I’m resigned to the fact that it ain’t worth it to be a football coach …

Here is my column from Saturday, in case you missed it.

If I had it to do all over again, the last thing I’d aspire to become is a high school football coach.

That sentiment comes straight from the “Knowing what I know now file …”

And it’s not like I could anyway, but thank heavens I didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for the coaches I cover. But, it isn’t worth it.

Not these days, anyway.

I’m not talking about money. The amount earned compared to the time invested is a well-known scam. But I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about dealing with the parents. One false move. One perceived slight to a kid whose daddy thinks he’s the next Cam Newton when he’s really the next Joe Nobody, and you’ve got serious problems.

And I do mean serious problems.

I mean find another line of work problems.

I mean kiss your teaching credential goodbye problems.

I mean unplug the family computer problems.

No thank you.

Recently, two area football coaches walked away from their jobs because they were backed into a corner and figured it was better to save their careers than to fight and be fired.

Mike Mooney was the assistant principal at San Marino in addition to being head coach of the football team. Mooney had built a reputation as being one of the most respected coaches around. Now he’s looking for other work.

Brian Zavala was a teacher and head coach of the football team at Wilson. He had paid his dues as an assistant coach with good success and finally had been handed the keys to his own program. He’s also looking for work.

Zavala lasted two years. Mooney didn’t even make it past the season. The schools cannot release information as to the two resignations, per district policy. They can simply confirm the decisions of both coaches.

Both coaches have declined to talk on the record about why they felt the need to resign and salvage their careers. Both coaches are family men.

I have been told from reliable sources what the reasons were and it’s not good enough. Not even close.

If the coaches were in fact guilty of the allegations, in neither case did it amount to being fired. That is unless, of course, an angry parent or two wanted to turn the screws on school administrators, and thus create a situation where either the administrators risked their own skin to go to bat for the coaches and probably somewhere down the road risked losing their own job.

In this era in which every person in any type of profession knows his co-workers and superiors are out to protect their own butts, we all know how the situation would’ve turned out for both coaches.

Mooney and Zavala’s situations were very different, but how they arrived at the same point is nearly identical. In both cases, a parent or parents felt wronged by the coach. They did some digging and started throwing things against the wall until something finally stuck.

Were both coaches guilty of some wrongdoing? From what I hear from sources, yes. Did the wrongdoing warrant a resignation to avoid a potential firing?

In my opinion, which is based on what I’ve seen in the past in similar situations, no.

But that’s clearly the world we live in now. If somebody has a grudge, they lay in the weeds until they can nail you.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done something at your job that would’ve gotten you in trouble IF somebody with a reason to want you gone had been watching.

Now put your hands down, all of you, and consider that when it comes to high school football coaches, aka makers of men, that’s the situation they’re all in on what’s becoming a daily basis.

It’s not right that our local coaches have to walk around on egg shells. Yet that’s exactly what they’re doing these days, and that’s a big reason why most of the ones I’ve talked to have at some point mentioned getting out of the profession.

Who would it cost most if Jim Singiser decided to only teach at Arroyo? Who would it hurt if Mike Maggiore told West Covina to keep the football field, he’s staying in the classroom. Who would be gypped if Ryan Maddox threw up his hands and said, “I’m not dealing with this anymore!” and decided to make Monrovia a 9-to-5 job?

Your kids, that’s who. The youth of our communities, that’s who. When a parent somewhere, anywhere in this Valley – I’m talking the ones with pools in their backyards to the ones with no backyards – take measures to get good men fired or forced out, it affects all of us.

Football is supposed to be fun. Playing it is supposed to be fun. Coaching it is supposed to be fun. Is it also serious? Hell, yes. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t care as much about it as we do.

We wouldn’t let it be jammed down our throats by this newspaper, multiple websites and ESPN.

Clearly, however, it’s not as fun as it used to be. You know, like back in the days when football coaches weren’t questioned for every move and they didn’t have snipers in the stands ready to fire at the first sign of a perceived slight.

We can learn a lot from the past. For instance, there was a time not too long ago when coaches stayed in their positions for longer than it takes this year’s freshman class to become seniors. There used to be a time when school administrations weren’t so scared of a rock breaking the glass house.

Perhaps it’s time for all parents and administrators to enjoy a much-needed history lesson.

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  • Is this article meant to be editorial or factual?

    Aram – if you write this type of article – you give a false impression when you leave out the ‘sequence’ of facts: for example:

    Football 08′ Wilson forfeits games because h coach knowingly plays star player even though his grades are below 2.0 the Principal meets with boosters and parents apologizes and says it will not happen again

    Football 09′ Wilson forfeits games because a key transfer player plays brought in by the coaches who does not meet the residential requirements again Principal has meeting with boosters and parents apologizes and says it will not happen again

    Football 10′ – P.I. is hired to investigate Wilson players brought in by the coaches who do not meet residential requirements to play. Mysteriously, several players suddenly leave the school disrtict and head coach suddenly resigns Principal meets with boosters and parents and tells them they cannot discuss anything about PI and tells everyone they will start interviewing for a new h coach

    PS – if the Cam Newton thing is any reference to #7 – in the 11 years I have known him M Schreiman has never ever said anything like that ever,

  • The REAL Truth

    Interesting I ask you this question why is it that Jim Singiser, Mike Maggiore, and Ryan Maddox havent had to do this. I will tell you why, because they do it the right way, follow the school rules. When Zavala was hired he was given guidelines to follow by Ms. Paul. These guidelines maybe unrealistic today, but he agreed to them when he took the job. He got caught breaking the rules, lied to Ms. Paul she backed him up to find out later in the process that he had lied to her. She told him he lies to her again he is fired. Not only does he do it again, he does it before the disciplinary action from CIF is completed on the first violation. We are just talking about recruiting not even going into the tobacco incident which he also denied and was also confirmed by multi players on the team that it did happen. So if you continue to lie to your boss in the real world, would you expect to get fired YES?

    Now you are hearing about all the lies Zavala made to parents, not acceptable but not the reason why he got fired. That is the reason that he is spreading around, in an attempt to save his career. Aram you want to continue to believe his lies that is your choice but even his co-workers in the industry know the truth, that is why he still is and maybe for a long time looking for a job. Dont get me wrong I feel for the guy, but he dug the hole he is in.

  • Zavala was not fired. Let’s get that straight.

    Also, here’s is the official statement from Rob Roberts, the asst. superintendent for HLPUSD:

    “Brian Zavala told me point blank, face to face, that he denied all allegations,” Roberts said. “I have no reason not to believe him.”

    I’m not saying Coach Zavala did nothing wrong. But the investigation, PI and all, officially turned up nothing. There were suspicions, but what was every OFFICIALLY uncovered?

  • Wilson Family


    Key word “OFFICIALLY” = we all know what that means please were not that stupid. Let me ask you this why is it that the parents found out that Zavala was stepping down 24 hours before Zavala and his staff did?

    You can say what you want; we all know he was fired. You are trying to make it sound like he pissed off one parent and that parent got him fired. That isnt even close to reality, why dont you try and get both sides. No, instead you print Zavalas side since you know the school district isnt going to make any comments in fear of a lawsuit. You could go to the parents and get their side; you have their names they have been blasted all over this blog. But no you rather make Zavala look like the incident coach getting destroyed by one parent, which clearly isnt the case. Ask anyone within Wilson High School that is aware of the situation, Ms. Paul the Principal wanted Zavala fired so bad she could taste it, with cause. Honestly only ONE father thought Zavala was doing a good job, #12s dad that is it. As just about every team we played could see the players and parents had no respect for our coaching staff. Now if you want to blame this on one parent, then you are even more stupid than I thought.

  • Well, the “parents” buried themselves and their credibility by embarrassing themselves, the football program and the school by blasting the coaches NONSTOP on these blogs for as long as anyone can remember. So if you’re looking for bias, just go back and read ALL previous topics that had to do with Wilson, and even ones that didn’t. Believe me, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the “parents”.

    You say don’t blame one or two parents? Well, as far as these blogs are concerned, I’ve looked at the IP addresses of the complainers and believe me, this is no mob. It’s one or two people CONSTANTLY harping on the coaching staff. Either that or the supposed mass of parents angry with the Wilson staff use the same one or two computers.

  • Aaron

    Fear of Lawsuit…hey Wilson Family.

    Zavala could sue you for libel.

  • San Marino Alum


    I am resigned to the fact that you simply wrote this article to get readers and bloggers active on your site because you obviously have zero knowledge of the facts regarding the coaching situation at San Marino. The creditability of your blog and reporting has seriously come into question after reading this article. You need to get the facts before you make yourself look foolish by defending people you clearly have little knowledge of.

  • I don’t need to do anything to drive traffic to my blog. It comes regardless. This column ran in both the Trib and Star-News. It’s available online and here.

  • 1/2 the story


    Don’t know how else to say this but you are a liar. I know for a fact of at least seven different people on this blog from Wilson bashing Zavala. I also know for a fact that had nothing to do with Zavala getting fired. He got fired because of his dealing with Ms. Paul the principal, not because of any parent. She doesnt want people working for her that she cant trust. He was on a three year probation period per the teachers union contract. They used that option to get rid of him.

