CONFIRMED: Wilson coach Brian Zavala resigns after two seasons …

Wilson High School football coach Brian Zavala has resigned after two seasons at the school.

Hacienda-La Puente Unified Asst. Superintendent in charge of Human Resources Rob Roberts confirmed Zavala’s decision on Tuesday night, saying that the second-year coach resigned his varsity head football coach position effective immediately and his teaching position at the end of the school year.

Roberts confirmed that the school district had hired a private investigator to investigate Zavala and the football program, but declined to say why at this time.

Zavala was 4-16 in his two seasons. Sources say he resigned rather than face action from the school as a result of the investigation.

The team is expected to be told about the situation on Thursday afternoon, followed by a meeting for parents that evening.

Aram’s take: Sad to see the situation come to this. I can tell you that reliable sources tell me that Zavala was in trouble for allegedly illegally recruiting a player from La Serna. The wrong people (if you’re Zavala) knew about this and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as the administration was concerned. The writing was obviously on the wall when retired former A.D. and football coach Dave Merrill was brought back to “oversee” the program. I have to believe that if there wasn’t so much anti-Zavala sentiment that this infraction may have warranted a stern talking to and certainly not an ultimatum. But the mob may have had the administration lathered up to do its due diligence, and by the letter of the law, Zavala was left with two pretty crappy choices. More will come out in the coming days, for sure.

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  • Realist

    Add from Sonora and Cal to that list as well.

  • Colt74

    Let me see if I have this straight. Recruit and win and everyone was ok with that. I looked back over the seasons posts. The self imploding did not start till after the Covina game. While Wilson was winning the families were fat, dumb, and happy. After the loss to Covina the tar and feathers came out. Not ONE WORD about recruiting violations before the C town game. Nothing but looking forward to getting into the playoffs. Feel free to go back and read yourself. Strange. So, the illegal recruiting just came to light of the Wilson parents after the C-Town game? Figure the odds!
    If the recruiting was illegal does that mean that Wilson has to forfeit their wins????
    Any chance that the Thursday family get together could be just to practice the upcoming seasons “REFS SUCK” chant?
    I guess we’ll know more soon enough….

  • Dear Colt74

    You are missing something – there needed to be an “official reason” and this is the result of hiring a P Investigator in December who did interviews and “research”

  • Colt74

    I forgot. This wasn’t started about illegal recruiting. This was started about “Broken Promises”. And since promises are verbal and not worth the paper that they are written on… plan B….Recruiting….

    At least it was all done for the sake of the kids.

  • HH


    The problems with the parents started after the LA game (2), when (junior) qb 7 wasn’t put back in his starting position after recovering from an injury. The plan all spring, and summer was to run a shotgun/spread type passing offense, and let qb 7 air it out to his fellow junior wr’s, with Vega running the ball to keep the D honest. Zavala, and staff had basically two years to work with the core offense (minus senior Vega), and make a run at the playoffs. When the run oriented OC Williams saw how well qb 12 ran with the ball, the passing game went out the window. Pissing off the parents.

    Sorry, but your Dolts had nothing to do with Wilson’s problems. The recruiting issue was just one of many reasons Zavala could have been fired

  • NOT


    You are clueless, neither of those issues were topics after the Covina game. Schreiman was the qb the majority of that game, so why would the parents have been so upset. The recruiting issue didn’t start until week 7 or 8.

    Sorry To Break It To You.

  • Colt74

    HH and Not…
    WRONG! The blogs after the Los Altos games was Wilson and Los Altos going at it about how Wilson was going to make the playoffs ( and wilson stated a few newspaper people even said so…really? LOL!!! ), about wilson “owning” LA, and comparing Wilson to Amat. Yeah right. The Wilson Weekly Whines started the night of the Covina game and littered the blogs from that night on. Remember Fred banning your posts? Oh yeah…. That was after the Covina game. What ? Has all the whining made you lose sense of time and space?
    And it started with the bitching about who was promised to be the one true qb. Which is what I said. And the recruiting came along after that..which is what I said. So..I know you are just used to flooding the blogs with the same old same old crap and not actually reading what someone else writes because that gets in the way of you posting the same thing over an over and over. But trust me..the ONLY ones clueless are you two ( or my guess the same ) as usual..the one clueless wilson parent.
    Sorry to break that to you there Elmer….

  • Aaron

    All I know is when I saw Wilson pass over the summer a few times they looked really good on offense and defense. Oh well.

  • Colt74

    Condensed Outline of Thursdays meeting :

  • Dear Colt74

    A bit over the top dont you think – showing your family home videos on a football blog – and I thought the article was about Wilson and Zavala – didnt realize Covina was involved

  • Coaching Issues

    This quarterback issue was not just the parents, the coaching staff was very divided also. By week 5 the complete coaching staff had come to the same conclusion as the parents except for the OC, Williams. Coach Williams insisted on continuing with the running game to the point that when the passing game was going to be implemented his assistant Coach Silva took over the offense. By the end of the season it came to the point that Zavala had to make a decision Coach Williams or the rest of his staff. He waited too long, number 7 (passing qb) transferred out and the staff started quitting. His assistant head coach Weis QB/WR coach Banzet, and Coach Estrada had all quit. So Zavala had no choice but to keep Coach Williams, to save face. All these coaches left the program not speaking to Zavala.

  • Wildcat

    Rumor has it Merrill already has the replacement. And it isn’t him or his son.

  • Living Legend

    It is not a rumor, neither Merrill wants anything to do with coaching at Wilson.

  • Wildcat aka Mr. Morales

    Are you hearing the same rumors that Im hearing? Merrill will be announced as the new head coach on Thursday. At that time he will also announce part of his staff. The rumor is this staff will consist of many coaches from Coach Oviedos staff, many of them are very good friends with the Schreiman family. Read what you want out of that?

