UPDATED: Sources: San Dimas assistant Mark Holman looking like front runner for Wilson job ….

UPDATE: I spoke to Montebello coach Pete Gonzalez on Sunday and he vehemently denied have any interest in the Wilson (or Los Altos) job.

San Dimas assistant coach Mark Holman has emerged as the front runner to become the new head coach at Wilson, according to multiple sources.

Sources also said that Workman coach Scott Morrison rebuffed overtures from Wilson. Holman was a final candidate for the Wilson job two years ago before the Wildcats decided to go with Brian Zavala, who resigned after two seasons.

Aram’s take:
This is the one time I’m questioning my sources. I don’t doubt that Holman is in the running, but I don’t quite think it’s the done deal that my sources say. So, I’m gonna call Holman the front runner and nothing more than that, at this point. Sources also say that Montebello coach Pete Gonzalez has shown interest in the Wilson. Gonzalez could also emerge as a candidate at Los Altos.

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  • reality

    Mark would make a fine H.C. but his challenge would be to find a capable D.C. like Ibls at So. El Monte.

  • NO WAY

    I doubt Holman is going anywhere. But if he does, I wouldn’t worry about the defense or the offense. He has called both before and has worked with two good ones. One thing is for sure, if he does go to Wilson, they will be very well coached in fundamentals in all aspects of the game.

  • david rivera

    does this guy know what hes getting into here at wilson. the cupboard is empty without a qb and no running back. but hell if he wants to take the challenge then my prayers are with him. just hope he can handle the parents and fans at wilson because they are ruthless

  • Real Wilson parent

    Hey david reeverra is it your job to try and scare off any and all coaches except for your guy?? It sure seems like it. I think that the only ones that are ruthless are you and your gang. Who do you want over there? You post so often but never say who you honestly want. Come to think of it I doubt you have a honest bone in your body.You are the biggest loser at Wilson.

  • Hmmm

    I hope he brings coaches from San Dimas with him, because he’s going to need some serious help!


    No Way,

    Holman has NEVER called an offense at Northview or San Dimas. He’s an offensive line coach. To my knowledge, he’s never coached at DOWN at NVHS or SDHS. Z is too much of a control freak to ever give up that power.
    I think your sources are WRONG on this one. Insider at Wilson tells me something totally different. That they are going through applicants and selecting candidates to interview this week. Holman wasn’t mentioned at all. Lots of other candidates who have previous head coaching experience were mentioned.

  • WRONG,

    Please read everything I wrote.

  • ???

    D. Rivera,
    What happened to their qb? I know #7 left to Pomona but wasn’t there the starter? Good luck to Wilson either way. Kids that are still there probably just want to play.

  • Wilson


    Your Wilson source is not reliable; they started the interview process last Wednesday. Your and Aram must have the same source.

    As far as Mr. Rivera’s comments I understand where he is coming from. This administration just doesn’t seem to get it. I was told that they dropped Coach O off the selection committee and added Vice Principal Ms. Jamie Millan and Athletic Director Marc Fessenden. I’m not sure if either one of they know what a football looks like. So my question to the committee is what their goals are?

    Now if they are even considering Pete Gonzalez that is proof in its self that this committee is clueless. Pete would be a horrible match for Wilson and Ms. Paul. The interesting aspect of that is Coach O with his ties to St. Paul (who is now off the committee) would understand why I made that comment. San Dimas assistant coach Mark Holman dont know much about him have to say the positive comments are a plus; coming from San Dimas (not Northview) is also a plus. My concern would be I heard the same comments about Zavala and we all know how he turned out.

  • Ex Saint

    Wrong… U are wrong. Holman was my DC when he and coach Z came to rebuild San Dimas and is a big part of the success at San Dimas. I hope he doesn’t leave but if he will be truly missed. Great coach and role model.

  • QB

    Mr. Rivera like many other Wilson parents realize that #7 was a very good passing qb and #12 was a very poor passing qb. We have no running game next season so the passing game was the only chance we had. That chance transferred to Pomona.

  • david rivera

    hey real wilson parent, what i want at wilson is a motivater first and foremost and then a football minded coach. and then a recruiter because like i said wilson is a asian school and we all know that ASIANS DONT PLAY FOOTBALL. so you must be a recruiter and oh yeah by the way you must have been a zavala fan. because you sure are acting like one

  • David Rivera
  • David Rivera
  • real Wilson Parent

    Hey Reveerra. So WHO IS your football minded, non asian loving,motivator and recuiter of Afro-American footballers?? I ask again PLEASE TELL US. You must reread your own post. It is almost to stupid to believe.

