Wilson job down to two … but who they are … well, I don’t know …

The vacant Wilson High School head varsity football coach job is down to two final candidates.

All I know is that one of the candidates isn’t from this area and the other one may or may not be.

How’s that for reporting?

Believe me, I’m digging as best I can, but it ain’t easy with Robledo on a yacht somewhere and me having to help Steve Ramirez steer the ship thru the state playoffs in soccer and hoops.

Anyway, one source I spoke to said something about one of the candidates being from Ayala, but it’s not head coach Tom Inglima. I’ve also heard that the school is running a credential check on one of the candidates and that a hire could be made very shortly. However, I’ve also heard there’s some issue with the teaching position.

If any of you with intimate knowledge of the situation want to take a stab, please be my guest.

  • sgv

    Thanks Aram but after all this stuff who cares. I’d rather read about Charlie Sheen.

  • Catz

    What happened to your frontrunner Aram? Us he in it?

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I don’t think he’s the non-local candidate. I think that was bad info given to me by somebody with an agenda and who should know better. Payback is a you know what and it’s coming in spades. Believe me on that one. But like I said at the time, I didn’t really like the info. Then again, I didn’t like the info when a source told me that both Arellanes and Zavala would be gone like two months before it actually happened.

    Here’s what I said about the Holman info at the time: This is the one time I’m questioning my sources. I don’t doubt that Holman is in the running, but I don’t quite think it’s the done deal that my sources say.

  • david rivera

    well whoever it is he is going to have a rude awakening when he sees the talent he has there. but i will give him my best because anybody who dares to take this job has more guts than i do. this coach has no idea what he is getting into too.

  • Wilson Parent

    The out of area coach.declined because the cost to live in this area compared to where he currently lives.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball/2011/03/wilson-job-down-to-two-but-who-they-are-well-i-dont-know.html Paul

    Wilson Parent; Give me a break Hacienda heights is NOT San Marino, he probably got scared by the way people drive there and their fans

  • Edgewood


    Checking a teaching credential is easy than you think.
    The public has the right to check any teachers’ credential or lack-there-of in CA.


  • saladays

    Wilson blew it again!!!!!

    Its like ground hog day over there!!!

    At least we have bishop to watch no school in Hacienda Heights will be winning anything anytime soon.

  • Wilson Parent


    Are you really that stupid, I stated “area” and he is from out of the area.

  • WTF?

    Members of the Ayala staff that I know of: Greg Setlich, who has had head coaching experience, been successful and also struggled but overall does a good job.He also interviews very well. Randy Reams, never been a head coach but has been the OC and assistant head coach at Ayala for about 3 years. He wants to be a head coach. Setlich is a PE teacher. Reams teaches math. Both are good coaches. Not saying it is them, just listing people I know who are on that staff and would be qualified.

  • PT

    I’m throwing this one out there. My educated guess is Craig Cieslik. This is based on the comment about credential check. Wilson wants a coach with PE teaching credentials. Cieslik is working on his PE credentials, they maybe validating the expected completion date. I don’t even know if he had an interview. But I do know he did apply and he isn’t talking!

    This is by far the best kept secret within the Wilson administration. I usually get my infor from at least two different sources at the same time. I am aware of only one person this information has leaked out to, but he isn’t talking.

    If I am correct Cieslik would be a great hire, especially with the personal that is returning next season.

  • Yes

    PT. You are absolutly correct. He would be a perfect fit as a head man at Wilson. All Valley Vista teams should be shaking in their boots. He is a true football genius and is known for his leadership and no quit attitude. I hope you are right.

  • Aaron

    You guys have not done your homework…Cieslik stays for two years tops almost everywhere…and he quit a month into the job at Bassett! Think about it…a month into a pay check.

  • PT


    You are the one that hasn’t done his homework. Do you know why he quit at Bassett? He quit at Bassett because he set down team rules, and one of them was if you quit then you are done for the season. So some of the star players didn’t like how hard they were working during the summer and decided to quit and planned on coming back on the team a week or two before the season started. Cieslik said no you are done for the season, come back next season. The school administration told Cieslik he had to take the players back. Cieslik then stepped down for two reasons; one if he allowed those players back on his team, he then lost control of that team and the second the school administration just showed their lack of respect of him, and this would be an ongoing issue.