    During Zavalas two season stent at Wilson we have had three CIF violations. From what I heard part of the deal with CIF was to fire the complete staff and the team will not be sanctioned (no forfeits). Sanctions against Zavala and maybe the complete staff are a possibility. Question for you Aram, did this parent force Zavala into doing these violation? The first and third violation (recruited players) had to do with players that had relatives on the coaching staff at Wilson. The second violation was JAA players that Coach Zavala brought onto campus and showed them around (recruiting) during the summer. What about the tobacco incident, where the players reported it school administration? Do you feel these incidents are not enough to fire a coach?


    Law 101 it isnt Libel if its the truth.

  • Parents

    You feel the Wilson parent’s didn’t treat Zavala properly, so you wrote an article on it, blasting the parents. How are you any different than the Wilson parents, they feel Zavala didn’t treat their children properly, so they blasted him on your blog. A good argument is you are worse, they are protecting their children you are attempting to protect Zavala. The real big difference is Zavala is guilty and our children arent. Youre protecting the man that goes around telling everyone his defense sucks because the kids are too stupid for his defense. You are defending the guy that says we cant pass the ball because our line is too stupid to pass block. Here is a comment he made to a player that got sanctioned by CIF Sorry about what happen to you, it was either you or me and I have a family to take care of that is just a few of the examples of the man you are attempting to protect.

  • Colt74

    What is the difference between Grass and a Wilson Football coach?

    One gets walked on
    Gets peed on
    Gets dumped on
    Can grow like crazy when taken care of
    Has to deal with parasites
    Gets talked about when looks good
    Gets covered with manure when starts looking bad

    and the other is green….

  • This isn’t just about Wilson. It’s about San Marino, too. And it’s about situations that could be coming to a school near you.

    Wilson parent(s) ask yourself how you guys look to the rest of the Valley after your actions on this blog and others during the season. Believe me, it wasn’t always the same gripe. It was many and you guys finally found something that stuck. You’ve run off your past TWO coaches. Let me ask any of you in the know how Ms. Paul found about any allegations? Did she read the blogs?

  • Uncle Pete

    And what exactly do you think the situation at san marino was because everyone knows that mooney was relieved of his duties as both vp and coach because he couldn’t keep his hand out of the cookie jar.

  • San Marino Alum


    Regardless of where this story ran it should have never been written in the first place because it has zero merit and very little accuracy. Again, I would recommend investigating thoroughly before opening the “knowing what I know file” and defend the character of men who have clearly made some questionable decision making and further displaying that in fact you know very little as it pertains to both of these situations. Coach Mooney was not forced to resign for football related reasons or by a lynch-mob of parents. Though he was attracting a lot negative attention from the parents and faculty because of extremely harsh language and behavior along with allegations of mistreatment of players during practice, his ultimate demise had nothing to do with football.

  • Colt 74

    You hit the nail on the head. This isn’t about wins and losses. This isn’t about any policy violations. This is all about a parent or two who got butt hurt because their son didn’t get the play time that the parents thought they should get. Or not enough passes thrown to him. Or was not given MVP.
    Nothing more.
    Somewhere along the way parents started thinking that a coach was there to support them instead of how it should be…the other way around.
    Nothing you or anyone else can say can undo the new mindset that has given rise. Where it used to be ” there is no I in team ” has now become ” there is no U in me “.

  • Investigate (both sides)


    What is shocking to me, is how little you really know about what is going on over at Wilson. Ms. Paul never found out about the allegations from the blog. Most if not all the comments were leaked out during the investigation. The last recruiting violation was reported to Ms. Paul via a phone conversation. She chooses to investigate it, due to Zavalas history. The chewing tobacco was reported to her by a student then they investigated it and found out it was much more than one or two players. During the investigation they found out that multi coaches, including Zavala and eight to ten players were involved. All allegations the school administration was aware of and investigating before they hit the blogs.

    You really don’t have a clue about what is going on over at Wilson. Sounds like you had a phone conversation with Zavala and are going with it.

    You call yourself a report, no wounder you ended up back at the tribune.

  • Get A Life ….

    Colt 74,

    Your an a@@, because that is all your talking out of your a@@. You have no clue what you are talking about, just talking.

  • Can somebody please tell me who alerted Ms. Paul and who alerted the San Marino administration to the allegations?

    Were they other faculty members, or IN BOTH CASES, were they PARENTS with a grudge?


  • typical parents

    You know Aram, I would love these cowards who post on here anonymously like they know it all agree to a sit down in front of a camera and discuss their complaints in regards to Zavala with you. Then everything’s out and the open and it can be discussed. If you’re going to bash Aram and Zavala, at least leave your name or be willing to go on record with your complaints, otherwise, I will trust the reporter and his sources, because at least he’s sticking his neck on the line by reporting what he’s learned, and by talking to administrators and coaches, I’m sure Aram has a better idea of what went down than the obvious propoganda of some parents who won’t let it go in here.

  • typical parents

    Then there’s what the San Marino alum wrote about Mooney: “Though he was attracting a lot negative attention from the parents and faculty because of extremely harsh language and behavior along with allegations of mistreatment of players during practice, his ultimate demise had nothing to do with football.”
    Harsh language? Wake-up pal, ever been to a football practice. Ever been on the sidelines, you’re the perfect example of a winy parent. Let me break this too you, coaches curse, in all sports, it’s part of it. I wonder if these blogs were around how long the great Maloney would have lasted? Secondly, mistreatment of players? Are you telling me this man coached at San Marino differently that he did all those years at Temple City? It’s the same coach coaching the same way. At Temple City, he built boys into men and they appreciated it, he had a great reputation among his players, faculty and coaching peers. But I guess half a season at San Marino and suddenly he’s a coach that “mistreats” players in your eyes. Like I said, a typical whiny parent response. I guess that’s the risk you take coaching at a school like San Marino, where so many of the parents are high profile, lawyers, and use their influence when they should step back and allow the coach to do the job that he’s done so well for so many years. But, if your kid doesn’t start or play, that changes all the rules, right. Parents make me sick. You hit the nail on the head Aram.

  • Colt74

    Get a life…
    Look@ like I hit a nerve! Which parent are you? Not enough passe@ or MVP?
    Oh..and MVP doe@ not @tand for Most Valuable Parent…..
    Ju@t @o you know……
    We’re only at 19 po@ts @o far..that leave@ lot@ of time for you to enlighten u@ all AGAIN of how the D-1 talent wa@ underutilized. Really..we never get tired of that @tory.
    Get a life? How about get your lip@ off of the principle@ a@@ ???

  • Lazy …….


    How did you come to the conclusion that it was a Wilson parent, just wondering? Based on history, I would be looking at Los Altos. Los Altos has been the one that reported at least two of the last three Wilson CIF violations before this one.

    Just about every player on the team knew this player lived in Whittier. What makes it even worse is they didn’t know that he transferred over illegally. So if any player, parent or administrator from Los Altos found out it would be easy to prove.

    I would conclude a Los Altos supporter strictly based on past experience with Los Altos. I have some facts to back up my conclusion, what about you? I guess it must be nice as a reporter to just assume all this stuff and report your assumptions.

    Great Report Aram ??????????????????

  • Be thankful for Aram

    We should all be thankful that Aram he is giving us material to blog about, pretty soon there will only be those boring baseball blogs that get 3 comments every century and no one is interested in

  • Reliable Source?

    Aram I read through the complete article you need to check your reliable source, just about every point you made was based on false information. Maybe you should have read those parents comments they are much more accurate than your article. So you write an article based on your reliable source, is that any different than these parents on this blog. So you can print anything you want based on your reliable source. Sorry Aram but we have seen the results of your reliable source, this is just another example. What do you think just because you write something that somehow validates it? You are a poor excuse of a reporter you dont report the facts your print your bias opinion what every that is worth.

  • reality

    Why does’nt anyone go on the record on these stories? Have we become such a nation of cowards and wimps that we can only accuse behind a veil of anononimity? This blog has turned into the National Enquirer of high school football, all innuendo but no facts or statements with people that are willing to go on the record. It would be pointless for any coach to respond to these charges because the cowards would only ramp up their crap blogging in their own cowardly fashion behind drawn shades. Until any of you Zavala, Arrelanes, etc. despisers are finally willing to man up and identify yourselves you are all just children ringing the doorbell and running away. All of these accusations amount to a hill of beans and what are you teaching your children but to be rats like yourselves? And administrators it’s about time you guys back up your coaches and don’t fold so quickly under pressure. I would love to finally see a Principal go on record and back up his coach rather than cut and run all the time. Screw all these Cowards

  • Thank you Mr. reality

    Let’s start with you




    cell number:

    Chip & Dale’s Table number:

  • Reliable Source?

    Real stupid comment, Aram’s “Reliable Source” hasnt gone on the record with his comments. Aram is no better than all these parents with his “Reliable Source”. The comments made by the parents are coming from school administration. So Aram has Zavala’s version and the parents have the school administration’s version. So you have to decide are you going to believe Zavala, he did nothing wrong but was told step down or your fired, and he steps down.

