Source: Glendora DOWN TO TWO …

The vacant Glendora High School varsity head football coach job is down to two candidates after a round of interviews last week, according to a source.

The decision is between current La Puente head coach Brandon Rohrer, a Glendora alum, and current Charter Oak assistant Todd Quinsey, who had a strong run at Northview before leaving the state for another job before the 2006 season.

There will be another round of interviews this week with a decision expected Friday.

Aram’s take: Here’s what it comes down to despite what misinformation is out there, Jerry Lewallen has already backed out of the running. He interviewed last week, but opted out soon after. Rohrer will take the position if former coach Mark Pasquarella finds another job elsewhere, thus clearing a math teaching position (which is what Rohrer currently credentialed in). According to a member of the hiring panel, Quinsey had a intricate plan for the program and impressed the panel enough to make some people in the room feel that he’s frontrunner. If Pasquarella doesn’t leave, Quinsey would be the obvious fit because the teaching position would be good for only a year with no guarantees beyond that. So why would Rohrer leave a stable spot at La Puente? Stay tuned …

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  • Coach Slayer

    For once I agree with Aram. Why leave to only get pink-slipped year after year or worse, laid off. The economic pressure on our schools will have the most impact on who will be a new coach. I fully expect to see in the coming years walk on coaches getting most of the jobs and this will lead to alot of problems.


    So if the coach of La Puente leaves for Glendora, who will coach La Puente???

    Come on, what’s up with the musical chairs. Coach Roher, lets give La Puente a building chance!

  • valley observer

    Todd Quinsey graduated form Northview not Glendora

  • HH Parent


    I hear Brian Zavala is available…

  • JerryWest44

    What is a strong run Aram? Losing in the 1st round and no league titles? I guess that is pretty strong considering where they are now.

  • Valley Observer,

    Never said Quinsey went to Glendora. But I did say that Rohrer did.

  • Mr Know It All

    Why would anyone leave La Puente? You mean, why would anyone coach at La Puente? What’s the longest a coach has actually stayed there? Ward’s two years? LP is the high school football coaching graveyard. Get out while you can.

  • Warrior Pride

    Mr. Know It All just proves he knows nothing. Have you ever been to a La Puente game you blow hard? Bet you haven’t. Coach and his staff have brought a sense of stability to our program and for that we are grateful. It would be a shame if they all left for Glendora.

  • X’s and O’s

    Wow what a difficult decision for a man to make. I know Roher is not only a great coach, but a man with integrity as well. I respect whatever decision he makes. I know this is not easy for him because his integrity will not want to allow him to leave the kids at LP without a coach this close to spring practice. But Glendora is his alma mater and his “dream job” so to speak. If he doesn’t take it now, he may be losing a golden opportunity. But if he does leave, he will lose his teaching seniority which is why there have not been a lot of coaches leaving their full-time jobs for vacant HC positions.

  • All in the family

    Surely Coach Rohrer’s step dad GHS Principal Paul Lopez can find him something to teach over there. Look through the smoke we know who the next coach is. I for one hope it is !

  • Coach Slayer

    A step dad or a fairy god mother cannot supercede the teachers union. He may be able to get him in but after that it’s seniority year to year. And if you believe projections money for teachers salaries are going to be under attack for years to come. It’s a big deal to leave your district and accured seniority to coach football right now.

  • GHS

    Coach Slayer

    He was only at La Puente for 2 years.

  • GHS

    Pucci is still in school and telling other players he is NOT transferring. Hmmmm. We’ll see.

  • GHS

    sorry wrong topic.

  • Brahma Dad

    This is a wrong topic to but speaking of Glendora quarterbacks my son is attending some of the Chris Rix camps and the last three times I have been to them both GHS QB’s Chad Jefferies and Michael Crook have been there. My son was catching passes from them and they look like twins when they throw side by side and fun to watch. Both have great arms and detail.

  • hahah

    hahahahahahahahahaahha brahma dad

  • Mr Know It All

    Dear Warrior Pride, Congratulations. You went 6-1 in the worst league in California. Plus you lost to Wilson! Only to serve as sacrificial lamb for the first round of CIF. Look at the coaching carousel at that school, it’s a joke. Say good bye to Roher. The only reason anyone goes there is to put Head Coach on their resume and to send it out as soon as they take the job.

  • hmmmm???

    brahma dad sounds like someones mommy from ghs, why would a diamond bar kid be catching balls for glendora and know the name of the qb, especially one with an unknown name?

  • Brahma Dad

    Have you been to many camps or combines? Because if you have you would know the kids are from all over at Coach Rix Champion Training Camps. Here’s a little excerpt from the Rix website “Athletes travel from Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties to attend Champion Training Camps”.In fact here is a link to the past and present client list that includes athletes and coaches from schools and organizations:
    At Rix camps,(which are held at our field by the way)not all are Quarterbacks and the Quarterbacks that do come are encouraged to bring their own receivers from their respective schools to the camp for free. There may have been receivers there from Glendora I did not know.
    If your interested in educating yourself about what goes on at a Coach Rix camp here is where you can get more info:
    Sorry you did not like the observation I posted about your Quarterbacks. Good Luck to Glendora and God Bless you.

