Wilson to hire Bob Burt as its next head coach, Merrill may join staff …

Wilson is expected to name Bob Burt, who according to a Riverside Press-Enterprise article last December is 69-years old and coached at Notre Dame of Riverside last season, its next head coach, sources said Tuesday.

I have two phone calls in to HLPUSD Asst. Superintendent Rob Roberts to confirm this and have not heard back (usually means there’s something to it).

Anyway, Burt would replace Brian Zavala, who resigned this offseason after just two seasons at the school.

There’s a possibility that former Wilson coach Dave Merrill, who is currently retired, is interested in joining Burt’s staff one source said. Burt is also retired and would be a walk-on coach, according to one source.

Aram’s take: Burt is reportedly well respected and a good coach, from what I hear. But what the heck is Wilson doing A. hiring a walk-on and B. hiring somebody who probably won’t be in for the long haul? I’m really starting to wonder about this entire district. Hiring/firing/resigning and two formerly good programs now floundering. I know for a fact that several well-qualified young coaches applied for the gig and many of them NEVER GOT A CALL.