Blogger “New York” nails it, sources say Dan Loyd interested in San Marino job …

Blogger “New York” commented in a post last week that San Marino should fly to Texas and offer its open varsity head coach job to former Titans standout quarterback Dan Loyd.

Well, according to a source, Loyd is interested in the job. Whether he has applied, I don’t know yet. Loyd was a star quarterback in the mid-1990s and even got a ride to Arizona. After that … I’m not sure what happened to his career (somebody fill me in).

Personally, I just remember Loyd as the kid I always saw riding his bike up and down Huntington Drive on his to play one sport or another.

San Marino is currently looking to fill the position vacated by Mike Mooney, who resigned late in the first semester after being put on administrative leave during the season for reasons the school would not comment about.

Aram’s take: Loyd would certainly be a interesting hire. But if he’s been in Texas for long, he probably doesn’t know just how much his hometown has changed. I need not say more. Also, I get the feeling that the San Marino job is going to carry a stigma for would-be interested coaches because of having to deal with a certain breed of parent, who to this day get everything they put on their Christmas list. Get it? Good.

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  • All Valley Teams?

    Who Cares! when will the all valley team be posted? We have been waiting forever!!!!

  • All Valley Teams?

    Who Cares! when will the all valley team be posted? We have been waiting forever!!!!

  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    Wow! I thought this blog had been abandoned. There has been ZEEEERRROOOOOOOO activity on this blog on ANY AND ALL TOPICS that Aram has posted? Put some time in my man! This Blog is barren. Let’s get some new and interesting topics going, huh?

  • FBFan


    Are you kidding dude. Look at the posts a few threads down.

  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    FBF – ARE YOU SERIOUS? Here’s a re-cap of the “Hit Count” for the last Ten Threads….3,3,3,11,8,11,”131″,1,6 and 10!!! You are obviously referring to the whinning, Sniveling and Coach bashing by the Wilson parents as a basis for your “Are you Kidding Me” statement. Look Broseph, I’m not from wilson or it’s Sister School – damien, don’t care about wilson foosball or damien foosball. Both teams spent last year getting “WAXED”. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know they had a football “squad” at wilson. Give the coach of wilson a break…at least he made an attempt to coach that mess of a school. And for you damien honks….just because you got a weight room doesn’t mean you got a foosball team! Didn’t any of you see Rocky II (Ivan Drago had all the best tech. but didn’t help him either). Gano is a good coach, you just don’t have the Talent right now. Stay optomistic though, your lower level teams were, ok. Aram, get me some good topics up here!! Give the Poor Coaches a Respite and let the mob find another Villian to chase down for awhile. Keep up the good work BUT PLEASE…..GIVE US MORE TOPICS!!!!

  • Fiction Fighter

    anonymous-SGV Fan

    You do realize that the Rocky movies were a work of fiction, not a documentary, right?

    Get out of your mother’s basement once in a while.

  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    Hey, “FRICTION” Fighter – FICTION? FICTION? Your Hopes of ressurecting the wilson and damien foosball programs is FICTION buddy! And do you really believe that Rocky couldn’t kick Ivan Drago’s butt any day of the week? What a Maarooon(moron)!

  • New York

    Among San Marino football alumni within the last 25 years, only Nate Olsen (maybe) would carry as much notoriety. Of course, I’m a Monrovia guy and am likely overlooking someone.

    Danny coached with Mooney at TC back around 2000-2001 when TC modernized its offense. He played at SM during a time when a handful of dedicated three sport athletes could surround a quality QB on offense and create an annoying defense to rattle off 6 consecutive RHL titles.

  • No one wants the SM job!

    San Marino could hire Belichick and they still are not beating Monrovia. The Rio Hondo is falling apart. If Monrovia wins back to back, they should just go to the pacific. Really, Dan Lloyd doesn’t want that job. I mean would he want to get beat 50-0 every season? I want to see the all valley teams!

  • SGV is a mess

    Im not from the SGV but Id like to observe that the SGV seems to be caught up in mixed messages regarding hiring and it starts with bi-polar blog posts like this. I have nothing against Aram, but this post is messy. So I looked up other info on SMHS. The principal first said he wanted a solid coach but then DISREGARDED that by saying he wants someone who will attract players. Attract players means a celebrity coach regardless of experience. Celebrity hires are desparate, but a trend in the SGV. Aram says hiring a kid who has been off the radar for years would be interesting. What a ridiculous non-commital thing to say and just confuse SMHS fans even more so that they cut the eventual new coach even less slack. South Pas, Maranatha, and shoot even Blair and La Salle would lose NOTHING by hiring the most organized high character guy they can find regardless of SGV celebrity status.

  • vinman


  • your mother

    If Dan does return to SM, the rest of the RHL needs to look out. Nobody out there is more qualified to lead a group of 5’4″ 129 lb asians then him. His the guy to do it.

  • QuiteCat

    Your mother

    Really, really. Watch out. SM only stands a chance against Monrovia when they play at SMHS. Games played at MHS are not close. “5’4 129lb asian” against 6’4 311lb Ellis McCarthy, give me a break. With the Cats reloading with Frazer, Craft, Bryant, and now the possibility of Ramirez coming back… Well like one of the previous blogerss said, hire who ever you want your not beating Monrovia.


  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    SGV-Mess, You’re absolutely correct. My comments are out of sorts with the thread. The whinney parents from the blog thread w/135 hits were being singled out along with Aram. I started off trying to communicate w/the Big Man by saying that we need more topics! Then someone pointed out that the blog was fine look below, etc, etc….anyway, the oly thread that had hits was about the whinning parents at wilson and the dreamers at damien. On the topic of SM…whoever takes that job will be taking on A LOT!!! Demographics will play a huge role and take some real coaching to overcome. Good Luck Coach…whoever you turn out to be?

  • ghost town

    The word on the street is that they asked John Tuttle to apply and he has. It is an obvious fit if you look at it from multiple points of view: he is already in the area, knows the demographic and is a credentialed teacher who could be on campus. As for not wanting the job… going from Glendale High School to San Marino as an alum is an opportunity that would not be passed up if given the opportunity to succeed there. Kids bennefit, school bennefits and traditions stay in tact from an alums perspective. A no brainer for school admin. as it is a win-win situation.
    Good Luck SM, because as we have seen all to often lately these kind of things have been screwed when it shouldn’t be that hard!

  • riohondomane

    san marino has a lot of young talent in their younger programs, last year’s freshman team went 8-1 and this years jv team won league and beat monrovia without 6 sophomores who were either starting or getting serious playing time on varsity

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