REVISED/EDITED: Pre-spring practice All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 …

Is Charter Oak the favorite in the Sierra League? Looks like it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you saw the Chino Hills write up on the original Top 25 I posted, you probably saw the write up for Arcadia. Somehow they got blended and during my initial edit, I somehow forgot to bold Arcadia and rank them. They are absolutely part of the rankings, No. 10 to be exact. Total editing screw up on my part. Now fixed. Cal High drops out.

Some teams are about to start throwing. Some teams already have. Some teams had roast beef. Some teams had none. Anyway, we’re gonna keep things traditional around here and break the season down into the usual segments: spring practice, passing circuit/linemen competitions, August (fall practice) and of course the season. Here’s the pre-spring Top 25. This is very raw, so please feel free to tell me where I’m too excited or not excited enough.

1. Bishop Amat
— QB Ruiz, RBs Moore and Shay, WR Sanchez, TE Velasquez all back on what should be an outstanding offense. But is the ‘D’ finally going to be a PAC-5 championship-caliber stop unit?
2. West Covina — The program is on fire right now and although several key veterans graduate, D-1 prospects in RB/DB Solomon and DE Meaders return. Not to mention RB Aaron Salgado.
3. La Habra — Highlanders have a lot to replace, but the program has gotten to a point where that’s rarely a problem. And have to think a defense built around LB Porter will be scary.
4. St. Paul — QB Paul Telles and RBs Cabral and Ortega are back along with six other starters on offense. Defense also has eight starters back. Swordsmen will go from mild surprise last year to high expectations this year.
5. Charter Oak — QB Santiago to WR Gilchrist could be the area’s most lethal combo. Young RBs Garcia, Scoby and Vaughns all a year older and a year stronger. Lines and defense are the big questions.
6. Monrovia — Hard to lose a program-changing QB like Bueno, but the ‘Cats have major D-1 talent in DL McCarthy, huge upside QB in Frazier, and solid WRs in Craft and Bryant. If RB Ramirez is back with the team, M-Town goes to another level.
7. Covina — Easily HC Thomas’ best team since 2006. QB Livingston, RB Ainsworth, WR Venegas all among area’s best at their respective positions and there’s plenty of veteran experience back on both lines and defense. Scary.
8. St. Francis — Lots to replace, but Travis Talianko is a beast, RB Austin De Los Santos should be even better and the defense has one of the best LB duos around in McAleenan and Anderson. Do you trust Jimmy Bonds to develop a QB? I know I do.
9. Chino Hills — Decimated by graduation, but since when do the Huskies not have excellent talent to work with? QB Chavez is back, so that’s one headache out of the way.
10. Arcadia — I may be sipping too much of the Kool-Aid here. I’m always skeptical the Apaches have enough along the lines to bring home hardware, but QB Carr, WR/DB Lagace, RB McKinley, RB Arnett all back to form dynamite offense.
11. Santa Fe — Granados, Altamirano, Mahlstede and Prado lead what should be a defense good enough to send the Chiefs on a run comparable to what La Serna made in last year’s Southeast playoffs.
12. South Hills — QB Hernandez and RB Hart return and star-in-waiting Jamie Canada could be back in time for league. Huskies lose a lot on both lines, but who in the Sierra League is really capable of mowing anybody else over?
13. Muir — Two D-1 prospects in Kevon Seymour and Tairen Owens. Just not sure the Mustangs have enough depth to string together the 3-4 good games they’ll need to bring home the hardware.
14. Maranatha — The Minutemen have the area’s top college prospect at quarterback in Elffers and he’s got legit weapons in Younger and McGee to work with. New HC Karavedas is a former DC, so the Minutemen just might have the defense needed to hang with Monrovia or Covina.
15. Bonita — Lots of buzz already about the lower-level talent that HC Podley and staff will have to get game-ready in a short amount of time. All they need to do is learn how to win under the lights, according to most area pundits.
16. Damien — Coaching staff goes from good in a veteran kind of way to good in a youthful kind of way. Two years of Gano saying “We’re going to be pretty good in a few years” should begin paying off this fall.
17. Glendora — Obviously, the upcoming decision on who the new HC will be looms large. No QB Jeffries around anymore, but RBs Holmes and Victoria return. Tartans may not be Baseline good, but they’re still good enough to throw a scare into just about anybody on this list.
18. Diamond Bar — The Brahmas look like a legit threat to be second place in the Hacienda with QB Omana, RB Clayton and WR Katrib all back. The defense will have to be better and as will the lines. But remember, DB was 6-4 last year and just got a year better.
19. Diamond Ranch — The Panthers lost A LOT from last year’s team, but QB Carrillo is a year older. Who totes the rock for Roddy, though?
20. Arroyo — QB Rivera is back and that right there is probably good enough to make the Knights the overwhelming choice in Mission Valley League. But they may not be a top-four seed in the Mid-Valley playoffs and that might just be a good thing.
21. San Gabriel — QB Guerrero and WR Villalobos form a potent combo and having returning experience in the skill spots is something the Almont League is short on. Remember, the Mats closed the season by beating Alhambra and Schurr by double digits.
22. Rosemead — True, the Panthers lose all-everything RB Fregoso and veteran QB Macias, but after that several key contributors like RB/LB Eddy, WR/DB San Miguel and WR/DB Garcia are back. Rosemead can always run the ball and play solid defense, so that puts them right in the mix of the area’s top teams.
23. La Serna — Last season’s senior class carried most of the show, but RB Medina gives the Lancers one of the best backs around. The defense has leading tackler Jones and leading sacker Nesheiwat back.
24. San Dimas — QB Kennedy is back after what amounted to a year off. All-purpose threat Dillon Corona looks set for a big season. The defense should be solid with Nathan Torres back. Saints look solid, but not overwhelming.
25. Azusa — QB Martinez is back and there’s some solid experience in key spots like DE Nunez, RB/LB Chavez and RB/DB Reed. No reason to think the Aztecs aren’t the team to beat in the Montview despite the heavy losses.