  • The Three Stooges

    Instead of all of the “rumors” then why not everyone wait until Thurs night – and just chill out until then, so maybe this wont change into another Wilson ‘comedy hour’ blog

  • Colt74

    Dear Colt 74,
    THAT’S the best you can come up with?
    A ” I know you are but what am I? ” ?????
    I’m seriously disappointed. Just like your kids.

  • Hot Off The Press …..

    Interesting these comments coming from all these Covina bloggers. I understand they are in contact with Ryan Merrill a very good source. My source is a very close friend of Merrill’s, we will leave it at that. He is telling me confirmed Merrill will be announced as the new head coach on Thurday. Nothing is being said about Ryan Merrill. I can’t go into to much detail don’t want to get anyone in trouble. I will say it looks like the administration is trying to do it the right way this time. Notice they are meeting on Thurday, a day before the semester break and a day before they are going to lose three or four more players. They are making the right moves to keep the players.

    With Schreiman gone so goes the passing game so some of the senior WR still maybe on the move.

  • Living Legend

    Hot off the press, Ryan Merrill wants no part of that job and I am willing to say with 100% certainty that he will not be coaching at Wilson next year, Dave has also stated that he is not interested. But I have a feeling he may change his mind but it is in no way a done deal.

  • Willies

    Merrills want no part in the job. Nobody cares who stays and who transfers. Merrills new guy is going to be hired to build from ground up.

  • Hot Off The Press ….

    Living Legend,

    I am 100% sure that Dave Merrill will be announced at the new head coach at Wilson on Thursday. Ryan Merrill hasn’t been mention in any of these conversations.

  • Absolutely no truth to any of the things being said about the Merrills taking over.

    By the way, I’m sure it’s not lost on any potential coaches how the past few Wilson coaches have been treated.

  • Living Legend

    Aram, you are absolutely correct.

    Hot of the press, sorry buddy but I am going to go with my sources that say Dave is not interested in taking the reigns since mine is the “horses mouth” sort of speak.

  • Facts


    You are another blogger making comments out of your a@@. Merrill and the school administration do care. I am being told that is the message they are going send the parents on Thursday. If you were correct I easily see three to five more key players leaving, but that isn’t going to happen.

  • Hot Off The Press


    You are an idiot for making that comment. So when Thursday comes your going to eat those words and look like a fool for making the comment in the first place.

  • Living Legend

    Hot of the Press,

    I will bet you your entire pay check that they do not name Dave Merrill the head coach on Thursday.

  • Hot Off The Press

    Living Legend,

    My paycheck your paycheck you got a bet. I checked my source again to make sure, you would realize how much of a fool Aram is for making that comment if he knew my source.

    second chance, if you would like to drop that beat down to a lunch for two at Ray’s that good. I can bring a friend.

    Your option ……

  • Agenda

    Hot off the press, It’s obvious that you have an agenda by spreading this breaking news. If you are so certain, why not give your name because if you and the Merrils are the only people who know of this inside information, you have probably already been exposed. I’m sure if Merrill is telling Aram and others that he is not taking the job, then he wouldn’t want anyone to think anything different.

  • Hot Off The Press ….


    These people from Covina and Aram are basing their comments on conversations that took place one or two weeks ago. The rumor that Merrill is going to be the new head coach at Wilson is all over the Wilson campus. The difference is I also have some creditable sources within Wilson. No agenda, to be honest with you the Merrill hire should be a great hire for the program. Coach O had a legit coaching staff and Merrill has a very good relationship with those coaches. My communication with other Wilson supporters they feel that Merrill would be a great hire. He can build a strong coaching staff something that Wilson hasn’t seen since Coach O decided to step down. If that is a agenda then I guess I do.

  • Colt74

    Any similarities between this and the coach Zavala situation are purely coincidental….

  • saladays


    You’ve been behind the curve on this one.

  • Finally some truth

    So now that the parents of Wilson high have got what they wanted Coach Zavala and his staff gone. Whats next many have asked? Well here are some things to the next coach and staff they have to understand and except. The parents at Wilson have a unreal expectation of what their school and football program really is. Their kids are not the athletes they think they are. Many of the kids on this team had a total lack of respect for the staff in whole but those outside of it. But the truth is kids are kids they need to learn how to make the right choices and this is were the parents at Wilson have failed. And want to pass the BLAME to Coach Zavala and his staff. The parents are the real losers in this case. It was the jealousy and ignorance of those within the program that lead to this. The idea that someone is promised a position is well frankly! BullS***, This is football NO one is promised a starting spot and if they are guess what if your not good enough to keep your spot then you either work hard to get it back or you dont. And thats the problem instead of the parents teaching their kids to fight and work harder. They said don’t worry ill bitch and complain till your play again son. WOW great way to teach your kids. Then to put some of the kids in the middle of all this just to get what they wanted some kind of leverage on a coach that is crap. You did nothing but hurt people lives and careers. Well i’m gonna put it out there my buddy i’ve been keeping things quite out of respect to him but. Mr.Schriemen the truth is your kid ain’t that good. Never has been and your a cancer. Your kid was never good enough in JAA or Pop Warner to win the QB spot and even back then you did the same thing you tried your best to have those coaches that coached your son thrown out of the league. If the coaches thought your kid was good enough to be a leader and could do what they asked of him he would have started. But he could’nt ! And you wanna say he was the heart of the team. That kid had no respect from kids on that team. Half the team didnt like the kid. Some leader. Well now your at Pomona and if you think your crap will fly and Pomona your mistaken.And the idea that staff was divided on it is a lie as well. From my sources none of those coaches trusted him nor felt he was best for the team. Oh and those coaches that left. Well only 1 left Banzett. Weis and Estrada were still apart of the staff, but that is another problem. The lies that will be put forth to hurt others if it gives these parents what they want. And to the other parent that feels his kid is the best player in the Valley and a D1 recruit you need to wake up. He showed no heart in the toughest games of the year. He is not a play maker and no matter what offense he is in. The truth is if he wants to make it as a D1 player its gonna be on Defense. And thats coming from a coaches mouth of a D1 school that has seen his film. The kid is a good kid from what i hear. But his dad has his own head so far up his butt he is making his child more than what he is. Let your kid become a man on his own and work towards a scholarship. And to all the other parents that think their child is this great player. You need to understand unless your kids could play at Amat which no kid at Wilson can except maybe 2 or 3. Your not a D1 player. To the next coach I would not trust the parents or players on that team. You have seen for a whole year when these people dont get what they want they throw you under the bus and try and make you the fall for their short coming as parents. So to the next Wilson coach i wish you luck. Your gonna need it.


