not on the blogs. It has made our school and program look childish and immature. I have no problems speaking with anyone reguarding my coaching style and play calling. I welcome anyone that wants to help our feels they can. I am not a person that pretends to know everything. But what I am saying is lets end this nonesense and try to help work together to build the program. And try to build for a successful upcoming season. Like I said i am at practice tuesdays and wed. during the week if you want you can speak with me. I feel that is a better way than slamming people on the blogs. All the name pointing and slandering has gone to far. So I want this team to be successful this year, so lets parents and coaches try and work together for the programs well being. Once again thank you for your time.

  • Aaron

    I’m not saying it is acceptable for players. Whether it is acceptable for coaches to use chewing tobacco or dip only matters if it is against the rules. Pretty sure you can’t fire a coach for using chew.

  • WP


    Have you ever read those signs all over every school in the State of California.

    “Grounds for suspension/expulsion education code 48900”

    “The Board of Education of the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District enacted a tobacco-free district/workplace (section 24167) effective January 1, 1994”

    Did you a favor cut and pasted out of the district policies.

  • question

    first off, thank you “Fair’s son” for the clarification, i didny think Lee would leave damien/Gano
    2nd, are there going to be any coaching changes over at LA next year. Heard rumblings on here few months ago that some assistant coaching chabges coming in next two weeks, and that was over 2 months ago….
    jus curious….
    thank you

  • WP


    Areallanes is advertising on the CIF website for coaches, he didn’t list what positions.

    Personally based on what I am hearing around the campus you wont have the same issues as you had this season. Sorry but I cant believe that made the comment this team will be practicing Thanksgiving weekend. Just losing Schreiman and Vega this team basically has no offense. I think Silva is a great guy but he cant perform miracles, which is what it is going to take for Morales to grow some b@lls.

  • just askin’

    Hefer – what’s so funny or typical about that Amat story?

  • Realish

    Let’s be real here, Wilson is not going to win next year unless they get a QB and an RB to transfer in. It is possible, Zavala and his staff do a good job recruiting (i.e. the QB that transferred from Sonora and the RB from La Serna. He was ruled ineligible and is now going back to La Serna). Williams if you want to stick with the Triple Option, go visit across the hill to Sonora, they nearly beat a far superior La Habra team with that same offense in the CIF Semi’s. I am a Wilson parent and all I want to see is a good product on the field, I don’t care if we run Wing T or Triple Option, I just want it to match our personnel and be run in a “professional” manner.

  • Play Within Your Talent


    “Let’s be real here, Wilson is not going to win next year unless they get a QB and an RB to transfer in. It is possible, Zavala and his staff do a good job recruiting (i.e. the QB that transferred from Sonora and the RB from La Serna. He was ruled ineligible and is now going back to La Serna).”

    The running back was fouth or fifth on the depth chart, and if they did such a good job with the quarterback why do you think we need a QB.

    Your next comment is exactly what Williams problem is.

    “Williams if you want to stick with the Triple Option”

    Williams limited knowledge of the game is the reason why he will only run Triple Option. Wilson isn’t and will never be built to run the Triple Option against teams like Baldwin Park, Covina, San Dimas, and POMONA. Triple Option is design for a team that has superior talent compared to their competition, that isnt Wilson. Now Wing-T or Double Wing, a matter of fact those two CIF titles that Wilson won they were running Wing-T. That and Williams ego are the reasons why Wilson will never win with Williams as the OC.

  • Wilson

    Play within your Talents?? You are one of those parents that have know idea what your talking about. And your post show it! What happen your kid not get enough catches?

    You parents have no idea what your talking about.Triple is one play Coach Will uses in his play book. He call tons of differnt runs and counter plays. And if you look at max preps. He called almost as many run plays as he did pass. Also the triple options offense is built for teams with less talent than others. IE. the Air Force and Navy run triple option to compete with the better teams. Your comments show you have no idea what your talking about. When your team was supposildy doing so well in summer passing league. WIlliams was calling the plays and also installed all the routes and combos that worked so well. He said that during the season you cant play like that. Cause real football is played in between the tackles.Heck just watch the playoffs teams that win can run the ball. Auburn, Oregon,Stanford all run first teams controlled tempo. Coach Will came on here and tried to reach out and you parents still talk crap. How can a coach respect you parents when you still do that. Also Will has no ego he plays who he thinks is the best on the team.He dont care whos stats are the best he will call 20 passes in a row if he thinks its the best play. Or 20 runs.He told me he has never spoken to one parent on the team other than one that cussed at him. REAL CLASS GUY! And he said he would talk to any parents if they wanted, but this shows they have no class and wont! Coach Will has nothing to prove. He played D1AA football, not bad for a Workman kid.He doesnt yell or disrespect kids or talk down to them. He may throw a f’bomb or 2 but never at a kid.I played for him for 3 years. So i know. You can tell you have never spoke to WIll one on one. Cause anyone who has knows “Triple “is only play in his system. Just one of you parents took that one play and think thats his whole system. Cause its the only play you don’t like. SMH you guys are pretty funny. Once again you parents dont know jack! And ya i saw the Covina game baldwin park game. Covina was just better than you guys, heck they beat everyone in your league.Then in the baldwin park game they scored 25 points in the first half. More points that BP had given up all season in league. And that was Coach Will’s fault. You lost..stupid! Coach Will is a good coach, Any parent with any sense must realise that the complaints are coming from a couple parents cuz im sure 12 parents are not upset cause his kid played well and vega had a good season. So they got their stats must be some disgruntle parents who thinks their kid is better than he is..LOL..Hey coach Will if you read this forget these parents. Run your offense and do your thing. These parents probably never even played football before other than highschool.Cause their lack of knowledge totally shows on their post!

  • WP

    That Baldwin Park game that you mentioned, Moe Vega rushed for 16 times for 163 yards sorry that has zero to do with Williams offense. If you watched our games Moe hits the designed hole (that wasn’t their) about 1 out of 10 carries. Morales threw 6 for 14 for 69 yes 69 yards. Morales rushed 18 times for 94 yards. He had one big run for 60 yards, without that he was 17 rushes for 34 yards. You might want to check your math Baldwin Park gave up a total of 97 points in league 72 not counting us. Based on your analogy our offense is weaker than Northview since they scored 28 points against Baldwin Park. You can continue to attempt to put a positive spin on Williams poor job as the OC at Wilson, but the results are a team that ended up 4-6 that is much more talented than next years Wilson team and Williams is claiming next years team will be in the second round of the playoffs, what a joke.

    The reason why parents talk so much about the triple option is Williams states that is Wilsons money play. If Williams is that clueless to this teams strengths and weaknesses to make that comment why in the heck is he our OC. Since your so concern about our offense why dont you check out the last play of the Northview game, see how well we run Williams option, cost us the game.

  • Wilson Parent

    I have to bring up another major issue the parents have with Williams as our OC. During the summer passing league we had Schreiman as our QB. Based on last years performance and during the summer it wasnt even a question that Schreiman was the man. At the two competition Morales didnt even make one single pass. Schreiman was the heart of this team and Williams didnt want him to be. Well Williams you tore the heart out of the team and you got your 4-6 record.

    Williams you and your ego had the final say during the year, well know its the parents turn. You dont like the comments deal with them just like we had to with your poor decisions during the season. When summer practice starts and you see all that talent gone, look in the mirror.