  • david rivera

    hey wilson parent, you want the truth what i want is a asian head football coach so he can get the asians to staert playing football. and my assistants would all be black coaches so they can recruit players to wilson. is that good enough for you or do you just want zavala back so you can hope for anothwer 1-5 record in the valle vista

  • Wilson

    Like you said he says what most people think. By the numbers he is correct, but we don’t say it. Wilson is around 50% Asian (number is high, but makes the math easy), they have around 100 football players on the team and I think they have one or two Asians on the team. If the ratio was the same straight across the board, based on those numbers the team should have 200 players on it (100 Asian and 100 other). If you did have 200 players in the program by the numbers your talent would double also. Wilson does have talent but not the numbers that other similar programs have. Now please dont give me the work harder, all these kids should be working hard either way, it shouldn’t matter. So know you see Wilson even in VVL by the numbers is at a disadvantage. So how do they compete, being coached up better than the teams they are competing against? As we saw in the Covina, Baldwin Park, Pomona, and San Dimas games with Zavala and Williams that didnt happen. In those games we lost the coaching battle and got blown out. An excellent example of what I am talking about is the Pomona game, our coaching in the first half went with what they thought was going to win, and we were losing 28-7 at half time. Switched to the passing game with #7, played to a 14 -14 tie in the second half. Understand even when we went to #7 in the second half that was a poorly coached up passing game. Just image that passing game being coached up by a coach that knew how to implement a real passing game, a coach that had a system. In our offense we had no checks or audible my sons 12 year old youth teams had checks and audible. Quarterback makes his pre-snap read and knows the play isnt going to work, so he either calls time out or hopes he gets lucky, blown coverage. That is why teams like San Dimas blew us out; they had a slight talent advantage and a huge coaching advantage, result 49-9 loss. Thats what Rivera doesnt want to see next season.

  • Pride of the Foothills 93

    If you look back in late December-2010. It was mention on the blog that Coach Zernickow and company would be leaving San Dimas to Glendora. What did you say. “Mark Pasquarella was not leaving Glendora. This was a story you should have looked into back then. It’s all starting to unfold. San Dimas coach Mark Holman the front runner for the Wilson HC job and now the HC job is open @ Glendora!! Looks like it’s a done deal for Coach Z. This will leave San Dimas with no coaching staff.

  • Real Wilson Parent

    Say DR. Did not you guys just finish firing a black H.C. before Zavala? So you had a white a black a brown and now you want a yellow, all the colors of the rainbow. Nice!! One thing is certain, students are reading this blog and shouting ASIANS DONT PLAY FOOTBALL does little to stimulate them to want to start. I have a thought. Why not try to back up your new H.C. whomever he is for at least 2 full seasons? I can’t believe I’m saying this but one thing you wrote is intriging. A bold experiment indeed hiring an asian H.C. It might be just a smart teacher from the area with a willingness to try. Is there such a man on campus? By the way there have been several asian NFLers, Cowboys Dan Ngyuen, Kylie Wong and Hines Ward of the Steelers is half Korean. Legendary High School coach Bob Ladoucer of De La Salle was a draftee when he started. Nobody there wanted to be the coach. I could find myself backing up such a man, I mean it can’t get much worse can it?

  • Aaron

    I’m going to give you guys some numbers…you talk about Asians controlling the school board, the percentage of Asians in the school…etc. etc.

    These are the numbers for Temple City…TC had a great run the last decade:
    64% Asian
    17% White
    15% Hispanic
    <1% African American

    Glen A. Wilson:
    47% Hispanic
    41% Asian
    7% White
    2% Filipino
    2% African American

    Los Altos:
    69% Hispanic
    16% Asian
    9% White
    2% African American
    2% Filipino

    What it will take is patience from the community and a good coach to build a foundation and reshape the program. Wilson and Los Altos are both once proud programs...there is no pride anymore. What happened yesterday does not matter...that can not play into the equation of today.

  • david rivera

    hey aron, 7 percent white and 2 percent black, oh yeah thats a wining conbination for a football team. like i said the odds here at wilson for a wining football program is 0

  • david rivera

    so 1 percent are black at temple city and 2 percent are black at wilson and 2 percent also at wilson. its no wonder the success at these school is zelch

  • Wilson

    Real Wilson Parent,

    Are you for real, “By the way there have been several asian NFLers, Cowboys Dan Ngyuen, Kylie Wong and Hines Ward of the Steelers is half Korean. Legendary High School coach Bob Ladoucer of De La Salle was a draftee when he started.”

    One Asian playing two 1/2 Korean and one drafted you call that several Asian NFLers. Do you realize how stupid you sound making that comment?

    Now Aaron you want to throw numbers around;

    Your comment “…TC had a great run the last decade”

    Temple City Rams

    10-11 4-7
    09-10 5-4-1
    08-09 7-5-1
    07-08 5-7
    06-07 10-2
    05-06 8-4
    04-05 4-7

    Overall Record of 39-36-2

    That is as far back as max prep goes, but at that point who cares your geographic statics are based on current numbers not ten years ago.

    That is what you call a great run.

    Rivera is right just not politically correct. Asians arent the only reason for poor results on the field. Zavala and Williams had a major contribution into the record(Ha Ha).

  • SpartanAlum

    LOL at Pete Gonzalez already looking for another job. It seems just like yesterday he was promising to turn Montebello around. I guess its a little different when you cant recruit.