    Finally some truth (Coach Estrada),
    If you dont want someone to know its you, keep the comments short. Based on the comments stated it has to be coming from a coach. You are the only coach that writes that poorly. Next time please use spell check. Sorry but if we are going to clear the air, when are you going to grow some b@lls and stop being Zavalas lap dog. The parents started thinking you were not a coach on the staff but Zavalas B@t@h.

    Are you actually coming on this blog and attempting to evaluate talent, what a joke. Lets talk about Schreiman, from what I hear Coach Rice and staff are very pleased with Schreiman. Coach Rice has two CIF Championships. Coach Rice and staff or Zavala and staff? I think Im going with Rice and staff.

    The comments about Nelson not being D1 talent, once again you and this staff state he isnt. The combine he just went to he was ranked 6th out of over 100 kids, and this was an all-star combine. Once again just my opinion Im going with the combine.

    You ever heard the old saying dont throw rocks if you live in a glass house.
    There are about eight people that are very aware of all the details of the recruiting violation. Your involvement would get you at least a few weeks suspension. Dont think the coaches over at La Serna would be too happy you get them involved in this mess. Personally if I was a coach on Zavalas staff I would keep my mouth shut. I know for a fact a person of interest has already talked to CIF directly off the record, you dont want that to go on the record. So this staff better be real careful with its comments.

  • Who’s The Real Cancer

    Those comments about Schreiman are from a Wilson coach and a coach not directly involved in Pop Warner. Since anyone that knows Schreiman knows that he was the quarterback for multi years in Pop Warner the only year he wasn’t the quarterback was on a team that Coach Williams (our OC) was coaching (go figure). Also knows the following year that Schreiman was one of the top quarterbacks in the league. That year Schreiman and Nelson (quarterback & running back) lead the team to an 11-2 record. This team ended up losing in the semi’s to North Long Beach. Their only other loss was to North Long Beach in league play. This North Long Beach team went on to win the National Championships that year. Now the team in high school that Williams is coaching Schreiman ends up transferring out of. Interesting if people didnt know better looks like Williams is the one with a personal agenda and the cancer on this team. What are you going to say if Schreiman ends up leading the Pomona High School team next year deep into the playoffs?

  • Wilson Parent

    Aram you want everyone to believe that the mob of parents is what got Zavala fired. I contend it was Zavala that got Zavala fired. Zavala made his bed now he has to sleep in it. Zavala has proven to everyone that he can’t control his players on the field and his parents off the field.

    As the head coach/DC you go around and tell parents the players are to stupid to run your defense. If your stupid enough to make that comment then you desire to get fired. Zavala was this teams leader and he failed, so he got fired. The parents are sending a very clear message to the administration get us a quality coaching staff or you are going to continue to have these issues.

    I think the message these parents sent to Zavala, school administration and the new incoming head coach is very clear. Be a good leader and set good examples for our kids, you don’t theirs the door.

    As far as Schreiman goes that coaching staff is pissed off because Schreiman pulled his son out of this mess. You guys are a bunch of cowards to blame your problems on Schreiman. I am very happy for the kid wish we had him here, we really need him but I do understand why they transferred out.

  • Wildcat

    Wilson, I agree a quality coach is needed but Zavala was the only guy. No one wants to go there since he has to deal with you guys always baggin on play calling. It take a while (years) to build a program. You need character 1st and then X’s and O’s will come later. I don’t think the goal for Wilson right now should be winning, it should be character. Look at who you had the last 3 guys. Tried to win 1st and sacrificed character. Tell you what, doesn’t matter what talent you have or don’t have, ain’t gonna win next year. Kids got to learn new systems and buy in and change work habbits. Doesn’t happen in a year.

  • Fan

    Schreiman just shut the F$&%% up. You are the one that got Zavala fire because he was dumb enought not to realize that you would turn on him when things did not go your way. What’s done is done. You helped him recruit the kid from La Serna and when your kid was benched, you got upset. Just like you did in Pop warner, just like you did at Los Altos and just like you will do at Pomona.

    Let it go and just go spend your whole summer sitting on your ass at every practice at Pomona. We’ll buy you a new chair as a good bye present. I feel sad for your kid (nice kid by the way) who has gone to 3 different schools in the past three years because of you. Talk about parenting and role model. YOu are teaching your kid to run when he faces adversity. I hope he does well and I wish him the best.

  • Living Legend

    it’s not the X’s and the O’s it the jimmys and the joes line. Good Coaching in hs might get u a couple of wins a year against superior talent, but more times than not the team with the best talent wins the game. If coaching was more important than talent then why do college and NFL teams put so much time and money into recruiting, combines, and testing an athletes physical and mental abilities? It’s because PLAYERS win games.
    Bottom line is Wilson does not have the horses that the parents think they have.