  • Coach Williams Supporter

    Coach Williams :
    I have never met you. I could not pick you out of a line-up of two people unless one of them was female. I did not go to Wilson, nor do I have any family or friends that attended. Just the mere fact of what you have do deal with and how you handled yourself in the ONE post you made makes me a supporter.
    You invited the parents to meet with you and talk to you in person. And still they choose to be back handed and cowardly. It takes caring and fortitude to reach out your hand to those that attack you. It takes absolutely nothing to hide behind a keyboard and spew.
    Keep doing what you are doing for your kids and the school. THEY are all that you are beholding to. It sounds like you have the players support and now you have mine as well.

  • Wilson Parent

    Coach Williams Supporter,

    When three players have already transferred out and we haven’t even reach the semester break, that doesn’t sound like you have the players support, sorry nice try.

  • I second Coach Williams supporter

    I like this coach Williams, by his post a decent stand up guy.
    WP, Wilson Parent, whoever you are [coward, pissed off mom?] seems like your on an agenda to tear down Wilson football, please go away, any other normal Mom would have just taken her son and left a long time ago, your obsessed with this, get some help.
    Coach Williams I feel for you. There are some real wako’s over there, Good luck.

  • saladays

    Six points:

    1. Williams has no system period. He is just calling plays.

    2. He knows nothing about Offensive Line play which means he has no business calling an Offense.

    3. His post is Bull and spin control he tells the players and parents he was a “D1” guy and their not so they don’t know. Coaches who can’t coach always talk about what great players they were.

    4. Option football could work for wilson but you need someone to teach it or you get what you got last year.

    5. Option football is about discipline and blocking which had nothing to do with talent. Those are things any kids can do. If you have COACHING. Wilson doesn’t.

    6. These are the same problems with the defense and Zavala.

    Wilson can not become better with these coaches. They are pretenders, fakes, and posers.

  • NavyGrad

    I know nothing about Wilson or the situation. I just wanted to comment on the option talk. I played B-Back at the Naval Academy for 2 years. (Injured my neck and had to leave.) We ran 3x option because we were less talented than the other D1 school. Any kind of option takes a great deal of coaching and discipline. Option is not just one play, because if it is just one play in your offense, you will fail. It must be the foundation that your offense is built on. We practice Veer year round, and about 50% of our practice time was dedicated to some sort of option. It sounds like Wilson is running shotgun 3x, am I right? That is a whole different bird that I know little about. Good luck to you guy, hope this crazines gets cleared up.

  • Wilson

    So Saladays??

    You have been one of the biggest haters on here. So now the Will has extended a hand and asked you people to come from behind your computers are you i doubt! You have no class its obvious your some snob that thinks he knows everything but doesnt. Will doesnt have a system huh? LOL, You only know one play they run so that shows your to dumb to notice any other play being called. You probably cant tell the differnce between Zone Read Option and Triple. So since you know so much. and can make s many points. Go up there Will said hes willing to work. Well see how many of you parents finally have the balls to show their face after talking crap all year. I honeslty doubt any of you will show. Good luck coach!

  • Wilson Parent

    NOTICE Williams supporters please dont comment on this blog unless you have Williams proof read your comments, you are only validating our case. You just proved Williams is a liar. Williams has been going around Wilson telling all the parents and players that he played D1 ball and he knows what he is talking about. Now we find out that he played D1AA ball, sorry Williams real big difference. D1AA is like D3 ball, teams like Cal Polytechnic State University of San Luis and University of California Davis. Dont get me wrong great accomplishment, but why lie. Now I understand why Williams and Zavala get along so well, they have so much in common.

    The comments that Williams made were damage control. Many parents have attempted to approach Williams this last season with ZERO results, so why would we expect anything to change. Williams and Zavala have way too big of an echo to even communicate with the parents, as was proven last season. So like I said Williams and Zavala had the final say on the field but the parents have the final say on the blog. Williams now gets to deal with what the parents have to deal with all season watching this garbage Williams and Zavala call football.

  • Silva

    Wilson Parents/Supporters,
    This has gone far enough…I am a walk on coach that coached this season for FREE because I love the game and love to help kids. I am married and have 3 children of my own that play sports so I have plenty of other things to do with my time but I chose to coach your children and help them grow as men and football players. I have read most of the comments about the program but never once have I responded to them because I feel a coach should not respond to blogs…Only until now that I have received phone calls and txt messages from family and friends asking why our Wilson parents would try so hard to drag our program through the mud and verbally assault coach Zavala/Williams through these blogs. If you have any questions or complaints and you don’t want to talk to Zavala/Williams please leave me your email and i’ll send you my phone number and we could go over X’s & O’s or over position changes and trust me you will not get a more honest answer than what you will get from me…Please parents these negative blogs are not doing any good for our program or kids

  • saladays


    Navy Grad is 100% correct. (Navy Grad By the way sorry to hear about your injury B back is a brutal spot you must have been some kind of player)

    “You have been one of the biggest haters on here” What language is this?? Because it sure isn’t english.

    Wilson is bad from:

    1. the locker room

    2. the sideline

    3. the huddle

    4. the break

    5. alignment

    All coaching problems.

    Stop blaming the kids and the parents. They play how you taught them to play.

    Midline would work, veer would work, zone would work it doesn’t matter the offense. What is important is being able to teach. The people at Wilson or in Hacienda Heights for that matter are not stupid, you can’t fool them.

    Take responsibility!

    Apologize to your parents and players!!

    Stop watching football on TV and LEARN THE GAME!!!

  • Wilson Parent


    I noticed you hit a nerve with your comments.

    To validate that comment ask Zavala to see his play book, he doesn’t have one. Zavala has been the head coach at Wilson for two years now and we don’t even have a playbook.

    When we lost to Northview two players on defense were in the wrong spot THE WHOLE GAME. I could understand one play, but the whole game. The coaching didnt notice it until Saturday when they were watching the film. All during the week the coaches talked about it and I couldnt believe it but they blamed the mistake on the players not once did they take responsibility for it.

    Then we have the famous Pomona game. Dont know the accurate number but the low of 20 and the high of 30 personal fouls called on Wilson. You talk about a team that has no discipline. Zavalas answer when school administration questioned him on it, THE SENIORS. That has been the coaching staffs (whats left) new theme for next year. The seniors are gone and we have good kids returning that is why we are going to be a much better team next year.

    Zavala hasnt taken responsibility for anything all year.

    Man up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat Haden & McKay vs. El Rancho Video!

    1969 – El Rancho vs. Bishop Amat Highlights!!!

    The Lancers are in the gold helmets! Too cool!

  • Pat Haden & McKay vs. El Rancho Video!

    1969 – El Rancho vs. Bishop Amat Highlights!!!

    The Lancers are in the gold helmets! Too cool!

  • Gano is worried about his job …

    For the first time in Gano’s coach career, Gano was spotted at a coaching clinic in San Diego. Looks like Gano wants to go spread next year and they said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  • Cal Worthington


    ONE DAY ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!


    ONLY 25 CENTS PER DOZEN !!!!!!!


  • Awesome

    I’ll buy one, they’ll likely be an improvement from the one’s they currently have.

  • Where their is smoke their is FIRE …..

    We havent hit the semester break three players have transferred out and three coaches have quit off the varsity staff including the assistant head coach. Please advise me of any team in the SGV that has numbers similar to these.

  • Dan

    El Rancho vs Amat video,
    Why didn’t they show the plays? They show the formation and the snap of the ball then go on to the next play, oh well I can count the personal groupings at least.

  • Get a rope


    Why are you on this thread babbling about some stupid amat video? Can’t you see this thread has been overrun by disgruntled Wilson people, hell bent on pitchforking the entire coaching staff? Let them get back to business, ’cause I for one, want to see how it plays out.

  • How it plays out …..

    Interesting the parent that no longer has a kid in the program controls the outcome of this. Schreiman comes clean and tells the truth we get a new coaching staff. I guess if I was Schreiman now over at Pomona I would keep my mouth shut. With Zavala as the head coach Wilson is an easy league win for Pomona.