  • david rivera

    if zavala was innocent of all charges at wilson then why isnt he teaching at wilson anymore. can anybody please tell me that. as usuall all you people blame everything on the parents and fans at wilson but what about the fact he isnt teaching at wilson anymore

  • Hey thank you be careful

    dont start talking about chip and dales Colt74’s table might be really close to Mr realities and he may want to stay anonymous

    come to think of it who is that pole dancer wearing the covina colt tights on stage?????

  • Colt74

    So if I’m a pole dancer I guess that makes you a pole smoker. You are the one that brought up Chip and Dales.
    Freudian slip?
    Your turn slick……

  • personal avenda


    Just woudering how many Wilson bloggers have commented on this thread. That one or two like you stated earlier, not. The only person with a agenda here seems to be you and your reliable source.

  • Relieved at Los Altos

    When looking for your next coach, be sure to give him all the guide lines, especially #1: make sure you start #7 at Quarterback, and then give him the MVP at your banquet regardless of how they perform. Now I know your thinking, why? Survival! All you have to do is last one year and then your cancer will be cut out. Yes, the boy will have left for college somewhere and Daddy will go with him [oh God, please dont let him go to Mt. Sac, they have a good thing going over there].

    Before high school #7s parent had him take a year off at some private school so he could play with kids a year younger than himself. When he entered Los Altos, we were constantly seeing our name in the blogs [for all the wrong reasons]. When he was not happy because sonny didnt start like he was expecting, he went to Wilson. Now two coaches have been fired and some poor guy has to come in and take over this program in disarray.

    Aram, thank you for your courage in writing the great article. Unlike those that are blasting you, you do not get to hide under a cloud of anonymity. I hope that Zvala and his family will prevail and be in a better situation where ever they land. I hope that nobody forgets that a father and husband could be out of a job for allegedly wanting to bring a kid to Wilson to play football.

    BTW: my football coach cussed and he retired after 20 years.

  • The Watcher

    Do’s and Don’ts for all coaches. Dont chew tabacco or for that matter dont get caught smoking a cigar at a golf tourney. Dont get involved in any money raising activities. Dont let any kids come to your program that transfered in after you were seen talking to them or their parents at some event. Dont go to bars after games and have a beer because you are being watched. Dont have any one on one conversations with pretty moms. Dont use profanity. Do win every game.

  • Another One Of Aram’s Reliable Source?

    Relieved at Los Altos,

    Are you for real #7 was at Los Altos when Hoyd was hired and fired at Wilson? #7 was never brought up on the subject of MVP that was #4. #7 transferred out of Wilson almost two months ago, where have you been. Your football coach that retired after 20 years had to be Rick Godinez, could be mistaken but thought he was forced out by administration because of the players that transferred out of Los Altos to LVL, where Rick’s son Bobby was the head coach. You sound like Aram’s reliable source?

  • Closer Look

    The Watcher,

    Dont chew tobacco and allow your staff and the players to chew tobacco at practice.

    Dont spend 15K on from your vendor when you get the same uniforms for 10K from another vendor.

    Dont spend 5K to 10K on at least five different sets of coachs uniforms including shoes when you dont have the money.

    Dont allow kids to come to your program that transfer in that has relatives on the coaching staff, and both are illegal transfers. The illegal transfers are common knowledge within the staff and players.

    Dont go to bars and get into fights with your crosstown rivals coach and vice principal and have to be pulled off by a Chilies employee.

    Dont have private meeting with the Booster President(mom), then at the end of the year boosters are broke and vendors want to get paid with thousands of dollars outstanding in bills.

    Dont use profanity, yes at the games not acceptable per Ms. Paul

    Don’t get blown out by just about every team in the VVL.

  • Relieved at Los Altos

    The Watcher,

    #7 or [your son] may not have been at Wilson when Hoyd got fired but your son’s [sorry, #7’s] Pop Warner coach was and he wanted to program so #7 could come over.

    I am not the source of any info to Aram.

    One year new coach; and most of this should go away!

  • Aha!!

    Closer Look. Well here’s one pathetic little doorbell ringer. Come on the rest of you little rats, lets indentify yourselves. This stuff really amounts to nada.

  • Relieved at Los Altos

    The Watcher,

    #7 or [your son] may not have been at Wilson when Hoyd got fired but your son’s [sorry, #7’s] Pop Warner coach was and he wanted to program so #7 could come over.

    I am not the source of any info to Aram.

    One year new coach; and most of this should go away!

  • Closer Look

    Relieved at Los Altos,

    Do you any clue about what you are talking about, the staff you are talking about hasn’t coached at Wilson since Coach O left three years ago, try again losser.

  • X’s and O’s

    I truly believe that Aram’s article is courageous and he hit the nail on the head. There is not a single part about his article that is wrong. These coaches did not deserve to be forced to resign. The horrible part is that high school football coaches are extremely overly scrutinized by people who have no idea what they are talking about (parents, fans, alumni, and yes even admin and sports writers) and this is a point that I’ve tried to express on the blog before.

    I find it very strange that some people find it absolutely horrible that Zavala supposedly “recruited a player from another school” while others say Arellanes “plays favorites.” If you think about it, those are completely opposite arguments. If you think about it OBJECTIVELY and these comments are true then Zavala simply wants to put the best team out on the field that he can in order to win games, hence “recruiting;” thus Zavala wants to win games. If the claims about Arellanes are true, then he is simply playing the kids that show up to practice, work hard, and are respectful while not catering to a pre-madonna, hence “playing favorites;” thus Arellanes is trying to be fair and build character. IMO these are both very good qualities for coaches to possess, but it is impossible to please people especially overly involved parents. Coaches are supposed to build men by teaching them honorable lessons AND win games. This is not something that is easy to balance.

    My last point is that although I fully agree with Aram’s opinions on this subject, I do find it contradictory since it comes to no one’s surprise that the vehement parents and people with agendas come on blogs to express their opinion. I’ve always felt that these blogs could be very detrimental to a coach and it is evident that my feelings are confirmed.

    As Aram slightly noted, coaches are paid nothing for what they do which is build men. However, they are scrutinized and put under an absolutely unfair microscope. Let’s put it this way, if a regular teacher changed a kid’s grade, there would not be a separate blog about it with 100 comments, but when a coach makes a questionable call all hell breaks loose. It’s somewhat sad that a coach will be scrutinized more than a principal or a superintendent. These coaches are constantly defamed despite their small salaries and wonderful impact. High School coaches should not be put under the same microscope as politicians.

  • JCAZ

    You know, there is one thing that I have noticed over the past few years about these blogs and that is that if you ever put up a thread about Wilson, it’s gonna get some hit’s !

    Even though we often see so many Amat honks chiming in on the amount of comments posted on any one of their threads, the facts are that Wilson Football is right up there as far as generating interest.

    For better of for worse, this is probably the most comments that have been posted on any one topic on this blog in quite some time.

    Interesting eh ??

  • This blog and the Super Bowl

    This blog (now tht I have the right one) is so entertaining I think everyone should put the Super Bowl on mute so we can read all of this, see the game, and yet have no distractions, a perfect scenario

  • david rivera

    could somebody please tell me why isnt zavala teaching at wilson anymore.could somebody please tell me

  • The Truth Hurts

    The numbers on a Wilson topic are so high because of Arams opinion never is in alignment with the Wilson parents (The Truth). Aram for some strange reason wants people to believe that all these comments are from one or two Wilson Parents, not the case. I believe that you are going to see comments from seven to ten Wilson supporters on this topic. Aram in my opinion pushes the buttons of these parents in his article and on this thread, in an attempt to get responses from us. If Aram made any attempt to find the truth he would know that the parents version is very accurate and the coachs version is not only full of holes but full of lies. I really dont think Aram is out for the truth just out to generate numbers. Aram would rather look like a fool on his own blog than print the truth. Funny when you came back I thought there was some hope for these blogs, but you turned into another FRED. Just like the coaches it not about the truth its about the numbers. Aram keep up the good work, your becoming a bigger joke in the coaching circle than your buddy FRED. Coaches really dont respect your type of reporting just like they dont respect Zavala type of coaching, the two of you were meet for each other.

  • Me and every other sportswriter goes to bed each night praying the coaches we cover respect us.

    Again, somebody please tell me who alerted either the Wilson or San Marino administrations to the allegations against both coaches.

    How did the alleged wrongdoing come to the attention of both administrations? In Wilson’s case, we seem to have some (one or two) people on here who know EVERYTHING about the situation, so come clean and tell us all who alerted Ms. Paul to the alleged wrongdoing.

    We can keep calling Aram a bad journalist and cry about play calling and blah, blah, blah, but when you people (one or two) want to get serious about this situation, you let me know by telling me and everybody WHO ALERTED EITHER ADMINISTRATION TO THE WRONGDOING. AND WHY DID THEY DO IT?

  • Colt74

    The Truth hurts ,
    The truth does hurt. That is why you continue to shy away from it keep posting YOUR skewed sense of truth, justice, and the American way.
    If 7-10 Wilson parents are weighing in on his blog they all need to learn grammar and spelling. They ALL misspell the same exact words, and structure their sentences the same way. Figure the odds.
    For MONTHS the readers of this blog have followed the posts from these parents and have a VERY CLEAR idea of what this is all about. Revenge. In it’s purest form.
    Cowardly, mean spirited, hateful, damaging revenge. There is not one molecule in your body that wants or will accept anything less.
    You now blast Fred, Aram, and the blog itself. If it wasn’t for Fred, Aram, and the blog who would you have to vent to? I’ll lay money that your kid is grateful for the blog. Less he has to listen to.
    You are totally consumed with this anger and need to vent it. We get it. It sounds like you are really in a lot of pain and this blog lets you relieve it. Blog on if that helps.
    Just understand that there is a difference between venting frustrations and trying to take away another mans lively hood and means to support HIS family.