  • Living Legend

    Hey Aram, big guystop denying some of my post thy will put to rest the speculation on the Merrill coaching situation. Or at least let me know why you are?

  • Living Legend,

    I haven’t denied anybody’s posts.

  • Compete

    Living Legend,

    Talent is very important to win, but coaching is also important not as important as the talent. A extreme example of this would be the short Hoyd era. Gilmore his junior year rushed for almost 2000 yards under Coach O. Under Hoyd Gilmore’s senior year he didn’t even rush for 1000 yards. That is the best example of coaching.

    If we had a quality coaching staff this team would have ended up 6-4 not 4-6. The Northview and Diamond Bar games were very winnable games. The other issue is how we loss most of our league games. We loss to Covina by 20, Baldwin Park by 24, Pomona by 20 and San Dimas by 40. I see two major coaching issues, the margin of loss and the direction of the team. If you notice latter in the season the margin gets larger based on quality of the competition. The 40 point loss to San Dimas week 10 sealed the deal. The coached up teams were getting better while Wilson showed no improvement and that was reflexed in the scores. No one was asking for a CIF title or a league title they were asking to compete and Zavala lead teams don’t compete against quality opponents.

  • Living Legend

    Sorry about that Aram, maybe I messed up posting it.
    Now like I was trying to say I spoke with Ryan Merrill this morning and once again he told me his dad Is not taking the Job.

    @Compete: did you read any of the post I made I said thy good coaching is good for a few more wins every season but if you don’t have the horses you won’t be a 8 or 9 win team.

    Like my old high school coach used to say “you won’t win the Kentucky derby with a donkey”

  • Dan

    Is it possible that in Gilmores senior year the line was not very good? That would make all the difference, not trying to be a smart a_ _ just an honest question, good coaching makes a difference but as was mentioned you still gotta have the horses.

  • old wilson

    The line for gilmore’s junior year had a 160 lb center, a 155 lb guard, and the starting fullback playing left tackle. These were all good kids who worked and were well coached. The following years team had more “size” and “talent” up front.

    Coaching matters.

    BTW To all you anti asian folks out there that left tackle, right guard, and the fullback who was 5’6″ were all asian.

  • Living legend

    Oh yeah coaching matters, Gano won 4 rings at LA now the last two years at Damien he has been 11-10 let’s see what was the common denominator Gano is the coach what is the huge difference LA had a huge amount of talent. Talent matters a whole lot more then coaching.

  • Dear ‘The Real Truth’ – ask Jason David who is D1

    Jason David spoke at the Wilson football banquet a couple of weeks ago –

    ask him if he thinks Nelson is D1 – as a WR

    His ‘Elite Camp’ in the summer gave JR Nelson a nickname: it was ‘Sleeper’ given to him because he was impressive and didnt go to CO or Amat

    and since we are at it: Nelson’s nickname by the coaches and players at the NUC All World week during Christmas was : ZERO – because he never dropped a pass

    and since we are at it: his nickname at the West Coast Regional combine last year was: AFRO – you dont get nicknames by being only average but by gaining the respect of coaches and players

    it is amazing that everyone except his school coaches think he is really good

  • saladays

    Living legend,

    “Talent matters a whole lot more then coaching.”

    If you can’t coach like Gano then yes you are correct.

    This is an old argument Gano can not win where he does have a huge talent advantage over everyone else. Everyone stated he would fail at Damien as soon as he took the job.

  • Rod Serling

    In an alternate universe….
    The 3 Stooges were World Class Ice Skaters.
    Billy Barty holds the World Record in High Jumping.
    Aram can only eat 1 Double Double.
    This blog will not hit 100 Comments.
    Santa Clause is real.
    Bishop Amat will change their colors to Red and White.
    The Football Xtra will not be in the paper tomorrow.
    Soccer will become the MOST POPULAR sport in the USA.
    UCLA will beat USC in the next decade in football.
    And last but not least….
    Wilson has D-1 talent.

    Submitted for your approval.Filed in a folder labeled FAT CHANCE and hidden in a file cabinet. A file cabinet hidden by the cobwebs that blur reality from fantasy. The cobwebs of the twilight zone.

  • Wilson Family

    X-Wilson Coaching Staff,

    Zavala many people warned you about Williams. Well you backed Williams all the way to the unemployment line.

    I can’t believe this x-coaching staff is hitting the blogs and blaming this on Scheriman its comical. Some things never change during the season it was the players fault, no discipline, too stupid. Now that you got fired it’s Scheriman’s fault. My five year old takes more responsibility for his actions than this coaching staff.

    Trust me you are only making it worse for Zavala, my advice keep your mouths shut and stay off the blogs. You have way too many parents pissed off at your staff, o sorry x-staff.

  • La Puente Fan – D1 not the issue for Nelson

    I know the dad and Josh very well over many ‘football’ years. Nelson wants to go to a school that will let him do both track and football – he has said this consistently for years –

    and most D1 schools dont want that so both dad and josh are very acceptable for a smaller school that allows him to do both – so whatever everyone thinks about D1 talent in Josh’s case is really of no concern – that is not the issue for them

    signed, friend of the family

    PS – I do know that Northern Arizona Univ send Josh 3 free football tickets last year for the Weber State game for an ‘unrecruiting visit’ to see the campus

  • Saber

    Ok, lets stop bashing. Who are the top guys to go after the Wilson job???? Will Rohr from LP go over? Any good assistants?