  • Just Asking

    Since when are the names Jefferies and Crook unknown in Glendora, I’m just saying.


    To (KNOW IT ALL)!!! Wow your all class,(NOT)you keep digging that dagger deeper and deeper.




  • Rix a coach – that’s hilarious

    Rix couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag that was open on both ends.

    Anyone spending money to send their boy to one of his camps would get better use of there cash by setting it on fire.

    He is a salesman – nothing more. Cannot believe people are falling for it though.

  • Just Saying

    @ Rix a coach – that’s hilarious said:
    You cant be serious with a post like that,can you? Hey genius dont come on here and blast the Rix camps without giving us some facts on why Chris Rix cant coach his way out of a paper bag that was open on both ends. Looks to me, according to the links below to Coach Rix website that Coach Rix blows your little theory out of the water.
    Here is a little advice as you enter the cruel world. Get your facts straight before you pop off, otherwise youll continue to look like a buffoon.
    Oh by the way on the topic of burning money, how were those fireworks you bought last Fourth of July?

  • Rix a coach – that’s hilarious said:

    Just Saying

    Hey Father In-law-calm down.

    Just because Rix puts it on a web site does not make if true.

    You want facts then go ahead and state some. Tell us all – what personal experience do you have with him as a coach? Have you ever seen him prepare a game plan, prepare a player for a game, seen him work in a team practice environment? I think not. What he does in his “camps” is NOT coaching. That is running kids through rudimetary drills any “buffoon”, as you call it, can do. If you had – you would know exactly what I am referring to.

    He is simply “profiteering” off his days at FSU – not very good days I might add. But hey, if he can make a living out of it – more power to him. There are lots of fools like you out there who will throw money at anyone who tells them what they want to hear. I am simply stating that people can spend there money in much wiser ways and this is not one of them.

    Why exactly was he fired from Amat? Any idea? I am sure you do not.

  • In His Own Words

    @ Just Saying

    “Just because Rix puts it on a web site does not make if true.”

    “Why exactly was he fired from Amat? Any idea? I am sure you do not.”

    These two statements alone exposed the buffoon for what he is, A BUFFOON. No need to continue.

  • Seen these types before

    Actually I just wanted to say if the moron can’t fiqure out that Rix’s doesn’t coach at his own camp with local coaches around him I’d consider the source too. He coaches quarterbacks!!!! Rix’s list is pretty impressive of schollie winners.I don’t know Chris Rix from Adam but so many people can’t be wrong. And I guess all those signees are just a bunch of liars.
    The hater probably was a JAA coach and his kid was suppose to be some super star under his great guidence. Dad paid the bucks to go the camp his kid sucked when he got to AMAT and now he blames it all on Rix’s and thinks he got him fired for whatever this guy thinks.
    Boo Ho Boo Ho we have seen guys like this before and we will see them again.

  • keep it real

    How did this topic become “smear, Chris Rix” who really cares one way or the other. If you have the money and want to spend it on a particular camp, who gives anyone the right to come on here and bad mouth an individual. Let’s keep to the topic on hand, the next HC at Glendora. Don’t go getting your panties in a bunch people, just keep it real…..

  • Doohhh

    Using that guys logic I guess Bobby Bowden is “profiteering” from his days at FSU everytime he makes an appearance on ESPN.

  • Rix a coach – that’s hilarious

    “He is simply “profiteering” off his days at FSU – not very good days I might add.”

    Hey Douche. He may have sucked (your opinion), but Rix was a four year starter at FSU. What were you doing between the ages of 18-22, other than smokin’ weed, and getting pissed?

    P.S. Doesn’t everybody, in some way, shape, or form profiteer from their past. It’s called a resume…

  • The Inner Ear

    Jerry Lewallen has been asked by the AD to reconsider backing out. My money is on him becoming head coach this week.

  • Hummm

    @ Inner Ear
    If that happens be prepared to see the crap hit the fan. The Lewellens need to stay away from the program.

  • I can’t believe what I’m reading about Chris Rix.

    Have any of you who are bashing the guy actually met him and spoken with him? You wouldn’t be saying all this crap if you had.

    Sure, he’s made mistakes. But who the heck hasn’t?

    And about coaching, remember what he does. He’s not on a staff, he’s a quarterbacks coach. I would say he knows a thing or two about the position. Ask the guys he has worked with. Look at his resume. Who the heck else do you know who played at Florida St.?

    If you’re telling me that any quarterback hopeful wouldn’t be well served by having a few sessions with Chris Rix, then you just don’t know the game.

  • One who knows

    Your absolutly right, Chris has made mistakes in his younger days but what is most important he doesn’t hide the fact from his students. He uses it as a tool so they wont make the same bad decisions.

    “He is simply “profiteering” off his days at FSU?
    Well duhhhh, isn’t that why one goes to college to eventually make a profit in a form of a paycheck to put food on the table and provide for your family?
    Your ridiculous comments are comical!