  • One of the 7-10


    “…and trying to take away another mans lively hood and means to support HIS family.”

    If it’s a choice between the coaches livelihood, and our children, and football program, the coach has to go. If you can’t see that, then it’s obvious, you have no children that have been through a similar situation.

    Zavala’s leaving wasn’t about one single issue. It wasn’t JUST the qb battle, or JUST the offensive scheme, or JUST the blatant lies, or JUST the lack of a decent defense, or JUST having the jv team practice together two hours a week, or JUST manning-up, and taking responsibility for your own coaching mistakes, or JUST promising transferring players starting varsity positions, or JUST using tobacco on campus, or JUST… Well, you get the point, right?

    I’m telling you, you really had to be there. It was almost comically sad to hear the latest story every few days about how something involving the program had gone awry.

    The recruiting violations were just a means to an end for the Wilson administration. With those violations, Zavala hung himself.

  • Facts


    You claim it was a parent but have zero facts to support your claim. The parents just post facts. This was an anonymous phone call to the principal. Since when do reporters report a hunch as a fact. Somehow you believe the burden of proof is less for you as a reporter.

    Another one of those 7 to 10 parents

  • Dear 7-10

    You would think Colt74 would be more concerned about cars keeping their hubcaps at Covina games at the Covina District field than worrying about things he has no business worrying about – maybe the world would be a better place if he did

  • david rivera

    they say a mexican alerted the adminstration on the allegations. but zavala should have prevented it but being truthful to his parents. when a kid like schreiman puts his time into a program at wilson, a coach should allways remember that. dont just kick him aside and put morales in the spot. and as i see it schreiman put in his time and zavala just toss him aside not to mention he was a better qb to begin with.so zavala brought this on himself

  • david rivera

    i just heard the wilson boosters are being investigated soon

  • Colt74

    NOT ONE of the reasons you list warrants a firing or asking for a coach to step down. AND 99% of what you see as wrongs done by this man are someones PERCEIVED wrongs.

    1. The coach chooses the starting players not the parents.
    2. Lies..what lies?
    3. His team..his offense and defense
    4. I played JV and never ONCE practiced as a squad. Game day we frosh-soph sent players to play as JV along with Varsity second or 3rd stringers.
    5. Tobacco….tell him not to do it again. Problem solved.
    6. Manning up ? To who? You?

    Did any or all of these ” Wrongs” scar your kid(s) for life? Are they seeking therapy? Or did these “wrongs” affect the parent(s) far more than they did the kid(s)?

    NOT ONE of your reasons justify or warrant the fervor
    that was whipped up and instigated against this coach.
    Allegations made against this man could not be substantiated by an outside source. Not one. Zero. Nada. Zip. Goose-Egg.
    So that tells me that either the coach is better at covering things up than the CIA ….OR….there is/was nothing to cover up.
    School officials sided with option B.

    Good thing that you are not in charge of handing out death sentences for crimes because according to your own officials you just hung an innocent man…..

    And hubcaps?????? who still drives a car old enough to use hubcaps? Don’t like me commenting?
    Too bad. I unlike your football program will still be here tomorrow. And like your football program still getting on your nerves.

  • Wilson Family


    The comment about the same misspells words and same sentence structure is real weak. I use spell check so I don’t have misspelled words, may have improper usage.

    All those reasons you mentioned had nothing to do with his termination.

    The chewing tobacco issue, multi CIF violation, lying to Ms. Paul the Principal about each and every one of them. He was warned on multi occasion do it again and youre fired. After the warnings he did it again, actually multi times and got caught on one of them. Guess what he got fired, surprise surprise. I am assuming you havent been in Ms. Paul the principals position I have; yes I would have fired him also. Sorry but if Zavala is that stupid he desired it.

    Now Aram, what are you not held to the same standards that you expect us to be. Where is your proof this anonymous phone call was made by a Wilson Parent? Did your reliable source tell you it was a parent? Or are you just assuming it was a Wilson Parent, either way you have nothing other than someones guess that this was a Wilson Parent. If you are writing an article on someones guess, you really need to look into a new profession. Well maybe that explains why you ended up back at Tribune and that other job over at Fox didnt work out. They work at a higher standard than they do at the Tribune, guess thats why you here?

    David Rivera, I dont think Aram and Colt74 want to know why Zavala was removed from Wilson. The school administration is still investigating Zavala, not at liberty to give details at this time.

    Another one of those 7 to 10 parents

  • One of the 7-10


    “Allegations made against this man could not be substantiated by an outside source. Not one. Zero. Nada. Zip. Goose-Egg.”

    And yet, when Zavala was offered the choice to resign, or to have the “firing process” continue, he chose to resign. Hmmmm……

    Now why would an innocent man (such as you say) resign?

    Maybe, because he wasn’t so innocent?

  • Ditto Everyone

    Since everything on these blogs have been repeated over and over again for weeks and will still never change anything let’s borrow Rush’s dittohead comments and everyone just write “ditto” since it has all been said before and may even save some internet byte space for that guy in the Tibetian village sitting on his mountain, so “ditto” everyone

  • 300,000 Wilson Parents

    One of the Two,

    Maybe, because he wasn’t so innocent?…Certainly ONE possibility….highly unlikely IMHO.

    Here’s another… How about he just got sick and tired of all the BS and figured that it just was not worth the headaches to have to deal with the parents anymore. Possible? Akum’s Razor.

    I notice a consistent theme in the vast majority of replies from a Wilson supporter. You attack the poster. You don’t attack what they say… you attack them. Too funny.

    Kind of like how you went after the coach. I guess you didn’t like what he told you either ?

  • One of the 7-10

    300,000 Wilson Parents

    “I notice a consistent theme in the vast majority of replies from a Wilson supporter. You attack the poster. You don’t attack what they say… you attack them. Too funny.”

    Show me where I attacked the poster, and not his words. YOU CAN’T.

    “Akum’s Razor?” lol


  • KISS “Kept It Simple Stupid”

    Ms. Paul wanted Zavala fired before the parents wanted him fired. Dont even take into consideration the parents issues, she didnt. His CIF violation during the summer that he denied later admitted to Ms. Paul that he lied to her. Weeks later he commits another violation that he once again lied to Ms. Paul about. Toward the end of the season the Tobacco incident, once again he denied and lied to Ms. Paul. The tobacco incident was reported by the players not the parents. Aram and Colt74 want you to believe that these arent enough to fire a coach, then what is?

    For some reason Aram is putting blinders on, what does he think the school district is going to officially tell him that Zavala had multi CIF violation and school policy violations and we gave him the option to quit or we were going to fire him. The school district wants Zavala to step down, to prevent lawsuits. Now the school district has to throw Zavala a bone and that bone is not going public with what they have on him.

    Zavala has made it very clear he wasn’t going to admit to anything, prove it. Now if he was going to quit because he was tired of all the crap then he is going to quit on his terms not the school district terms. For example Arellanes over at Los Altos, he is attempting to quit on his terms, finding a job, before he gives notice. How can anyone think anything different?

    Aram either you are real stupid or you have the personal agenda?

  • Perry Mason

    Here are the FACTS that have been reported. Not speculation or a parents view of the facts.
    1. Wilson hired outside investigator.
    2. Investigator reports that no accusations could be backed up.
    3. Zavala resigns
    4. School district HR reports that Zavala was not fired and that he resigned.(That means he leaves on his terms)
    5. Wilson parents keep insisting that Mrs. Paul fired Zavala.
    6. Wilson parents come here speaking for Mrs.Paul. How do the parents know what Mrs. Paul wanted, or said ? Does Mrs. Paul have a mouse in her pocket? Are these posts by Mrs. Paul or Mr. Paul? If they were, Zavala has a great lawsuit. If Mrs. Paul made these statements to you and you posted them here Zavala has a great lawsuit.

    PLEASE elaborate how you know so much and how what you are posting completely contradictory over the OFFICIAL facts.
    From everything I have seen since this whole mess started is one giant libel lawsuit and you parents doing everything in your powers to award him more and more bucks.

    To prove libel, which is the same thing as written defamation, the plaintiff has to prove that the blogger published a false statement of fact about the plaintiff that harmed the plaintiff’s reputation. Let’s break that down.

    “Published” means that at least one other person may have read the blog. That’s right, just one.

    Have a great day

  • False Statement

    Perry Masson,

    Why don’t you give Zavala a call, you have one major issue;

    “false statement of fact”

  • Recycle Time Comment #1 similar to #59

    Oh Great so much for those ‘dittos’ we can now officially declare that we can all start over again and repeat everything already written here on this blog

    I hereby open the recycled blog will we get another 60 comments on the blog time will tell

  • Let’s End This

    You keep talking about proof, isn’t Zavala being suspended week 1 for CIF recruiting violation proof. He came clean to the whole team about the violation. How can you ask for any more proof than that.