  • Former Coach

    Im not gonna sit here and start pointing fingers, people that r close to the situation know exactly who is the parent that threw this staff under the bus including his own sons best friend… That being said im here 2 thank coach Z for allowing me to coach under him 4 the past 2 seasons, and to make a few corrections to all the misinformation thats being posted on this blog. First i would like to start by saying that the coaching staff was never divided, did we have some disagreements? of course. if the team finishes 4-6 and we didnt have any disagreements that would be a problem, but that doesnt mean we were divided. at the end of the day, every friday night we had each others back. In the last 2 days I have talked 2 some of the coaches, including the ones that u claimed that had left the program and we are all disappointed at the way things ended. Parents please before u start pointing the finger at the coaches about being bad examples, look at yourself in the mirror. what kind of example r u teaching your kids by going to the games and act like complete fools screaming obscenities to the coaches? How do u expect your kid to have respect 4 anyone if thats the way u act? dont expect us to do YOUR job, we try 2 do the best we can with what you give us. I dont know if you realize that every coach on the staff except for coach Z are walk on coaches, which means thats not our primary job, we do it because we love the sport and like to help develop kids into young men. We all have full time jobs unlike the parents that sit at every practice trying to get some info so they can go on this blog to trash the staff behind a computer. These coaches at some point in the season we sacrifice hours at those jobs. couple of coaches leave their schools just in time to make it to practice, others leave their businesses for long periods of time just to coach your kids, i know of a coach that works graveyard just so he can make practice, if at the very least that should teach this student-athletes commitment and responsibility.. well parent(s) u guys got what u wished 4, we r gone.. GOOD LUCK TO EVERY SINGLE PLAYER….. i dnt care if anyone responds to this post, im not gonna get in a blog battle with anyone I just wanted to clear some of the rumors going around.. i’ll probably write one more post expressing my feeling about the administration but im busy now, unlike other poeple that blog all day, so i’ll leave that for another day. Thank you

  • SG

    The school district hired a P.I. to investigate Zavala and his staff. The P.I. investigated, reported back to the school district. Based on this independant report you got fired. This is facts reported to the Tribune by the school district. Did this parent force you guys to break all these school policies/laws. Maybe he paid off the P.I. to get you guys fired.

  • School Administration Issue

    Former Coach I help you out,

    Zavala’s issues with school administration started last summer when Zavala got caught recruiting JAA players. Los Altos reported the violation to Ms. Paul. Ms. Paul called Zavala into her office and asked him about the recruiting violation that Los Altos was accusing him of. He denied it, told Ms. Paul that it never happen. So Ms. Paul did what any good principal would do and backed up Zavala. It was investigated and Ms. Paul found out Zavala had lied to her. Paul sat him down and told him he ever lies to her again she will fire him. Zavala was suspended week 1 of this season for that violation. During the season multi CIF or District policies were violated by Zavala. Every time Ms. Paul confronted Zavala of these issues he denied any involvement. I am assuming that the P.I. proved that he was involved, so they fired Zavala and his staff. The school administration set up bounders and Zavala crossed them he knew the consequences.

  • A Tale of 2 Programs

    Tonight Wilson BB started 4 juniors and one soph and beat a Covina team that just knocked off previously undefeated Northview – Wilson is 10-10, have 9 juniors on varsity, and their best year since 2004

    Wilson football also had a lot of talent in the junior class – however – at least 3 are defineitly leaving or already have left

    Wilson BB put over 1,000 people in the gym last Saturday and raised thousands for the program in a very uplifting alumni game

    Wilson football players even had to pay $20 for their own banquet tickets

    Overall – Wilson BB is on an upward trend – on JV – only one league loss – freshmen – undefeated

    Wilson football JV – total shambles, they almost never practiced together during the year anyway, no one cared to train and teach mechanics to them – ONCE

    Wilson BB coaches greet parents each game with a handshake

    Wilson football coaches were always in their own little ‘circle’

    BB parents are very unified and supportive of the program

    there are volumes here about the mood of Football parents, dont need to go there

    Yes, a Tale of 2 Programs

  • Fan

    Are you really comparing the BB program at Wilson with the football program? You are a joke. Why don’t we compare the parenting firs. Everythign starts at home. Most of the kids in the Bb program at Wilson have GPA over 4.0 and that’s across the board in all the levels. Look at the type of kid and the parenting each of them has received. Let’s include Nelson in there. His family is very involved and they teach him respect, caring and the importance of an education. The parents don’t sit there and disrespect the coaches during the games and the kids’ behavior reflect that of their parents. Ask the BB coach. Ask him how different is to coach this type of kid? They have a kid by the name of Miramontes that also has great parenting behind him, the grades and the support.

    Attitude reflects leadership and Leadership starts at home and not with a coaching staff.

  • The players respect is a reflection of the Coaching


    You have no clue what you are talking about. First off Nelson has been academically ineligible, one better it was during basketball. Nelsons GPA isnt even close to a 4.0, it may be close to a 3.0. There are a few players with a 4.0 gpa on that team. The difference in the BB team and the Football team is the COACHING. The players respect the coaching staff in BB, in football the players dont respect the coaching staff. The parents arent the reason for this, the actions of the coaching staff is. I can give you one example and every coach in the SGV including our own staff will agree. Moe Vega, and the way Zavala treated this player compared to the rest of the team. That is why the players dont respect this staff. I dare you to come on this blog and deny it. This team spent more time dealing with Moe Vega on and off the field incidents than football during the summer. Players started missing practices and 7on7s because as they put it if Moe can then I can. No body respects this staff because of this staffs actions, once again stop blaming on everyone else. The heart of the team is a reflection of the coaching staff not its parents.

  • Hacienda Parent

    The players respect is a reflection of the Coaching said:

    The absurdity is astonoshing. You guys complaint when Moe didn’t get the MVP and it went to Morales but now you are saying that Moe was a headache…hahahahaaha

    Get your stories straight and then come over here and tell us where you stand.