  • Get a rope

    How it plays out

    Doesn’t matter who’s coaching Wilson this coming season, Pomona is going to beat them. To many athletes vs. to few.

    And as far as M.S. is concerned, he’s not going to play Ms. Paul’s games unless she plays her own cards.

  • Curious

    Which players have actually transferred out of Wilson. I see the QB to Pomona, but who else?

  • Cal Worthington

    The Wilson parents banded together and came up with their own theme song.

  • Back Stabber aka Zavala

    The song is good but clearly you are confused or have no clue what you are talking about, the only back stabber at Wilson is Zavala.

  • Cal Worthington

    Confused? Moi? Au contraire mon frere…
    1. Since the 3rd game of the season the pack of wolves have bombarded each and every blog with more trash than you would find on the side of the 405 freeway.
    2. The wolves have questioned every play called and every player alignment. The ONLY thing that you have not questioned about the staff is their choices for lunch. But I’m sure that is slated for chapter 133 of this riveting saga.
    3. I’d be willing to bet that there are not proctologists that have been up someones cavity as much as the wolves have been up these coaches.
    4. There is a cancer that has taken over at Wilson. It’s not on the football field. It’s on the sidelines. It’s in the community. It’s behind a keyboard.
    5. The wolves have made it clear that they want these coaches gone. Now riddle me this..What coach in their right mind would want to come into a program after seeing and hearing about this saga on these boards for the last 5 months and seeing for themselves what THEY will have in store for them if they don’t smooch some parents overinflated egotistical butts?
    6.If the goal of this witch hunt was to totally destroy a schools reputation and detract from any semblance of pride that these kids could have for their efforts…you have done a great job! You should all be proud.
    7. High school sports have never been about the parents. And it never should be.

    Now tell me again how I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • Real Examples

    What coach would be willing to take a job at Glen A. Wilson?

    I asked that question to some REAL coaches, all of them to a man said yes. They see and understand why the parents are upset at Wilson. You have the coaches code where in public no coach is going to give their real opinion. Saladays, did give a very detailed breakdown of the coaching issues on this Wilson team. It really doesnt take a genius to see that Zavala has no clue on the defensive side of the ball. His defense is giving up over 30 points a game in the since he came to Wilson. Parents gave him some rope last year but moving down to the VVL with the same results, he just hung himself with that rope. Notice that all coaches that could leave did leave the program.

    Here is a comment from another head coach, look at the scores on Zavala run teams. The team seems to get worse as they get deeper into the season. He told me it isnt that the team is getting worse but the other teams are getting better. That is a critical flag of coaching issues.

    Let me give you another one, ask any of the receivers what they have been taught by Wilson coaches? I can guarantee you that their answers will be nothing. Since they havent had a receiver coach since Zavala has been the head coach.

    These are REAL examples.

  • Sargents slaughter

    Cal Worthington

    French? Really?

    You’re right about a cancer being on the sidelines. It’s called Zavala.

    1. Promises that shouldn’t have been made, and were later broken.

    2. Multiple recruiting violations. One of which he was suspended for by CIF in week one.

    3. Lack of leadership/mentor abilities, as evidenced by lack of consequences to players who showed no respect to coaches in practice, and of course the personal use, and allowed student use of tobacco products on campus.

    All of these are character flaws (to name a few). I’m not even going to get into the issue of Zavala’s ability to coach, or not coach.
    Wilson parents would love to have a coach who the players could look up to, and be inspired by. That’s why a new coach should want to come, and lead the football team. Is it asking too much to want a head coach that understands, and can live by morals, and ethics?

  • Facts

    Wilson Records This Decade Pre-Zavala

    (year) (overal) (league)
    2001 – (1-9) (1-4)
    2002 – (4-5) (0-4)
    2003 – (10-3) (3-1)
    2004 – (4-6) (1-3)
    2005 – (5-6) (2-2)
    2006 – (4-6) (0-4)
    2007 – (6-6) (1-3)
    2008 – (0-10) (0-4)

    I am trying to figure out how these Wilson Parents know what a winning program looks like considering they have only had 1 winning season in this Millennium and ZERO League Championships.

  • ???

    Ok lets see if i got all this? 1. Wilson parents want Zavala out cause he is a bad coach,Liar,recuriter,and poor role model. Well hmmm maybe if he had some parents backing him instead of tearing him down maybe he could get something out of your kids. Lets see first Coaching, If i tell little johnny to tackle with his head up, butt low and to wrap and explode through the tackle that is coaching at a base. So then lil johnny goes home and tells his dad coach wants me to do it like this. Then dad stands and says “NO!’ you lead with your head, your coach is a idiot dont listen to him. When the game comes and lil johnny keeps missing tackles cause his head is down. Whos fault is it then? 2. Liar huh, maybe the man lies to your face so he does’nt hurt you or your kids feelings about if he thinks lil johnny is the next brett Farve. Im sure lots of coaches would love to tell the truth but if they did im sure alot more would lose their jobs! 3. RECRUITER this one is so funny no winning team in the whole world at any sport can win without recruiting. Cause no matter how good you think lil johnny is, there is a lil joey who is taller, stronger, faster and smarter, and if a coach can get him to help win he will. You think Pete Carroll said hey ill take the 8 best qb cause he is from California or do you think Carroll said NO i want that kid from Texas the 1 qb in the country. Ya that how football works folks.4. POOR ROLE MODEL, hmmm the man is a teacher he has to have some ethics and morals just to get hired and even want to go into that profession. You think teachers get paid well not even close. Oh well he lets kids Chew tabacco on campus! HUH? Is he their dad or their coach you the blind parent that doesnt realise your kid is dipping! When i was in high school all my coaches dipped, If you go to any football camp or tourny you will see at least 1 coach from each school one will be dipping. Now is it right no. But its one of those thats how it is rules. And your your a sorry excuess for a parent and your kid gets caught dipping that your fault. Next youll be saying lil johnny got a girl pregnant its must be the coaches fault! Cause that was problem at Wilson to many parents undermining the coaches. If all you hear from your parents is that guy is a “this , and that” he cant coach. We want him gone. What you think your kid is gonna do. He is gonna say im gonna do it my way. Im not gonna stay in my gap and hold down the guard. Im gonna get mine, “screw the coaches” my dad said their wrong anyways. So even if a new coach comes in and teaches this are you parents gonna support him when he puts lil johnny in a postion you dont like. What if the new coach comes in and says were gonna run double wing toss or wing-t. What will you do with you awesome recivers then? You parents complain about coaching and what not, but the simple fact is your the real problem with that team. All this seems to stem from a few parents and whats funny is that 5 parents cant speak for 90 or so other parents. Cause these 5 parents biggest problems seem to be whos playing were and who is getting the stats! You try and hide it in wins and losses. And to then say oh it coaching. Zavala had a pretty good defense and Northview a few years back when he had some talent. Hmmm maybe its not the coaching but a lack of talent at Wilson. I saw those Northview teams mean LB’s fast Db’s and a huge front D-line. At Wilson i didnt see half the talent of the team. So maybe thats the bigger issue. Wilson thinks their better than they really are. You could get Pete Carroll in here and if the talent was suspect you still think he would win. Get real. Every coach knows you have to have “STUDS” to win, and Wilson just doesnt have them! Except for a few dislusional parents, And “NO” unless your kid is getting invited to the either the USC Skills camp or the UCLA camp or the Nike or Under Armor camps! Hes not really a D1 prospect. Cause if your paying for recuritng camps your getting hustled! Wow what a novel concept. I mean things have changed in the heights. Your studs either go to Amat or live in the IE. You parents need to get off you high horse look your self in the mirror and say “HMMM MAYBE LIL JOHNNY ISNT THAT GOOD”, but if you havnt seen that by now, well im sure your never gonna see it! Now i realise that i have made some out landish statements and so forth but Wilson people this is how the outside world is viewing all your talking and blogging. You parents are out of control with this. For every lil johhny comment i made their was a parent that has complained on here about the same thing. Grow up parents and look your self in the mirror and think about what it is you want your kids to learn! On and off the feild!