    Second CIF violation, the #1 kid, he has been suspended by CIF for 1 year. This kid played in three of the four wins. At this time the team will not forfiet any of these games. CIF is going after the coaching staff on this one. This kid is related to the receiver coach and Zavala is a family friend. This is common knowledge amoung the players.

    The chewing tobacco incident was reported by multi players. To this date they will admit to chewing and that the coaches including Zavala were doing it. They didn’t think it was a big deal.

    How much more proof do you want, do you want me to bring one of the players down to Aram so he can question him. At this point I am really temped to do that. Aram will you print all the questions and all the answer in the newspaper and on this blog. I can bring a few of the players. We can then put this to rest. I don’t think Aram is going to agree to it? Grow some b@ll’s Aram if you think your source is reliable.

  • Here’s a link. Pay special attention to Libel per se. Also remember Colt v. Freedom Communications, Inc.,. Keep making false statements about this man and you’ll get to know this case real well.
    All posters IP addresses are logged so even if you post anonymously a record of IP addresses matched to posts can be subpoenaed.
    Posting views and frustrations differ from posting unsubstantiated and in fact the direct opposite of facts given on record by a school board member. Then you add statements made by another school board member ( Mrs. Paul ) and imply that you are quoting her directly, or these statements were made to you with her expressed permission to repeat and or publish. Does Mrs. Paul know that you are posting her views and comments?

    False statement of fact ? Generally it is THE definition of Defamation/Libel. So what again am I missing? And no..it’s not my responsibility to call anyone. What it that? Like a 3rd grade equivalent of I can say what ever I want I don’t have to prove anything?
    Please tell me that you think it’s Zavalas responsibility to disprove anything that has been posted here. PLEASE tell me that you are that ignorant. I need a good laugh.

    Enjoy the rest of your Super Bowl party.

  • Go For It

    Personally I would love to see Zavala attempt that. It isn’t going to happen. Then the school district and the school administration would have to come clean on everything they have on Zavala. All this would become public record and Zavala doesn’t want that to happen.

  • Perry Mason

    If I was a reporter for the Tribune I would just contact Mrs. Paul directly and ask her for a comment on what has been posted as her saying and or her views that have been published by a 3rd party on these blogs.
    I bet that would just make her day.
    Obviously from these posts she HAS to know about them.And about who’s throwing her name around.
    I may just do that myself tomorrow. Just as a concerned citizen.

  • Get A Clue Losser ….

    Go for it stupid,

    She reads them all the time. I can bet you she has read every comment, and her response will be “No Comment”.

  • bbbbb

    If you have lost 20 games straight Like Los Altos coach Jim Arellanes
    Mind you one of the only losers in the area with this record.
    Nothing to claim fame about.
    HLPUSD should exercise the right to terminate for terrible performance.
    By Jim Arellanes we play favorites only and winning is second to discipline.

    This is why we lost another 10 straight at LA after we lost 10 straight at Northview.
    Jim Arellanes does not have coaching abilities wake up.

  • david rivera

    i believe you aram but if the man did nothing wrong then why was he removed from the school. this is a legitimate question. i dont know why either but come on you just dont remove somebody from the school for no reason. also there is something brewing with the wilson boosters im being told by a employee at wilson. there might be a investigation im being told

  • david rivera

    hey wilson family, well i would like to know why this man was removed. as a parent and a fan what did he do wrong. if he did nothing wrong he should still be at least teaching at the school. personally i think zavala his a good guy as a person but there must be a reason why he was removed. could somebody tell me

  • david rivera

    is there anybody that knows the truth on these blogs about zavala. please please please can somebody tell me the real truth.

  • david rivera,

    you need to get your mind around the fact that Zavala was not “removed” … he resigned.

  • Avoiding The Truth


    I see you had some interesting offers and questions, why didn’t you respond to them. Zavala was given an option to resign or be fired. He wanted to save face and he resigned. Your version as Mr. Rivera is confused about is, if he resigned why would the school remove him from his teaching job the next day.

    Very interesting angle on this the last two Head Coaches that resigned from this school district are Felipe at Los Altos and Hoyd at Wilson. Felipe resigned and continued to teach at Los Altos. Hoyd resigned and was moved to Stimpson learning center to finish out the year. Zavala resigned and finishing out his year at some Jr. High in La Puente. The school district is treating Zavala like Hoyd What does that say about Zavala?

  • X’s and O’s


    “Winning is second to discipline.”

    I hate to say it, but that comment is absolutely moronic. Winning SHOULD be second to discipline. Ask any coach with integrity and they follow this principle.

  • david rivera

    hello aram, i get it that you said zavala resign but what puzzles me is that i heard he was a good p.e. teacher so my question is why did he leave the school or was he removed. this is a common sense question thats all. im not trying to blow this up but this doesnt make any sense at all. and one other thing i agree with you that he has a family to support and he shouldnt be treated this way but please dont blame this on the parents and fans. the blame should go on administration for removing him from the school. i hope i get the real reason why mr. zavala isnt teaching at wilson anymore.

  • Man Up


    Why is it you pick and choice the question that you are going to answer. The tuff ones that have merit, that make Zavala look dirty you just read over with no response. You want to back this guy, back him like a man and address the good with the bad.

    The interesting aspect of this is no one has come on this thread and denied that Zavala has multi CIF violation, trust issues with Ms. Paul, and the tobacco incident. This includes the coaches from Zavala’s own staff. Read back on all their comments I don’t remember one denying any of these violations. They attempt to blame the violations on the parents, how weak is that? Did the parents continue to force Zavala to break the rules? Thats right its the parents fault because MAYBE they are the ones that turned him in, do you realize how weak that sounds. Just maybe if he didnt break the rules it wouldnt have come to this. How many other head coaches in the SGV allow their players to chew tobacco? I am willing to bet zero, they arent stupid enough to allow that. How can any coach in his right mind expect that to not get noticed, six to ten players and coaches chewing tobacco on school property during practice and no one is going to notice? This is a coach that is already in hot water with the school administration, not a very smart move.

  • ThatGuy74

    Aram this is a great article and i loved it when i read it in the paper. The same thing happend to Morrison at Damien. It was sad to watch because he’s such a great guy and i have a lot of respect for the man. He had a couple of bad years and they(the parents) called for his head. Not only did he get removed from his position, but his name got slandered all over these blogs. The affects of that still linger as you can see in you’re post about Wilson being interested in Morrison for the job. Coaches shouldnt have to go through this stuff. People forget that a coaches first priority should be turning these boys into men with winning being a very close second. Dont let these parents on here get to you. You did a great job on writing about this and im positive every coach no matter what their status is right now appreciated it.

  • Role Model


    So if one of the players chewing tobacco, is your son. When you confront him and he tells you what’s wrong with it Coach Zavala does it? That is the role model you want teaching your son how to be a man?

    The situation with Morrison and Zavala are two different extremes. Don’t insult Morrison and use his name in the same sentence as Zavala’s.

    Please don’t be like Aram respond to the question.

  • Perry Mason

    Man Up,
    What are you..a complete duffus? Seriously? Are you brain damaged? Or do you just have problems comprehending? I’ll go S-L-O-W so try and pay attention…

    “The interesting aspect of this is no one has come on this thread and denied that Zavala has multi CIF violation, trust issues with Ms. Paul, and the tobacco incident.”

    The school did an investigation.
    Are you with me so far?
    The investigator stated and went on record that the allegations could not be proven. He stated that coach denied all allegations and he has no reason not to believe him.
    Has that part set in yet?
    Mrs. Paul has made no comments about being lied to or wanting coaches head to anyone.
    Disagree? Direct me to those comments from her. PLEASE!
    NOTHING has been posted other than another parents he said/she said BS. And that is all it is..a parents BS.
    So..lets summarize….

    Allegations by an angry parent or parents were made
    Allegations shot down by hired investigator
    Investigator goes on record to Aram and the Tribune saying no wrongs found and he believes the coach who said the allegations were false.
    Parents still going with the ” just because they couldn’t prove it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen”
    Zavala wasn’t fired..he resigned

    This is done. dead. Been rehashed to death. If you or anyone else with a cross to bear can not understand that, you have more problems than just needing a coach.

    If what you said was BS the first time you said it…
    It’s still BS the next 1000 times you say it.
    BS is BS…. Repeating it over and over and over will not change that fact.

    And lastly comments are made as to why Zavala is not teaching at Wilson today.
    Lets explore one hypothetical possibility….

    IF I was an attorney representing a client involved in a suit against a school district and or school district members I would ask to have my client reassigned to minimize the chances of conflict/hostility in the work place while the suit proceeds. I’d also instruct my client to make no comments on any and all matters pertaining to the suit.

    Again..just throwing this out as a possible scenario.

    In any case this man does not need to come to this blog or any blog to defend himself from allegations made by any parent.

    I now return you to the same parent saying the same things..again……

  • Read Real Slow So You Understand

    Perry Mason,

    Lets go with the real version. The P.I. investigation had nothing to do with any parents comments. I repeat the issue the parents had with Zavala was never investigated by the P.I. or the school. The P.I. was hired to investigate the recruiting violation and the chewing tobacco incident period. The school district was basing its decision on keeping Zavala or not only on these three incidents. The first CIF violation Zavala admitted to, the second one and the chewing tobacco were the two issues that the P.I. was investigating.