    This is what you guys said in the past:

    As far as the banquet team MVP? It clearly should have gone to Mo Vega, but with Schreiman leaving, Zavala had to do something to mend fences with the Morales’, so they wouldn’t pack up, and leave. That’s why Josh M. got the team MVP award, and Mo got thrown under the bus. Everybody at the banquet, including the players, could see the transparency of all the award’s meanings that night. It was all about trying to keep the parents happy, and keep the players from looking for greener pastures. A pat on the head from a coach goes a long way to a 16-17 year old kid.

  • Wilson Parent


    You haven’t been to a basketball game, you would never make that comment about Mr. Nelson if you had been. Stick with coaching football and passing your GED.

  • Aaron

    One of my favorite quotes:
    “Attitude reflects leadership.”

  • Expect To Compete

    This administration needs to get a head coach that can pull coaches with some real experience. Coaches that are mature adults that are going to be positive role models to our players.

    Interesting how bloggers outside of Wilson don’t understand the parents issues. The 4-6 record isn’t the issue, the issue is how we got their. Going into this season not a single parent expected this team to win league. To loss by 40 to San Dimas was a very clear message to the parents and players, we aren’t even close.

    Zavala’s quote “Expect to Compete”, well we expected to compete, is that to much to ask for.

  • The Wizard of Oz

    Expect to compete:

    Everyone understands a lot more than you care to give credit for. In truth it’s the Wilson parents that don’t understand…and it’s clear you never will.
    To lose by 40 points or even 1. Who’ fault is that? Really? Did the coaches miss the tackles? Did the coaches throw the interceptions? Did the coaches let their receivers catch the balls? Is it the coaches fault that your running backs were caught behind the line of scrimmage? Was it the caches fault that your receivers didn’t catch the balls?

    You parents burnt at the stake the ones who were least at fault. But they are easier to blame than your little Johnny.
    Denile is NOT a river in Egypt!
    Enjoy 2011.

  • saladays

    Wizard of Oz,

    You ask if it is the coaches fault? The answer is yes.

  • Wizard Let’s rephrase the questions

    Actually, let’s rephrase them:

    To lose by 40 points or even 1. Who’s fault is that?

    Q: Did the coaches ever teach how to tackle while standing around in their little ‘circle’ every practice

    Q: Did the coaches ever teach how to tackle to all of those non-starters who just stood in the sidelines hours upon hours upon hours watching varsity practice and watch the coaches in their little ‘circle’

    Q: Did the coaches have the right QB at the right time when those INT’s were thrown

    Q: Did the coaches purposely tell QB’s to not throw to receivers who were open and with blatant mismatches on the other side of the ball

    Q: Did coaches purposely decide to never throw slants

    Q: Did coaches ever try to find someone who actually knew how to call the right plays when needed

    Q: Did the coaches ever come to the realization that their running schemes needed drastic changing

    Q: Did ANY COACHES ever make halftime adjustments like all of the other teams in their play calling and players on the field

    Q: Did the coaches ever learn from the Northview game when they yelled: “Spike the ball, spike the ball!” it was 4th down and 5 seconds left in the game

    Q: Did the coaches ever realize that the receivers were not going to catch balls that were 10 yards over their heads

    DeUpTheCreekWithoutAPaddle is a river in Former Coach land

  • Q & A

    QB stats through the 1st 4 games:

    #12 22/33 447yds 5td 2int, 28car 166yds 3td

    #7 16/30 201yds 1td 5int, 6car -3yds

    Who would you play at QB?

  • Q & A

    QB stats through the 1st 4 games:

    #12 22/33 447yds 5td 2int, 28car 166yds 3td

    #7 16/30 201yds 1td 5int, 6car -3yds

    Who would you play at QB?

  • Totto Too

    Rephrase whatever you want to fit your twisted views of reality. Nothing will change.

    Warn the new coach to put his name on the door in velcro.

    You thought this year was bad….wait till Sept comes around. Embarrassed would be an understatement. Maybe this would be a good time to set your main season expectations to having enough kids come out to field a team.

  • Totto Too – there r no expectations

    If we forfiet games this year it will be 3 years in a row for Wilson, no school in california and probably the nation will have forfirted games 3 years in a row

    no, there r no expectations for next year,none

    so if anything positive happens, such as coaches who can really coach wihtout lying and cheating, it will be seen as a positive

  • Real Stats

    Coaches keep playing that game with the stats. Almost 50% of #12s stats were obtained in the Nogales and Los Altos game (two games). Those two teams ended up with a combined record of 1-19. Look at #12s stats against the teams that matter. Then you start to understand why we have issues with COACHING.

    Here are the stats on the real teams,
    #12 2 – 8 for 19 yards .250 0 TD 0 Int QB rating of 40
    #7 16-26 for 243 yards .615 1 TD 1 Int QB rating of 89

    Baldwin Park
    #12 6 -14 for 69 yards .429 2 TD 0 Int QB rating of 68
    #7 0 3 .000 QB rating of 40

    #12 6 10 for 54 yards .600 1 TD 1 Int QB rating of 68
    #7 7 13 for 112 yards .538 rating of 83

    San Dimas
    #12 6 -19 for 124 yards .316 1 TD 3 Int QB rating of 34
    #7 didnt play

    Few notes on these numbers #7 played 3 quarters of the Covina game, 1 half of the Pomona game, and three snaps in the Baldwin Park game, no snaps in the San Dimas game. #7 stats are based on 5 quarters of work.

    #12 took at least 12 snaps in the Covina game, one quarter. Four quarters of the Baldwin Park game, two quarter of the Pomona game and four quarters of the San Dimas game. That is a total of eleven quarters.

    #7 put up bigger numbers in only 5 quarters to #12s eleven quarters. Here are the totals,

    #12 20 – 53 for 266 yards .377 4 TD 4 Int (11 quarters of work)

    #7 23 42 for 355 yards .548 1 TD 1 Int (5 quarters of work)

  • Football Fan

    Everyone who knows football, know that #7 was a better QB. Well with the exception of #12’s Dad, and the coaches.