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  • Swordsmen Fan

    Aram….for St. Paul it is FB David Cabral and RB Mike Ortega. Although with the 2200 yards rushing between the 2 of them I can see why you morphed the 2 together! LOL!

  • SD

    Billy is looking as a D1 QB Boise St. already on the list…

  • VVL

    San Dimas had an ok run, but now are at the bottom of the poll where they belong. May not make the playoffs either. Any SD people know what the nonleague sched. looks like? I know they have Bonita (Loss), and Monrovia (Loss) but not sure who else. If anyone descent they may go 0 for, which would probably keep them from the playoffs.

    Covina and Monrovia are automatics in the finals this year anyway. With Covina’s experience coming back I give them a slight edge.


    Alright AZUSA!!! ARAM, it’s been awhile, and yes FOOTBALL SEASON is in the AIR!!!

    GET’EM ready Scherf!!!


  • AAAA

    Wheres Arcadia!???

  • True SGV

    Chino Hills #9???? Did we miss something? I guess its going to be another one of those years…haha

  • Sierra League Fan

    I have herd that Ayala’s HC Tom Inglima got the boot finally, is this true. I was told that the principal finally pulled the trigger. I guess she told him they are losing a PE position and he is lat man on the totem pole. I know he has been in hot water for a couple of years with over a variety of issues. Can you please look into this and confirm it as being true?

  • SD FAN


    Best of luck to Covina QB, saw him play and D1 QB??? Needs tons of work with feet and delivery, not to mention arm strength. I wish nothing but the best for the young man.


    SD plays Azusa & San Gabriel in pre-season also. SD will surprise alot of people. Covina got lucky and beat them last year, won’t happen this year. I guarantee it!!! Save this post so you can come back and see that you heard it hear first!!!!!

  • SD

    SD fan,

    footwork is always something any Qb can work on. and billy has good delivery he doesnt release from the hit like elfers. It could be faster definetly no one said he was perfect. If anything arm stregnth,Reads,dedication and heart are what makes him great i went to serveral games and hes one of the few Qbs ive seen that can throw a comeback from the hash to opposite sideline on a line.. also to throw the ball 50 yeards in stride to that sprinter they have! be real the footwork and delivery are things im sure hes working on in the off season but arm strength is something he has plenty of. we will see this year. this kid would have had easy 3000 yeards if not for alot of dropped balls.