    Let me make it real clear so you understand, the broken promises, lies to players and parents, poor results on the field had nothing and I repeat nothing to do with Zavala getting fired.

    When the second violation came up Zavala was told by Ms. Paul if she finds out that if one of his coaches is related to that player the whole staff was going to be fired. The player was related to the receiver coach, which was common knowledge on the team. In summary (hope I didnt lose you yet), Zavala was fired for the two CIF violation (staff involved in both) and the tobacco incident.

  • Aram’s “thsi is your baby”

    A few objective thoughts regarding how we’ve all come to this:

    1) The blog is what it is for real reasons, some planned and some unplanned. Much like the Financial crisis we’re all in, we all have ownership of the problem. Yes no one made people use their homes as ATM’s and no one allowed FICO only driven buying but in truth…nothing happens with out the mechanism and viability of “free” access. This blog is analogous to the recession we’re in. Figure that out and get back to me. For example, how many coaches have resigned, been removed, been grilled , fired, replaced, demoted or forced to run for the hills “since” the blog started? So in Aram’s world a few parents run coaches off…well, were they running them off as easily “before” the blog? I don’t think the facts support that position.

    2) Just like the Financial crisis…it was driven by a need to generate “hits”…damn the consequences. So what if whole communities, once stable, are at their wits end yearning for yesteryear unable to “put the genie back in the bottle”…it’s all about the “new” frontier. The SGV was once a proud bastion of well respected coaches, from Gano to Bogan to Farrar to Quincey to Press to Lawson to Le Duc to DeSpain to Zane to…you get the picture, andf that’s not counting Amat’s legendary “staffs”.. Now it’s one hack after another, or so it seems. Gano has four Championships and countless D1 players…so what! Farrar is , or was a legend…but now he’s “afraid of Amat” and nothing more..or so it seems, Le Duc was a “Master” but apparently he sandbags his schedule…and on and on…as one proud coaches are ridiculed and dismantled.

    3) Here’s the “key” to all of this, much like the Financial crisis…”all” the warning signs were there, as were the “safeguards” (blogger registration) were ignored and all the “kool aids” drinkers followed suit ignoring the “damage” they were doing to themselves, their communities and indeed…to their schools/kids. Not to say there weren’t “issues” but before the blog…”most” issues were dealt with “in house”.

    In business we say “It’s your baby”. That means “if” things go bad we know who “ran the show”. In truth, that’s what we have here, if we are all honest with ourselves…we “bought a bag of goods” for no other reason than we thought it was cool…when it wasn’t. Thought we were making a difference when all we were doing was propping up a machine of stupidity.

    Just take an objective look at the Wilson issue. Aram says it’s “one or two” IP addresses…”yet” he allows those “two” addresses to run free….why? Just take a look at his previous 20 threads…0,0,5,3,5,9…you get the picture. The Wilson “threads” far exceed a months worth of threads “combined”. And just like in the Financial crisis Aram seeks to blame “one or two” rogue bloggers/parents/haters….how convenient…or is that self serving.

    I learned some harsh lessons on this blog but I think I like the CO model the best. I said their new BB Coach was “unfit” to coach young men. I stand by that position more today than when he coached my two sons. CO are an atrocious 7-20 and without a league win after losing almost 14 straight games, countless coaching “gafts” and numerous player “beat downs….yet, and this is important…”every” CO parent has “kept it in house”. That’s a credit to the CO community. I”ll apologize in advance for “outting” the CO parents/players for being exceptional, first class people.

    I’ve seen CO play almost every game this season, I cheer for the players, all who are exceptional and chat with CO parents…all who I’ve talked to class first rate individuals. In fact I think Thropay is as exceptional a leader as Reyes is for Damien…hard working, solid and undeterred in his role as the “man” for his team.

    BTW…I’ll take COChargerFan’s “season” long silence as an admission that I wasn’t wrong and take his “season” long suffering as payment for his “fruit” comment. BTW your wife is an angel and your kid is outstanding…so much for fruits and trees huh? JK…but you have to admit I’m a lot “nicer” in person huh?

    I guess what I’m saying is the blog mostly a reflection of the “man who started it all”…and just like the “crisis” we’re facing as a country we have one here in the SGV…the only difference is in the “univeral” Financial sector every one is “admitting” we have a problem and “trying” to control a mess while here in blog central we’re still dismantling what we once had…a good thing. ..and I have to admit I am as guilty as anyone else.

    Aram will continue to play dumb or attack his detractors as haters or worse or indeed act smug as only he can but the truth is staring everyone in the face…as it always does.

    BTW….if this makes the blog it’ll be a miracle.


  • Perry Mason

    “The player was related to the receiver coach, which was common knowledge on the team.”

    So what?????? Seriously…

    Are there rules in CIF that states any player on the team can not be related to any coach?
    NO..there is not! Does a principle or assistant principle have the authority to change CIF rules or statues? NO..they do not.
    Are you trying to tell me that MRS PAUL sets the Wilson Football rules and not CIF? Are you going to tell me also that she only approves kids with brown hair and brown eyes too? What if you were born in July…is that a no no according to her too?

    How many schools have kids playing that are related to a coach? *

    *see Covina
    *see Baldwin Park

    Did the Wilson administration clear this kid to play football?
    Was he cleared by CIF to play?
    YES? No?

    So PLEASE explain how this is a violation of CIF rules.

    You have already admitted that this is the ONLY thing that got him “fired” ( which again you incorrectly state after being corrected NUMEROUS times ).
    All other issues are non issues.

    PLEASE elaborate how this kid playing was a violation of CIF rules and or policies. And again..please state who it was that cleared him to play.

  • A comment DOES NOT equal a hit. So right there, you’ve lost all credibility.

    This blog does about the same amount of page views (hits) when there are threads with tons of comments and when there’s not.

    But thanks for the worthless insight. You keep reading.

  • Look again …….

    Perry Mason,

    Your starting to sound like Aram. The player related to the receiver coach is also the player that used a false address and yes that was a CIF violation. The player was suspended for one year per CIF. The player was related to a coach then you would have to conclude the staff including Zavala was aware of the illegal transfer, which he denied.

  • bbbbb

    X’s O’s

    By winning games you build confidence…………….
    With confidence discipline follows LEADERS!
    not Losers.
    Bird Brain

  • Perry Mason

    If a kid transfers to Wilson and gave a false address then it’s on the kid and his parents no doubt. The uncle and Zavala knowing or not would have to be PROVED. You can’t ( like you are doing ) just point fingers and as you put it “…conclude the staff including Zavala was aware of the illegal transfer, which he denied.”

    If he denied knowing, and it can not be proved that he knew, leads you right back to what every coach has said since the dawn of time about “assume”…

    Innocent until proven guilty.
    Coffin v. United States, 156 U.S. 432, decided by the United States Supreme Court in 1895.

    So again..we are back to square one. Allegations were made and were not confirmed with outside investigation.

  • david rivera

    hey perry mason, ok i see your point but i dont understand one thing and that is why isnt zavala teaching at wilson anymore. this is a question that nobody wants to answer or doesnt have the answer too. i would never leave a p e teaching job at wilson for a job at a rundown junior high in la puente. please can you put some sense into it.

  • Proof

    Perry Mason,

    The tobacco incident was proven and may have been enough to show him the door.

    Zavala’s involvement in the second CIF violation may not have been proven, but could be if needed. The one parent that this staff and Aram have been attacking on this blog is the parent that has the proof. He gave Zavala the address, his family owns rental property in the Wilson attendance area.

  • david rivera

    hey perry mason why you keep attacking parents here. i ask you one simple question and like all the others here you keep avoiding my question.why isnt zavala teaching at wilson anymore.you got to stop blameing one parent here.the school doesnt remove a teacher because one parent is making aqusitions against him. so perry mason please tell me why he isnt teaching there anymore.i want to know myself

  • Go to the school!

    david riveria,

    If you want to know so bad. go to the school and ask. get over it.

  • Actions mean more than words ….

    Mr. Rivera knows why they removed him from the school. He wants Aram to come clean, but he won’t. Aram is portraying Zavala as the victim, but in reality he is dirty. Aram’s attempt to restore some respect to Zavala’s name has only damaged it more.

    Zavala is being treated like Hoyd that in its self is a very clear message. We all know that the school district isn’t going to give details on what they have on Zavala. We all know it was enough for Zavala to step down. Who in their right mind would step down from their teaching job with no job waiting in todays economy?

  • Perry Mason

    Mr. Rivera,
    I gave a possible scenario of why Mr. Zavala may not be teaching at Wilson in an earlier post.
    And lastly comments are made as to why Zavala is not teaching at Wilson today.
    “Lets explore one hypothetical possibility….

    IF I was an attorney representing a client involved in a suit against a school district and or school district members I would ask to have my client reassigned to minimize the chances of conflict/hostility in the work place while the suit proceeds. I’d also instruct my client to make no comments on any and all matters pertaining to the suit.

    Again..just throwing this out as a possible scenario.”