    Those are the exact reasons why he would be a great fit for Wilson. Cieslik will set down the rules and apply those rules to all the players equally. The star running back will not get special treatment like was the case with Zavala. Zavala was the cancer on this Wilson team, well the administration cut it out now Cieslik is the chemotherapy.

    On top of that he is a very good proven head coach. He runs the double wing fly, will no real passing game at Wilson next season he would be a great fit. He already has a complete proven varsity staff. I am also aware of other quality coaches in the area that would coach with him.

    So like I said you haven’t done your homework, I have. Although I have no solid information that he is the guy, just believe he would be a great fit.

  • david rivera

    does this new coach coming in know that this is a asian community. asians dont play FOOTBALL

  • Aaron

    No, I did mine. You did not do yours. Two or three years is all you will get out of him.

    Cleveland High School-3 years (2 Varsity). JV 2001, Varsity HC 2002 and 2003.
    Desert Hot Springs-1 year, 2005.
    La Sierra-2 Years, 2007 and 2008. Quit four days before the beginning of the 2009 season.

    Don’t give me this rules crap…Spring is not a time to be instituting 6 hour practices…you can’t even do that in the fall. He’s turned programs around fast, that is a fact. I’m not saying he can’t coach, I’m just questioning his desire to stay somewhere and build a program…not chase after the big job. That’s a question of character.

    I also know where he coached last season…do you? I’ll make it easy for you, he was an assistant at Santa Margarita Catholic High School you know the place where Harry Welch is the head man. You can go into the archives of Fred’s Blog and see that I knew he would be a flight risk. One of the reason that he gave to the administration at Bassett for leaving was the commute from Riverside…but I don’t get it, because he drove to Rancho Santa Margarita every day.

    It’s not a question of him being able to coach…it’s whether he will stay, and I don’t think he will, Wilson is not the “JOB.”

  • sgv

    So you are critical of a man because you went to the archives to prove that you said he may not last at Bassett. At least he recognized a untenable situation there and immediatly left, not waiting for his reputation to be further harmed. That is what Zavala and Arrellanes should have done. The fact he stayed at any school for several years as an H.C. might be a plus, how do you know?? Everyone here knows all you care about is Bonita. I would not try to tell you about them cause I dont give a poop. You know nothing of this man except for your “Homework”, and that lets you deduce that the man is a bad bet and of poor character yet you really know nothing of him other than a few stats and comments. Your countless observations on this blog have gotten very old and know-it-allish. Jim Murray you are not.

  • old timer

    Don’t argue with Aaron, he knows all.
    Just ask him !!!

  • MY OH MY

    Man sgv sure told you Aaron. He is totally correct in your assumption of this man’s character by only reading a bio somewhere . You are becoming the second coming of our beloved FC.

  • Wilson Parent

    Aaron I believe the other bloggers expressed my opinion of you so no need to respond.

    Now on the Cieslik topic according to one of my sources he didn’t even get an interview. Cieslik hasn’t completed his PE credentials. That is also the reason for the short interview process, at least not as short as Los Altos.

  • It’s Getting Old

    Let me explain the process now that I have a little more time. From what I can tell if you didn’t have PE credentials you didn’t even get a call. You could have been Welch himself, no PE credentials no call. This is where the problem lies within this school district. They aren’t looking for a HEAD Football Coach. They are looking for a teacher that can coach.

    A perfect example of that is what just took place at Los Altos. Can anyone believe that they just hired Dale Ziola as their new head coach? In the last 24 hours I have talked to two LA parents and they are pissed. One made it very clear you will see transfers again this year. They are very aware of the threats from school administration about players attempting to transfer out. One of the parents started making comments about issues at Los Altos (smiled) and then said “hardship”.