  • Outside Looking In

    Word on the street has it that the rock at The DRanch will be carried by the best player from this years Freshman class, William Bryan Jr. Rumor has it that coach Roddy has told William that the job is his to loose. After all the kid comes from a football family, his dad is a former 4 year D1 starter at Middle Linebacker. And Aram, how in the world can you list The DRanch behind Diamond Bar? Does Diamond Bar even have a football team? I hear they have a great marching band, but Football Team, are you serious? I think your 11 days late on that April Fools joke. I realize that the talent level at DRanch for the class of 2012 & 2013 is fairly soft, but the 2014 class has the most talent in the valley and will carry the load for the team this upcoming football season. When all is said and done at the end of the season, the 2014 class will have made believers out of everyone. And for all of you Diamond Bar people, just remember 41 0

    Fight on

  • Don’t Forget About Schurr


    I know they lose Cantu but look at their track record at the QB position.
    2005-2006 Urduno- CIF Championship, All-CIF
    2007-2008 Mendez ALL-CIF
    2009-2010 Cantu All-CIF

    They will reload at that position just like Boise St. and BYU.

  • SD Fan


    I wish the kid nothing but the best, but get out and see some D1 guys and then you will know what i’m talking about. There is probably only 1 D1 guy in the valley. Covina QB has to be a pocket passer (no mobility) Height plays into that now, 5’11 is not D1 pocket passer and his arm stregth is average at best. Get out and see some D1 guys! Best of luck to Covina QB as i’m sure he will be playing somewhere after high school.

  • I’m pretty sure Bonita’s 2014 class has more talent than DRanch. After all, Bonita’s freshmen team did go undefeated

  • Outside Looking In,

    I thought somebody from that area would have beef with the Brahmas ahead of the Panthers. But, Price, Cherry, Carter, all gone.

    I was at last year’s game and spent the entire night asking myself whether D-Bar really did enough to close the vast gap. But this is prep sports and things can change quickly. For now, I favor D-Bar.

  • glad to see football posts , keep an eye out for Andrew Gibson and Dominic Salas @ Rosemead also

  • MVL

    Where is El Monte?

  • MVL your kidding right?

    If teams like Wilson handled El Monte last year, why would they even be considered.

  • MVL

    Bad calls but only time will tell
    Watch out for the lions this year!!!

  • patrick

    @ Outside looking in,

    Stop being such a Queen!!! If you like Dranch , then support them, but word is, when budget cuts DO hit! You guys will be by far worst off then Diamond Bar,when it comes to cutting athletic funding!! Then we will see who is laughing and jeering!!

  • BigCat

    Of couse, Bueno is gone. However the Wildcat’s have a replacement. The ‘Cats do need to hit the weight room this summer.
    The biggest weakness for the ‘Cats is the need to somehow prevent their opponents from making them play away games during the playoffs, when they have earned home games.


    MVL!!! Nothing wrong with wishing your team a good season! Best of Luck to the EL MONTE LIONS.

    By the way seen a couple of good players from El Monte, playing for Citrus College Football last season. Hopefully they were picked up to play for another college with a scholarship.

    GOOD LUCK MVL, and lets enjoy our sons play good ball this coming season!!!


  • SaintsR4real

    Evidently you didn’t do much work on this list. Did you even bother confirming the actual players coming back because you have alot of wrong info throughout your list. Hint: there are many sophomores and juniors that will override alot of names you mentioned above, but if you’re creating this list from your desk, you will not know. This list will antagonize people, if that’s the goal.

    You said the same thing last year, and what happened???

  • Saints4Real,

    As I said in the intro, please feel free ANYBODY to tell me where I went wrong. Could be teams too high or too low. Could be names. Could be anything. Let me know.

    I’m dusting everything off myself, but when the action picks up over the next few months I will have a much better gauge for who’s doing what and where.

    This is only the beginning ….


    So it is said WB Jr will be the QB? Coach Rod finally had enough of Carillo and his dad.