  • Living Legend

    Oh where oh where is Hot Off The Press? I think if his assumption that Dave Merrill was going to be named coach had come true it would have been announced by now considering they had the parent meeting this evening. With that said “Hot Off the Press” you either owe me your pay check or at least a lunch. LOL

  • No Dog in this fight

    Living Legend

    Parents meeting was at 6:00pm tonight, so HOTP may not have the current info yet.
    Players were told this morning that Dave Merrill IS the acting head coach, until they find a replacement.

  • Living Legend,

    That is a tuff one, Dave Merrill was announced as the acting head coach today to the players, until they hire a permanent coach.

    These X-Wilson coaches comments are validating the parent’s comments about this staff.

  • Living Legend

    Look fellers he is only opening the weight room, Dave did not even attend the meeting this evening.

    The reason he is doing this is because he loves Wilson High School and wants to see the best for the school. However don’t you guys think that if he was going to be named permanent head coach it would have been done tonight.

  • Dave Merrill IS NOT the head coach. I had a long talk with Asst. Superintendent Rob Roberts today and he said there is no replacement yet and they will begin the process immediately.

  • Living Legend


    Big guy they won’t believe you, I have been letting them now the truth for days now and they still insist on not listening.

  • The End Of An Era

    Wilson will probably land a real coach this time and we will have nothing to write about on these blogs, how boring… And there will be no QB controversy next year because Schreiman will be leading Pomona in the hunt for a league title – RATS!!! sounds boring already

  • Meeting

    The meeting was the biggest joke. The entire booster club (moms) was crying about Zavala being fired. Image is Zavala worked as much on coaching as sweet talking the booster moms how good are team may have been. The fathers sat there and didnt say a word. The only dad that supported Zavala was Morales #12s dad, wonder why? He actually stood up and stated that he was a good coach. Most parents left pissed off, they were hoping for an announcement of the new head coach. Instead the program was given the Hacienda La Puente School District death sentence, waiting for district approval

  • Living Legend,

    “They” will believe me. One guy won’t. So for everybody but that one person, Merrill is not the head coach and the school has started the search. They want one fast. We’ll see what happens.

    They have two good ones already in the district in Morrison and Rohrer. But I don’t know if either wants to leave their current gig.

  • Hot Off The Press….

    I have it from reliable sources that once Norm Chow got wind of the Wilson opening that he told the moving company to delay their packing for Utah.
    TMZ has been following this breaking story since early this evening.

  • Hot Off The Press…

    CORRECTION ****************************
    It turns out it was NOT Norm Chow…just a guy in Wal-Mart buying Purina Dog Chow and wearing a UCLA hat.
    More to follow…….

  • $.02

    Lets look back 3 years ago with Merrill and Greg Hoyd as HC of Wilson.

    Robledo Blog:

    Internet chat rooms haven’t been that kind to Hoyd, where he’s been questioned about his coaching techniques, who he hired as assistants, his meetings with Wilson boosters and scheduling conflicts with neighboring pop warner programs.

    “With the internet there’s going to be accusations and rumors,” Hoyd said. “It even caused some administrators to ask what’s going on in Wildcat country. But you deal with it and move on.”

    Wilson athletic director Dave Merrill has been around a long time and understands the growing pains.
    “You know what, he’s like any new coach,” said Merrill. “He’s eager, wants the best for his team and wants to prove his worth.

    “You don’t learn everything in a year. I don’t care if you’re 25 or 45, your first year is your first year. I’m sure he’s stressed trying to cover all his bases. It’s not easy. But I have an open line with him. We’ve had a lot of communication, and you take it from there.”

    Now Merrill with Zavala –

    How Far we have Come in 2 Years with Zavala and Merrill as AD.

    Robledo Blog:

    Zavala, who thanked Wilson athletic director Dave Merrill for showing so much confidence in him, knows the previous coach had problems with the administration and was heavily criticized. But Zavala said he’s ready to handle what comes his way.

    “I don’t know everything that went on, but I can tell you that I’m a straight shooter. I don’t make promises I can’t keep,” Zavala said. “I will be under the microscope more than I ever have.

    “That comes with the territory. You have to accept it.”

    Merrill, who will retire as athletic director after the school year and join Greg Gano’s football staff at Damien next fall, wanted to leave the program in good hands and said Zavala was the perfect fit.

    Who is Responsible for the last 2 Hires?

    Greg Hoyd was hired under Al Clegg who was the Wilson Principal and Dave Merrill who was the AD.

    Brian Zavala was Hired under Elena Paul who wa sthe new Principal, and AGAIN DAVE MERRILL who was the AD AGAIN!!!

    I know people want to make it seem like Merrill is a kind man taking over the program from the kindness of his heart, BUT I think its more of: “YOU GOT US IN THIS MESS, NOW GET US OUT OF IT!”

    Well Merrill, 3rd times a charm.

  • Sargents Slaughter

    I believe Al Clegg overrode Merrill on the hiring of Hoyd.
    I think you would be hard pressed to find a Wilson parent who was against the initial hiring of Zavala. Unfortunately, things just got out of hand with his decision making.

  • Q & A

    Real Stats,

    Don’t forget #7 played against the worst D in the valley (Diamond Bar) and managed to throw 3ints and 1td its not the coaches fault that #7 had 1td and 5ints and negative rushing yards and at least 3-4 fumbles against Diamond Bar, LP & El Monte. The QB that gave Wilson the best chance to win started for the team if 7 gave them the best chance he wouldve been starting. You parents that think otherwise are just flat out stupid.