    Now for some bazaar reason Wilson has avoided the transfers out, especially at the level Los Altos has seen over the last few years. I do have some major concern that if they attempt to hire another Hoyd, Zavala or Ziola the flood gates may open up.

    I have truly come to the conclusion that both these school administrations have no clue what it takes to run a quality football program. LA has already sent a very clear message “WE DONE CARE” and all signs are leading to Wilson sending that same message to their parents.

  • Catzzz

    It’s Getting Old

    Unless you’ve lived your life following football, you’re not going to understand what it takes to put together a quality football program. It’s a world that is totally alien to Wilson’s asian principle. Trying to explain to her that a bunch of knuckle dragging, old-school mentality coaches, are just what the doctor ordered for a quality program, is like handing a chimpanzee a roll of toilet paper. They just don’t get it. Wilson’s admin just wants a football program that doesn’t embarrass them, and if they happen to get a few wins every season, hey, that’s great, too.

  • It’s Getting Old


    Sad but I agree with you 100%, they really have no clue. I am speaking about both Los Altos and Wilson, and truly believe that it is the Asian culture that has affected these programs. I am in shock knowing the coaches that applied for the job and this administration found some way to screw it up.

    I just found out today the process that Ms. Paul used to select the new head coach; it gets me sick to my stomach. This administration passed over so many quality coaches because they didn’t have a PE credential. They want a PE teacher that is going to stay out of trouble, if he wins a few games thats a bounce.

  • Aram how much longer???


    david rivera keeps making his ridiculous comments and when we make fun of him, we the other bloggers are the ones that get deleted???

    in an effort to help him ‘see the light’ I think there should be a ‘blog fundraiser’ to pay for him to get a year membership to the thst almost all asain karaoke club that is on Hacienda Blvd in Hac Hts, i bet some those 65 year old widows there might help him get a social life

  • wilson alum

    Racist blogger is like a pimple. If you pick and squeeze at it, it gets worse. Ignore it and it will run its course and die. Unfortunatly there are too many serial bloggers on here now just trying to get noticed.All they are saying really is “Will someone pleae look at me because I’am so alone”.They are quite literally throwing a tantrum in hopes of getting attention. Anything they write should not surprise or anger you. Dont react and in time they, like the pimple on my ass, will die off.

  • david rivera

    ok wilson alum, see how far your football team goes this year. i bet they win 1 game if there lucky. 7 or 8 years ago i would of never said this about wilson. but as the asian community grows there every year and the black community gets less and less and also fewr whites this school has no prayer reguardless of the coach they get. its not personal about asians,they are very gifted with the businesss world and very inteligent as well but when it comes to football they dont particapate at all so the facts are the facts

  • Catzzzz

    They already picked their guy. Who is it?

  • odds on fav

    if it isn’t holman then he tuned it down, take it to the bank

  • PT

    Wilson Alum,

    I know who David Rivera is; he isn’t a racist just a real frustrated Wilson Parent and trying to get a point across.

    Like many of us, it is very frustrating seeing what is right in front of you but you just can’t reach it. Last season was very difficult to deal with, we had the talent to compete in the VVL league and we got blown out by the top teams. The only reason we got blown out was coaching, Zavala and Williams. Now this next season the talent is going to drop off, the only hope we have is getting a quality coaching staff. Then to find out that many of those quality staffs applied but didnt even get an interview. What is the killer about that is many of them apply and just about all of them didn’t even get an interview. Not saying the new staff may not turn out to be a quality one, but the odds don’t look good.

  • X’s and O’s


    I keep hearing about these “quality staffs.” I hate to break it to you, but head coaches who apply for a job in this day and age may have 2 or three coaches they have in mind, but to think that they have an entire staff in place is false because of the current economy. The only coaches an HC can bring in are walk on coaches or those willing to go somewhere where they don’t teach, much like the way Garrison is doing at Northview.

    The reason for this is because coaches are not going to just get up and leave their current teaching jobs in this economy, it would be foolish to give up their tenure and be at the bottom of the seniority list at a district that may fire them for having a bad season (i.e. Arellanes at LA).

