Glendora football coach Mark Pasquarella resigns …

Glendora coach Mark Pasquarella (far right) resigned Thursday after eight seasons

Glendora High School football coach Mark Pasquarella resigned on Thursday after a successful eight-year run, that included three consecutive Sierra League championships between 2007-’09.

Pasquarella said multiple things factored into his decision, including burnout, family and the opportunity to pursue a chance to become an administrator.

“I kind of think I need a break,” Pasquarella said. “I don’t know if I need a break from being a head coach, I still feel like I can still coach, but I just don’t know if I have the energy to be a head coach at this time.

“In hindsight, I probably did it about a year too late. I was thinking about doing it after last year when we had won three championships in a row. That would have been a good time to go out, but with the league change and (star quarterback) Chad Jeffries coming back for his senior year, I was sitting on it and sitting on it, and it just got to the point where it was too late to do anything.”

Glendora’s football program had been dormant prior to Pasquarella’s arrival in 2003. The Tartans had last won a league championship in 1994, but quickly became one of the area’s most consistent winners under Pasquarella, who finished with a record of 55-33 in his eight seasons.

Glendora started this past season with a 4-1 record entering Baseline League play, but an injury to Jeffries hurt the team’s chances and the Tartans ultimately finished 5-5 and missed the playoffs.

“If you think back to where Glendora was when we took over, then to us ruling the roost for a little bit, we had a good thing going,” Pasquarella said. “The best thing about it is that I think I’m leaving the program in a better condition than it was when I got it.”

Pasquarella was at Damien prior to taking over at Glendora in 2003. Before that, he was the first football coach at Ayala upon its opening in 1990 and led the Bulldogs to three CIF championship games.

Pasquarella’s first head coaching job came at Covina for just one season. Prior to that, he was an assistant at Northview and South Hills, where he coached under Jack Nemzek, who he credits with teaching him most of what he knows.

“He was pretty pivotal in my development as a coach and about preparation,” Pasquarella said. “He was the first coach I coached under and I was with him for six years.”

San Diego St.-bound Glendora QB Chad Jeffries on Pasquarella’s resignation:
I was kind of shocked at first because we had the banquet and he didn’t announce anything there and I thought he was going to come back another year. He was a player’s coach. He would talk to us and try to understand us, and get in our minds and see how we felt about everything before we actually did it. He helped me a lot. All the camps I went to, like the Nike Camp and the Elite 11 camps, he told me about all of that. He always helped me out with different stuff on the field and helped me out with recruiting.

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  • Coach Slayer

    Another coach who was skewered in the blogs last year and decided he’d had enough of this crap. The landscape has gotten very ugly for coaches and I expect to see many more deciding to call it a day. WHO”S NEXT?????

  • On the spot

    Really??? This blog dictates coaching positions in the valley???

  • Yeah, even I was taken aback by that comment. I think most administrators steer clear of these pages, and if they do come, they don’t put any stock in what they see.

  • Coach Slayer

    You have to be kidding if you think football coaches don’t read this stuff. I know for a fact that all the staffs in the valley read it and many contribute. No one likes their name tossed about in the public square whether it is true or not. It has a killer effect on ones enjoyment and energy for the job.I know Aram does’nt like being called a liar but in his case at least he’s getting paid for stirring the pot. Assts. at L.A. played no small part in posting on here and then informing the admin. It was “Julius Caesar” over there,”Ettu Brute” with Arrallanes stuck by his own guys. Tribune guys, believe it or not, you created a genie with this blog and you might not be able to put it back in the lamp.

  • Aaron

    I’m just going to go through a list of names on my side of the Valley…no idea what goes on in the WDN and Star-Trib areas.


    I don’t know why the last two have taken so much heat…last year being when Podley was getting it on here. Made no sense to me at all. Oh an btw…the top four basically got fired. Zavala resigned…but wouldn’t you?

  • OK listen, I said ADMINISTRATORS probably don’t read this blog.

    Do coaches and their staffs? Yes. As I’ve said before, EVERYBODY reads the blogs. But my everybody doesn’t include the administrators. I’m sure some do, but I don’t think they put any stock into it.

    You cannot keep up with what’s going on with SGV football without reading the blogs. It’s that simple. From live scores to breaking news to opinion, we have it all.

    But the part Coach Slayer is referring to is the comments, not me or Fred or Miguel or Campa. You show me where I’m stirring the pot. I report the news, interject my opinion here and there, and that’s it. What the readers do with their comments is on them.

  • Are You For Real Aram


    I can’t believe you just made that comment.

    “You show me where I’m stirring the pot.”

    How about “I’m resigned to the fact that it ain’t worth it to be a football coach …” @ 132 comments.

    I would consider that theard stirring the pot. You print the coaches version of what happen (lie). You didn’t think that would stir the pot. Notice you were called out many times and didn’t respond to many of the valid points.

