Former Amat star Jonathan Cornell has eye on NFL career …

Jonathan Cornell never has doubted what path his football career would take after graduating from Bishop Amat High School in 2006. It’s basically been NFL or bust.

Fresh off four seasons in the SEC as a middle linebacker at Ole Miss, Cornell is ready to make his vision a realization in next month’s NFL draft.

“It would be a dream come true, but at the same time, without trying to sound cocky or arrogant, it’s something I’ve been working for since ninth grade,” said Cornell, who grew up in Azusa. “It’s just part of a grand strategy.”

According to current projections, it’s a 50-50 proposition as to whether Cornell will hear his name called during the draft. He’s on the tail end of some inside-linebacker projections and completely left out of others.

Cornell also is fighting the uphill battle of not having been invited to the NFL combine to audition for scouts in the various drills prospects are put through, but Cornell, who left Amat at 6-foot-1, 205 pounds, is now 235 pounds of solid muscle with speed to burn.

He showed that Tuesday at Ole Miss’ pro workout day, when he ran a 4.8-second 40-yard dash, posted a 32-inch vertical leap and bench pressed 225 pounds 25 times, an amount typical of only bigger defensive tackles.

“I was shocked I didn’t get invited to the NFL combine,” Cornell said. “I felt I put together a decent-enough career to get invited, but that’s out of my control. There’s nothing I can do about it.

“I just have to make the best of the situation. Without a doubt, I’m on the same level as the guys who got invited.”

Cornell went into Tuesday’s workout calling it feast or famine for his draft chances, but had to bow out earlier than expected after suffering a hamstring injury. Nonetheless, he said scouts were impressed and informed him they’d be following up for private workouts between now and the draft.

Working out, though, is only part of the process for prospects such as Cornell.

His preparation started shortly after Ole Miss’ season ended Nov. 27. The first order of business was getting an agent.

After consulting with former Amat standout and current Lancers assistant coach Daylon McCutcheon, who had an eight-year career in the NFL, Cornell settled on Marty Magid of MRM Sports in Pennsylvania.

Magid is hesitant to say his client is being overlooked, and projects Cornell to go somewhere in the fifth to seventh round.

“The thing is, we won’t know if he’s being overlooked until draft day,” said Magid, who represents eight prospects this year. “He’s a whale of a linebacker. He has all of the characteristics of somebody who should have been invited to the combine. Sometimes you just get shortchanged, and the other factor is that some of the guys who go to the combine actually end up hurting themselves.

“I’m hoping (rounds) five through seven – that’s where I have him projected, based on people I’ve spoken to and who has needs for linebacker – but if he doesn’t get drafted, I’m sure he’ll be in camp.”

Cornell already has a degree in political science and is close to receiving another in English. His on-the- field accomplishments include being named second-team All-SEC at linebacker this past season.

For Cornell, the decision to leave Southern California after graduating from Amat has been what he calls the best move he’s ever made, though the social setting in the South took some getting used to. And Cornell, never shy in high school about expressing his opinion, was more than happy to tell the folks back home about his first school day at Ole Miss.

“I had taken my California learning and experience to Mississippi, and this is what really struck me my first day here,” Cornell said. “I was looking for a building and went up to a white girl and said, `Do you know where I can find the Hume building?’ And she looks at me, rolls her eyes, points and walks off.

“It was because I’m black. At the time, I didn’t know it; I just thought she was being rude. If you’re going to talk to a white girl here, you’re either going to keep it on the down low, or she’s going to have a very different set of friends. That’s the social dynamic here. I’m not saying everybody is like that here, but for the most part.”

And Cornell’s first-day experience soon got even better.

“Then after that class, I go to another class and I ask this black girl where the next building is and she says, `Why don’t you go ask your white girlfriend? I saw you talking to her.’ ” Cornell said. “It really struck me.

“I was like, `You really feel like that?’

“I really can’t understand anything of that nature. But you know what? As much as people want to say about the South and its ways, you still have racism everywhere you go, and I hate it when people act like racism is specific to the South.”

Although far from home, Cornell’s heart still was with his former team, and he’s been keeping an eye on Amat’s football resurgence all the way from Oxford.

“I keep up with Bishop Amat. What else is there in the SGV to keep up with?” Cornell said with a laugh. “Every Saturday morning I would wake up and go to the Tribune website and check out the score. I would be like, `We’re 9-0? We’re 9-0? We rule the Valley.’

“We underachieved my senior year, but now, I couldn’t be any more proud, any more excited, and I’m talking trash to everybody back home. Every guy I’ve ever met from Long Beach Poly or City Section guys – I know a lot of City Section guys.

