Baldwin Park’s Demetrius Jackson heading to Portland State …

Baldwin Park defensive back Demetrius Jackson, an All-Area selection this past season, has committed to Portland St.

Jackson originally gave a verbal commitment to UTEP, but looked elsewhere when the Miners wanted to gray shirt him.

Aram’s take: Congrats to Demetrius, who was one of the most electrifying players around last season. And it will be good to have him on hand for our Signing Day special coming up this week.

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  • oldtimedon

    ok I give up what is a grey shirt?

  • Soupy Sales

    A grey shirt is your white shirt you haven’t washed for six months; and you wonder why people look at you very funny when you pass by!

  • short answer

    Grey Shirt means you belong to them but you are not a part of the team. You are allowed however, to learn their system and they get you into the school. Red Shirt means you practice everyday and are on scholarship but you aren’t using any of your four years the NCAA allows you to compete. A “red shirt freshman” is in his first year of allowed competition, but is academically a sophomore.

  • FBFan

    The president from the University of Florida wrote a letter to Sports Illustrated, declaring grayshirting as immoral. He has some very valid points.

  • Joe Amat

    I wrote this on Fred’s board because I too see it as a huge problem. You may or may not know, former Amat grad Ramogi Huma is a big proponent of student-athlete rights by founding the National College Players Association. You can find out more at

    I do congratulate all those athletes who have been offered a Letter of Intent, and those who will continue their playing careers at the nest level in other other divisions of play.

    I do want all athletes and their families to be educated on the process and clear up some misconceptions about the NLI. There has been much made of programs “oversigning” athletes and either talking them into “greyshirting” or running other scholarship players off(as happened at UTEP with the BP duo).

    There was a good piece on “Outside the Lines and I found this article and it is well-worth the read… just so you know both ends of he deal.

    Congrats and good luck at the next level

  • Great players make Great Choices!

    Grey shirting is not in favor of the player. It’s almost like a extended try out. If you get a offer from a smaller school, you should take it. Playing for a smaller school sometimes benefits a player. They may get a chance to play right away. The may be able play multiple positions. They may be able to set school records. In the case of Demetrius, He was talented. He very well could have been a impact player at Utep, However at Portland state, he will a instant impact player. He was a huge Pick up for Portland State. It’s still D1. He will have school, Room and Board… and books paid. Not a bad deal. There he will be able to compete for the start job right away. There he will be able to Return Punts, and Kicks. He will be able to do more. Today, kids want to go to the pro’s. Now days, If you are good, they will find you. Their are tons of guys in the NFL from smaller schools. Keep playing and Play well, and you will get a try out. Going to a BCS does not insure you will be a NFL player. People have went to the NFL out of JC’s lol. A lot of prideful players turn down small schools, and choose to JC in hope of going BCS. It can work, but JC is tricky. If you have a bad year, or get injured, get in trouble or get beat out…your future can turn out different. Any how…This kid along with WC3, and a few others, made good choices to take the “Bird in the Hand”. Credit thier parents, coaches, and people around them for steering them in the right direction. Credit the young men for listening!!!