  • Amazing

    This is the most terrible attempt for a coach to justify himself or his buddy. I particularly love the tidbit about recruiting. Just a 411 pal, you are not supposed to recruit in high school. Zavala’s morality has been questioned, and rightfully so. He has now been dinged twice by CIF for recruiting. He recruited Morales out of Sonora (through his mother), Schreiman and Castillo (out of La Serna). That right there makes him a snake, and it backfired on him. He made promises to both Morales and Schreiman and something had to give. I am one of the parents that is not upset with wins and losses. But, I want to see improvement from week to week and year to year. At this point, it is 100% a fact that that has not happened. You can back your friend/yourself all you want, the staff at Wilson has carried themselves in an unprofessional manner and “you reap what you sow.” Am I delusional in thinking we have the talent to win CIF…no way. But, should we be getting blown out in the Valle Vista…NO WAY!

  • ???

    Intresting how you go right to the recuriting part. Now everyone knows recruriting is illegal in high school yet it happens everyday. And will continue to happen. That isnt the point your talk about morals then when the next coach comes in if he brings a star Qb, and WR , and you know there from outside the area are you gonna want that coach fired too. I mean if Amat comes to you tomorrow and says we want your son are you gonna say, No your a “snake” for recruting my son! If you want your son to have good morals guess what dad. TEACH HIM YOURSELF! Why should morals lay at the coaches feet he is just trying to do what you want him to do so bad.Win in the Valle Vista league. Maybe he realised to win the Valle Vista he needed some better players cause Wilson doesnt have the studs to do it alone. And You swear that Wilson is Charter Oak or South HIlls. Like Wilson has this great tradtion lol, some one pointed it out earler. Wilson has had 1! Yes1 ! winning season in the last decade! And no crawling into the playoffs and knocking off a team in the first round to go 500. Is called luck. So to act like your so much better than Valle Vista teams. And it seemed to me the team started off pretty good then i started reading all the trash talking and bickering on here after Covina smoked you guys. And that seemed to be were you guys feel apart. Funny how you parents bitching and moaning went hand and hand with your team falling apart. Karma anyone! And then you jump to the staff, whos fault is it Zavalas or the staffs? What did his staff do tell your kid he sucked and to go sit down? If they did shame on them , but i doubt that happened. So figure out what the man really did wrong and look in the mirror and ask yourself did i help this situation our did i help tear it down? Once again come off your high horse and see it for what its worth. Your NOT that GOOD!!

  • Zavala and Williams Mess

    The Morales vs. Schreiman issue was a major conflict between the coaching staff and parents all season. Rumors of promises between Zavala and the Morales family, sleeping with the mom, and blackmail were all brought up in parent conversations. I feel what set off the parents was the team MVP award to Morales. That was Zavala and Williams message to the parents letting them know whos the boss. This Morales kid was maybe in the top 10 players on the team, to even use MVP and Morales in the same sentence is a joke. Moe Vega (a senior) was clearly the team MVP, with many other players a distance second none of them Morales. Which just infuriated the parents, and yes now the parents are after blood. Zavala and Williams attempt to strong arm the parents failed miserably. That is why so many players and coaches are leaving the program; they all had enough of Zavala and Williams.

    Now as far as talent on this team, Wilson parents werent looking for a CIF title, they expected to compete in the VVL. We ended up with an overall record of 4-6 (1-5 in league), 6th place. What we expected was to compete in the VVL; we were outscored 135 to 225. The few Williams supporters argue that our offense put up 22 points a game, the issue is Zavala and our defense which gave up 35 points a game. Last I checked if our defense is going to give up 35 we need to find a way to score 40. So Williams put a quarterback out there that cant pass and has no heart what would we have put up with a real quarterback.

    Well Williams no excuses you have your man and Pomona has ours. Now the parents can hold you accountable, so prove your offense and Pomona is going to prove our offense. I think we all including you know what the outcome is going to be.

  • Real Numbers ….

    A lot has been talked about Zavala’s defense over at Northview by this Zavala supporter. So I went and checked out max prep. I believe he was the DC over their for four years. His first year the team gave up over 30 points a game. His second year the team gave up over 30 points a game. His thrid year the team gave up over 20 points a year. His fourth year the team gave up around 12 point a game. At Wilson for two years he has given up well over 30 points a game. In summary I will attempt to keep this real simple Zavala in six years as a DC he had one good year, one below average year and four god aweful years, Personally and according to Weis I am going to mark the one good year to a real talented team. By the numbers at Northview or Wilson Zavala numbers are a joke.

  • Aaron

    Brandon Schreiman has heart. Saw him too many times in the ’09 season getting torn apart and still getting back up. Too sad the way this went for the Wilson Wildcats.

  • Cal Worthington

    stats per Maxpreps

    qb morales 59 of 118 1101 yds 12 td 9 int qb-85
    qb schrieman 45 of 81 665 yds 3 td 6 int qb-64


    morales 85 carry 445 yds 5.2 ypc 6 td
    schrieman 23 carry -21 yds -2.6 ypc 1 td


    rush 122 995 yds 7.83 ypc 10 td
    rec 14 112 yds 1 td

    Who’s the better QB and of the 3 listed who is more deserving of MVP ?

  • The Real Wilson Quarterback

    Cal Worthington,

    Nogalas and Los Altos have a combine record of (1-19) if you take those two games morales loses 5 passing and 3 running that is 8 of his 18. Passing yardage was 633 and 25 of 39 in those two games. He rushed for 102 yards. Almost 50% of his touchdowns against the two weakest teams in the valley. Now lets take those padded stats and remove Los Altos and Nogalas see what Morales 8 game season looks like.

    qb morales 59 of 118 1101 yds 12 td 9 int qb-85

    Less the Los Altos and Nogales Game
    qb morales 34 of 79 468 yds 7 td 7 int qb-??

    qb schrieman 45 of 81 665 yds 3 td 6 int qb-64

    Lets take that one step further Schreiman played around three quarter of the Covina game. Morales had the first two sets of downs didn’t move the ball at all. Morales played the whol game against San Dimas. A big edge to Morales, but check out the numbers.

    Schreiman Covina Game
    16 of 26 243 yds 1 td 1 int

    Morales San Dimas Game
    6 of 19 124 yds 1 td 3 int

    These are Zavala and Williams padded stats on Max Prep and still clearly show Morales can’t compete against the quality teams. Please Mr. Morales stay off the blogs your son isn’t and will never be a qb.


  • The Real MPV

    Who is the team MVP. It should note when do you have a quarterback that only players around 66% of the time with low numbers get the MVP of the team. Well I guess their is a first for everything.

    qb morales 34 of 79 468 yds 7 td 7 int qb-??
    morales 66 carry 343 yds 5.2 ypc 3 td

    rush 122 995 yds 7.83 ypc 10 td
    rec 14 112 yds 1 td

    Moe didn’t play one game, Covina shut him down and guess what two other games his touches were down. Los Altos and Nogales. Can you image that the two softest teams Moe didn’t get very many touches, wounder why?

    Now Who Is The Team MVP


    CHECKMATE ……..