  • Coach Williams and Coach Silva Please Stop

    REAL WILSON PARENT = Coach Silva and Coach Williams

    Why don’t you guys drop it, your fired, your done get out of here.

    You guys need to understand basic grammer. When you make comments like;

    “Who do you want over there?”

    A Real Wilson Parent wouldn’t call Wilson “there” he would use “here”

    Say DR. Did not you guys just finish firing a black H.C. before Zavala?

    A Real Wilson Parent wouldn’t say “you guys” would use the wording “we”

    Check your grammer Coach, BUSTED!

  • Goldenarm

    Blanket statements such as “Asians don’t play football” followed by a comment on Temple City’s last decade of football…show some bloggers are having difficulty dividing fact from fiction.

    It is nice to see Real Wilson parent post the TC won /loss record. As with any football program, looking back through a ten year period, each season was a story in itself – and the last decade of mediocrity at TC was more to blame on Administration
    bungling, poor decision making and a program shattering policy of “new direction”, than the changes in ethnic make up of the student body. Sure, the entire San Gabriel Valley has been repainted by the influx of Asians and it has altered athletics, but at Temple City it has not been the poison arrow that killed the program or by any means, improved it.

    Despite the crappy looking numbers, TC had made 11 straight years of playoff appearances up to the 09 season. 08 saw them in the CIF semifinals, losing to eventual CIF champ Paraclete, 2 years prior they were destroyed in CIF by a powerful Bishop Diego team. Last year they snuck into the playoffs on a coin flip and were quickly dispatched. However, last year they did have the RHL’s most prolific running back, Joshua Simongunsong, and trust me, a caucasion he is not. In fact, ASIANS ARE PLAYING football more and more at Temple City and other SG valley schools. No, they are usually not 6’4 and 285 and at Temple City that fact as never really mattered, because the Rams have never had a problem finding beef for an offensive line.

    The 10-2 and 8-4 seasons were the Mooney years – and 2008 was a tremendous year at Temple City, despite the unimpressive 7-5-1 record. 2008 was the last year the Rams actually could compete with Monrovia..and it may remain that way for awhile as Maddox drives that program toward a dynasty.
    One needs to look well past a decade to see a time where TC was a dominant football team. The dismissal of Randy Backus as head football coach triggered a domino effect of instability in the program and it has yet to be righted entirely. Long time supporters of the program such as myself, hope Coach McFarland can begin to change that.

  • Check Your Source?


    Your comment of Pete Gonzalez is shocking. Pete has close ties to Arellanes and real good friends with Zavala. The school administrations have to be aware of that. I would look at Pete as Zavala’s mentor that is how close they are. Now I can see Pete wanting out of Montabello, he feels he does have and can’t get the talent needed to win. Personally the issue over their is putting his son as the OC (on the job training). Coaches working under his son that are way more qualified (QB Coach) isn’t going to work. Your sources are way off on this one, or at less they should be, we never know when it comes to Los Altos and Wilson school administration, do we.

  • Wilson???

    Why do you parents keep throwing Silvas name out there? I talked to Silva a couple different times because he seems to always be around a sports field with his kids, he told me that he is probably done coaching unless Zavala or Williams really want him to coach if they get there own programs because he said coaching and watching his kids play ball is all he wants to do. I also asked him about the Wilson situation and if he still reads the blogs and he said “no I don’t read the blogs anymore and I hope the parents just let the kids play and the coaches coach so they can win and have fun”. So I doubt he is on these blogs so please stop throwing his name out there because he is a good friend and coach.

  • Interested Observer

    1. Winning is everything attitude.
    2. Sees nothing wrong with Recruiting.
    3. Will run up the Score.
    4. Has a Thug coaching staff.
    5. Cares nothing about SAT Scores.

    1. Academics is his first priority.
    2. Models and instills the values of Ethics,
    Morality and Hard Work.
    3. Creates a Family Environment.
    4. Teaches the Fundamentals of Football,
    not Madden Football.
    5. Winning may be a by-product of the above.

    I have found these past couple of blogs concerning Wilson, Los Altos and Temple City programs very intriguing. Question, if your Son was an incoming Freshman at a Public High School (no recruiting allowed), which type of Coach would you want guiding your Son? If you care to join in, Id like to see your pick, age group (over/under 40) and any Comments.

    My pick; Coach B/Over 40 Winning is nice, but in real life, I want someone showing my son how to handle the Highs and Lows of Life.

  • Real Wilson Parent

    The first of my four sons will enter as a freshmen next year at Wilson. As an Alum of Wilson I do not belong to any booster org. When I use” you guys ” and “there” in my post it is absolutly on purpose. I want to dis-associate myself from people like you that have given my beloved school such a barrio type reputation. I truly look forward to getting fully involved there next year and weeding “you guys ” out of the program with your ignorant racist mentality and lack of common sense. Your brains have to be floating in Budweiser.

