Chew on this …

Oaks Christian coach Bill Redell is on the hiring committee at San Marino High School as the Titans search for their next head coach. Redell is a graduate of San Marino High, so I guess it makes sense in terms of loyalty.

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  • SM Alum


    When are people going to realize this is not about the coach at SM its about the quality of talent.

  • Goldenarm

    San Marino had enough talent on JV last year to win the RHL title, and that includes besting Monrovia’s team.
    Join this group of kids with whatever returnees SM can scrape together – and put them in front of a proven, motivated head football coach and SM will win some football games.
    It is always about the coach and what he can do to put the puzzle together and prepare his team for at least a chance of success. If the talent is not there you build from within, beginning at the freshman level or hopefully even better, from area Jr. All American kids that funnel in.
    Monrovia has had talent for decades but it took a leader and coach like Maddox to shift the program to the next level – and to assure it will remain that way from the foundation he has set. Maddox was the change agent, pure and simple.
    Mooney could have prospered at SM, given full support and backing and without needing a locker room full of raw speed to be successful. He did it at Temple City, growing talent and preaching the rewards of outworking your opponent. I think the SM admin understands how crucial hiring the right guy is, the examples of the wrong guy are everywhere.

  • FredJ

    Yo Aram, you can post a new topic, lol