  • Dan

    Get a Rope,
    You’ll probably be asking for a can of gasoline and a lighter to go along with your rope if you read enough of these post on here, what a soap opera.

  • Cal Worthington

    “Moe didn’t play one game, Covina shut him down and guess what two other games his touches were down. Los Altos and Nogales. Can you image that the two softest teams Moe didn’t get very many touches, wounder why?”

    1. Covina shut him down? You mean the same Covina from the VVL that in earlier posts you claimed to be so much better than and were upset because you thought you should have beat them? The same Covina that was up 36-3 on Wilson when the starters came out? That Covina?
    2. So Moe didn’t get many touches in 2 of the 4 games that you won? And that helps show that he’s MVP how again? Oh..that’s right…part of the coaches conspiracy..gotcha….

    You can remove games and try to change stats all you want to try and show your twisted logic. But it’s all been said and done and proved so the only thing to say is..
    Checkmate?????? What’s that crap? Oh..I get it…now my turn….

    You have been blown out of the water!

    Morales is not a QB? Looks like he will be suiting up and in that position next season. And the other QB? Oh…that’s right…he took his ball and went home….

  • Zavala Supporters or lack of ….

    I noticed all you did was talk a bunch of trash, but once again no facts to back it up. Zavala and Williams got their quarterback, well Williams got his quarterback. Really can’t say Zavala since he did realize that Morales was a mistake, to bad he realize to late in the game.

    I will say this much we haven’t even hit the semester break. Talk is cheap lets see how many parents actually make the move. I personally think many people are going to be shocked how many players actually transfer out at or before the break. Based on parents talking 4 to 6 will transfer out at the semester break. Another 2 to 3 will transfer out in June. That is a total of 6 to 9 players. The two prior years the total was zero.

    These Zavala and Williams supporters come on the blog and pretend that it is two or three parents. The numbers don’t reflect two or three parents. A matter of fact I contend that the majority of the parents are very unhappy with what is left of this staff. Personally I communicate with about 25 parents, of the 25 parents I am aware of four of them that semi support Zavala. Clearly the majority of them want him and what is left of the staff out.

  • Please make it stop

    Wilson. Meet the Wilcats.
    They’re a modern prozac family.
    The joke of the Hacienda,
    Our kids leave to go to La Pu-en-te

    Let’s blog, got a six pack and some treats.
    Try to get the coach fired this week.

    When you’re with the Wildcats
    you’ll have a yabba dabba doo time.
    A dabba doo time.
    You’ll have a lame old time.

  • Transfers

    I guess Silva isnt going to be running his new offense next season; he was going to run a pass oriented offense out of the pistol. Moraless limited passing ability isnt going to work with Silvas offense. Now that Morales doesnt have Moe to clean up his mess in the running game how are we going to even run Williams offense. This team will still be able to beat the Nogales, but after that I dont think so. Dont get me wrong Morales is a very hard working kid, but this team is going to go 1-9 next season with Morales at quarterback. Someone mentioned recruiting a qb and running back for next season, after Zavalas stunts this season I dont see any quality transfers coming to Wilson. This school administration is going to send a very clear message to anyone attempting to transfer into Wilson.
    Everyone knows about the meetings Zavala had with Garcia and Drews parents but I dont understand why the investigation didnt address the Morales transfer. Zavala did meet with the parents multi times, but I guess since the mother is a teacher at Wilson the school administration decided to stay away from that transfer. I personally find it interesting how the school administration decides who to attack and who not to attack.

  • Damien dad

    Gano needs to do more, not just attend a coaches clinic. He needs to up-grade the coaching staff and get rid of guys like Fair, does Charter Oak ring a bell ? The guy is old and the game has passed him by, also needs to replace Carrol and a few others. It’s been two years now, time is running out quickly !!!!!!

  • Fair’s Son

    Damien Dad:

    Yeah, get rid of that Fair guy. He was never any good anyway 🙂

  • Gano is no Welch ….

    25-28-1 with Morrison four years
    11-10 with Gano two years

    Morrison wasn’t a bad coach and wasn’t a great coach.
    Gano isn’t a bad coach and isn’t a great coach.

    Many people talk about giving them two three years to get going. A quality coach doesn’t need two three years to trun around a program. He needs two or three months. Look at Welch over at St. Margarita first year, look at the coaching chances over at Chino from 0-10 to 11-1 in one season.

    What did you guys expect, Gano always had the team loaded with talent over at Los Altos, you don’t have that at Damien. To compete with the talent you have at Damien you need a Welch and Gano is no Welch trust me.

  • Damien dad

    Fair’s son,

    Heard great things about coach Fair, two years later can’t say I have seen anything from him, well that’s besides horrible game planning. Watched him at practice, and all the games, not what we expected. Time to go, after two years and very little progress we need several changes or ONE big change will be made sooner than later. We expect to win games and compete at a high level, all of our other(sport)teams are doing well. Go Spartans

  • Damien dad

    Fair’s son,

    Heard great things about coach Fair, two years later can’t say I have seen anything from him, well that’s besides horrible game planning. Watched him at practice, and all the games, not what we expected. Time to go, after two years and very little progress we need several changes or ONE big change will be made sooner than later. We expect to win games and compete at a high level, all of our other(sport)teams are doing well. Go Spartans

  • Transfers???

    I keep hearing about all the Wilson Transfers do you think 9 kids are really gonna leave the program. Come on unless there all freshmen an jv kids none of them can play unless they show proof of address change. And you dont think Wilson is gonna block all these moves and not say their athelthicly motivated? CIF will shoot down any senior to be with out a valid address. And even with 4-9 players leaving CIF will see its all motivated by sports. All these players would have to find differnt schools to attend. You cant take 6 kids to one school any more and not raise red flags. No school can even take in kids like that with out CIF having to investigate. And with all you smart parents putting all their business on the blogs your just making it even more subject to happen. Now you keep talking about Wilson already losing 3 starters to transfers not the case. Of the transfers only 3. Well 2 werent even starters so i dont see the big loss. 1. Was Schrieman, not a big loss considering he couldnt beat out Morales all year. And just because a couple parents wanted him to to start dosent make him a starter. 2. Was the Transfer kid whom much of this is in question just went back to his old school cause all the crap that WILSON parents created for him. His own teammates parents in the program turned the kid in and for what you ask. Who knows why they did that jealousy on some parents maybe or someone wanted to start problems for the program! And the last kid is a JV kid that wasnt being counted on. So to me the only loss is the Transfer kid. The other 2 not so big a deal. And any other kids that try and and transfer im sure the school will block the move. Cause from my sources, the AD has stated he will put in the Ath. motivated move. So becareful what you wish for parents. You could see your kid sitting on the bench all next season.

  • Fair’s Son

    Damien Dad:

    Funny, Fair’s game planning is VERY highly regarded by most coaches I know of (including the Charter Oak staff) Oh well, you can’t impress everyone, I guess. Not that it matters, Fair’s getting more responsibility next season, not less. (He’s back on O-line too)

  • Transfers ……

    You know the AD is going to play the athletically motivated card. First off anyone that knows the school administration knows that the AD doesnt make that call, Ms. Paul the principal makes that call. Your point about Schreiman being the backup is also way off base. Even a Williamss supporter came on this blog and didnt deny that Zavala had already told Schreiman and Morales that Schreiman was the starting quarterback next season. Mr. Morales is this weak attempt to stop the bleeding. The message is Williams may want to build a team around your son, but the parents dont. The other kid Drew would have started on both sides of the ball. You blame that on the parents I blame that on Zavala. Someone wanted Zavala out so bad that they decided to take Drew down to get to Zavala. The JV kid was the center and projected to be the starting varsity center next season. This is the only player with no real varsity experience.

