Chew on this …

The Week 0 showdown between West Covina and Covina will take place on its own pedestal this season. The teams will meet not on Thursday or Friday, but Saturday night, Sept. 3 at Covina District Field.

Aram’s take: The Covina Unified scheduling had a little problem with all its schools being at home, so the big game got moved to Saturday night when it will be the only show in town. Should be awesome.

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  • billy

    haha sorry i know we arent supposed to be on the blog but yes its going to be a huge game hope to see support from both sides.

  • what?

    im pretty sure covina is scrimmaging south hills week zero!

  • gralx

    CO alum here. Now living in AZ. My son will be a freshman at Hamilton HS next year. I just got a look at Hamilton’s schedule for football next year and it looks as tho Santa Fe is on the schedule to play here. Can anyone confirm this? I cannot believe that Santa Fe would step up to this level of competition. Hamilton is THE big boy over here in AZ. The school is only about 12 or 13 years old. The football team competes in the state’s highest level (almost 4000 students at the school). And, they have won 6 state titles, runner-up twice in those 12-13 years. They have won the last 3 titles and have won 40 straight games. This matchup just makes no sense if true. Can I get a yay or nay?

  • Dan

    Santa Fe usually steps up and plays a D1 school each preseason, teams they have played this past decade are Huntington Beach Edison, Fountain Valley, and more recently San Clemente, they beat San Clemente two years ago by a couple of touchdowns, they also beat Fountain Valley one of those years, I think it was early in the decade in a down year for the Barons. It would not suprise me if they step up to a team like
    Hamilton AZ.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Aram buddy I got some news for you. This game will be no contest. WC will steam roll right over Covina. Had those 2 teams played 9 more times, WC would have won all of them with ease. Here is what I think will happen in that game. Livingston will spend the whole night running for his life. If he is busy dealing with that he will not be able to find Venegas. Then the WC will rush for 400+ yards. Plus the Dawgs are still mad about what happened to them last year. Remember Aram, You heard it here first. WC 38 Covina 14 (Covina will score a meaningless TD in the last 2 mins)

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!!

  • Santa Fe Coaching

    Santa Fe may have some coaching issues next season, four of Zavala’s coaches from Wilson are now coaching over at Santa Fe.

  • gralx

    Thanks Dan. If true, should be interesting. Hamilton almost always plays someone from out of state each year. 2012, they play Sherman Oaks Notre Dame in Ireland, of all places….