  • Wilson

    Interested Observer,

    Here is where it gets complicated, and confusing. Aram would like you to believe that Ms. Paul fired Zavala because parents were upset with him starting the wrong qb. The qb that Zavala did start is the only player on the team with a parent that is employed by Wilson; his mother is a teacher at Wilson. Aram wants you to believe that the principal fired Zavala because he started the quarterback of one of her teachers. I should say that is what Aram and Zavala and staff want everyone to think.

    Aram as a reporter is supposed to report facts not manipulate the truth. Then again that is why Aram is working at the Tribune and not Fox Sports News?

    Now the real reason why Zavala got fired two CIF violations in three mouths. Ms. Paul the Principal of Wilson expects her head coach to follow the rules. One parent commented to her that 99% of the football programs out their recruit, her response was, we are that 1%. Zavala knew that when he took the job, so no excuse he screw up multi times, that is why he got fire.

    Now what do the parents want, at Wilson winning a CIF title isnt in the picture at this time. Parents want to compete and what I mean by compete is not getting blown out in four of the six league games. The bigger issue that you havent addressed is what the school administration wants, and that is where the conflicts start. I will give you a current major conflict between parents and administration. Parents want to get a staff in here and get started moving in the right direction. Administration is in no rush and I think has no clue how to proceed. The req. has been closed for a week now, what is the status? From all accounts nothing has been done. Aram is talking about the front running according to my source within the administration not a single person has interview for the job. This administration doesnt have a clue what it means to be professional. They havent even called or even emailed the applicants to acknowledge receiving their applications.

    I hope Ms. Paul is reading this comment, because her committee is blowing it big time. Parents want a new head coach now not in May or June. The longer you wait more players will transfer out and the parents that are staying get more upset at the school administration. If you dont care, then shame on you. We had the jump on most of the local programs and that edge isnt going to last, take advantage of it. The direction you are heading seems to be the same as when you hired Hoyd and Zavala do I need to say any more?

  • Wilson,

    Another day, another screen name, huh? Anyway, you’re factually incorrect in what you wrote to Interested Observer. Ms. Paul didn’t fire Coach Zavala, he resigned.

    And about Fox Sports, it was foxsports.com and not Fox Sports News. Anyway, I quit because I didn’t like it. End of story. Wasn’t fired. Wasn’t given the choice of quit or be fired. There were no layoffs. I quit.

    About Wilson, true, no interviews conducted yet. Doesn’t mean Holman isn’t the front runner. After all, it was between him and Zavala last time after the entire process was over. And as I said, my source seems more confident that Holman is the front runner than I do. But then I again, I was publicly scoffing at my sources about the Arellanes thing two months before it happened and they turned out to be right.

  • Lets compare

    Great counter there Mr Tolegian, absolutely grand!!!
    And just out of curiosity, have you guys over at the SGV tribune ever toyed with the idea of making ALL people who wish to blog officially sign in with a single distinct screen name and single email, so thus eliminating people from using multiple screen named as our friend “Wilson” did below?
    just curious, i might be incorrect, but doesnt the orange county register high school blogs do it that way?
    this might also help eliminate some of that “keyboard courage” we see that we might otherwise not see if you only had an opportunity to post under your registered screen name.
    Would be very interested in your feedback

  • Heckle

    Lets compare

    What a Killjoy…

  • Jeckle

    Lets compare

    You come up with that idea all by yourself?

  • Wilson

    Aram no wonder you defend Zavala you both quit the same way.

    Sounds like I hit a never!

    The majority of my comments have been using the screen name Wilson; I have used others to get my point across. Aram you really need to invest in the book Internet Protocol (IP) for dummies. You really have no clue what you are talking about. You only know this IP number because I want you to. I can make the same comment from ten different IPs. Like I said earlier give a sports writer a few admin rights and he thinks hes god. You guys really have no clue what you are talking about.

    It use to be fun messing with you guys but you are so stupid it’s getting boring…..

  • Beetle Baily

    Lets compare

    Whoa, look at Mr. High, and Mighty. Hey, some of us have no lives, and need some way to kill 24 hours in a day. Excuse me for being unemployed…

  • Smiley

    Lets compare

    See, now wasn’t that uplifting?


  • Wilson really

    No one cares about Wilson they are joke now and will will be for years to come.
    Besides if you think that old manis gonna help you your kidding yourself.

  • Wilson

    What’s wrong Aram, don’t have a response.

    Did I just pop up with another IP.

    Smart boy according to my IP I just sent this from a computer in the Delaware government.

    Guess you aren’t as smart as you think you are?

  • Wilson Parent

    Aram you made a comment about Mark Holman being Wilson’s other choice when they selected Zavala. Where do you get this stuff from? They had three finalists, the first was Coach Merrill from Northern California he ran the wing-t. He turned down the job because Wilson took two and half months do make the decision. He had a home to sale and didn’t have enough time to make the move. Zavala was the second choice and he took the job. The third coach was from Orange Country don’t remember his name. Holman wasn’t even in the final three.

