Muir’s Kevon Seymour gets offer from Florida …

The chase is on for Seymour’s services in 2012.

Muir receiver/defensive back/running back/quarterback … well, we’ve pretty much seen him do it all … Kevon Seymour has gotten an offer to play at Florida, according to’s Brandon Huffman.

Seymour will be a senior next season and his list of suitors figures to be vast.

Aram’s take: I’d say yes on the spot, but I know that’s not how the game is played. Anyway, congrats to Kevon and can’t wait to see him shine some more this upcoming season.

  • deck

    Kevon also has offers from Washington, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona St, Oregon St., Nebraska, SJSU, NMSU, and many more to come.

    Tairen Owens from Muir also has an offer from Washington.

  • Laurence Todd

    Kevon is proof positive that hard work, discipline and effort will take one as far as they want to go.

    Keep it mov’n Kevon!

    Laurence Todd

  • Suspect

    As usual Muir seems to have the talent. Just wonder why they don’t win more. It must be that Coaching is an issue there.

  • Answer

    Maybe if the school district paid more than a $2,200 stipend for the head coach and $1,400 for 4 assistant coaches (for the entire program) then they would get better coaching. I wonder why Don Markham never gave it a shot at Muir. If I was a good, young up and coming coach I would sprint over there and win like crazy and then take off to a higher paying program.

  • Aaron

    Well I like Muir a lot, saw there players a few times over the summer. They match up well athlete for athlete with anyone. However, I will question their discipline…without a lot the big penalties they had against Bonita it would have been closer if not a win. Although the final score was indicative of how it played out in the end.

    Kevon is a great player and he’ll go far as long as he keeps focused, which is the same to be said for all players that move on to the next level.

  • New York

    The major signees per capita at Muir is great. No wonder these guys punked La Mirada.

  • deck

    Next year’s signing day will have a greater impact in the WSGV than it has had in a long time. Muir’s Kevon Seymour and Tairen Owens, Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy, Arcadia’s Taylor Lagace and Myles Carr, and St. Francis’ Travis Talianko will all sign to ‘major’ D-1 schools. And there might be a couple others who jump into the mix too! It’ll be fun to watch who will go where. Good luck to them all!

  • think twice….

    Kevon is a fantastic kid! Great character, driven, and gets “it.” He is mentored by great people and it shows in he and his twin brother.
    As for Muir, it may sound like a young coach’s dream but its not as easy as it looks… if you’re curious go spend time with the football program and you will completely understand. Its not hard to see.

  • Answer
  • FBFan

    Coach Howard at Muir does a great job. He is a true class act and his assistants carry themselves well. Being a coach at Muir is not easy. The fact that they are able to get kids out and keep the wheels from falling off is a true testament to the positive impact that they have.

    As far as a new coach/staff. Muir, as a well as the entire city of Pasadena, is perhaps one of the biggest good ol boy networks in So. Cal so it would be very difficult for an outsider to have any influence.

  • comedy

    Class is not the first word that pops into mind when you say his name!

  • The truth

    The assistants at Muir keep the boat afloat. Howard is not, and never will be a coach. The man knows nothing about the game let alone how to run a real program, but he is a nice guy. Muir could be a powerhouse with the right guy in charge. And it would stop all the other studs leaving the city to play for other schools.