    I have read through these comments and havent read one from a parent saying they are transferring out for athletically motivated reasons have you? So you are trying to say Ms. Paul wants to drag this program through the newspapers like South Hills did to their program, for some reason I really doubt that is going to happen.

  • V.V.L.


    The j.v kid that transferred out of wilson was no way in hell projected to be a starter, he’s sloppy just like his daddy, and heard he tranferred to amat, looks like his daddy will be wasting his money on his son riding the pine for 2 years instead of other questionable things.

  • Just to let you all know, SEVERAL of the comments on here bashing Zavala and the coaches are from the same IP address.

    There might the impression that an entire mob is going after this guy, but if that’s true they all use the same computer.

    So take a lot of what you hear with a grain of salt.

  • More Details Zavala vs. Los Altos

    I have a little more detail on the incident. Zavala was going to eat at Chilies, one of the Vice Principals and one of the assistant coaches from Los Altos was already sitting down at a table. As Zavala passed them the assistant coach started talking trash to Zavala. That is when Zavala got in his face and the assistant coach didnt back down. I believe it happened last Thursday. As you can see either side wants this to go public, especially Los Altos since one of their Vice Principals was involved.

  • Wilson Parent

    This Schreiman vs. Morales issues was created by the coaching staff and destroyed the team chemistry. Schreiman was the backbone of this team based on his performance last season and during the summer, then this staff kicks him to side without blinking an eye. What makes it so frustrating is Schreiman was clearly the better quarterback. Many parents and supporters are very disappointed that Schreiman transferred out but at the same time very happy for him. Schreiman transferring to Pomona maybe sending a message to Zavala. For Schreiman to transfer to Pomona of all schools, will make for a very interesting game next season. Will others follow I can see any receiver with hope of playing at the next level will have no choice but to transfer out. This team will not be throwing the ball with Morales at quarterback next season that is one thing that is for sure.

  • Colt74

    Let it go. Burning bridges and creating or propagating conflict may be good, from your standpoint, for your hurt feelings. Is it good for your son?
    Here’s wishing Brandon much success and enjoyment at Pomona.

  • Damien dad

    If Fair is going to get more responsibility then I guess we should get used to 500 football, we are not going to win league tittles, let alone CIF with this staff. I hope Gano has some kind of master plan, or he knows something that’s just going to change things around. The last two years have not been what we expected, He better win this year, the Alumni’s are not very happy right now, I don’t like what I am hearing. We cannot afford to put money into the program and have it waste away with the wrong coaches and lack of effort.

  • Sargents slaughter


    FYI, Mr. Schreiman is not the one on these blogs trying to out the Wilson coaching staff. Mr. Schreiman was not the parent who publicly f-bombed Zavala last season after a practice. Mr. Schreiman was not one of the parents screaming at the coaches from the stands during games last season.
    Mr. Schreiman did remove his son from an unhealthy environment at Wilson, where his son was one of many players expected to rat out Zavala on the tobacco issue, and cross his fingers that Zavala wouldn’t back-out of his promise to start him at qb next season.
    Mr. Schreiman and son have moved on to greener pastures.

    Not M.S.

  • Fair’s Son

    Damien Dad:

    I don’t know what the Damien Alums are saying… I do know you are a minority opinion among local coaches. Ah well, you have the right to your opinion, though.

    I’m just wondering what you expected from this team at the beginning of the season, though. The Calpreps preview for Damien had them going 3-7, 5th in league this season, and the Tribune wasn’t predicting much better. So they won 3 games that a neutral appraisal of their talent said they would lose. Sounds to me like -someone- on that coaching staff knows what he’s doing, y’know?

  • Wilson Alum


    FYI, Mr. Schreiman is not the one on these blogs trying to out the Wilson coaching staff. Mr. Schreiman was not the parent who publicly f-bombed Zavala last season after a practice. Mr. Schreiman was not one of the parents screaming at the coaches from the stands during games last season.

    Mr. Schreiman did remove his son from an unhealthy environment at Wilson, where his son was one of many players expected to rat out Zavala on the tobacco issue, and cross his fingers that Zavala wouldn’t back-out of his promise to start him at qb next season.
    Mr. Schreiman and son have moved on to greener pastures.

    Not M.S.

    Not Sargents slaughter

  • Wilson Parent


    FYI, Mr. Schreiman is not the one on these blogs trying to out the Wilson coaching staff. Mr. Schreiman was not the parent who publicly f-bombed Zavala last season after a practice. Mr. Schreiman was not one of the parents screaming at the coaches from the stands during games last season.

    Mr. Schreiman did remove his son from an unhealthy environment at Wilson, where his son was one of many players expected to rat out Zavala on the tobacco issue, and cross his fingers that Zavala wouldn’t back-out of his promise to start him at qb next season.
    Mr. Schreiman and son have moved on to greener pastures.

    Not M.S.

    Not Sargents slaughter

    Not Wilson Alum

  • No D1’s?? Not so fast Wilson Parent

    Dear Wilson Parent –

    your comments about receivers not being able to get recruited if they stay at Wilson – you’re obviously writing about JR Nelson – JR had a HUGE!!!! week during Christmas at the NUC All World Competitions impressing everyone – especially the coaches on the field

    – if JR does not go D1 but D2 then it will probably be because he wants to do both track and football, he is getting as many looks for track as football –

    combines and competitions are perfect for players at programs on the bottom of the barrel, so there is still chances

  • Check out the stats

    I checked out the stats on the Wilson receivers, have to say Czarnack numbers are as good maybe better than Nelson’s.

    G. Czarnack 23 rec 554 yards 24.09 per catch 69.3 ypg 81 long 3 TD’s

    J. Nelson 38 rec 539 yards 14.18 per catch 53.9 ypg 39 long 6 TD’s

    Czarnack has 15 less receptions and 15 more yards, resulting in 24 yards per catch, 10 yards per catch higher than Nelson. You would expect Nelson’s numbers to be much higher than Czarnack’s not the other way around. Czarnack playing the slot/TE position very impressive numbers.

  • no-step

    Fair’s son,

    The four games lost last year were by an average of 39 points per game. This is not good defense. These were blowouts.

  • Dear Stats

    And u wonder why we were all ticked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nelson had a wasted year just standing around a lot catching those stupid short routes with several games only 2 or 3 throws to – and Czarnick had 160 yards from 2 half back passes (well one of them was from another receiver).

    Over 100 WR’s in S Carolina – and Nelson ranked 6th overall after a week of 7 on 7, skills competition, and the ending combine – a wasted year on the field at Wilson – yes that’s one reason everyone was TICKED!!! this past year – the year that could have been but wasnt

  • Fair’s Son


    You supposedly watched those games and you’re going to put all that on the -defense-? Incredible.

  • Playing at the Next Level

    After your comment I looked at Nelsons stats a little closes, his best game was the Covina game. Almost 1/3 of his yardage came in this single game. Covina one of the toughest teams in our league and Nelson puts up 156 yards with no other game over 100 yards. I dont need to tell you who the qb was.

    As far as D1 football Nelson is a good 25 pounds from getting serious looks. I do agree with you, playing at Wilson you need to take the combines and competitions to get those looks. Especially if Zavala returns, lots of empty promises.