    This is only offered up as one of many possibilities. The ONLY person that can answer your question is Mr. Zavala himself and he choose not to make any comments.

  • Your an idiot not an attorney

    Perry Mason,

    Youre an idiot, not an attorney and don’t pretend to be one.

    “I would ask to have my client reassigned to minimize the chances of conflict/hostility in the work place while the suit proceeds”

    The school district would do that, not the employee. The conflict/hostility would only make the employee’s case stronger. Do you realize how stupid you sound making that comment? You may want to look up California law “At Will Employment”. So then you can cut and paste some more junk.

  • SaintsR4real







    KARMA’S A B**CH!!

  • 1/2 the story


    You just read one side now read the other side. Aram likes to print 1/2 the story.

  • Weak A@@ Reporter aka Aram

    I am so tired of reading this crap Aram prints and calls his Reliable Source.

    Here are a couple facts just curious if your Reliable Source told you.

    The parent that you are attacking removed his son from the school because the school threatens the parent if he didnt rat out Zavala that CIF violation maybe imposed on his son. After all the crap Zavala and his staff gave this family during the season they still chose to transfer out of the program than get Zavala and his staff fired. All this parent had to do is show up to a 3:00 p.m. meeting and tell what really happened and Zavala was fired. The family had to transfer out because of the mess that Zavala put everyone in. No one twisted Zavalas arm to go after all these illegal transfers. Zavala pissed off lots of people including the staff and administration at Los Altos with his aggressive recruiting tactics. At some point Zavala needs to take responsibility for his actions. Aram you are one of the weakest reporters I have ever seen, to print this with just one side of the story you are a joke.

  • david rivera

    just heard a major rumor going around the wilson boosters might be investigated soon for not paying there bills. looks like the administration is going to pay the bill again

  • Perry Mason

    Your an idiot not an attorney ,

    1. You are a fool. I’ll qualify my statement…Unlike yours.
    2. What you think I am or am not is of no concern to me. Think whatever you want but school is now in session junior. Pay attention.
    3. Either party can asked for an employee re-assignment.
    Your statement that it is the school district only that could do that is 100% false. Under normal situations legal representation for a school board would ask for this to be done on their part automatically if they thought the “circumstances warranted it”.But under no circumstance would a plaintiffs council NOT motion for it. You never take for granted what another party would or would not do.
    3. “The conflict/hostility would only make the employee’s case stronger.” Yes it would. In a normal situation conflict or hostility shown towards an employee would be welcomed with open arms to help strengthen a case. Not though when the employee is in direct contact with children as part of their job duties or if there is even the slightest possibility, however remote, that any conflict or hostility could be viewed by children or cause the children to be put in harms way.
    4. AT Will employment. 95% of all jobs are at will employment. Unless an employment contract specifies otherwise and or offers modifications. So what’s your point? The vast majority of employment contracts offer protection far and beyond basic “At will employment”. And even at the basic level AT WILL still offers certain protections. Is employment for a teacher “At will ” ? Their Union sure doesn’t think so.

    Cut and paste? What the heck?

    Anything else I can teach you? Always glad to help. School is out for the day.

  • Losser …

    Perry Mason,

    LAW 101 motion for it.. You motion for something in court. No one is in court so why motion for it?

    4 comes after 3 not 3.

    You still need to get better with the cut and paste.

    I have to assume you are saying that Zavalas pretend attorney thinks leaving Zavala at Wilson would put the children in harms way. No problem now he is working with Jr. High children.

    Is employment for a teacher At will? Their Union sure doesnt think so. Sorry but per the Union there is a three year probation period. During that time, At will employment. I not even pretending to be a lawyer.

    Hint, when you cut and paste you are pasting phases that are out of context. Using small words, you sound like you have no clue what you are talking about.

  • Goldenarm

    From a San Marino parent

    “Though he was attracting a lot negative attention from the parents and faculty because of extremely harsh language and behavior along with allegations of mistreatment of players during practice.

    Oh my God, harsh language in the red zone!! My kid may never recover. “Mistreatment” meaning countless push ups for missing a tackle or up/downs till you puke for jumping offsides?? A loud adult voice pushing you to perform, to excel, to go outside yourself and get better, to be ready when the time comes, to defend yourself and be physically ready to challenge a bigger, faster player who might come calling to kick your ass?? Not settling for 98% effort?
    That “mistreatment” I am sure MM is guilty of. Such allegations likely stem from players unwilling to go there and get there via the Mooney road to excellence, which is not a silky smooth method for the weak hearted. Some SM parents clearly think football excellence can be had in a intramural lovefest atomosphere of tranquility and “it’s OK big boy, just try a bit harder next time”. As long as that mindset is present at SM, mediocrity or worse will remain there as well.

  • FBFan

    Very good post Goldenarm, very good! Unfortunately, people do not want to be pushed anymore. It seems as if this mentality has really been surfacing within the last three-five years or so.

  • Wilson Parent

    I have to say our X-OC Williams pissed off a few people after the super bowl. The KIDS were commenting on their Facebook about that sick a@@ triple option. One of the kid’s comments was to bad we could run it that good. Williams (X-OC) responded to the kids comments and said “Ours could have been that good if our weak-a@@ parents didn’t complain.” Forgive me if I’m wrong but what would the parent’s complaining have to do with the results of HIS triple option on the field (coaching angle). Notice this immature coach posts that comment on the players Facebook, doesnt have the b@lls to say it to our face (parents angle). I know the school administration reads this blog, Williams is attempting to come back with another staff, based on that comment along I would hope your decision has been made. Advise Williams to reapply in ten years when he maybe a MATURE ADULT. Obviously he isn’t mature enough to take responsibility for his own actions on the field.

  • Lets Compare

    First off id like to say that although i dont always agree with you Aram, your courage and willingness is honorable in this instance. I definitely have a new found respect for you. Great point defined below where of all these posters, you are the only one who DOES NOT hide behind some screen name, that alone says tons.
    Keep up the great work man.
    And bbbbb,
    you are a total joke, did you really answer my post in another thread as to Arrellanes’ credentials of getting a full ride scholarship to Fresno State, playing QB at the DI level, playing a minute in the seahawks camp and playing a few years overseas in the World League leading his team to the championship while winning MVP honors with……you all ready for this…
    Graduating From Fresno State to be a public servant? That was your comeback, really?….REALLY? (remember, you asked what Arrellanes’ credentials were, well there you have it)
    And im still not gonna let you off the hook, because i am still awaiting your credentials to back up your claims of football knowledge…cmon bbbbb, lets have it, ill still be waiting…you coward !!!!
    At least give me this bbbbb, where di you graduate from?
    Cmon please tell me, you cane even lie to save face, go…

  • Wilson Side

    While this guy is stuck on himself bragging about credentials.
    He tried to coach in two different cities and not winning a game.

    Get stuck on this 0 wins-20 losses

    This is the true Mr.credentials Jim Arellanes

    I truly think that anyone with those credentials should orchestrate several wins not several LOSSES.

    Did you you play oversea with the chinese?
    That is what you showed the last two years as a Public Servant.

  • Lets compare

    Stuck on credentials huh? well lets examine why…maybe it was you that wanted to know exactly what credentials Arrellanes had to warrant a head coaching job..well there you have it, his credentials laid out for you to see. Dont get all bent out of shape because you get your answer, and the answer wasnt what you thought it would be…but again, stillawaiting your credentials to be laid out there bbbbb, or even yours “wilson side”, you wanna play too?
    and really, play overseas with the chinese? do you even know what the world league was implemented for, it was a farm system for the NFL..you are all such a joke
    Ill be waiting….

  • Wilson Parent

    Lets compare,

    Why are you talking about experience as a player when rating him as a coach, the two have very little to do with each other. The majority of your quality head coaches don’t have a quality player resume like Arellanes.

    Not giving an opinion one way or another on Arellanes but from the outside looking in you had the better 1/2 of the Northview connection. Don’t know if you are aware but the talk is the Los Altos is going to fire him in the coming weeks.

    You guys just don’t have the talent to compete in the Hacienda league. You should have moved down to the VVL with Wilson, but your administration pissed off to many other programs.

  • Northview Fan

    Jim Arellanes = Let’s compare
    We in covina noticed in 2009 there were several soft players on the field.We also noticed that in 2010 the soft players were replaced with the tough talent attitude player and we did not end up 0-10. Therefore with Jim Arellanes at the helm at any program it will be the same story credentials over results. Sorry but if you have showed you can lose 20 straight and the educated staff does not read RED FLAG that is to bad for LA expect another 10 losses for the administrations stupidity.What can LA possibly lose if he was replaced now instead of later. Just maybe a few wins to LA STAFF this should feel embarrasing enough is enough get rid of him.

  • State of the Programs

    Who every has that LA team next year 1-9, at best. The one win will be Rowland, they are going to be horibble for the next few years. Los Altos is going to be just as bad next year, if not worse also. Some of their talent will be transferring out again. Most of the freshmen talent will hang around, it is local. The only place they may go is Wilson, which would be a smart move. LA has at least four more years in the Hacienda league, with the talent they have, they can’t compete. Wilson in the VVL with a good coaching staff they can compete and win. That Wilson/LA score was 33-10 should have been 60-0. The future of LA fooball isn’t looking good for at least the next four years no matter who the head coach is. That is major delima the program is in. Who in their right mind would want to coach at Los Altos.