    Baldwin Park beat San Dimas last season


    SAINTS4REAL, any good poems lately? LOL… AZUSA vs San Dimas! Must win for AZUSA, to redeem itself!!!

    Whats up SD4REAL? loser must buy a gift card at LOWE’S! You in??? hahahahha…


  • SaintsR4real

    Thanks for the reply, I will keep you updated.

    Aztec Pride,
    Count me in! Maybe we could reel COLT74 in this deal.
    I have a sophomore nephew in the Aztec team. Hopefully he could make a substantial difference in their success.

  • Dan

    Chino Hills lost a lot but their year in year out reload is usually good enough to compare to the better SGV teams, I think they should be higher. During Jamal Harts Freshman year South Hills went 10 and 0, and a freshman coach from Ayala who was a South Hills alumni told me he thought it was the best looking South Hills team he could remember. I don’t know how many of those boys are still there, I think they lost Gilcrest to CO and a pretty good linebacker to Amat, maybe a few others too, but they did gain Jamie Canada, they could be very good this year. West Covina looks to be solid, we lose a lot on the line, but JV was 10 & 0 so I think some of those kids could step in. The WC staff has made a habit of taking ordinary looking kids and developing them into very good linemen, other concerns are replacing George Johnson, who’s experience was key to WC’s title run last year. but the rest of the skill positions are looking good.

  • Fans don’t forget west covina bulldogs have the best young Qb in charles this kid dose have the footwork that is the deffence from the rest of this class of 2014. i have seen this kid at dreammakers and at beverly high with Qb guru coach lucci this kid is for REALL.

  • Short & fat like Mario

    bulldog fan

    “Qb guru coach lucci” ?? GURU ??

    Please tell me that you didn’t pay this idiot any of your hard earned money to “train” your child. His “camps” are a joke, and he is the biggest $$ whore alive. He’ll tell any parent exactly what they want to hear, so they’ll pony up for the higher dollar private lessons.

    He’s so bad, it’s laughable.

  • Short & fat like Mario

    bulldog fan

    “Qb guru coach lucci” ?? GURU ??

    Please tell me that you didn’t pay this idiot any of your hard earned money to “train” your child. His “camps” are a joke, and he is the biggest $$ whore alive. He’ll tell any parent exactly what they want to hear, so they’ll pony up for the higher dollar private lessons.

    He’s so bad, it’s laughable.

  • the CO wr is serious

  • Goldenarm


    Too early to say how good, but Arcadia will be stronger this year. They have a good returnee group. I did think Carr was a senior though? One thing not mentioned is coaching and Arcadia has a very good football staff with Dimante and Backus being two of best local guys around. They have not had the huge size on the line Arcadia teams of the past have had, but they always seem to have at least one Sasquatch among the group.

  • aztec pride 2

    Many people think that this is a rebuilding year for the aztecs. but dont overlook them they are going to surprise some people. and Erik Perez will be one of the best linebackers in the area.. he had over 100 tackles last year. and he has put some weight on.
    hes about 220 and is running a 4.7 in his 40 yard dash. Look out for his breaking out season



    AZTEC PRIDE 2, hey thanks for the updates and keep’em coming all season long! I know for a fact all the coaches from AZUSA will have the players ready for the new season! AZUSA has a new attitude about playing football now and hopefully one day AZUSA will be at the big game…

    AZTEC PRIDE 2, The big A on the MOUTAIN is looking a little shabby, and why don’t you spread the word around to give it a fresh look!


  • OlympicLove

    Whittier Christian graduated alot of talent, but they have a ton of talent coming back. The heralds dont get any love? or do they have to play themselves into a ranking?

  • Whittier Area Fan


    What does Whittier Christian have? 700 students? When are they going to start playing up against other private school. Hanging out down in the lower divisions is not going get the heralds any love at all.

  • footballer

    I was going though your picks and think you’re right on. I YOU TUBE almost all the kids you mentioned QB’s, RB and WR from from your number 1 pick thru pick 25. Looking at almost all the QB’s Diamond Bar’s Henry Omana I thought was the most impressive at the position. He has it all, height , a strong arm, accuracy, can throw on the run and runs well for a big QB. RB WC Solomon, mini BO JACKSON will run through you, around you and blow right by. WR, Lots of talent throughout the valley. BUT who has D1 size and speed to be a receiver at the next level?