  • Wilson


    Back in California, the internet is amazing isn’t it?

  • Mr Rhino

    Interested observer

    You asked who I rather have coaching my son
    I would choose coach A and here is why


    2. Models and instills the values of Ethics,


    4. Teaches the Fundamentals of Football,


  • Interested observer

    Mr. Rhino, Thank you for getting back on track and having an adult conversation. Although, I chose Coach B and you Coach A. My first reaction was wow, but after going back and reading your responses, pretty much you are right on……for the 1960’s. Unfortunately, it is not like that anymore. The day of a traditional family is almost a thing of the past. Coaches do have to worry about Academics. They are forced to. When a kid is performing poorly in class, who does the teacher or counselor call, the Head Football Coach because the Coach ends up serving as the “DeFacto” Parent when the real parents don’t show up and the Teachers know the Head Coach has a big influence on the Players. As far as FUNAMENTALS OF FOOTBALL IS TAUGHT AT THE POP WARNER LEVEL, I hope you really dont believe this. Not all High School players have ever played Pop Warner Football. Even if they did, most of the Pop Warner kids Fundamentals are very poor. Its tough enough getting skilled Coaches at the Varsity High School level let alone the Pop Warner level. If the skill level of Pop Warner Coaches were as good as you think, then it would be very, very easy for Wilson and Los Altos to find a High Quality Coach. All they would have to do is just pick a staff from the Hacienda Heights Pop Warner program and the need for this blog would be non existent. Again, appreciate your response.

  • Mr. Rhino

    Interested Observer

    your right i was born in the 60’s 1967 to be exact and you say that traditional family’s are a thing of the past well lets compare as you did

    1)cars were built to last with crome & metal
    2)the beatles were #1
    3)being divorced was embarassing
    4)being called a pimp and a hoe was an insult
    5)a boy would grow up to be a man

    1)cars are made from plastic,fiberglass
    2)lady gaga is #1
    3)being divorced is common
    4)now they call themselfs players and cougars
    5)a boy grows up to be a metrosexual

    a perfect example of people like yourself that accept change and dont embrace family values and tradition as for hiring a pop warner coach heck why not hire them who knows they just might start winning some games

  • SD Insider

    The key for Holman’s sucess at Wilson will be whether he can convince John Strickland to join him. I heard Z ripped Strickland a new one after the Covina game last year,and Stickland never recovered. Should make for a good rivalry!


    Mr Rhino,

    You are very very wrong about FUNDAMENTALS OF FOOTBALL not being talk at the High school. The NFL & NCAA has some of the worse tacklers in football. The reason for this is that most coaches ASSume that the coach before him taught the kids at least the FUNDAMENTALS and he would be wrong. A good coaching staff always starts with FUNDAMENTALS. This is what makes the difference between a great program and what you see every friday night. A great program focuses only on FUNDAMENTALS the X&Os are 2nd. It does not makes sense to try run some crazy multiple formation, spread option offense if the can not block or tackle.
    This is what happen at Wilson & Los Altos and most of the programs in SGV.

  • Interested Observer

    Rhino, pretty good comparison but will take major issue with one of your statements. (a perfect example of people like yourself that accept change and dont embrace family values). How can you say that I accept change, when I would go with Coach B who I would want to reinforce the values that I instill in my son. Picking Coach A would is a perfect example of one who has accepted change and doesn’t care if his Coach Cheats. Believe me, I do embrace Family Values. BTW, 1967 was a very good year. I remember it well.

  • Goldenarm

    why does it say there are 47 comments and yet the same 25 posts come up again and again??

  • Wilson


    Would you rather have these guys discussing this or me making fun of Aram’s lack of knowledge of the internet? It’s been a few days now since I made fun of him and he won’t come out and play anymore.

  • Strickland

    JT get off the Blog and stop posting my name.

  • OldSchool

    Any work on what is actually going on over at Wilson. I don’t want to hear the nonsense going on this blog. Just straight answers. Aram, have you talked to any candidates? Holman, Gonzalez, etc??? Are there any interviews. I like what I have seen to a point. I want a coach B but relatively young. I want someone who is going to teach my kid how to be a good person. For some kids, a coach is a father figure. Seems like San Dimas is the right place to find this type of guy. Wins aren’t everything. There isn’t much talent left but lets at least compete and have our boys become quality men.

  • HR

    Merrill told the kids today that interviews for the head coaching job at Wilson are supposed to start this coming Monday.

  • Wilson


    Let’s see if you figure this one out. The OC from Wilson, Williams applied for the head coaching job at Wilson, common knowledge. A couple days ago Ms. Paul meet with Williams and advised him that he couldn’t apply for the job. She told him that the whole staff was fired not just Zavala.

  • Wilson Parent


    I heard the same stuff around the school as Wilson has been commenting on. Not sure who your source is but you need to double check your comments. My source is Wilson’s AD. Think you need Wilson as your new source much more accurate.