  • Q & A

    Real Stats,

    Don’t forget #7 played against the worst D in the valley (Diamond Bar) and managed to throw 3ints and 1td its not the coaches fault that #7 had 1td and 5ints and negative rushing yards and at least 3-4 fumbles against Diamond Bar, LP & El Monte. The QB that gave Wilson the best chance to win started for the team if 7 gave them the best chance he wouldve been starting. You parents that think otherwise are just flat out stupid.

  • Quarterback

    Q & A,

    You asked is it the coachs fault, my answer is yes. They had all summer to teach these kids how to run the correct routes and catch a ball. The coaching was the issue, since Zavala had two years to get a receiver coach and never did. We had a quarterback as our receiver coach who taught these kids nothing in two years. They were not #7 fault that was obvious. Any one that was at the game knows that two of them bounced off the receivers hands and the third one the receiver decided to change the route, the quarterback threw the ball where the receiver was supposed to be. Coaches made it very clear all three of those interceptions were the receivers mistakes not the quarterback. I don’t know how many interceptions #7 had during the season, but I do know that Zavala made it very clear only one of them was his fault. That 4th and goal on the 14 yard line play. No one was open so he tried to squeeze one in, #7 fault but a smart play. We don’t even want to talk about #12 interceptions do we?

    I think the best one I can remember with #12 was the Pomona game. He dropped back saw the rush threw the ball up and turned his back to the rush so he wouldn’t get hit. The safety sat their waiting for the ball to come down, not a receiver within 15 yards of where the ball went. The safety intercepted the ball and ran it back for a touchdown. Or maybe we could talk about the ten yard post he over threw the receiver by at least ten yards.

    How can anyone that knows football even try and compare these two kids. #12 isn’t even a quarterback; he doesn’t have the heart to be one. Williams wasn’t even stupid enough to put #12 into the 7on7 competition, not even for one snap.

  • Quarterback

    The 3 to 4 fumbles was two fumbles by the running back what does that have to do with the quarterback. Once again coaching. #7 had no fumbles the whole season.

  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    Quarterback-Surely you have better things to do with your time than sit on the blog exchanging barbs and “Bashing” a teenagers High School Football performance on the field? Are you really serious? Walk away from your computer for an hour or two, then come back and read your posts. Then come back and re-read your posts, only this time, imagine it was your son, nephew or grandchild that some “MEATBALL” (you in this case)was blogging about. Do you still feel as manly about your blogging session? I sincerely hope not. These are KIDS! Some of you morons are dangerous and really need to Grow up!

  • Q & A

    In this case this Parent is a meatball, his son does not even like him because he makes his D1 talented son sleep on the coach because his new wife that he bought over seas does not like the kid (poor kid). 12 was not ruled eligible til right before the season so why the hell would they give him all the reps in the summer? I always hear how soft 12 is and he has no heart but he made about 15 tackles playing safety against SD causing a fumble and I don’t remember one time this season that they had to stop the game to take 12 out of the game because he was hurt

  • Q & A

    In this case this Parent is a meatball, his son does not even like him because he makes his D1 talented son sleep on the coach because his new wife that he bought over seas does not like the kid (poor kid). 12 was not ruled eligible til right before the season so why the hell would they give him all the reps in the summer? I always hear how soft 12 is and he has no heart but he made about 15 tackles playing safety against SD causing a fumble and I don’t remember one time this season that they had to stop the game to take 12 out of the game because he was hurt

  • No Quarterback Issue

    anonymous-SGV Fan,

    The comments are gong to continue until the comments from Morales’s dad and the x-coaching staff stop. Schreiman was and always will be the better quarterback. These guys coming on the blog trying to tear him down isn’t going to change that.

    Just like this last comment, facts like that only Morales’s dad would know. Keep talking the crap see what it gets you. Your son is going to be hated by the whole team. He doesn’t have Williams to protect him anymore so be careful what you put on this blog.

  • Another Guy

    What can you expect from a guy who didn’t want to compete at his previous school. They didn’t miss him though.

  • Wilson Player

    None of the players are going to hate Morales. He works his ass off respects the coaches and is a all around great kid. Why would his piers hate him he is everything you would want in a teammate. What kind of man are you to try and bad mouth one of us players? Come to one of our practices and try to bad mouth one of us on the field and see what happens. If my dad went on blogs and tried to put down my teammates and coaches I would make sure he was never at another game or practice because that is just flat out childish and embarrassing.

  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    Well in that case I’m embarassed for both of you and I feel sorry for both of your kids. I sure that neither of you have mirrors in your homes and if you do you will probably want to remove them after you go back and reflect on your behavior and re-read some of your comments. Trust me, you’re gonna be embarassed. Good Luck to ya both, because it should already suck to be you!

  • Rod Serling –

    we may actually get to 100 entries on this blog topic afterall

  • Rod Serling

    we may actually get to 100 entries on this blog topic afterall

  • Rod Serling

    we may actually get to 100 entries on this blog topic afterall

  • It’s A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood

    Let’s wish both QB’s at this point well and hope for the best. One thing is for sure, Rice is very, very, very happy that Schreimann will be leading his team next year, hope everyone stays healthy

  • just sayin’

    Hey Rod – if you post 3 times every time you have something to say we will get there for sure. If I remember, wasn’t there an Amat thread a while back that got to 600?

  • Colt74

    Yeah…but if you take away notsinces posts there probably were only 200…….

  • WTF?

    I don’t know what is worse; blogging about high school kids or sending your kid to Pomona. I think someone should call child services on the dad.

  • david rivera

    no i believe sending your kid to wilson should get you turn into child services. coaches chewing tobacco on the field during practices and foul languages being used during practice. but yet you say sending your kid to pomona is worse.wake up buddy your living in the real world now

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