    Thank GOD for football.

  • to footballer: D1 wr’s??

    D1- WR’s you ask – yesterday, the football coaches, Ify Umodu (former South Hills star)and Northern Arizona football hosted JR Nelson for a day at the campus and football practice. It was nelson’s 3rd college visit this spring, Colorado and some other D1 school was visited earlier . Also, Taylor Lagacy will not be a wr in college – he will strictly be a safety (if he was on your youtube list).

  • footballer

    D1 receivers

    Thanks for the information on the kids you named. I will look them up. Are they 2012 kids?
    By the way, good luck to all our local talent!!!

    I forgot to mention Monrovia and La Habra’s MONSTER DEFENDERS!!! watch out for them and wonder where they will go.

  • footballer: junior hilites
  • Please ……..

    Mr. Nelson,

    Your son is going no where, at 6’1″ 150 lbs and can’t even bench one plate. If you spent as much time working on what really matters, making him a better football player instead of trying to sell him on the streets maybe he would be D1? Based on Max Prep your son was the second best receiver on that Wilson team last season. Right now just in the VVL I know of at least four other receivers that will go before your son.

  • yes how stupid:

    yes how stupid of ESPN to add JR to their 2010 All State 3rd Team; only 14 juniors Wideouts made their all cal list – surely a misprint

    how stupid of NUC to invite him to their All World comp last Christmas in S Carolina, and of course how stupid of NIKE to even think he belonged on the field at USC a week ago Sunday.

    How stupid of Badger to even let him on the field with such great talent in Vegas last month; how stupid of GridIron to allow him on the field and go against Solomon’s defense – must have been a fluke for Nelson to shread their defense and beat them twice

    How really stupid of Coach Kennedy to think he could be a Colorado Buff WR and wanting him to return again this summer to Boulder

    How really stupid of Coach St Paul from NAU wanting to make a trip in week 5 next fall to see a Wildcat game, what a waste of time.

    how stupid of requesting an interview to be published

    how really stupid of posting his soph and junior hilites

    and what a waste of money for 4 other BCS/FCS coaches coming to Hacienda Hts making their 1 allowed visit in May to see himnext month, how stupid

    too bad all of the above didn’t see what last year’s Wilson coaching staff saw – that Nelson was only hype and almost never used in a meaningful way

    It will be interesting to see if anything changes on the field this year since for the first time in many years, there are going to be real football coaches coaching the Wildcat team

  • Big Boy Ball

    Bishop Amat vs. Servite 2011!!!

    10,000+ screaming fans and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • footballer

    D1 Receiver

    JR NELSON, is a talented kid and his parents, team and teammates should be proud of the kid. Good luck to JR Nelson and his team. The YOU TUBE video was shot in slow mo. and didn’t show his speed. What is his 40 yard time? To get and idea of his quickness.

    Thanks D1 receiver

  • to footballer JR stats

    you saw the video class hilites from his soph year i think, if aram allows it here is the link to the junior hilites recruiters see:

    bio sheet info; 40 – 4.60 shuttle 4.41 broadjump 9′ 2″ vertical jump 30.5″ 300m hurdles 40.14 400m 49.1 high jump 6′ 2″

  • footballer

    Thanks for the info and will take a look at the link you posted. I hope all our local talent received positive remarks, rather than negative remarks that are posted at times. Good luck to JR Nelson.

  • MoneyTalks

    Arcadia returns 22 juniors and 7 of them started as sophomores and two played as freshman. This might be the best arcadia team coming up in years. Injuries is always an issue mid season because of depth and only two lineman with experience are returning. So, we will see what happens. One thing for sure… their offense will be off the charts. Look for them to put up big numbers.



    SAN DIMAS FOOTBALL 2011-2012




  • Surprise


    There are going to be some real big surprises in the VVL and San Dimas isn’t going to be one of them. Lets just say I wouldnt be putting my money on Covina coming out of the VVL as the number one seed.

  • Norco

    Norco checking in…nothing to see here….carry on

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