Monrovia’s De’Shawn Ramirez working his way back to re-joining team …

Suspended Monrovia running back De’Shawn Ramirez appears likely to be back on the team next season if he continues to progress at Canyon High School.

Ramirez, a junior, was suspended prior to the season for undisclosed reasons. Most are fans had him pegged for stardom after a strong sophomore season in ’09. The Wildcats did just fine without him, winning the Rio Hondo League and Mid-Valley Division championships.

“He’s definitely looking to come back next year,” Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox said. “He just has to keep correcting things and put himself in a position grades-wise to come back to the high school.

“He’s an excellent football player and athlete, but more importantly, this is about him getting back on track.”

Aram’s take: I know losing guys like QB Nick Bueno and WR Jay Henderson hurts, but the ‘Cats remain totally loaded and could be celebrating another CIF title if Ramirez makes his way back and is toting the rock for Maddox. As all of you know, I believe everyone deserves a second chance when they’re young and that it especially hurts and does more damage to star football players when they’re denied the privilege to play the sport they love. I’m not saying players who make mistakes shouldn’t be punished, but I always root for them to turn things around and make the most of their abilities.

  • BigCat

    De’Shawn nneds to get back on the team and I can only hope that he does so.
    However, what Coach Maddox needs to do is to put the ‘Cats on an off season weightlifting program such that the guys who come out of the program and don’t have what it takes to play for the ‘Cats can instead compete for the Mr. Olympia title. JMHO.

  • Observantcat

    Monrovia was looking great good into the 2011 season, now they look GREAT going into the 2011 season. DeShawn should come out and play like he has a chip on his shoulder. The world is his if he chooses it to be. I have no doubt that he will help lead the Wildcats back to the promise land for the third consecutive season. Monrovia’s offense should be unstoppable.

  • Where

    Which Canyon is he at?

  • Don

    Where said:

    Which Canyon is he at?

    Here’s a hint: They don’t have a school mascot or give athletic awards there

  • http://Hopefully CYMC

    De’Shawn will always be a talent on the football field. His behavior off the field and the choices he makes really concerns me. He is currently on house arrest with an electronic monitoring device on his ankle and a pending date in juvenile court. This is not about playing football. This is about a young man standing up and making some life altering decisions. This is about a young man standing up and being responsible and accountable for his actions. This is about a young man becoming an asset to his family, school and his community. Coach Maddox its more than grades. He has to change his mind set or he will be on probation, then to youth authority and on to State Prison. Hopefully if and when he does return you, your coaching staff, the administration and the student body can give him the support system he needs to be successful on the gridiron, in the classroom and in life.

  • uncle pete

    Wouldn’t he have to sit out a year if he transfers back? being kicked out of school and then being let back in is no reason for a hardship so how would he be eligible….

  • Aram

    Those of you wondering about Ramirez’s eligibility need to read Don’s short but epic post. Then the bulb will probably go on.

  • uncle pete

    wow you turn a simple question into a smart ass remark, what a surprise… eat me aram

  • Anonymous

    Uncle Pete: As long as this school, which is in the Monrovia Unified school district is an alternative school and allows for the transfer of grades back and forth then its quite alright to continue playing sports and attending school as long as you meet the grade standard of the local high school. I have a good feeling that Monrovia will stand behind this kid and he will become a greater Man after this process.

  • “Deshawn” Monrovia is pulling For you!

    No one likes to see a kid Get in trouble, and miss out on school and sports. However the punishments Monrovia coaching staff and administration used in this case was fair and needed. Maybe even life saving. After High school, its for keeps. We would not want to see a great kid end up in jail or worse. Deshawn Is one of the best talents on both sides of the valley. He will come back next year with a clear mind and new motivation. The Best thing that Maddox has done is that he has surrounded himself with Local Monrovia Alumni and Coaches. Coaches like Donald Davis, Coach Dixon, Craft, Fluker, Frazier and host of others have made a huge difference in turning the program around from the bottom up! They will be able to help this kid and host of others stay on the field, get back on the field, and succeed in life. With support like that kids like Deshawn have a chance to turn it around. I think some went to far to go into detail about his situation, however, its done and out there. I will say this…..If Deshawn comes back, Its a done deal. Monrovia will win back to back. With Craft, Frazier, Bryant, Williams, Bais, Harris, and a host of Freshman and Jv Talent coming up… Monrovia is going to be a full load. I mean, they should enter the SGV top 5.

    1.Bishop Amat
    2.West Covina
    3.Chino Hills
    5.La Habra
    9.St Francis

  • New York

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda been the difference against Glendora.