  • SaintForLife

    Wilson parent….you are right. The interviews are Monday. I would be very surprised if Coach Holman is there due to his job security and GREAT situation at San Dimas. Most of the applicants are PE teachers who have no jobs.

    Wilson….. your are silly if you still think the heights have the talent they used to have. It will take any coach YEARS to build Wilson up. The 1st problem is the parents. You guys have absolutely no sportsmanship. That is the problem between the parents and the Admin. However, you would be LUCKY to steal any of our current coaches because the fact of the matter is they all possess the skills you guys need to learn, which in turn will rub off on your kids. If for some crazy reason Coach Holman actually goes to Wilson, count yourselves truly blessed. The man knows how to build a program “the right way” and you would have stolen a piece of the San Dimas Foundation. Treat him well and don’t run him out.

  • BaitCar73


    Just out of pure curiousity, how many programs has Mark Holman “built”? He’s a line coach for Z, and was a line coach for Quinsey. This guy has no clue how to build a program because he’s NEVER had to do it. (There’s a reason for that, hmmmm…I wonder.)

    Mark wasn’t a finalist last time around, nor is he a selection by the committee this time around.

    I’m starting to wonder why all the “Saints” come on the blogs and build Holman up. If you have a great coach over there, WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO KEEP HIM? Funny how that works. FUNNY HOW IT DOESN’T. You figure it out.

  • Coach Slayer

    See I told you so. You could dig up Knute Rockne to coach Wilson or L.A. and they would rip him a new one. Not until this blog has some controls should any coach feel good about going there. Holman if you go, and I hear they want you badly, make sure you get job protection.

  • Wilson


    “your are silly if you still think the heights have the talent they used to have”

    I never made a comment even close to that. This Wilson team doesn’t have talent close to what it had during the glory years. I also think Wilson will never have talent at that level again. What I will say is that we do have the talent to compete in the VVL. As one of many examples it is unacceptable to loss to San Dimas by 40 points.

    What the parents at Wilson want is a quality coaching staff. You think that the Wilson parents are an issue. If your program had the same results as ours how would your parents react? We aren’t expecting a CIF title but we are expecting to compete.

    I do have an issue with Aram portraying Zavala and his staff getting a raw deal, when in reality the players on this Wilson team are the ones getting the raw deal. I also question Arams source on this issue. Aram starts this thread on the front runners and I just got off the phone with one of my three sources. He laughed at this thread, told me the committee hasnt even meet, there is no list. Everyone that meets the requirements will be interviewed then there will be a list.

  • Revolt in the heights

    The power of the blog lets put our skills to the test and lay off the coaches and lets jump on the principles at both los altos and Wilson and get them fired they are the real root of the problem they don’t care about football and yet when the programs struggle everyone blames the coach’s but yet they always seem to come out smelling like roses but in reality wasn’t it their decision to hire these coach’s in the first place. people in numbers can do wonders just look at what’s happening in the Arab world lets take a stand and oust these women who have no business leading these once proud football programs

  • revolting

    Skills? What skills? First learn to compose a sentence correctly and to use the word principal instead of principle. I think Wilson could use english teachers more than football coaches. It is revolting to think that you dummies seriously believe you could lead anything.

  • Wilson


    Maybe that person can’t write, but what in the hell does that have to do with the message. Second you may need to take a reading comprehension class. Where did it state he was from Wilson, when I read his comment I thought he was from Los Altos. One thing is for sure we can’t be sure if he is from Wilson or Los Altos.

    Commenting on the context of the comment, ultimately the principal is responsible for the hire. In Wilson’s case the Hoyd hire was Clegg whom was the principal at the time. The Zavala hire was Merrill whom at the time was the AD. Ms. Paul realized she didn’t have the knowledge to hire a football coach. Ms. Paul is putting together a committee to attempt fix the issues this time around.

    My major concern with the hiring committee is not enough football people on the committee. Word from the administration office is Coach O out and Merrill has less and less involvement. This committee consists of Ms. Paul, Sweet, Merrill (?), Fessenden (AD), Ms. Millan (female) and one parent. Ms. Paul’s goals are to hire a coach that is going to follow the rules, the win/loss record isn’t a priority, and she feels the 4-6 record is fine. That is my major concern because the original committee was Ms. Paul, Sweet, Merrill, and Coach O. They removed Coach O added a parent, Millan and Fessenden (AD). Now people outside of Wilson would say of course the AD should be on the committee. Merrill is supposed to be the AD for the football program and possibly a few other sports next season, there is a reason for that. I don’t want to embarrass Fessenden but he has been under major attack by just about every sports program at Wilson this year. He just maybe the Hoyd of AD’s.

  • How Interesting

    Wilson Idiots: And we are supposed to care why? Watching water boil is more entertaining. Please get back to talking about women, asians and blacks, that is much more funny.