“Everybody I know from California who plays football, I tell them they can’t hang with Bishop Amat. I’m talking trash for Bishop Amat from the South to the North to the East to the West. Everywhere.”

These days, though, Cornell doesn’t have much time to do anything but follow a strict workout regimen that starts in the morning and ends in the evening, with only a couple of hours of rest in between.

Whether the hard work pays off April 28-30 remains to be seen, but Cornell is confident a prosperous pro career awaits.

  • curious

    what happened to the SD video….

  • Dan

    Suprising this kid didn’t get invited to the combine. I realize it’s a highlight video but he’s big, physical, reads quickly, and closes to the ball fast.

  • BraveDad

    Did this young man, he’s no longer a kid folks, get his college degree? I sure hope so, but reading his quotes makes me wonder.

  • whitey

    I’m an admitted Amat honk, but……..this agent is blowing smoke up Cornells a$$, he’s not a 5,6 or 7th round pick, he’s a street free agent, nothing more, that 4.8 something forty can’t be hidden, in a 3-4 defense he’s probably too light, if his agent is sharp, has good relationships with GMs in the league, he’ll get a shot in someones camp whenever that may be, with that being said , there are some advantages to being a street free agent, you can pick your team, Sam Shields nickel back with the Packers played only 1 year on defense at Miami, his agent got him on a team with a need and viola, the kid was the starting “nickle” week 1.Hopefully, this kid gets the same oppurtunity

  • Anonymous

    Lol i dont think so

  • Dont Hate

    Cmon Brave Dad,

    You obviously can’t read:

    “Cornell already has a degree in political science and is close to receiving another in English. His on-the- field accomplishments include being named second-team All-SEC at linebacker this past season”

    Why the hate? Give this young man credit for what he’s done.

    He a Great Young Man from very good supporting family and friends. (His twin sister was also a Div 1 Basketball player and College Grad)

    Nothing is ever a sure thing… hopefully it’ll work out for “Corney!”

    Let’s see what happens!

  • AMAT 73

    Yes you are brave coming out with a bs post like that . Did you bother to read the articule or did your hater glasses not allow you to see where this fine young man already has a degree in P/S . He is now working towards a second degree in English. What is it about his quotes that make you ” wonder ” ? That he will get his degree? If that is the case, well I am beginning to wonder about you and the basis for your post.

  • Aaron

    This is what I have to say…his prospects will be hard to come by as a practice squad player. I would suggest trying to duplicate what Spencer Havner has done and become a versatile player again. I don’t know if Cornell was a two-way player at Bishop Amat, but I’m pretty sure he probably was. However, since he’s already on the way to a second degree, his future is bright beyond the NFL. However, good luck and I hope he makes it.

  • BraveDad

    Don’t Hate & Amat 73, I can read and I don’t hate what the heck is there to hate anyway? The thing is that this guy Tolegian makes my skin crawl every time I read his stuff. I get about 25% through his articles and I have to stop – he’s not a very good writer. I was sincerely interested with regard to this young mans graduation status and I knew that someone would provide the info without my having to read Tolegian’s dribble. I’m very happy to hear he is a success in the classroom as well as on the field. And finally Amat 73, as far as the name “BraveDad” it has to do with school affiliation, nothing more so don’t get all twisted oh and dont hate!

  • AMAT 73

    I figured your screen name had something to do with BPHS or maybe St John Bosco. In reading your post it led me to believe you were questioning the young man’s integrity to one, get his degree and two, that something in his quotes led you to believe he would not succeed . In your post you say nothing about Aram so I was lead to believe it was all in regard to Jonathan. Read what you wrote and ask yourself how it looks in black and white which led to my hater glasses statement. And by the way not twisted nor hating , just watching out for one of our Lancers.

  • BraveDad

    Right on Amat 73, point taken. And the affiliation is SJB of course. BPHS, ouch! (Just kidding BPHS people so don’t start posting all the nonsense.)

    My dislike for Tolegian’s work, as well as that of his buddy Campa, goes back to last football season when they both picked LHHS to beat Bosco and Tolegian even went so far as to say that the Bosco game would be the easiest of the three Trinity League games LHHS played in 2010. As it turned out Bosco destroyed LHHS and the margin of victory was greater than LHHSs losses to Servite and O-Lu. In addition, Tolegian made an uninformed and ridiculous directed at Coach Negro insinuating that he left a seven year head coaching stint at Trabucco Hills HS so he could beat LHHS with his new D1 School (I believe it was if you cant beat em, join the Trinity League what a moron!). I guarantee you Tolegian, LHHS had nothing to do with Jayson coming to SJB the game was not even confirmed when he accepted the job. Had Tolegian done his homework he would have known that all the Negro brothers are SJB graduates and that SJB is Jason’s “dream job.” Do your homework Tolegian. And by the way, the Trinity schools will dismantle LHHS again in 2011! Hows that for a quote? There, now I feel better.

