Sources: Wilson gauging interest from Morrison and Rohrer; Arellanes rumors not going away …

UPDATE: Spoke to Coach Morrison and he said “Right now, I’m not interested. With that said it would be irresponsible of me not to explore any situation that’s out there. Nor have I been contacted by anybody from the school district or school. It’s going to take a lot to beat the job I have now because I have a great administration and our kids are getting after it in the weight room, and we’re gonna be better in a year and even better than that in two years.

Sources say that both Workman coach Scott Morrison and La Puente coach Brandon Rohrer have been approached by the district to see if they’d be interested. The feeling among several coaches who have applied is that the district is simply making the “accepting resumes” process a token gesture, but really has its heart set on either Morrison or Rohrer. Obviously, if either left, that would leave an opening at Workman or La Puente, but it’s unclear if those applying for the Wilson job would have interest in working elsewhere in the district, as in the Montview League. The rumors aren’t going away at Los Altos that head coach Jim Arellanes will not be back next season. I have it from multiple sources that Arellanes is looking into jobs elsewhere and much of this has to do with Los Altos reportedly not being able to bring Arellanes back next season. I’m not sure I understand why that would be, but the reports of Arellanes looking elsewhere appear to be very real. Rumors are also swirling about South Hills coach Steve Bogan being interested in the Maranatha job. I’ve heard from multiple sources that there’s a lot too this and something could happen soon. Obviously, making the transition from a public school to a private will require plenty of salary/retirement tinkering, but Damien was able to pull off something similar two years ago with Greg Gano. Yes, it’s scary to think what Maranatha might become under a coach like Bogan. I mean very, very scary. And that would be bad news for the schools who currently pillage the Pasadena area for talent. Lastly, former San Marino quarterback Dan Loyd reportedly has dropped out of the running for the San Marino job. John Tuttle, who has coached at San Marino previously, is looking like the front runner. Enjoy the Super Bowl.

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  • Bob

    Sounds like Aram been doing his homework.Either coach would be a good fit at Wilson. Just the fact that Bogan name is out their is big news. Gano got a great deal at Damien so if Bogan can pull it off you can’t blame him. Great job Aram, let the rumors begin about the South Hills job….

  • Heights

    Heard there are some quality assistants from the Valley Vista in the mix. Come on Aram, get the scoop. Rohr and Morrison aren’t leaving their current spots. Both have it pretty good. That job is either going to attract PE teacher who need a job or assistants that want to move up.

  • Wilson Boosters

    Here coacheee, coacheee, coacheee. Come and get this catnip so we can throw you in a gunny sack and toss you in the San Gabriel river at Marano Beach.

  • Status

    Morrison is on Wilson’s short list. Not only is he on the short list, Wilson is making it a very attractive offer. Not sure about Wilson’s interest in Rohrer, but Rohrer is interested in the Wilson job that has been confirmed by coaches on his staff.

    Williams the old OC has applied for the job but the school administration has made it very clear no one from the current staff is welcome back. Williams is on the top of that list, with his very unpopular direction he took the offense.

    The Arellanes issue, he has made multi calls looking for a job, he wants out.

  • david rivera

    lets get one thing straight here, morrison was a failure everywhere he has gone so why why why would wilson want this workman coach here to clean up this mess. if they hire this coach i can bet there will be protesters in front of the school trying to stop this hire. they need the right fit here and morrison isnt it. he needs to stay at workman and change that program before he goes anywhere else.if he changes workman then i will be a believer in him.

  • Arellanes Wants Out

    Arrelanes wants out for two reason, his 0-20 record over the last two season. Los Altos is going to be a bottom dweller for many years to come. He realizes this LA program isn’t even close to competing in the Hacienda. He will win some games in the coming years but will never be able to compete in this league. In an attempt to salvage his career he wants to move on. The only hope this program has is league realignment in four years, until then 2-8 at best teams out of LA.

  • Wesco Fan

    Arellanes has only been at LA for 1 season. Thus, 0-10, not 0-20

  • Wesco Fan

    Morrison is an outstanding coach and individual. He is a coach that engages his players first as people,then as students, then as athletes. He understands the influence and impact a football program plays on a school community and his role as mentor and role model. His players have genuine love for the man and know he repects their committment and growth on and off the field. Nothing but respect for man.

  • 0-20

    Wesco Fan,

    The 0-20 record is over the last two seasons. I believe Arellance is worried about being labeled as a losser if he stays at LA. He hasn’t won a game in two years.

  • Mr. Agent

    How about you guys hire Snoop Dog. Dont he live in the area? There is no good fit other than him cause no good coach is gonna go over there with all the back stabbers and cry babies. Just watch and see.

  • bbbbb

    To all the folks in Hac Heights
    It is a pleasure to see and hear that Loser Arellanes is out.
    He is and will still be a HORRIBLE Coach if any one gives him a chance.
    They will regret it in one year.
    Los Altos Staff starting at the AD to Head Coach Following with the principal are all Horrible at winning,
    Jim Arellanes will tell you in front of staff that winning is not everything and playing favorites with discipline is more important to HIM. 0-20 2 years
    If the principal and AD support this type of coaching again there in for a long DECADE.
    Last years Coaching at Varsity level was plain and simple Terrible.

  • Middy

    If arrelanes leaves he is a chicken shit,

  • LA man

    bbbbb…aka…Mr. martinez,
    Just because you and your son Gio are loser/quitters don’t go trying to drag coach A into your BS. Your argument that he plays “favorites” is lame…coach wants the best for his players and will play those who work hard, are committed to getting better and are not prima donnas, like you and your son. So give it a rest…he is not going anywhere!

  • bbbbb

    LA MAN

    With your kid and Jim Arellanes 2011 0 wins 10 Losses

    That’s Reality a bunch of favorite losers

  • Wilson Side

    Jim Arellanes favorites = No Talent = Kiss Ass to play
    Parents at LA teach how to KISS ASSw

  • LA MAN

    Arellanes wants out

    If Jim Arellanes wants to salvage his career in coaching any type of football this includes flag for 6 year olds .

    He needs to step up and QUIT/RESIGN and never try to call plays again did you see how he did the last two years 0-20.

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