  • bbbbb

    Jim Arellanes should go back to the farm in PR and do not come back to the Heights…………………….

  • SGV Man

    Rumor has it that if the LA job opens, the OC from San Dimas John Strickland (Former CO great) would be first in line. I don’t know the man, but I’ve seen his name on this blog a few times. He must be one hell of a coach, he helped turn San Dimas into a valley power. LA, do our community some good and hire this man!

    Can anyone confirm that negotiations with Strickland are underway?


  • reality

    Now it starts. Potential coaches using the blogs to enhance their job search by pals or themselves by posting their inflated achievments. A true search is not done by commitees who listen to the idiots on this blog and to have your name tossed into the ring on here does the opposite.

  • lets compare

    Good evening “Wilson Parent”…

    great post below on the fact that on field achievment does not equal to a great coach always, i totally agree, but the only reason i listed arrellanes credentials and continue to is because we have a coward out there in blog land named “bbbbb” who in another thread wanted to know what credentials arrellanes had to warrant a head coaching job, so i just felt i would list them to help him out, thats all, and i am still awaiting him to list his, but as we know, he isnt coming around listing anything, probably posting under another screen name now…
    But very good post “Wilson Parent”..again, i totally agree…
    And to the gentleman who thinks i (lets compare) am Jim Arrellanes, i can tell you, i am not, but i am an Arrellanes supporter, so try again kid

  • bbbbb

    If you support a loser than the only answer left to this interesting statement is losers follow losers.
    Its nice when you admit to it.
    0-20 Supporter.

    Now this is really a joke do not go over the edge.

  • lets compare


    so thats what you came up with? Really? REALLY????
    Well at least i know why you never answered the question as to what college you graduated from?
    Your a joke, that is a certain, now go back and try to come up with something articulate to say there genius…
    Good morning to all by the way
    Oh and PS…i really hope your not gio martinez’ dad, as one blogger thought so below, because if you are this whole back and forth, which i am enjoying, would be totally worthless

  • LA Man

    Let’s compare,
    bbbbb is Wilson Fan is Wilson side is Northview side it is all the same lose, .Gio Martinez’ dad! He has nothing better to do than to try and tear down coach A and Los Altos. Read all those posts closely and you’ll see its the same guy. He is irrelivant and not worth the waste of time!

  • Rip Van Winkle


    114 comments about a has-been program (Los Altos) and a never was (Wilson)? Wake mw when it’s over….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Wilson

    A never was program (Wilson), last I checked two CIF titles in the late 90’s, Coach O’s last year second round and a couple years before that we lost to OLu in the semi’s, you need to check your facts.

    Now what I came on here to write about;

    Come to find out Merrill is starting to see the light. This week Merrill was doing some field work with the kids. Most of the players didnt even know how to do some of the more basic football drills. Merrill had heard complaints from parents about this lack of coaching but now he gets to see it firsthand.

    Do you realize in the two years that Zavala was the head coach this team never had a real receiver coach? No one ever taught these kids the proper way to run a route, the proper way cut, and techniques to get separation from the defender. I got one better than that with Williams as our OC, Schreiman ran the quarterback drills this year, no coach period. The players that excel in a Zavala run program are the ones that go to outside sources such as camps, combines, etc. I hope this administration hires a real COACHING staff this time. This is going to be three coaches in four years.

  • Rip Van Winkle

    117….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Merrill checking on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Zavala chewed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Offensive Coordinator zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Parents zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Mrs. Paul zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Wilson

    Rip Van Winkle,

    For such a boring thread you sure seem concern on keeping up todate on the activite. Your comment only confirm your interest.

  • Rip Van Winkle

    119……….. This thread is the cure for my recent insomnia………Wilson, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, bbbbb, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wilson Parent, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz david rivera, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Perry Mason, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wilson Family, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Parents zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Just like the sporting world post Super Bowl and pre baseball…Boring as hell! Where is kh when you need him? My village really misses its kh!

  • david rivera

    hey rip van twinkle, you must be from the zavala clan. why dont you tell your buddies to stop blaming the parents and fans. and start looking at themselves.

  • Williams and Silva are the REAL PROBLEM

    I talked to one of the coaches from the staff, they said all the sh@t talking is from Silva and Williams. They are the two that won’t drop it, he thinks that one of them went to Aram with all that false information. Just goes to show how much of a joke Aram is, this guy went with it without validating any of the information. He calls himself a reporter, you don’t want to know what I call him?

    Aram you think this staff was doing a good job, give Merrill a call see what he thinks now that he has been working with these kids. Maybe you will believe him?

  • Wilson Position

    Over 40 applicants for the Wilson job. Many of them have head coach experience. I am assuming Aram’s opinion of Wilson administration and parents isn’t shared by coaches in the community.

    One applicant I personally talked to told me he saw a big up side at Wilson. As he put it this team went 4-6 with one of the worse coaching staff in the SGV. Image what a coached up Wilson team could do.

  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    ARAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plleeeaaaassssseeeeee, G I V E US SOME NEW T O P I C S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baseball is almost starting, hell football is always godd (real football and not whinning parents and charcter assissins). Please! Thanks !

  • WTF

    Hey Aram, The problem at Wilson is not the coaching or the parents. The fault falls all on the adminstration. They where the ones that hired Boyd & Zavala neither coach was qualified to be a Head Coach. A good example is that they fired, layed off whatever Zavala but they have yet to determine how their going to replace him. They only thing they have done is take applications. These application are sitting in someone’s desk collecting dust. Aram you want to be a reporter do dig around and ask you is charge of finding a replacement your going to recieve 5 different answers. Aram find out what is the process by which Head Football coaches are truly selected. You will find these people have no clue. anyone can be head coach if you know how to bullshit your way around

  • Wilson Family

    Interesting how close WTF is. I know for a fact the new head coach has to be a PE teacher not history not english PE only. So if aren’t a PE teacher your wasting your time. The reason why I bring this up is I am aware of two good staffs that have applied but don’t meet that requirement. It is crazy to think these staffs maybe dropped out because no PE teacher. Administration get a clue, same requirements when we ended up with Hoyd and Zavala it did work. Step up to the plate hire the best coaching staff make it happen. Im sure you are just as much tired of this situation as the parents are. Go to the district and fight for what is best for the Wilson football program.

  • anonymous

    at least there is some “flavor” with all of this there is nothing more tasteless than baseball blogs

  • Lets compare

    wilson family,

    you state below that there are many applicants for the wilson head coaching job, that have head coaching experience, umm, ok…if they have experience and were head coaches, why are they not head coaches anymore and/or why are they leaving their current posts? my point, if they use to be a head caoch and are not anymore, is it safe to assume they got fired or “resigned”..you get my point? Is another schools fired ex head coach really good enough for you over at wilson now? i dont get it…
    and “wilson position”and i really dont buy that any head coaching applicant with any integrity or character would go around shooting their mouth off about how a 4-6 wilson team could be better if they were coached up, as you say below. if you need to go around telling people who will listen just how much of a better job you could do, then i think your compensating for something there, and lack some true confidence.
    Great coaches dont talk about it, they go out and let their coaching do the talking…

  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    WOW! 127 comments!!! However….100 of those comments are by the same two guys. Why don’t you guys exchange numbers and have this convo in real time? Just asking?

  • Wilson

    Lets Compare,

    You have some valid responses, but let me give you some examples of quality coaches that arent applying for the position. Coach O, a former Wilson head coach whom decided to take off a few years, then you have Mustang over at San Dimas. There are many others but don’t want to list any of the coaching staff’s that are actually applying for the job.

    Your other issue was about coaches with “integrity or character would go around shooting their mouth off about how a 4-6 wilson team could be better if they were coached up”. Are these coaches shooting their mouth off or are they talking to other coaches in an attempt to put together a staff. Coaches don’t speak openly to parents or Aram’s of the world but they do to other coaches especially when putting a staff together.
    You also had the ongoing issue with this Wilsons team lack of discipline on the field, which was a direct reflection on Zavala and staff. We can say that Zavala didnt make very many friends this year in league, simple put other coaching staffs within our league didnt respect Zavala and his staff.
    Now the comment about two people on this thread, I know for a fact of at least eight different people on this thread supporting the parents and administration. I also noticed that Aram hasnt updated that earlier comment of his. That is the issue people have with Aram when he makes a mistake he wont come clean. I guess that is why he is working at the Tribune no accountability?

  • Aram Stay Away From Wilson

    You want to know why 130 comments, because Aram pissed off Wilson parents, alum, and administration. Talking out of his a@@, getting half the story and going with it. Theirs the truth then there is Aram’s politically motivated version. You tried to save your buddy Zavalas a@@ and pissed off the whole administration, great job!

  • bbbbb



    WHEN you are blind u get FIRED.

    When you play favorites that does not pan out either.

    You get FIRED.


  • bbbbb

    LA MAN where are you now

    FIRED that’s where……

    NORTHVIEW FAN, Wilson Side, bbbbb, La guy.

    Thanks for the powerful stance against Coach A

    We are winners ……….


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