  • Concerned family member

    I have a family member in the Wilson football program and speak 2 him in daily basis. While he still attends the weight room and field workouts, he’s told me that every week there’s a decrease of kids showing up. Ok Ms. Paul, u got rid of Zavala over a month ago n as of last week u have not interviewed anyone 4 the vacancy position. Ms. Paul get ur HEAD OUTTA UR @$$ already!!! Ur hiring comity consist of Sweet, Fesseden, and Millan. R u frickin kidding me??? What r u trying 2 hire? A football coach or the next rocket science teacher? all 4 of u couldnt recognize a football coach if he blew his whistle right on ur face… u dont realize that football players r a complete different breed. a lot of this kids come from broken homes. they need a complete different type of role model, one that u wont be able 2 recognize that’s why u must have Mr. O and Merrill in the hiring comity, they know what the kids need but as we all know the football program is the last of ur concerns.. So good luck with ur comity “Cast away” aka Sweet, “The former Hoya cheerleader” aka Millan, “Duffus” aka Fesseden and the one and only “ms. goodie 2 shoes, dsnt break a plate” Ms. Paul

  • ExCoach

    Concerned family member. I wouldn’t worry about it much. If Holman goes over, you guys will be in good hands. I is a weight room nut and can coach circles around Zavala. He combines football knowledge, which you guys want, with academics seriousness which is what Paul wants. He is a motivator that will get your kids excited.

  • Wilson

    As most of you including Aram have figured out I have multi sources; coaches, Administrators, Parents and Alum.

    My coaching source laughed at Mark Holman as a head coach, anywhere. What is going on here is coaches (Aram’s source) are using Aram and his blog to promote their names for open positions. Only thing I’m not sure about is Aram part of this scam or being used by these coaches. Personally I think Aram is part of the scam.

    Every source within Wilson has clearly stated the committee hasn’t even taken a look at the applications, there is no list. That is also why you are starting to see parents commenting on this thread. When they hired Zavala it was a 2 1/2 month process.

  • Concerned Parent -It’s track season

    The best football players are all doing track right now and getting ready for the track season – which starts this Thurs against L Altos, that’s why there is a decrease

  • Wow

    Concerned Parent -It’s track season,

    “The Best football players are all doing track right now and getting ready for the track season”

    Wow, are you sure the BEST football players are ALL doing track right now. So why are the other players even showing up to football practice, their not important?

  • Viking Pride

    Garrison will coach at Northview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To WOW

    Your question was – why is there a decrease??

    You got the right and truthful answer, it is not a putdown on anyone, Wilson has a strong track team that sent football guys to the League and CIF track championships last year and 2 of them made national listings (200m, 400m, 4x400m relay, 300m Hurdles, Long Jump) and will continue to do so this year with the above mentioned and will probably add the 4x100m relay to that list.

  • Wow

    Just wanted to make sure I got that right,all the best football players are at track now. So any player that isn’t in track isn’t part of your best players click. So I am assuming kids like Raymond Serria, Kevin Garcia, and George Czanack to mention a few aren’t part of your best player click. I am also going to assume that Josh Morales, Keith Hawk, Josh Nelson, and Joseph Prohoroff are the best players on this team. If I am missing any players please advise all of us, everyone wants to know who the best players on the team are.

  • E=MC2


    Sounds like you answered your own question.

  • Wilson Parent

    Then we must all assume that wow is correct and all the best players aren’t in track.

  • E=MC2


    “everyone wants to know who the best players on the team are.”

    Honestly, I don’t think EVERYONE gives a rats a$$ who plays for Wilson.

  • Wow


    How would you know you nobody, so you don’t count. So let me rephase that, some of the parents at Wilson sure would like to know who you think are the best players on this team.

  • just sayin’

    I think that appears to be the biggest problem at Wilson – the parents seem to care more about who are the best players than having the best program

  • Wow

    Some parents, a matter of fact a few parents this feeling isn’t shared by the majority. I just wanted to point out how stupid these parents sound, but they choice to continue to put them selfs above the program. That isn’t the reason why the program is where it is that is the results of the program being where it is today. If the administration doesn’t hire a true leader then these types of comments and actions will continue within our program.

  • Wow

    These comments are from a QB or WR’s parent, no need to post the names they know who they are.

  • E=MC2


    “How would you know you nobody, so you don’t count. So let me rephase that, some of the parents at Wilson sure would like to know who you think are the best players on this team.”

    Haha. Okay, so according to you, I don’t count. Then why would “some of the parents at Wilson” care about who I think are the better players over there? I thought it was pretty clear that all you Wilson parents are in the minority as to who cares about the better players.

    I’ll take a wild guess, and say that you must be the father of either George, Raymond, or Kevin. Probably not Raymond, because that would mean you don’t know how to spell your own last name. Although, that could just be a ploy to through us off the scent, but then you’d probably get a brain cramp trying to think that far ahead.

  • 40 – 35 = 5 left

    Let’s say there really are 40 applications for the HC of Wilson; let’s say all of them read these blogs.

    That means 35 will most certainly withdraw their apps so they wont have to deal with Wilson parents.