  • That isn’t stirring the pot. That’s a column. I wasn’t intentionally flaming anyone in that column, well maybe you Mr. Same IP Address, just trying to get a rise out of them.

    Writers write columns all the time.

  • Aram Stop Lying !!!!!!


    Your comment “Mr. Same IP Address” is such a joke; you are using your position as leverage to manipulate a situation. The issue I have with that comment is you are lying, I know that for a fact. There are seven of us that talk and we know at least the seven of us were on that thread commenting in support of the parents when you were commenting on it only being one or two.

  • OK, here are the numbers …


    17 comments from ONE IP address

    14 comments from ONE IP address

    The numbers don’t lie.

  • X’s and O’s

    Aram, I don’t doubt your integrity and I truly feel that in your heart of hearts you want to do what is right, but the truth is that this blog (and your opinion) has too much power. Coaches do not only see what’s on this blog, but they also have to HEAR about it from other people who believe it to be fact. You’re right, MOST administrators do not give the comments on any of the blogs clout, however, there are MANY people who take the BS that is posted on here into consideration and then the coaches have to hear an earful from others (parents, colleagues, and even administrators) about something that was said on the blog.
    This is unfair to coaches. And although I thought your last article about how it aint worth it to be a coach to be very commendable and gutsy; I also believe that is is contradictory because the SGVNs blogs are part of the reason why it aint worth it to be a coach. Yes people do have the right to free speech, but not when it comes to men working their asses off basically for free in order to help other people’s children.
    Several coaches have been blasted by this blog as if they were horrible people. I understand that the bloggers sadly do the same to you as well, but it is extremely unfortunate that people who get paid scraps are getting ridiculed as if they are criminals. People who make twice as much the money as hs coaches are not scrutinized nearly as much. And the WORST part is that those that are scrutinizing the coaches have no idea what they are talking about. Most of these bloggers, and even sports writers, couldn’t tell the difference between cover 2 and cover 3.

  • ARAM Your Busted

    You just proved my point,

    132 total comments

    17 from one IP
    14 from one IP

    That is 31 of 132 comments.

    I counted over 60 comments from Wilson Supporters.

    Now like you said numbers don’t lie. Who made the other 30 plus comments. You listed the two highest numbers of 17 and 14.

    Option #1
    Your 17 and 14

    and 10, 5, 5, 5, 5 that’s seven bloggers.

    Option #2

    Your 17 and 14

    and 13, 13, and 4 that’s five bloggers based on YOUR numbers the least number of Wilson bloggers could possible be is 5 (not realistic but possible)

    Still makes you look like a liar.

    So now how do you come up with the comment one or two ip’s. You just prove to everyone how full of it you really are.

    Like You Said Numbers Don’t Lie,

    But I guess you did.

  • I think if any one person is accounting for more than 10 percent of a thread’s comments, then that person obviously is doing more than just sharing his/her opinion.

    Agenda, perhaps?

    Combine the two IP addresses and you have over 20 percent of that thread’s comments. You don’t think that’s a little much? You don’t think that shows an agenda?

    And that’s just one thread. There are others that are a lot worse … where it pretty much is TWO IP addresses doing almost all of the talking and hammering home the same overall point.

    I’ve been doing this a long enough time to tell you that I’ve NEVER seen one or two IP addresses dominate a discussion anytime a particular topic came up, i.e. Wilson. And oftentimes, the discussion wasn’t even about Wilson to begin with.

    Hey, I really wish you would have turned your venom toward me a long time ago. That way jobs might have been saved.



    Youre amazing; you open up a thread talking sh@t about the Wilson parents. Multi Wilson parents comment on the thread responding to your attack. Over 60 comments from at least seven different bloggers the two highest are 17 and 14 out of 132 comments. Then you state these parents have a person agenda. The only person with a personal agenda was clearly you. Your comments got so personal that you went as far as attacking a individual Wilson parent, how can you not see that as a personal agenda. You attack was based on information you got from one source obviously a Zavala supporter.

    What attempt have you made to hear the Wilson parents and supporters position on this issue, ZERO. Your weak a@@ attempt to call the school administration, knowing full well then are going to give you the “No Comment”.

    The only personal agenda these parents have is defending themselves against your personal attacks.

  • Wondering


    Can we get back on track with the topic here..????

    Who do we think will land the HC job at Glendora now that Pasqy has stepped down?

    The La Puente Coach? Would he a good hire for D2 Football and the Baseline league?

    Heard something in the grapevine about Tom Salter, Ex-Amat Coach very interested in the position. Wouldn’t that be something, he battling with his brother over at Upland every year??? I would think that Glendora people would at least want to talk to him?


  • GHS

    Blame Game,

    Every body has to blame someone. Coach P said he was really ready last year. He had a good run and it was time, lets leave it at that. Geese blaming Aram is pretty weak. I’m also wondering who is stepping in.