    The reason Wilson would be looking for a P.E. teacher is because that would be the only teaching job they have available since Zavala will be gone and he is a PE teacher. Public schools cannot simply create new teaching positions for their head coach and his assistants. This happened 10 years ago but not in today’s economy when the state of California’s educational system is in a major economic crisis.

  • PT

    X’s and O’s,

    I hate to break it to you, at least three staffs that applied for the job have a complete varsity staff and one of them had a complete varsity and freshmen staff. All three of these are experienced staffs.

  • X’s and O’s


    I think you might be proving my point. Maybe these “staffs” aren’t getting the job because Wilson admin and HLPUSD cannot offer the things that they want. This is especially true if more than one member of this staff are teachers. You are not seeing full staffs get new jobs at public schools. This is why you’re not seeing too much turnover at schools like San Dimas, Charter Oak, Bonita, Chino Hills etc. A lot of coaches/teachers have pretty good situations there and are not going to risk it by going somewhere else.

    Maybe you’re right. Maybe the head coaches of these three staffs had them all set up ready to go, but the climate of the economy simply didn’t allow it.

  • david rivera

    let me state this i am a wilson fan and parent and i really hope this program turns around. i am not a rascist but a realist. maybe they need to hire a asian coach to recruit some of the asians on campus. but i doubt that will happen so the reality is the reality. 1 out of every 10 asians will play football and maybe not even that so that is why i say its important to recruit the black athlete and the white athlete because they dont exsist in the heights anymore

  • PT

    X’s and O’s,

    I am agreeing with part of what you are saying, but not that part. All three staffs only have one on campus teacher or none. One staff had a teacher that was an English teacher and working on his PE credentials with an expected completion date of June 2011. My issue is with the selection process, the number one priority should be to get the best coach possible, not being a PE teacher as the number one priority. That is why the Wilson’s and Los Altos’s end up with Hoyd’s, Zavala’s and Ziola’s. Just last year Los Altos hires a 0-10 VVL Arellanes as their new head coach. Before that they hired their qb coach Felipe. Look at the track record of these administrations in hiring head football coaches. When are they going to realize they have absolute no clue what they are doing. When Wilson put Coach O and Merrill on the hiring committee I saw that as a positive sign. To find out that neither of them have any balls and just went along with the program gets me sick to my stomach.

    Dont get me wrong Wilson may get lucky and hire a good one, but I rather them make good decisions and hire a good one.

    Mr. Rivera 1 in 10, more like 1 in 500.

  • catzz

    PT, what staffs are you speaking of? Please let everyone else in on it. It is a blog.

  • PT

    Cieslik is the one I am talking about. He has a complete staff including freshmen, not sure about the JV staff. Cieslik is currently on Welch’s staff one of the best staff’s in southern california and he didn’t even get an interview, that is just crazy. The other staffs aren’t common knowledge so I don’t want to post names may affect their current positions.

  • Sits idley by…

    According to Merrill, Wilson has made a decision. When they make the announcement…………?

  • david rivera

    wilson has hired a much older man this time.dont know his name but he is in his 70,s but has a creditable name. i just hope he knows whats he getting into

  • I figured it out!!!!!!!!!

    I just figured out who it is, the school wants to keep it a supprise so I am going respect their wishes and call him Coach BB. If I am correct Wilson just made a big time hire, and I mean BIG TIME.

    This is going to shock the SGV, trust me.

  • The Wilson BB Poll

    Wilson’s new coach BB will be?

    a) Barbara Bush
    b) Billy Banks
    c) Bob’s Big Boy
    d) Boris Becker
    e) BB King
    f) Bugs Bunny

    Please choose only one on your ballot

  • Johnny Olson

    I’m a gunna go off the page with my own write-in vote:

    Bob Barker

    He gave Happy Gilmore all he could handle, back in the day. Plus, he fits the description.

    -White hair

    He’s gotta be a scrapper!

  • Wilson New Coach?

    Let me give you smart a@@’s some more information to deal with, he will have a great shot at reaching 200 wins this season. He also has some college coaching experience (PAC10).

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