  • Dan

    Whitey, at 235 maybe he could play Mike or Will on a 4-3 team. Correct me if I’m wrong but he shouldn’t have to be as big in that scheme since he’d have a couple of D tackles in front of him to help keep the offensive guards off. Suprising to me to read he was clocked at 4.8 because he looks fast in the video, then again my perspective is from an amature point of view, maybe he has what they call “football speed”.

  • Aram

    Brave Dad,

    You don’t like my work? Then what are you doing here?

    You hate on Cornell, then blame it on not reading the entire column because you don’t like me? How you’ve made it this far in life with thinking like that is beyond me.

    Keep reading!

  • whitey

    Dan, I’m not too sure the height/weight measureables are accurate, and in the clip it looks like he’s an 4-3 ILB which leads me to believe he’s not stout enough at “235” to play inside in the NFL, a Will in a 4-3 maybe, I still believe his best option is to go undrafted and play like a wild man on all the kick teams, a 4-3 team being his best option, still that 4.8 something forty is slow for a Will, seems to me he’s betwixt and between as far as size/speed goes in relation to a ILB or Will LB, I wish him well maybe my friend John Dorsey will get a good look at him for my SB Champ GBP

  • BraveDad

    Tool, first of all, I’ve made it fine in life, thank you! You on the other hand write for a rag & do a piss poor job at it – you do no research what so ever. Case in point being your choosing LHHS in ’10 over the Trinity League schools and then you made dumb, misinformed predictions and comments about the SJB coach and team. Hope you do a better job with your homework this offseason so you do not ONCE AGAIN make a Tool of yourself. You’re a knucklehead and a tool!

  • Aram

    Brave Dad,

    You’re obviously a fan, or else you wouldn’t be here. I appreciate your patronage.

  • SGV Athlete


    Keep up the good work.

    “What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.” -Confucius

  • BraveDad

    Tool, I’m not a fan of you and/or your dribble, but Im a huge fan of HS football. When you and your buddy Campa make misinformed predictions and/or comments you show how piss poor you do at your job. Tell you what, if you want to be good at what you do, open your eyes and ears and pay attention to what’s really going on. Don’t pick schools (see 2010 LHHS picks over Trinity Schools) that have no chance of winning just because theyre your favorites and play in your area (i.e., when your beloved Highlanders play Trinity Schools know they will get DEMOLISHED!). And do not bash top level D1 coaches that you know nothing about – are you starting to see the pattern here?

  • just sayin’

    BraveDad – Really? you’re on this rant because a writer picked against you?!? And the reality is La Habra did end Negro’s season two years in a row – so the “joke” shouldn’t have been all that offensive that he fled Trabuco to have a shot at La Habra. Kinda clever really. It sounds like Negros your boy (or maybe it’s you?) but lighten up. And since you have your panties in a bunch over comparative scores with the other Trinity teams – I think Servite’s 23-0 drubbing of La Habra was not only a greater margin of victory, but was not even a contest. At least the Highlanders put up 3 scores on the Trinity League winless Braves (does beating JSerra really count as a league win?) But on the bright side – Negro now has a win over La Habra – so he can now at least sleep at night without Highlander nightmares.

  • Dan

    I think Arams “If you can’t beat em, join the Trinity”
    comment was spoken in jest when he wrote that article, I vaguely remember the article & that’s the way I seem to remember it. I really don’t believe Aram thinks that is truly the reason coach Negro went to SJB. By the way, not to be a nit-picker but it was Servite that had the largest margin of victory over La Habra.
    Servite 23 LHHS 0
    SJB 35 LHHS 17
    You see, we all make mistakes, no reason to hate on the Big guy because of his imperfections, after all he does gives us this football blogg throughout the year, good luck in that tough Trinity league, how does SJB look for next year?

  • Aram


    I predicted against SJB when they played La Habra. I never wrote an article about Coach Negro. I have no clue what Brave Dad is talking about when it comes to that. Nor do I really care.

    Here is the video that Brave Dad is referring to. I think after watching it you all can decide for yourselves who the tool is.

    “It’s all downhill from here, ONCE THEY GET THIS DONE WITH, THE EASY PART OF THE SEASON, SO TO SPEAK, STARTS.” — Aram Tolegian

    This will be the last bit of breath I waste on Brave Dad, who is now obviously my biggest fan because he’s still after being so scorned by my pick.