  • no-step

    Fair’s son,


  • Real facts

    Hmm I seem to remember seeing morales at qb when nelson caught the big 50 yard bomb in the beginning of the covina game and then. He pretty much disappeared after Vinegas started covering him. Until the starters came out in the fourth and schriemen threw him some late passes to get him his td and final stats. So someone was seeing that game with a different set of eyes. Also if nelson wants to go D1 he needs to get faster and become a play makers. Like Jackson from BP. That kid made plays all over. Deep passes, short routes yes. If you kids wants to play next level he needs to be able to turn a slip screen , quick out, drag, bubble, money college routes into big plays. In college they want to see guys return punts and kickoffs i checked nelsons return stats and he didnt have any? Czarnek had more. What was that? He also needs to show he can seperate from 5’7, 5’8 dbs. Its one thing to make a catch over them. But D1 wanna see those kids smoked especially if you think hes a outside reciver!

  • Check Your Facts

    You need to check your stats, remember Morales was in for two sets of downs at the beginning of the game. He did nothing, so they pulled him. Which one of his 2 for 8 for 19 total yards got him that big 50 yard pass. Morrales can’t even throw the ball that far.

  • Damien dad

    Fair’s son,

    What we expected is effort, being around the program for many years, we know the talent level and what we can get from that, wins and losses are not the only way to measure the progress of the program. We expect to compete, not get blown-out by 39 points as it was stated here. Often times the 1st to quit and look like they had no idea of what just hit them, was the coaching staff. Not a good thing, and NOT what is expected at Damien. The defense was horrible, adjustments or lack of, hurt us all year long and now you want us to feel better by telling us Coach Fair is well respected, and will also take over the O-line. It’s actually got us worried

  • Covina “Stop Crying”

    You guys over at Covina really need to stop crying. Ok Schreiman put up 260 passing yards on you guys. They all came in the fouth quarter when you had subs in. Once your staff put Vinegas on Nelson he shut him down. Those other hundred yards were all against your subs. in the fourth quarter.

    Now let me break the bad news to you, your defense sucks. Livingston is your team, without him you are nothing. You had your backup in the first quarter and the fourth quarter. How many points did you score against the worse defense in the league (ours), none. Venegas got schooled by Nelson multi times during that game, sorry it wasn’t your subs. Look El Monte put up over 300 passing yards on your defense. What was that against your subs also. What about the Walnut game, they put up over 300 yards on your defense was that your subs also. You guys had good fortune last season, next season you guys won’t even win league. Either way no CIF title you have to go through Monrovia and that isn’t going to happen.

  • colleges do have weight programs

    The nations #2 football recruit this year is only 160 lbs.

    Sheldon Price went to UCLA at 166 lbs. and 6’2″. As a soph he weighted 159 for the CIF track meet

    – as a soph last year Nelson was 157 at the CIF track meet and was 6’1″ 164 lbs. this past junior year football

    beefing up is defintetly important but not the only factor –

    for example – one of the nation’s top 5 QB’s was at the NUC week – he is only 5’11” (and changed from Oregon to Texas A&M as his commit) //

    but then the other QB that shined at the All World week was 6’5″ 4.5 Michael Eubanks from Corona Centennial – the coaches and scouts were comparing him to Vince Young

  • Sparta Fan

    Good things are happening at Damien. The biggest concern is whether or not its happening fast enough. I am huge Gano fan but speaking for the alumni we dont like to hear things like our players aren’t good enough or to see someone blogging statement like we were projected to go 3-7 and you went 6-6 so we did a good job. This staff got their first signature win this year against Claremont so they need to build on that (cause that aint enough) and work harder to coach um up. As far as Fair is concerned he rarely displays the energy level required to do his current job so giving him more responsibility could be a big mistake. Beside the kids have a difficult time relating to him because he makes no attempt to build a strong on the field relationship with them which is big reason why they are getting blown out. He doesnt have their back

  • Jhykron

    Damien Dad:

    You seem to be watching a different Damien, then. -Effort- was not the problem with coaches or kids, and it’s pretty insulting to both that you would say otherwise.


    Like I said, incredible. The defense is on the field 80% of the game (generally in their own territory) due to the offense’s inablility to get a first down against the other team’s starters, and your #1 complaint is about the friggin’ -defense-!

  • Fair’s Son

    Ack, I’m being mobbed here 🙂

    Ah, well. To hell with it. It’s not like my father needs me to defend him anyway. I guess if you think he’s doing a horrible job, you can always try to convince Gano of that. Let me know how that goes, I could use a good laugh.

  • Wilson

    If Nelson was 6’1″ 164 lbs. this season then he is 155 lbs. now. I saw him last week at a basketball game, thinned out even more. This kid gets punked by bigger and stronger kids on the field. For Nelson to have any shot at the next level he needs to put on at least 25 pounds of muscle. Nelson is extremely weak, he doesn’t like to lift and that is hurting him. He needs to make it to the next level before he can get into those weight programs. Nelson isn’t Sheldon Price, and that has been the big down side of Sheldon Price at UCLA he gets man handled by the bigger stronger receivers. The weight and muscle mass are two factors that Nelson has control of; it is just a matter of how much he wants it.

  • Damien dad

    Jhykron and Fair’s son,

    Keep the kids out of this, NO-ONE said anything about the kids effort, I know most of the kids and they did their part. The kids on the team give 100 percent, but they are not being given a FAIR shot, I think Sparta fan hit the nail right on the head, we need coaches with energy and that can relate to the players. Instead you go to our practices and it looks like a retirement center, nothing against your dad, he seems like a great guy, just not for us. He’s not the only one, several of the coaches need to go, I’m sure Gano knows who and what he needs to do. Will he make the right moves and do what’s best for Damien, we will see.

  • Gano?

    Are you Damien supporters listening to what you are saying? Go back on these blogs to when Gano was hired on at Damien and check out the comments from the LA supporters. Almost exactly the same comments, the honeymoon is over. Gano is back to Gano and don’t expect anything to change. Over at LA Gano and staff didn’t have to coach, they were loaded with talent.

    Most of us were wondering how he was going to pull that off over at Damien. You don’t have the talent pool compared to your competition to pull off what he pulled off at Los Altos.

    You will not win with Gano as your head coach, he isn’t no Welch sorry not going to happen.

  • Fair’s Son

    Damien Dad:

    Ah, right. So now it’s horrible game planning, no adjustments, poor energy, doesn’t relate to the kids, and is old. Gotcha. Guess you better ship his ass out then. Incredible how Gano overlooks all this. He could be winning championships or something.


    Yeah, because Welch doesn’t have talent. Oh wait…

  • Fan

    This is so funny. Grown up men trying to vicariously live their football dreams through their sons. Do you guys listen or read how you sound? It is easy to watch football on TV and think you are an expert. Most of this coaches are not playing the games on Friday, they are coaching. It is not their fault if you son doesn’t understand coverage or can’t throw the ball or doesn’t block correctly. I love how when team wins it is because of the kids but whey they lose it is because of the coaches.

    I’ve been watching Wilson High School football for the past 10 or so years. Guess what, with the population at Wilson..They can’t compete and they will not compete. 1600 students and then take out the badminton team, tennis team and band and Wilson ends up with maybe 100 athletes that need to be share for all the different sports….Give me a break…

  • Gano?

    Comparing to his competition, no like Gano had over at LA.

  • Part of the Job


    Yes,when you lose it is the head coach that takes the heat. The resources at Wilson are limited compared to Damien. At Damien if your Johnny can’t block then the COACH needs to teach him how to block or get someone in their that they can teach how to block. Sorry but that is the coaches job. Now if that coach isn’t doing his job then it is the HEAD COACH’S job make sure it is done. That is why so many parent’s want ZAVALA out, he is a weak head coach. Wilson maybe limited in the talent pool, but the competition is also very limited. The schools Wilson is competiting against are similar size or smaller. Damien’s parents issues have some valid points. The biggest one being that Damien does well in all the other major sports that I am aware of. So Damien does draw talent, getting to produce on the football field is were the issue is.