  • More Proof Of Aram’s Personal Agenda


    You are really clueless, I just reviewed that thread again. Why didn’t you comment on the bloggers supporting your position. Colt74 and Perry Mason who maybe the same person and would be have the combined highest hits on that thread, and bbbbb a Arellanes hater. All three of these had similar numbers, I can only track by name not ip so if they change names I can’t track acurate as you, so it most likely is worse than these numbers reflect.

    Once again only reflecting your Personal Agenda

  • LA Admin?

    Coach Slayer,

    You are absolutely right! Arellanes was Julius Caesared by his own staff members and the 400 pound slob led the charge.

  • Backstab

    How exactly did coach Burke backstab Felipe, and Arellanes? I believe coach Burke quit LA’s football program a couple of weeks before Arellanes was let go. What’s the motivation?

  • xyandz

    Aram I’m curious if the two IP addresses were out of line, in your opinion, and if they were why didn’t you just limit their access for every one’s benefit, as you’ve done others, or shut down the thread once it had hit the saturation point, which most would say we’ve reached. Fair question don’t you agree?

    Aram you say most administrators don’t read the blogs and, if they do, they don’t much stock in them. Question, how would you know how often they read the blog, how often the blog comments make their way around campus and what impact, if any, the comments have on any particular campus. Wouldn’t you allow that each campus is indeed different and each administartion has a different set of values and insecurities or set of issues to deal with and therefore would indeed need to be addressed accordingly. Finally at what point is it the responsibility of any coach or adminstration to see for themselves how this blog justly or injustly affects campus life?

    The question has been put on the table before, how many coaches have left their positions since the start of the blog? Is the number drastically different in the previous years without the blog?

    Ron Artest came out the other day saying the rumors of “his” displeasure with the Lakers, and indeed Phil Jackson, were generated by “his” brother’s Tweet account, and not him. Fans can agree or disagree with his response but when a reporter asked him, jokingly,”Why would your brother do that without your consent?” His answer was simple, “Maybe he needs some attention”.

    It would seem the facts are still out there on which came first, the chicken or the egg, I’ll submit for your consideration that this blog, and it’s impact in it’s present form, while less thought provoking….is still under much debate. At the very least we should, as a whole, consider the possibilities.

  • Blog Ref

    Aram Stop Lying
    X’s and O’s
    Coach Slayer
    ARAM Your Busted
    More Proof Of Aram’s Personal Agenda
    LA Admin?
    Coach Slayer

    Aram how many of these fools have the same IP address?

  • Haha. You don’t want to know. Basically anything with “Aram your” in it (which by the way is bad grammar (it’s you’re)) is from one or two addresses.

    I don’t get it. I mean if you’re calling for a coach’s head or calling a reporter a liar, but not leaving your real name, then you lose credibility real quick.

  • Aram people don’t believe you ……….

    Once again “Aram your” a liar. I am four of those names and know at least one of them is someone else so they have to be at least three people most likely four of five.

    Notice all the comments once again proving that you are a liar you don’t address. The one comment supporting you, you do address. That is so weak of you but we have grown to to expect that from you.

    What is interesting about it is I have got multi phone calls from friends and they are loven it. They see you getting blasted on your own blown and looking like a fool not addressing the issue.

    In summary we may not write as good as you, but our message is getting out their.

  • You’ve got to be kidding. I’ve been thru plenty worse on my own blog and other Web sites. This doesn’t bother me a bit.

  • Aram Stop Lying ….

    You can talk the talk at the end of the day you look like a fool. Multi time on multi threads valid responses have been posted and you continue to ignore the comments by not responding. Sorry but the readers are picking up on it. Your attempt to talk you way out of it does no good you are being exposed for what you are a fake.

    Your IP stunt isn’t working most of these bloggers know each other and know that you are lying.

  • Here’s some truth for you, Mr. Same IP Address Guy.

    Your IP address posted under TEN! different names on the Arellanes gets fired thread. TEN DIFFERENT NAMES! … from the same IP address.

    There were/are 52 comments. You’ve got TEN of them under TEN different names. That’s some impressive mob you’ve got going there.

    You are nothing but accusations. I just gave you facts.

    We can keep going round and round. Want to?

    schizophrenia (schizophrenia): a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.

  • Aram’s Personal Agenda aka “In The Huddle”


    I just reviewed those comments, where was my personal agenda. I made comments on four different subjects on that thread. So what is your point. Interesting how you are attempting to change the direction of these comments.

    Eight yes 8 of the 26 comments on this thread are from you, that is over 30%. Based on your standards I would consider that a extreme personal agenda. Since you told us 10% would be considered a personal agenda.

    The bottle line here is you use your position on these blogs in an attempt to push your personal agenda that is very obvious.

    Just for the record Fred and your knowledge of the internet is also a joke. Give a couple writers admin rights and you think you have power. If you don’t know how to use the power it does you no good.

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