  • BraveDad

    Dan/Justsayin, yeah you are both right about the final score of the Servite La Habra game and the greater margin of victory, my bad. That said, SJB was the only Trinity League Team that had to face La Habra with Cody in the line-up and quite frankly they shut him down (he got hurt early in the O-Lu or Servite game one of the two and if Im not mistaken came back the week before the Bosco game). As far as the final against Bosco, one of the LH scores came on a long play right before; it was a breakdown in the secondary. The other TD and field goal came late in garbage time so I think SJB gave La Habra the toughest beating, final scores aside.

    So JustSayin are you a cousin of Tools or what? Why is your ladies garment all bunched up? What school do you support? Yeah, SJB was winless in four of five Trinity games last year I was at everyone. Did you see any of them? The loss to MD on a muffed snap when Bosco was driving for what would have been the winning TD (MD knew they were done and a kid’s mistake gave them new life – Bosco was picking up 8 yards a play at that point; in the OC Register the next day Rollinson himself said he thought they were going to lose the game). The Servite game also could have gone either way but as usual Servite got a crucial PI call late in the game and then Bosco through a pick and that was that; I don’t even need to go into the SM game, we lost by a point but it was an overtime classic. What league is your team in JustSayin?

    Moving forward: in response to Dan thank you for the well wishes. The Trinity will be as tough as usual. That said I will be shocked if Bosco does not make the playoffs in 2011. Look for them to be very highly regarded by all writers who know a thing or two about football. I’m out!

  • just sayin’

    I know you’re a relative rookie here, but I’m essentially an Amat guy. That would be the Del Rey League. Love you’re description of your Trinity games – fumbled snap here – bad PI call there – all excuses. Typical. Playoffs? You’re talking about playoffs? you’re battling for 4th at best – good luck with that. Bottom line – Daniel Jenkins ain’t walking through your locker room door anytime soon. More of the same. Have fun with that. But you’ll beat La Habra.

  • BraveDad

    Thanks JustSayin, you’re saying that we’ll beat La Habra means the world to me – LMOA! And as far as DelRey, do you think it’s as tough as the Trinity? I know it’s a tough League, but come on? Aren’t you guys playing Servite in 2011? And by the way, my description is not excuses, it’s what happened. One would say that good teams find a way to win those games and despite your prediction, SJB will find that way in ’11. It is a program that is ready to turn a corner. We will have one of the top running backs in CIF-SS in ’11. (What does Jenkins have anything to do with anything? He played at Rancho Verde and is now at Arizona how does that affect Bosco?) The D will also be solid. We have one of the best receivers in CIF-SS. I repeat, I will be surprised if we do not make the playoffs. The one question mark will be a few spots that need to be filled on the OL. But 2011 will be fun; oh and by the way, good luck with that Servite game it will be a good one, but Servite will prevail.

  • Dan

    Just Saying, BraveDad,
    FYI, Amat last played in the Del Rey league in 2001, you both gotta get with the times, its been the Serra for almost all of this decade for Amat.

    Del Rey League:
    Bishop Montgomery
    Cantwell Sacred Heart
    Mary Star of the Sea
    Verbum Dei
    St. Bernard
    La Salle

    Serra League:
    Bishop Amat
    Notre Dame
    A little bit of a difference wouldn’t you say.

  • just sayin’

    BraveDad – all I know is the last couple times against the Trinty the Lancers knocked off OLu (same yr they beat Bosco by a couple TD’s) and beat Mater Dei in the playoffs (the week after they put a 42-21 whuppin’ on the Braves) but I’m sure there were a couple bad snaps, dropped passes, poor wind conditions, bad lighting, etc, etc so it woulda been closer!

  • BraveDad

    JustSayin, LOL! I love the comedy relief. And with regard to that 42 – 21 whuppin I’m sure there was more than a couple of miscues. That said everyone knows that Bosco gets hosed by the refs in league play, especially on the road. However, as I said a good team overcomes that stuff. Aside from the referee stuff, miscues happen too, sometimes theyre forced, and sometimes its just bonehead play. At the D1 level the team that makes the least amount of mistakes normally wins. Bosco has to find a way this season to overcome all this stuff. I think they will. They definitely have the horses and the improved system under the Negro’s (its much different system than Bosco ran when Amat beat them up 42 21). SJB has a Lot of new faces on campus too, which means people are coming to play because of the new staff and system (and the great academics of course!). By the way, if you are an Amat guy how come you didn’t know that they are in the Serra League, which is much tougher than Del Rey as Dan pointed out (heck I should have known they were in the Serra, but I too forgot)? Good luck to all can’t wait for week zero!

  • just sayin’

    BraveDad – we just came off playing 2 basketball seasons, 2 soccer seasons, and are getting started with baseball and softball league games… all in the Del Rey League. Oops!

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