    But please continue, this is more entertaining than a circus, only Wilson people would trash their own players

  • figure it out

    You mean you finally got it. The whole point of all this trashing and crazy talk on here is so their guy, thats low on the totem pole, will slither in like a snake and get the job because everyone else is supposed to be scared off. I know that is a fact for both L.A. and Wilson jobs. If Holman does’nt take the job that means it”s working

  • Wilson Parent

    These comments are stupid, why doesnt everyone just stop this nonsense.

    This is what our program has turned into after three years of garbage for coaching no leadership.

    School administration the job requirements are crazy, open it up get a quality staff. Just last week you turned away a quality staff, this is just crazy.

  • Bigcat

    Hey Wilson. … Who is this quality staff they turned away? U know so much, who got interviewed today?

  • Wilson

    Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Cowher

  • Also

    Ghadaffi, Bin Laden, Mubarek. They all are motivators but may need to get credentialed. Heard Wilson wanted Fidel or Kim Jong il but they still have jobs.

  • AMAT 73

    Why not put up a list of available head coaches and or those thought to be available and have a poll vote. Most people on here are bitching away but not many are making a suggestion on who it should be but rather who it should not be.Maybe the numbers in the poll will show a little in the way of multiple posting by one person you write so often about . If there are truely many interested in who the next coach will be the numbers should reflect it.

  • Wilson

    Do you guys really think I am going to give names, I respect their privacy? He wasn’t even sure who he talked to, I am assuming it was Sweet.

    I am aware of eight staffs that have applied for the job. Of the eight two of them are a terrible match for Wilson.

    I am also aware that Mr. Sweet the Vice Principal offered the job to Morrison first. Morrison’s offer included Head Coach, PE teacher and AD. Then he offered it to Gil Jimenez (current Warren Head Coach). He offered Gil the Head Coach, PE teacher and AD job also. He then offered the job to La Puente Head Coach Brandon Rohrer. He offered him the Head Coach Job and PE teacher. I know that Gil and Morrison declined the job. Don’t know what happen with the Brandon Rohrer offer; assume he declined the job also. This is stuff that is common knowledge in the coaching circle.

    What is shocking to me is that Sweet offered the job to Gil; he is a terrible fit for Wilson. Gil is a Hot Head and has a mouth on him. Ms. Paul would be at war with this guy the first week he was on campus. Now Morrison is a good match for Ms. Paul, .500 type coach, plays by the rules and doesn’t may any waves.

  • Wildcat

    Hey Wilson. Morrison is an English teacher. He doesn’t teach pe nor can he more than one period/ day. Get real. So u have three guys, not staffs, that did not want it. Who are the other 5 who wanted it? Did they apply ?

  • Wilson

    Stupid my source isn’t Morrison, so I can’t be 100% sure on the PE job; I should have stated teaching position. But what I am hearing from the other staffs that have applied the school is offering one PE teaching position only. So if you have a staff with a English teacher only, they aren’t going to consider you for the position. I would assume that they made some special consideration for Morrison since they really wanted him to take the position.

    That is my issue with the requirements for this position, your dropping some really good staffs out of the selection process because the teacher isn’t teaching PE. By the time they go through these 40 applicants they may only have 8 to 10 that fit their requirements. By the time they finish the interview process they will only have four or five left. By the time they offer a job they will have a few turn them down, process took too long. Then they end up hiring another Hoyd or Zavala.

  • Wilson


    Didn’t I already state that I’m not going to give names out of respect to them? The first three were approached by Mr. Sweet, these others applied for the job. I will say of the five staffs I am aware of, up to the last time I communicated with each of them Wilson hasn’t even responded with a reply email that they even received their applications. A couple of these staffs may not meet their minimum requirements but some are what I would consider top staffs in the valley. To my knowledge all the applicants are staffs with at least five coaches at the varsity level. Not like Zavala, Hoyd, and Arellanes, who were looking for OC’s and/or DC’s after they were hired.

  • Aaron

    What happened to the grades for all of the Top 25 teams…You’re killing me Aram, I like when you write and when you don’t write football slows down.

  • Aram’s Clone

    So sorry Aaron. I give Bearcats football an A+++++. How’s that. Happy Now. SHEEEEEESH!

  • promises, promises

    under the heading \”Say what you\’re going to do and then do what you said\”:

    \”And now it\’s time for a little something we\’ll be doing to wrap up the seasons for most local teams. Will I get around to everybody? No. But I will certainly do all teams in the top 25.\”


    Aaron was just reminding you – unless you have a guilty conscience?

  • BigCat

    BREAKING NEWS…Mark Holman was just offered the Head job at Wilson. He was offered all you can eat for free every Friday at Shrimp Boat. Little did Mrs. Paul and staff know that Coach Holman is a carne asada/pizza guy and has a pretty sweat deal at Michaelangelos. Again, Wilson didn’t know their guy, all you can eat Chinese isn’t going to lure a guy raised surfing and eating tacos on the beach in Baja.

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