Sources: San Marino to hire Mike Hobbie (Who?) as next head coach …

Mike Hobbie, who was recently head coach at Roosevelt High in Fresno for four seasons, is expected to be named the new head coach at San Marino next week, according to multiple sources.

Hobbie was once the offensive coordinator University of South Florida, believe it or not, and has been at Roosevelt since 2007 where he has gone 26-19.

San Marino principal Loren Kleinrock did not confirm the hire in an email requesting confirmation, but did say that the school’s verbal offer has been accepted, without saying who accepted it, and that a final decision won’t be made likely until Feb. 21 following San Marino’s next school board meeting.

Hobbie will replace Mike Mooney, who resigned as both football coach and assistant principal toward the end of the first semester after being placed on administrative leave in the middle of last season.

Aram’s take:
Looks like a pretty good hire for the Titans. If you’re wondering why a guy who is doing pretty well up in Fresno would want to come down here and compete in the Rio Hondo League, well, my sources says he’s got family here. Just rememer, Bill Redell was reportedly on the San Marino hiring committee.

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  • SM

    Who cares! The RHL is a joke. Monrovia needs to join a better league to get respect. blah blah blah blah…..

  • aaron

    sm your an idiot

  • Serrano

    Isn’t this the same guy that they were ready to tar and feather at South Florida?