  • Sparta Fan

    As I said good things are happing at Damien. The facility is now top rate with Larson Stadium and the new weight room being the anchors. All in coming classes under Gano have been very good. The 2013 class is solid, 2014 is very good and 2015 is shaping up to be even better. Anyone associated with Damien understand there are some barriers in place that are causing the rate of change to be slow. Some of those barriers are out of Ganos control but others are not. A good example is his staff. There are too many coaches who arent physically fit to even walk the campus without assistance or have the need to find shade on hot days because they may over heat. Gano is a good leader and we are happy to have him at Damien but he is expected to make the tuff decisions and as a donor I expect him to.

  • Glass Half Full

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel. After this year the Wilson parent(s) will be gone with their D1 player(s) and it will be the coaches at El Camino problem(s)…..

  • Only Wilson will trash it’s own

    Only Wilson people would trash their own players – no other team in the valley does this

    A player gets some national atention – and he gets trashed by his own, great place to be

    How La Puente lost to you guys must have been a fluke – a house divided won’t stand – we wont lose next year

  • Get A Clue

    Only Wilson will trash it’s own,

    How LP loves to put a negative spin on a comment. The opinion that a kid needs to gain some weight and muscle if he wants to play D1. You tell me how many players on the LP team can you say that about. If you don’t know I will let you know, NONE OF THEM.

  • just sayin’

    Sparta Fan – look for some of the younger, former Lancers to move up for Gano when he can tactfully get rid of the. Question – is the new weight room located in the oldest auxiliary gym upstairs from the locker room or in the most recent gym (before the palace was built?)

  • Last chance or last hope?

    One last thought I will leave you all with, knowing the district policy on firing a teacher, the teacher’s union involvement and Wilson’s administration what was the objective of the PI? Was it to prove that Zavala was guilty or was it to prove he wasn’t guilty?

    In summary the PI may have been Zavala’s last chance to save his job not Ms. Pauls last chance to fire him. We will see in the coming weeks?

  • just sayin’

    We’ve seen many instances of coaches being relieved of their coaching duties but not “firing” them as teachers. Coaching assignments and teaching jobs are not tied together. It appears this may be the way to go. Oft times administrators re-assign the teacher to a more undesirable schedule and ultimately causes the teacher to leave on their own.

  • Sooner than later

    True, but the issue here is the teaching position for the incoming coach. Zavala is a PE teacher and Wilson has very few PE teachers, I believe two. That is the normal position that a new incoming head football coach will take. Zavala is on probation as a teacher the first three years per district and union policies. The example you used would apply to Felipe over at Los Altos. Which in its self is very interesting. What did Felipe do to get fired as a head coach, espically comparing him to Zavala. If you apply the course of action over at LA with Felipe then Zavala is gone. I feel that the direction the school was going to take bring in Merrill to mentor Zavala was a good direction but Zavala has stepped on so many toes within the program he has sealed the deal.

    One blogger made the comment who would want to take the Wilson job if they let Zavala go. Well multi people have approached the school about the job and I am aware of multi people that are interested in the job that haven’t even approached the school. One coach has been considering applying for the job and if he did I am almost sure they would skip the whole hiring process and give him the job.

    If the school does decide to fire Zavala a piece of advise do it sooner than latter, players are going to transfer out at the semester break.

  • Sargents Slaughter

    Sooner than later

    I believe that Felipe stepped down voluntarily after two years as head coach at LA, so “firing” before three years, was not an issue.

  • Hot Off The Press ……..


    You know when I use this screen name I mean business. I have been predicting this for over a month. I have heard from multi sources within Wilson that Zavala has been or will be fired in the next couple of days. Dave Merrill has agreed to take the head coach position. The Ryan Merrill part of my prediction hasn’t been confirmed at this time. I suggest you make a call to Dave Merrill, we all know that “no comment” is as good as a YES.

    As far as Felipe stepping down, the options were step down or get fired. Why do you think Felipe was so pissed off at school administration.

  • Bishop Transfers,

    I hope Merril could bring his ILLEAGEL Bishop tranfers again so he could win because those 6 or so kids made that program and made an average coach look like he knew what he was doing. Funny how these Wilson mutts I mean parents never bring up those tranfers when they talk about Merril, everyone knows that Merril wouldnt of won jack without those Bishop tranfers. Mr Nelson you are a joke I don’t know who you are going to cry to when JR goes to try and play JC ball and can’t find the field, you are an idiot and i’ll tell you to your face that you are an idiot and that is the exact reason your own son does not like you. Trust me Mr. Nelson I could air out your dirty laundry and make you look stupid if I want.

    PS. this aint a coach and we could meet anytime you want

  • Living Legend

    I really enjoy misinformation, Merrill was not the coach when the bus showed up from Bishop with the first big load of transfers. Tom Caines was the coach if you are going to give credit to a guy recruiting give it to the right man.

  • Hot Off The Press ……..

    Living Legend,

    I think what he is referring to is Merrill was the head coach the second year when they won back to back, I believe that is correct. I have also been under the impression that it was three players. A quarterback, running back and receiver (key players) that transferred to Wilson from Bishop Amat. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying Merrill is a great coach, but you have to be a decent coach, even if you have a loaded team to win a CIF title. Merrill will be able to build a decent to quality coaching staff something that Zavala couldn’t do.

    As far as the Nelson comment, his presentation is questionable, but his goals are the same as many other parents. Does he have a right to be upset, YES? I recall the response that Zavala gave Mr. Nelson when he asked how his son is going to have any chance of getting a scholarship as a receiver now that the OC, Williams decided we are going to be a run base team. You need to understand that scholarship is worth over 100K in an education. Zavalas answer was epic Well maybe he can get a scholarship as a DB. This guy has no class and is clueless. He has a lot to learn, now it looks like he is going to have plenty of time to learn.

  • Wildcat

    1st off, who cares if kids leave Amat to go to a public school? Come on now. Secondly, Merrill is not going to coach. He has a couple of guys in mind and then he is done. Hot off the press, Merrill and his son aren’t coaching.

  • Hot Off The Press ….


    I have to admit Merrill being head coach was only confirmed by one source. Multi sources confirmed that Zavala is fired. I will make this statement, the position needs to be filled quickly. If they make this a multi mouth process more players are going to transfer out. That will be sending a very clear message, rebuilding year, don’t care about the senior class.

  • Hot Off The Press…..

    Jim Arellanes has left Los Altos and will be the new coach at Wilson!

  • Cold In The Ice

    Does that mean that Zavala will once again be the defensive coordinator for his former NView coach???? – problems solved

  • Wildcat

    Sorry hot off presses. Arellanes isn’t leaving.

  • Hot Off The Press ……..


    That comment wasn’t me.

    I will say this much don’t know if “Wildcat” is the same person making negative comments about a few of the players in the blogs and at school. Based on the comments multi parents feel they know who it is. Let me be very clear Zavala was a teacher and the head coach and look what happen to him. No one parent or family will control this program, you go to far your wife will end up the same place Zavala ended up. Don’t also forget you son maybe at this time the player at his position, but we all saw what happen last season. The word about your son is out he is soft any coach taking this job will have concerns. I know you can’t teach a kid to play with heart and balls so be careful, sure would hate for a transfer to come in and replace your son? I will say this much I am 100% sure quarterback’s from other programs have been approached about transferring to Wilson, so be real careful.

  • Hot Off The Press ……

    I just got another text confirming that Merrill is the permanent new head coach at Wilson. I feel blogger Wilson is talking out of his a@@. This is the third person that has reported to me that Merrill is the new head coach.

  • Sargents Slaughter

    All Wilson football parents are being called in to a meeting at the school this Thursday evening at 6:00 pm.

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