Damien fans want it, they got it … this is La Bufadora in El Monte …

Fish tacos aren’t just reserved for Fridays.

So there I was in line at La Bufadora in El Monte (right near Arroyo HS), getting my fish taco AND shrimp burrito when I hear a voice behind me say “Are you gonna put this on your blog?” The man introduced himself as a Damien fan and In the Huddle reader, and said he liked the Damien topics. Who doesn’t, right? Anyway I can’t figure out what shocked me more, being spotted in El Monte or being spotted by a Damien fan in El Monte.

About the grub: Look, the real reason for me going is the shrimp burrito and if you haven’t had one, I suggest you do. The fish tacos at this place are solid, but they do not stack up to Taco Nazo in BP. Not even close.

  • Damien dad


    Good meeting you and I’m glad you enjoyed the food, next time try the Shrimp tacos, way better than the fish. Thanks for covering our boys and keep up the good work, the Spartans are working hard every-day and the program is looking good. We are looking forward to a great year. Don’t be shocked about a Damien fan in El Monte, several of us have our kids at Damien, looking to give them the best education possible. Thanks again

  • Never know where you’ll find a fan

    Aram did you see the Amat fan there. He was the guy making the tacos….lol

  • just sayin’

    the Amat guy was the owner and had to fire Nonsense1995


    Mexican food is the BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD!!! ARAM, would you agree to that??? No pressure, LOL..


    That Amat guy is also the owner of the business and owns all the property on the block. Enjoy those tacos . Did you notice the beverages come in blue cups.

  • jcaz

    I have to say that when it comes to great Mexican food, that, a good old fashioned mom and pop’s type of a place is always the best bet.

    If your ever in Baldwin Park and want an outstanding value plus an incredibly awesome menu, then it doesn’t get any better than Casa Guerrero’s.

    They are located right behind the Pizza hut in good old BP (a corner North of La Rica and Ramona Blvd).

    Try them out and ask for their home made corn tortilla’s.